Akai Professional MPK88 Hammer-Action USB MIDI Controller Review 2024

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Akai Professional MPK88 Hammer-Action USB MIDI Controller Review (Updated)

The Akai MPK88 keyboard gives you the control and feel you need. With 88 completely weighted keys, this USB fueled MIDI controller gives you the sentiment of a legitimate string and mallet piano. Could the MPK88 be the one for you? Get your certainties here, as this audit will go over the best and the most noticeably awful of this professional keyboard.

Setting Up the Akai MPK88

Okay, out of the case this keyboard weighs 65lbs. Nonetheless, don’t give this a chance to demoralize you. In spite of the fact that the keyboard is somewhat powerful, the installation procedure is to a great degree basic: fitting and play.

Once you have your new Akai MPK88 MIDI controller securely anchored, basically connect the USB link from the keyboard to your PC and you’re done.

The MPK88 accompanies a few preset maps for the most prevalent programming projects, or DAW’s, for example, Reason, Live Lite, FL Studio and the sky is the limit from there. Once you’ve connected the keyboard to your program of decision you’re prepared to get innovative. Fortunately, it’s an exceptionally effortless process.

So it’s out of the crate and you’re prepared to go, however what does this Akai digital piano truly do? At first look you see 88 keys, 16 MPC cushions, columns of handles, faders and various different buttons along with a light up LCD screen and 2 wheels. Certainly looks encouraging, yet we should get more into the features of this keyboard.

Features of Akai MPK88

  • This 88 key-weighted digital piano gives you a lot of space to play and convey the credible feel of a genuine mallet action piano. The MPK88’s keys have an extremely decent springy feel to them that truly conveys a wonderful playing knowledge as a musician. For a few, the keys on this keyboard might be too uproarious which can be an issue in the event that you record with a microphone while you play. For most, it likely won’t be quite a bit of an issue by any means.
  • On the correct side of the Akai keyboard are 24 assignable Q-interface handles, buttons and faders with 3 banks breaking even with out to 72 assignable programming parameters. These options make it simple to have live control over such things as track volume, panning, treble, bass and significantly more. Having such a great amount of control in your grasp takes into account a smoother work process. What’s more, this aides hugely with imagination.
  • The far upper left side features 2 wheels: pitch and modulation. The pitch wheel is a breeze to work with and the wheel self-focuses itself. The modulation wheel considers boundless imaginative exploration while tweaking sounds on the fly.
  • Next, the key-split feature and arpeggiator. The MPK 88 permits gives you the option to part the keyboard and utilize two separate sounds, allowing you the chance to investigate your innovativeness significantly more. Include the arpeggiator, which adjusts to the beat and has different paces, and you have much more opportunity of imaginative expression. To free up your hands, while utilizing the arpeggiator, there is a “Hook” button which will hold the notes for you.

The Akai MPK 88 MIDI Controller is an exceptional gadget. This keyboard will ruin you, without a doubt. Endless long stretches of circling beats and tunes to make sure you can play along are a positive. The majority of this is extraordinary, however shouldn’t something be said about the sticker price?

Save Some Change?

The value remains with its load at around eight hundred dollars, yet could without much of a stretch be considered the best digital piano under 1000dollars. With every one of the features and by and large involvement with the MPK 88, the value admissions out shockingly well. The mind blowing usability, measure of innovative opportunity and control pays for itself.

Indeed, there’s a pack of well done about this controller, yet is there anything terrible? All things considered, luckily there are no arrangement breaking negatives. The MPK 88 is well constructed and designed and also having an astonishing studio nearness. Yet, since we’ve secured all the well done, how about we be reasonable and cover three of the awful ones.


  • It’s coming to mention weight a main problem yet it is, shockingly, somewhat substantial.
  • Get a strong stand.
  • The keys will in general be more intense than typical yet remember this is a mallet action keyboard.
  • There’s no power off switch.
  • You need to kill by disconnecting the USB cable– however for what reason would you, correct?

It’s difficult to gripe about any real issues with the Akai MPK 88. It’s constructed well and clears any inventive bars that have existed before its introduction. Difficult to contend the reality of how useful the MPK 88 is in a production type work process. It’s an astonishing arrangement when you comprehend what you’re really getting with it. As a bonus they toss in an edition of Ableton Live Lite to kick you off. So, how about we cover some increasingly conceivable frill you might need to consider along-side the MPK 88.

Embellishments Topping it off

  • Don’t overlook you’ll have to put the keyboard some place.
  • Likewise, ensure it’s one that can hold up to somewhere around 70 lbs.
  • Want that genuine pedal action for your new keyboard?
  • Get a pedal, they don’t cost much.
  • Treat your MPK 88 well by ensuring it with a residue cover.
  • Sites, for example, MPCstuff.com offers you the chance to change the shade of your MPC cushion, overhauling them, or getting some other Akai explicit adornments.


The best thing to choose from here is if it’s the keyboard for you. All things considered, it is basically only a device to make with. That apparatus ought to be made to enhance your work process. Akai does this exceptionally well by enabling you to have control and opportunity. Generally speaking, the Akai MPK 88 MIDI controller is extremely noteworthy and in addition a colossal help and inspiration in the studio.


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