Williams Rhapsody 2 Console Digital Piano Review 2024

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Williams Rhapsody 2 Digital Piano Review (Updated)

The Williams Rhapsody 2 advanced piano fills your home or studio with noteworthy looks, extraordinary sound, reasonable feel and a lot of highlights. The Williams Rhapsody 2 is worked around 12 custom sounds made from a world-fame great piano, vintage electric pianos, organs, strings, synths and that’s just the beginning.

The as good as ever weighted keybed gives a higher standard in reasonable reaction and feel. Tweak/FX control gives sensible rotational and vibrato consequences for select instruments.

The Williams Rhapsody 2 incorporates 12 demo tunes, USB MIDI port, 2-track recorder, and helpful highlights, for example, split/layer, transpose, metronome, in addition to isolate headphone and stereo out jacks.

The Williams Rhapsody line of weighted key advanced pianos is the most up to date expansion to the brands full lineup, comprising likewise of the Williams Allegro and Williams Overture models, and in addition the higher-end Symphony.

These items’ essential offer over their rivals is the lower value they convey, regularly because of the restrictiveness of the brand with the merchants you’ll discover conveying it.

On account of the Williams Rhapsody 2 show, I was genuinely astonished at the nature of the development. I went into this survey suspecting that an electric piano at this value go styled as a great upright would need to feel to a great degree shabby and delicate, yet reality ended up being somewhat extraordinary. The dark complete on the wood looks pleasant, and the size and weight of the piano makes it genuinely easy to get set up in a tight space.

It appears as though this piano would really make a significant decent adornment, if that was what you were after. There is a music rest that sits on the piano, which appears to be durable and simple to achieve when required; dependably an appreciated expansion to an item like this.

Underneath the keybed, there sits a two pedal damper framework. It would have been extremely decent to see the customary three pedal setup included, however I guess that is the thing that you get as a tradeoff. It’s superior to nothing!

The interface on the Rhapsody is oversimplified, nearly to a blame, yet to be completely forthright, it is most likely what is required at this level. It’s direct and simple enough not to overpower even the most fledgling player, which I assume is the proposed impact. All things considered, notwithstanding at the cost run, I would have jumped at the chance to see more customization and profundity to the menu framework.

Features of Williams Rhapsody 2

There are a few highlights incorporated with the Williams Rhapsody 2 that I did in actuality appreciate. There is a worked in metronome, which is a fundamental component that ought to be incorporated into each electric piano, however in any case, its consideration is positively invited here.

You can change the beat to suit your wants, or the melody you are at present dealing with, and the interface for doing as such is oversimplified and utilitarian. There is additionally the capacity to part the console itself into 2 unique zones, every one playing an alternate sound. It would have been pleasant to see 4, or possibly more zones rather than simply isolating the console uniformly, yet sincerely this was a sudden element and It unquestionably is superior to nothing.

Furthermore, you can likewise layer two sounds together on the off chance that you so want, and I found that the sounds relatively stable preferable together over they do without anyone else. At last, there is a two-track recorder incorporated with the console, enabling you to record short expressions for playback later on. This can be extremely helpful when making, or simply needing to get a fast thought down so it isn’t overlooked.

There is a MIDI association on the piano, enabling you to connect the Rhapsody 2 to use with your DAW of decision, which is another element that was a wonderful amazement. I found that utilizing Logic Pro X, the piano was perceived in a flash and didn’t require any extra arranging to work effectively.

  • Elegant Ebony shine or PVC wood-like complete for incredible looks in any style.
  • 88 hammer-action, completely weighted keys give extraordinary feel and reaction.
  • 12 superior quality custom sounds on 32Mbyte example ROM – Grand Pianos, Electric Pianos, Organs, Classical Guitar, Upright Bass, Electric Bass, Strings, Synth Pad, Vibes.
  • Sustain and Sostenuto pedals for sensible playability.
  • 64-voice polyphony for profound, layered organizations.
  • Modulation/FX control offers sensible revolving and vibrato consequences for select instruments.
  • The stereo framework gives immersive sound.
  • Intuitive control board with simple to-peruse blue LCD display.
  • USB/MIDI association, stereo yields with 1/4″ jacks.
  • Headphone yield for private practice.
  • Music rest.
  • 5 free melodies with McCarthy Music instructive programming.


  • Great searches for a spending piano.
  • Features like the metronome and arpeggiator are an appreciated expansion.


  • The sound library is to a great extent unremarkable.
  • It would have been pleasant to have a 3 pedal framework.
  • Barebones UI comes up short.

The Williams Rhapsody 2 isn’t the best digital piano at any point made. It is, anyway a straight-shooting piano that conveys an extraordinary looking item that performs well against the opposition.

So, there’s unquestionably opportunity to get better in the sound plan class, which for an item like this, can be a quite unforgiving issue. At last, if all you are searching for is a great looking piano that plays well and serves its capacity, you won’t be frustrated with the Williams Rhapsody 2.


The Williams Rhapsody 2 truly is a sound item at the cost being asked of it. In spite of the fact that it misses the mark concerning my desires on the sound outline and usefulness front, it consolidates a hyper-reasonable piano with a plan that is simple on the eyes, which is genuinely spot on for the statistic this is planned for.

Numerous analysts have concurred that the blend of value and focused evaluating works exceptionally well here. Generally speaking, I’d state you’d need to look entirely elusive a superior incentive at this level, and amazingly, Williams could have held back out substantially more in a few regions and escaped with it.


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