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Alesis Cadenza Digital Piano Review (Updated)

Alesis Studio Electronics has been doing business since 1984, the year it was established by the late Keith Barr. Barr, who helped to establish MXR, was profoundly passionate about building professional studio quality instruments and items. He is most significantly known for the creation of the Alesis ADAT, a digital recording device which revolutionized the business and was later enlisted into the Technical Excellence and Creativity Hall of Fame.

Be that as it may, in the wake of enjoying a considerable stretch of designing accomplishment all through the 90’s, Alesis was compelled to petition for Chapter 11 insolvency in 2001. Right around ten years after the fact the iconic author Barr heartbreakingly kicked the bucket of a heart assault, in 2010. Since 2001, in the wake of being sold to Jack O’Donell, Numark Industries proprietor, Alesis has seen a consistent decrease. Tragically, the Alesis Cadenza is the ideal precedent and encapsulation of that debilitating decay.

Basically, the Alesis Cadenza is definitely not a quality digital piano. With its absence of sturdiness and constant upkeep issues, along with a shocking sound quality, the Cadenza has set the bar as low as it can go. This may really come as an astonishment to a few, as Alesis has been behind such a large number of value and earth shattering items, for example, the QS8 and the Fusion. Tragically, as a spending full-estimate digital piano, the Cadenza does not satisfy its kindred partners.

Features of Alesis Cadenza

The Cadenza has a somewhat frightful concept design, with the back portion of the piano seeming as though it was manufactured ideal over a square metal construction pipe. The piano arrives in an all-dark shading, and furthermore incorporates a coordinating piano edge that appears to be strong and solid. The edge and piano encasing has a kind of wooden feel to it, and I would envision this is the thing that factors into a portion of the cost for the machine, since it without a doubt can be the dynamic features of the piano.

The interface of the piano is entirely basic, and simple to explore. It has around a two inch, backdrop illumination blue LCD screen which gives the client some control over the piano’s scope of tones and functions. There are handles and sliders for the volume, the eight individual voices, metronome, touch affectability, and different features. The interface doesn’t appear to be jumbled by any stretch of the imagination, and works adequately with the construction of the piano all in all.

The action of the keys presents various issues, be that as it may, with regards to the Alesis Cadenza. The organization portrays the machine as a 88-key, pound action piano, yet I experience considerable difficulties concurring with that description. The alleged sledge action on this piano is completely loathsome. You can without much of a stretch tell the designing is not even close to the bore of a Yamaha, or a Casio, yet you would anticipate that any not too bad organization should advance a considerable exertion into such a vital component of a digital piano.

If not, I would preferably the Cadenza have the keybed of a straightforward keyboard, with no alleged sledge action by any stretch of the imagination.

Presently, it appears as though a wide range of clicking commotions and different sounds emerge when you play this machine. At first you may attempt to overlook it, however sooner or later it turns out to be completely deplorable. This doesn’t mention the various records of keys that fall flat, and Alesis’ relative non-endeavors to make a move. Pretty much every person I’ve known who’s had involvement with this machine has needed to call Alesis support to ask for upkeep, a substitution, or even better a discount. It’s relatively obviously that Alesis has stopped production of this piano, and even the individuals who right now claim the machine would experience serious difficulties notwithstanding finding the client’s manual on the web.

There are various individuals who see nothing wrong with the sound of this piano, however I see a considerable drop-off in quality when contrasting it even with pianos in its value run like the Casio CDP-120 or the Korg SP-170. The Cadenza terrific piano tone level out sounds horrendous. There’s no real way to get around it. The only method to look past it is if the machine is just purchased for a genuine amateur and novice, who wouldn’t know the contrast between a genuine piano and a toy. Also, if that is the situation, there are a lot of learner digital pianos that can be purchased at a lesser cost than that of the Cadenza.

The amazing piano tone likewise accompanies 7 different voices, and incorporates the capacity to part and layer the sounds. Be that as it may, there is no two part harmony function which enables the keyboard to part into two sections appropriate for an understudy and educator. The piano additionally accompanies a solitary headphone jack.

I was additionally shocked that the Cadenza didn’t battle to convey a bigger feeling of versatility to this spending machine. The piano radiates the vibe of a bit of substantial construction, as though you’re bearing an I-shaft. The piano is right around five feet long, which is far or more even a portion of the digital console pianos I’ve interacted with. To top it all off, it weighs more than fifty pounds. You may need to do some cross-fit preparing to bear this thing.

The connectivity of the Cadenza is shockingly one of its stronger focuses. The Cadenza has both USB and MIDI connections accessible. It has both MIDI information and yield jacks, which will enable you to connect with outer gadgets like other MIDI keyboards or MIDI projects on a PC. The USB port is an exceptional, class consistent connection which will enable you to connect ideal to any Mac or Windows stage effortlessly. It likewise has a quarter inch stereo contribution for playing along with outside stereo music gadgets.

Another great feature is the two-track recording framework, which will enable you to record your very own compositions on various channels and play them back as you like. In spite of the fact that I don’t know I could bear to tune in to a significant number of the preset tones on the Cadenza.


I’m certain there are progressively seasoned piano players out there who can discover more an incentive in the Alesis Cadenza, yet my straightforward exhortation is to approach this item at your own hazard. The way that not by any means over two years after its underlying discharge it is as of now no longer in production ought to be an indication. All things considered, the individuals who adventure into these profound waters ought not need to pay more than $500 for their courage.


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