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Best Piano Keyboard Sustain Pedal Footswitchs Review (Updated)

Best Sustain Pedal: Digital Pianos are significantly utilized nowadays. These are viewed as a more helpful, less expensive and convenient option in contrast to the conventional pianos. The individuals who play the advanced pianos know how vital the support pedal is.

When you purchase an digital piano, you should buy a continue pedal for it too. It is essential to influence the correct determination as the sort of continue pedal you to pick influences how you perform. Any low quality or improper choice would contrarily influence your play and clearly, you won’t need that. In this way, you ought to be watchful in your decision.

Top 3 Keyboard Sustain Foot Pedals

Auray FP-P1L Universal Piano-Style Sustain Pedal

Our Top Pick: 1

Auray is typically known for expert quality melodic instruments and frill. This is basic and rich in the design and has a rough development that upgrades the life span.

Each one of those electronic keyboards that feature foot-switch input jack of ¼” can utilize this support pedal. It comes finish with a long link of 72 crawls for a more advantageous situating.

This is designed to convey a more sensible piano feel and the expansion of elastic feet at the base keeps the slipping. Last yet not the slightest, it accompanies a constrained guarantee of one year. Get this for upgraded control at the specific reasonable rate.

Moog EP-3 Expression Pedal

Our Top Pick: 2

Moog Music Inc. is an all around perceived name that is known well for its quality and assorted variety of melodic instruments and frill. This support pedal from Moog shows impeccable craftsmanship and exceptional weight and equalization.

In the event that you need a high-class and more dependable articulation pedal, this is an extraordinary decision. It is a general model and can be utilized with any electronic keyboard and synthesizer. An extremity change is incorporated to make it perfect with items from various brands.

This model features an inventive cam framework and conveys super smooth execution. Furthermore, the solid development makes it more sturdy. There is a yield handle that is versatile and determines the melodic range. It accompanies a 6.5′ long link and you can likewise choose a link of various length according to your need.

M-Audio SP-2 | Universal Sustain Pedal with Piano Style Action for Electronic Keyboards

Our Top Pick: 3

Investigate this support pedal made in a great style to give an agreeable and lovely feel and upgraded command over continue. On the off chance that you need to appreciate a more responsive execution at a moderate cost, this is an extremely fitting alternative.

It tends to be utilized with any electronic keyboard. This is made with unique tender loving care and it enormously impersonates the vibe and working of continue pedal of the acoustic piano. It has choice chrome foot pedal with half-pedal capacities to add more articulation to your execution.

The base involves slip-safe elastic that improves its grasp to the floor. Additionally, it has a 6 foot long link with the jack ¼-inch. Last however not the slightest, it accompanies one-year guarantee.

Best 21 Keyboard Sustain Foot Pedals

1. Casio SP-3 Sustain Pedal

Casio is an exceedingly legitimate and believed name and it offers a tremendous assortment of melodic instruments and frill. Quality and incentive for money are their two huge features.

This piano style support pedal from Casio is made to work with all the Casio keyboards in addition to the digital pianos having pedal jacks. It makes the play less demanding and adds more expressions to your execution.

Every one of the keyboards having ¼” input jack can utilize this pedal. What you might want more about it is its enhanced hold on the floor and this is anything but difficult to utilize. Attempt this to appreciate a charming vibe and add a modern touch to your training.

2. Yamaha LP7A 3-Pedal Unit for DGX-660

Yamaha is among the most valid names with regards to purchasing melodic instruments and significant frill. On the off chance that you need ensured fulfillment and simple client encounter, Yamaha is an extraordinary decision.

This 3-pedal unit exhibited by them is a standout amongst the most suggested choices. The design is basic and structure is strong. It has a damper, sostenuto, and delicate pedals. It is made to offer a similar sort of impact found in the excellent piano.

This pedal features half-damper impact that gives a more expressive and upgraded authority over the continued sound. Attempt this in the event that you need to appreciate a refined and more lovely melodic experience including improved tones and upgraded sentiments.

3.Yamaha FC4A Assignable Piano Sustain Foot Pedal

Yamaha doesn’t require any presentation. It has been producing great melodic instruments and extras for a considerable length of time and it is known best for its toughness and quality.

This support pedal by Yamaha is designed to duplicate the acoustic piano pedals feel and it lessens the mechanical clamor as it were. Plus, the elastic base adds more to obstruction and don’t neglect it amid the execution.

It has a 6′ link with the fitting of 0.25″. Its improved usefulness causes you to appreciate the upgraded execution. You can pick the coveted setting basically by discouraging this pedal. On the off chance that you need to appreciate the vibe and working of the customary piano pedal, this is an exceptionally appropriate alternative.

4. Casio SP-20 Upgraded Piano-Style Sustain Pedal

You can’t scrutinize the quality in the event that you are purchasing from Casio. It is an old and entrenched brand and gives world-class instruments and frill at sensible rates.

This support pedal from Casio is one of their magnum opuses and it is normally favored by both the experts and understudies. This Piano style continue pedal accompanies a long harmony that encourages you to effortlessly put it where you need.

It comes in dark wrap up. The simple utilize and agreeable feel make it a more solid choice. This is made to continue the notes in a way fundamentally the same as damper pedal impact on acoustic piano. Attempt it to have a sensible vibe and appreciate an expressive play. It can attach with any keyboard having ¼” input jack.

5. On Stage KSP100 Universal Sustain Pedal

On-Stage is known well for their great quality and these are utilized wherever including the studios and on stage. This is a full-measure pedal in a piano style that is made to offer a more responsive and better control over the support.

This best quality pedal can be utilized with every one of the keyboards as it features an extremity switch, situated on the pedal’s underside. Additionally, it features upgraded solidness and enhanced control supported by the durable springs included. This can be connected to any electronic keyboard that has an information jack of ¼”.

This foot pedal accompanies a scratch-verification cover that can be expelled and it likewise has a worked in rope of 6′ length. In the event that you need a tough and creative option at a more economical value, this is an incredible option.

6. LESHP Damper Sustain Pedal

Look at this strongly constructed and lovely continue pedal. It is worked to make your execution more expressive and deep. The moderate value makes it a more great option. It features all inclusive similarity which implies it functions admirably with all the electronic keyboards.

This accompanies an all-inclusive 6′ long link and ¼” input jack. Also, the structure incorporates a pedal of chromed metal and a shell made of high-review plastic which makes it more solid.

This pedal likewise has a non-slip elastic base for better protection and comfortable feel underneath the foot in addition to the additional obstruction. Additionally, it features switchable extremity and you can utilize it with some other keyboard to appreciate a more reasonable feel.

7. Nektar NP-2 Universal Sustain Pedal

Investigate this solid option. Both the professionals and learning players utilize Nektar remains for better outcomes. It is basic in design, strong in construction and reasonable in cost. This has a strong base of metal and a rubber treated cover.

Additionally, an elastic foot plate is included which offers improved hold. It is comparable in design to the traditional acoustic piano pedal. This support pedal can be utilized with every one of the keyboards. It likewise has a 6′ harmony with ¼” input jack.

This is ideal for both the stage and studio and the additional elastic gives it greater security. Last however not the slightest, extremity switch makes it appropriate for every one of the keyboards and different items that require support pedal.

8. Yamaha FC5 Compact Sustain Pedal for Portable Keyboards

Here is another magnificent expansion from Yamaha and this is made to convey a helpful and expressive experience. On the off chance that you need a modestly valued continue pedal with improved life span and better control, it would be a decent choice.

This is FC4’s reduced form designed to work in a path like that of customary acoustic piano’s continue. It accompanies a 5′ long harmony and the information jack has 1/4″ size. It likewise fills in as a FS controller.

Like the majority of alternate models, it can likewise be utilized with any keyboard, digital piano and different instruments including ¼” input jack. Snatch it now and utilize it to add more emotions to your execution.

9. CAHAYA Sustain Pedal for Keyboard

Investigate this perfectly designed and very much developed continue pedal made to convey a simpler and charming playing background. It accompanies a 5. Feet long link which helps in putting it according to your benefit.

This can be utilized with any digital piano and keyboard that features ¼ inch input jack. The top notch chrome pedal is made to keep going long and it is without consumption. Moreover, it has half-pedal abilities too which makes your play more expressive.

There is a non-slip elastic added to the base to make it stable amid the play. Hence, on the off chance that you are searching for a durable choice that can give upgraded continue control, this is an exceptionally appropriate decision.

Alesis ASP-2 – Universal Keyboard Sustain Pedal for Synthesisers, Digital Pianos, MIDI Keyboards and more

Our Best Pick: 10

The Alesis ASP-2 support pedal is a standout amongst the most sensible decisions. Regardless of low-value, it features consistent development, simple usefulness and offers an extremely reasonable feel.

Along these lines, in the event that you need an expressive execution in a more helpful way, attempt this one. Thinking about the structure, the metal pedal is chromed and has a hard plastic shell which makes it rust free and you can get it as this is a sturdier choice.

Also, its all inclusive similarity is helped by the extremity switch, 5 feet harmony and ¼ inch input jack. Its base has a one of a kind design highlighting 4 slip-safe elastic feet with matrices at the lower side to keep the pedal set up.

11. Amosic Universal Sustain Pedal

This is an all inclusive continue pedal with great style which implies it very well may be utilized with any keyboard, digital piano and different instruments which have ¼” input jack. This all inclusive similarity is upheld by the additional extremity switch.

Additionally, this is made of good quality metal and this strong structure settles on it a hearty decision. With superb craftsmanship and impeccably points structure, it is anything but difficult to utilize support pedal that you can get at a reasonable cost. It accompanies an all-encompassing link of 5.25′. Ultimately, this one has a guarantee of one year.

12. HQRP AC Adapter & Sustain Pedal for Keyboards

This is a proper decision for every one of the synthesizers, drum machines, tone modules, electronic keyboards and anything that may require a continue pedal. Any instrument with ¼ inch input jack is good with it.

Thinking about the development quality, structure, simplicity of control and usefulness, it is a standout amongst the most reasonable alternatives. Also, it won’t cost you much. In the event that you need a low-value pedal, this is your pick.

To make it stay put at its place amid the play, the lower part has great quality non-slip elastic. You can likewise utilize this pedal as FS controller. In addition, it accompanies an AC connector. This pedal has some days guarantee.

13. Mugig Universal Sustain Pedal, Classic Piano Style Foot Pedal for Electronic Keyboards Digital Piano

Check out this full-sized piano sustain pedal built in classic style. It offers a perfect blend of easy functionality, high quality, and easy affordability. This is compatible with any electronic keyboard and digital piano with an input jack of ¼”.

This universal design makes it a more favorable option. The bottom has high-grade slip-resistant rubber which grips it to the floor and prevents the slipping during your performance.

The polarity switch added makes it easily workable with different brands. It has a top-quality chrome foot pedal that has very expressive half-pedal features to enhance the performance. This comes with a user manual and an idea card.

14. Sustain Pedal Universal Foot Damper for Digital Electronic Piano Keyboard

Flanger is known well for brilliant craftsmanship, wonderful designs and solid development of melodic instruments and extras. Plus, its rates are additionally exceptionally temperate.

On the off chance that you need uncompromised quality at a diminished value, this continue pedal is the most appropriate alternative for you. The all inclusive design with switchable extremity makes it reasonable for all the electronic pianos, keyboards, synthesizers and MIDI hardware.

It is made to give a vibe closer to acoustic piano’s continue pedal and it attempts to make your piano toners more extravagant and more expressive.

The base has hostile to slip elastic that keeps the pedal stable on the floor and anticipates it to slide amid your play. Next to this metal, the pedal is chromed and has a solid plastic shell that makes it more sturdy.

15. HQRP Sustain Pedal for Keyboards plus HQRP Coaster

The items offered by HQRP are known best for high usefulness, simple ease of use and strong development. This piano-style continue pedal is likewise constructed firmly and it would last more.

Like the vast majority of alternate pedals, this one has ¼ inch connector which makes it perfect with a large portion of the digital pianos and keyboards with ¼ inch jack. The base of this pedal has elastic which is added to keep it set up amid the play.

The best part is, its cost isn’t much and you can undoubtedly stand to purchase this. Last yet not the slightest, it comes finish with a guarantee of 200 days. Snatch it now and appreciate a superior execution.

16. Antoble Sustain Pedal With Piano Style for Electronic Keyboards

Antoble is an all around perceived name known for world-class quality and remarkable usefulness. Every one of its items are gone through a quality check to guarantee that you get completely useful and immaculate items.

This support pedal is made to be good with every one of the keyboards and synthesizers that have input pedal jack of ¼”. It has an extremely up-to-date viewpoint and this is designed to work like support pedal of the regular piano.

Moreover, it is high-review chrome plate pedal which makes it consumption free and more solid. Finally, this comes finish with a 30 days unconditional promise and a one-year guarantee.

17. Roland DP-10 Real-Feel Pedal with Non-Slip Rubber Plate

Roland Corporation is an eminent Japanese organization that has some expertise in assembling melodic instruments, programming, and hardware. It was worked in 1972 and over these years, it has turned into a sound name.

This continue pedal from Roland is experts’ decision and it is favored for its high caliber and strong structure. This durable pedal has a non-slip base made of elastic that adds to its solidness and grasp to the floor.

It functions admirably with the half-damper keyboards notwithstanding filling in as a standard continue pedal. This pedal accompanies a long link that makes it reasonable for the stacked keyboard setup. Attempt this and you would appreciate improved continue control.

18. Donner DK-1 Sustain Pedal for Keyboard Digital Piano Foot Pedal

Donnerdeal is a well known online store that was built up in 2012 and from that point forward it has been giving calculable quality melodic instruments and embellishments. Its value settles on Donner a favored decision.

For the players searching for low-valued pedal having impeccable development and exemplary usefulness, it is an incredible decision. This is designed to offer an easy to use understanding.

It is anything but difficult to step and offers enhanced authority over the support. Because of its great style, this is perfect with every one of the keyboards and digital pianos. It features ¼” input jack connector and a long link of 63″ that aid its simple situating. Moreover, this pedal has an uncommonly designed elastic base to keep its sliding amid your execution.

19. Xvive Sustain Pedal for Keyboard |Universal Foot Pedal

In the event that you are searching for an all inclusive continue pedal and need to get a more solid and great quality pedal at a reasonable rate, this one is an appropriate choice. Regardless of whether your inclination is durable quality or praiseworthy usefulness, it has got you secured.

The widespread design makes it perfect with all the electronic keyboards. Along these lines, regardless of which brands of keyboard you have, it can function admirably with that on the off chance that it has ¼” input jack.

This is made to give a smoother spring activity. In spite of the fact that it needs elastic base, still it is sufficiently overwhelming to remain put. Attempt this for getting a charge out of upgraded execution and lovely feel.

20. Imelod Ione Digital Piano and Keyboard Sustain Pedal for Keyboards | Universal Foot Pedal

Imelod is an expert producer of melodic instruments and adornments and it has been giving great quality items to years. It is a standout amongst the most reasonable choices. This continue pedal has an all inclusive design and it is perfect with numerous digital pianos, keyboards, and synthesizers with the ¼” input jack.

It features double extremity switch for enhanced command over support and accompanies a 6′ link. This is all around organized and sufficiently weighted to remain at its place and the elastic base keeps it from slipping.

Furthermore, the plastic cover included goes about as a successful defensive measure. This offers an extremely agreeable feel and the spring activity is magnificent. Attempt this on the off chance that you need to appreciate a more reasonable continue feel and upgraded sound.

KORG PS-1 Single Momentary Pedal Footswitch for MIDI Keyboard

Our Best Pick: 21

On the off chance that you need to upgrade your execution and appreciate exceptional pedal activity give this a shot one. It is a more spending plan inviting choice for all the digital musician and keyboard players. This switchable damper pedal has an extremity switch which makes it perfect with Several brands including Casio, Yamaha, Williams, and others with 1/4″ jack.

The conservative size makes it effortlessly convenient and it is comprised of good quality engineered material that improves its solidness. Also, the elastic tops are fitted at the base that keeps it set up amid the play and this is phenomenal as far as usefulness.


We have secured a scope of known brands and incorporated the best models. All these are faultless in construction, impeccable in functioning and great in quality. These are tough and in this manner you can choose any of these according to your decision.

Regardless of whether you require a one with snazzy viewpoint or your inclination is to go for a low-estimated continue pedal, both are offered here. Regardless of for which instrument you require a continue pedal, the options mentioned here are appropriate for all. In this way, you will discover reasonable options here as per your requirements.

The best thing is, a large portion of these have a general design and you can utilize them with any of your instruments requiring support pedal. Regardless of which brand’s instrument you are utilizing, these all inclusive design pedals run well with all.

As mentioned before, you ought to dependably incline toward the pedal having an elastic base. A continue pedal more often than not doesn’t cost much. In any case, there are some that are costlier than the others. Determine your spending first and after that select any of these as needs be.