Kawai MP7 Professional Digital Stage Piano Review 2024

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Kawai MP7 Professional Stage Piano Review (Updated)

The Kawai MP7 has an entire 88-keys making it extraordinary for imitating an excellent piano. In contrast to a terrific piano, it has a little casing making it simple to move around.The MP7 can create woodwind, percussion, and strings sounds. It has 28 distinctive acoustic settings, and also electric pianos, organs, and pipe organs. This is unquestionably worth investigating.

All sounds can be tweaked utilizing the modification handles beside the implicit LCD display. Sounds can be muli-layered and recorded. A USB input is accessible for downloading and transferring music. His machine has 3 key sensors for each key that certification notes are played on interest.

Numerous keyboards miss notes if a similar key is played twice in fast progression; the course cause for the missed note is the client not discharging the key totally before squeezing it once more. The 3 key sensors dispose of this issue. The MP7 is exceptionally adaptable. The small scale altering features make it conceivable to emulate different kinds of pianos.

The 256-note most extreme polyphony chip is a memory chip; this chip enables 256 notes to play at one time without removing any notes. The piano likewise incorporates a piano pedal, able to do “half-accelerating.” The time allotment the pedal manages sound is totally adjustable. The pedal can create feasible sound like a genuine piano, or long haul manageable sound that can’t be delivered by a fantastic piano.

Features of Kawai MP7

This advanced piano features an entire 88-keys, emulating a fantastic piano. The keys feel like a genuine excellent piano also. It is likewise simple to move around with its little casing.

This piano can deliver acoustic and electronic sound superiorly that different pianos in a similar value extend can’t coordinate. It has a smooth sound, and the keys feel like a great piano.

There are advanced keyboards that sound and feel superior to the Kawai MP7, however none of them beat its cost. The MP7 has 28 diverse acoustic setting to experiment with.

The piano likewise incorporates settings for electric pianos, organs, pipe organs and bounty more. There are approaches to tweak all tones to your favored sound. On the off chance that you find that you have tried different things with the tones excessively, you can reset the whole keyboard back to the producer default settings. There are multi-layered sounds accessible too.

You can play alongside a preset drummer or join instruments to play similar notes simultaneously. The LCD display is an extraordinary feature on the MP7. Handles for altering different elements of the keyboard encompass the LCD display. The 3 key sensors are another extraordinary feature on this piano.

The 256-note most extreme polyphony chip is a memory chip. The chip enables 256 notes to play at one time without removing any notes. The piano pedal has a practical vibe that is able to do “half-accelerating.”

Half-accelerating makes a medium measure of supported sound, reproducing the natural capacity of a genuine piano pedal. The measure of time a note is maintained is totally adaptable, in contrast to a genuine acoustic piano. The MP7 can take a USB streak drive to spare music or upload. The keyboard can be allocated 4 unique zones so you can play 4 diverse instrumental sounds progressively.

The keys don’t should be equally scattered either. All the keyboard needs, as far as zones, is for the four zones to mean 88 keys.

Technical Details of Kawai MP7

  • Measurements: 6.8″ x 53.3″ x 13.3″ 
  • Weight: 60 lbs
  • Keys:
  1. 88 keys
  2. 3 sensors for each key Kawai MP7
  • Polyphony:256-note most extreme
  • Pitch:
  1. Pitchbend,
  2. Mod Wheel
  • Sounds:
  1. 28 diverse acoustic settings
  2. Electric pianos
  3. Organs
  4. Pipe organs
  5. 4 zone keyboard
  • Effects: 129 
  • Functions:keyboard zone (4 zone split)
  • Amplifiers: None
  • Speakers: None
  • Inputs/Outputs:
  1. USB
  2. MP3
  3. 2 Wave Audio
  4. 3 yields
  • Display: LCD display
  • Damper Pedal

Upsides and downsides

  • The extra instrument tones, other than piano, are not particularly incredible on this machine.The woodwinds, percussion, and strings sound really great, yet the most amazing sound originating from this piano is the acoustic piano.
  • Regardless of whether you are an amateur, it is simple and enjoyable to alter sounds to make incredible music. Whatever is left of the keyboard is brimming with catches, as are most keyboards customarily, however don’t be scared. There are sufficient features that are straightforward to kick the novice off. One baffling viewpoint to the MP7, for the amateur, is the absence of implicit speakers.
  • A great many people incline toward items to be prepared to use out of the container, however for this situation it really is ideal. Keyboards’ essential capacity isn’t to deliver sound or music; numerous individuals may differ with this announcement at first, however please keep on perusing for elucidation.
  • Keyboards fundamental capacity is to arrange sound, while a speaker has one and just a single capacity, or, in other words sound. By and large speakers that are incorporated with a keyboard are of low quality; along these lines it does not merit having the speakers worked in.
  • Likewise, speakers make vibration, which can be the ruin of numerous electronic gadgets. Vibration rattles little electrical segments and destroys associations.
  • Numerous keyboards will miss a note if a key is played twice. Generally the reason is the key was not permitted to rise totally up after the principal note. The 3 key sensors, in the MP7 ensures each note will be played regardless of how quick you play, or how frequently you rehash a similar note.
  • The MP7 is likewise extremely adjustable. The smaller scale altering features make it conceivable to mirror different kinds of pianos. Sensible practical sound can be made, yet so can new age, long haul, electronically supported sound.
  • A portion of these features don’t have any significant bearing to the fledgling, however it is essential to think about the life span of the machine. In the event that you like something you’ve created, spare it on the USB. The USB port can likewise be utilized to transfer multi-instrument tunes to tune in to play alongside or learn.


Putting resources into this keyboard is a method for putting resources into a long haul drawing in understanding. This is an exceptionally decent keyboard.

There are two perfect socioeconomics that ought to firmly think about buying this machine. The first is a learner advanced piano player that is sure they will keep playing and making strides.

This client will rapidly get a general comprehension of the keyboard and will have the capacity to develop into alternate features. The keyboard ought to be significant to this client for quite a long while.


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