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Korg LP-380 Digital Piano Review (Updated)

Korg LP-380 : At whatever point anything is made, there is dependably the likelihood of change. This goes for pretty much any field, regardless of whether it is business, scholarly, or notwithstanding identifying with individual issues.

Such is additionally the situation with regards to a 88 key advanced piano, and Korg, much the same as some other quality piano producer, has expected to do only this with their LP arrangement.

Truth be told, with regards to the LP Series, the Korg LP 380 has built up itself as a stalwart and absolutely one of the better models to be looked for after. It most certainly is a stage up from its ancestor, the LP 180, bringing various new highlights, innovation and different subtleties to the table.


I extremely like the style and look of the Korg LP 380 . It is a smooth and thin machine that will look lovely in any setting. Honestly, as I take a gander at this machine I can nearly envision myself strolling into the music store and purchasing the machine basically based off of its looks alone.

I truly love the frigid white complete, which gives the piano a superbly flawless and rich look. The piano accompanies a pleasant collapsing top-down cover that sets effortlessly over the keys, giving an extraordinary choice to piano assurance and a great stylish look.

The three pedal unit is an appreciated sight for those hoping to include a greater amount of the acoustic excellent piano experience to the computerized setting, as the unit clears a path for a delicate, sostenuto, and manage pedal appended to the base boarding of the piano.

The particulars of the piano are very standard for a quality advanced piano. The Korg LP 380 apportions a little more than 53 inches in length, just about 14 inches down, and very nearly 30.5 creeps off the ground with the piano stand. What’s more, when you consider the piano cover, the Korg LP 380 stands at right around 37 creeps off the ground.

For its measurements and size, a weight of 81.5 pounds is a smidgen on the substantial side, yet it comes comprehended that the vast majority searching for a piano of this kind are not hunting down attributes, for example, movability.

Voices, Tones and Rhythms

The Korg LP 380 has an incredible choice of voices and tones to browse. There are 30 voices housed on the machine, every one of them being put away in 3 distinct saves money with journalist catch decisions.

The Korg LP 380 accompanies five distinctive acoustic piano sounds, an electric fantastic sound, six astonishing electric piano sounds, harpsichord, clavichord, jazz organs, pipe organs, strings and a choir. This, for some buyers of advanced pianos in this range, is an astonishing determination, as most pianos like this just accompany ten sounds. Incredibly the piano accompanies a going with 30 demo tunes – 10 of them being tunes which demo ten of the significant sounds on the machine, the other 20 being piano demos displaying what the piano can do in general.

Great Engineering and Touch

The Korg LP 380 has a group of designing highlights that make it a solid piano. The machine is set with Korg’s Stereo Piano System, a not too bad framework which can be tantamount to Roland’s SuperNATURAL piano motor or Casio’s Acoustic and Intelligent Resonator (AiR) framework.

The machine additionally is set with 120 voices of polyphony, which when contrasted and numerous different alternatives available ends up being an exceptionally feasible choice. Most capable pianos have about this much, with the super top of the line pianos lodging around 256 notes of polyphony, and the low end choices having around 48.

The architects at Korg additionally made an update in the key activity framework from the LP 180, putting the Real Weighted Hammer Action (RH3) framework in this model. The RH3 is a very perceptible change, particularly when you put your hands to the piano, feeling the lovely weight took care of in each key.

It is likewise the third era in the evaluated pound activity of this arrangement, so you can positively expect the best of what the specialists bring to the table. Notwithstanding the key activity is the magnificent Touch Selection framework, which enables the client to control whether the piano plays in Light, Normal, or Heavy mode. This is a magnificent element that will enable any piano player to alter for a specific setting.

Key Features

The Korg LP 380 accompanies its own unmistakable arrangement of key highlights. The main element is in connection to the model’s weight and body structure, with the specialists diminishing the body size and weight of the model in examination the past one, the LP 350.

The whole machine has been diminished by around 12 pounds, making it somewhat less demanding to assemble and move from place to put. The piano additionally accompanies a decent Line Out stereo smaller than normal jack, which makes it truly smooth and easy to associate with an intensified speaker framework or to any studio recording setting.

The machine is forward likewise on its network choices with MIDI upheld framework, which will enable the machine to associate with different gadgets and transport execution information through an all around perceived medium.

Upsides and downsides

The Korg LP 380 consolidates physical interest and melodic quality to furnish players with a remarkable affair. The Real Weighted Hammer Action 3 Keyboard combined with the three consummately situated pedals make the LP-380 an awesome decision for genuine piano understudies or entertainers who need an at-home piano.

It’s not as compact as other computerized pianos, so in a hurry entertainers may discover moving the Korg LP 380 disappointing and tedious.

For piano players hoping to record thoughts and explore different avenues regarding sounds, the Korg LP 380 is an incredible decision. It has a great melody bank and an assortment of sound alternatives to browse. The Line Out jack makes recording a melody genuinely basic, and the MIDI network implies associating with different gadgets is a breeze.

One disadvantage to the Korg LP 380 is its absence of a Line In jack. Coming up short on this component, musicians can’t associate a sound player to the advanced piano, hear it out through the piano’s speakers, and play along.

The Korg LP 380 is without a doubt an awesome choice for genuine understudies; its highlights offer everything hopeful understudies require – sensible feel matched with credible sound. Entertainers who need a piano to keep at home or in the studio would likewise profit by the Korg LP 380 ‘s quality, yet entertainers searching for a versatile stage piano would presumably be more joyful with an alternate model.


  • Slim, smooth outline.
  • Real Weighted Hammer Action 3 Keyboard.
  • Key Touch Control Function.
  • MIDI Connectivity.
  • Energy productive.
  • Three standard pedals.
  • Great for genuine piano understudies.


  • Not extremely versatile.
  • No Line In association.
  • Not the best computerized piano for entertainers.


An awesome advanced piano for understudies, the Korg LP 380 has a great deal to offer regarding realness. Its will likely reproduce the sound and feel of an acoustic piano, and it does as such more than other computerized pianos.

In spite of the fact that it does not have a couple of additional associations and looks like an acoustic piano regarding compactness, the Korg LP 380 is a quality advanced piano at its cost.