Yamaha CP4 Stage Digital Piano Review 2024

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Yamaha CP4 Stage Digital Piano Review (Updated)

Searching for digital stage piano? We may have quite recently the one you have been searching for. The Yamaha CP4 survey will share all the data that you have to settle on a choice about this stage piano.

Yamaha is extraordinary compared to other known names in digital pianos and they have been at the procedure for many years so every digital piano is steady and solid.

The CP4 is a great model that offers huge numbers of the extravagant accessories that you find on the more costly Yamaha models. It isn’t at the most reduced end of the value point however it isn’t at the most elevated either yet you do discover a considerable lot of the top of the line features pleasantly customized into this digital piano.

There are a couple of things that hop appropriate out at you about the Yamaha CP4. It is lightweight which makes it perfect for movement to and from training sessions and the stage however you will likewise see immediately that shockingly it doesn’t accompany a stand, it must be brought independently.

While not accompanying a stand is surely not a major issue it would have been pleasant to have one included yet that is just a little piece of what is new with the Yamaha CP4 and it ought not at all cloud your judgment about this incredible stage piano.

This is the stage piano that Yamaha claims is the best stage piano that they have ever manufactured. It is generally everything that you could need in a phase piano to say the very least. It is progressively a combination of a synthesizer and stage piano than only a phase piano.

It truly is an extremely great instrument which obviously is nothing unexpected considering that it is originating from Yamaha the producer that makes a portion of the best digital stage pianos in the business. Yamaha has a long history of giving performers the choice that they have to make extraordinary music.

Yamaha has a few unique lines of digital pianos that can be utilized for training and execution. They are the most perceived name in stage pianos. They offer imaginative innovation, strong development from amazing materials and predominant sounds.

Yamaha is outstanding for utilizing digital sounds that are taken ideal from their most elevated end acoustic pianos. They have a one of a kind method for catching the sound which truly benefits the playback sound.

Features of Yamaha CP4

This instrument is intended for an unexpected reason in comparison to a portion of the other digital pianos we’ve taken a gander at in this arrangement. It’s not, for instance, a household item or an instructing apparatus. Yet, that doesn’t mean it’s not pressed with choices.

This is without a doubt a working man’s (or woman’s) keyboard and is similarly suited for your home and the execution scene. It doesn’t accompany a stand, be that as it may, so you’ll need to give your own.

In any occasion, Yamaha calls the CP4 “Essentially the Best Stage Piano Yamaha Has Ever Created.” While I don’t question that, I would likewise call it “The Yamaha Digital Piano That Thinks It’s A Synthesizer and Has Had Everything That Could Have Possibly Been Stuffed into It Stuffed into It!”

  • Well known grand piano and other exemplary sounds
  • One touch layer and part alternatives
  • Wooden keys
  • Compactness
  • Crazy number of voices: 433
  • Vast, illuminated LCD display
  • 5-band EQ and Master Compressor
  • L/R and XLR yields, and additionally MIDI and USB
  • FC3 foot pedal included, which has half-hosing capacity

Sound quality

It is to a great degree worthwhile that Yamaha has such a rich history of giving world-class-sounding pianos and keyboards for our happiness. The sounds you will get on the CP4 are unparalleled anyplace, with the exception of maybe on the genuine instruments they’re designed according to.

On a significant number of the sounds, you get various varieties, every one with various impacts connected.

Notwithstanding the average acoustic and electric piano sounds, the CP4 likewise has 321 extra inherent sounds dependent on the business driving MOTIF synthesizer, including bass, clavinet, organ, strings, cushion, and drums.

Awesome Samples

  • CFX full show excellent, known for its tone quality and enough capacity to fill the biggest show corridors.
  • CFIIIS full show fabulous, splendid with thunderous bass.
  • S6 thousand piano, including a more extravagant, hotter, more profound tone, settling on it the perfect decision for group work or going with vocals.


  • CP80 electric great piano, whose famous sounds can be heard on endless accounts the world over.
  • DX7 electric piano, whose sound is obvious.
  • On the off chance that you experienced childhood during the 80s like me, you know precisely what I’m discussing.
  • 1970s Wurlitzer, once more, another unique sound heard on various accounts of that period.
  • Two distinctive Fender Rhodes copies.

Similarly as an aside, the electric terrific piano is named in that capacity since despite everything it utilizes sledges and strings, similar to an acoustic. What makes it charged is the utilization of pickups, as on an electric guitar.

An electric piano’s mallets strike either level steel reeds, as on the Wurlitzer, or tines of firm steel wire, as on the Rhodes.


The electric piano sounds made reference to above were accomplished utilizing an innovation Yamaha created which they call Virtual Circuitry Modeling (VCM).

What this undertakings to do is accommodate an as-reasonable as-conceivable digital proliferation of parts utilized in conventional electrical circuits, for example, resistors and capacitors. Along these lines, the VCM innovation carries on like its simple partner and this outcomes in a melodic recreation of simple sound characteristics.

Quit pushing my buttons

The control board has been intended for much convenience. There is a Voice Category work where you can call up the sounds you need quicker than looking through them all, and you can store your most loved ones in every class.

You can likewise layer sounds and split the keyboard with the touch of a catch.

As made reference to above, you likewise get a locally available 5-band EQ (by means of sliders), an illuminated LCD display, and a parchment wheel for simple route.

Au Natural

The CP4 features a characteristic wood keyboard with keytops made to look like ivory, however they are not finished. In the same way as other instruments of this sort, the activity is the thing that Yamaha calls “reviewed pound” activity, which means the keys in the lower enlist are heavier and as you go up the keyboard in pitch the keys themselves get lighter.

This is, incidentally, how the key activity is planned on an acoustic amazing. Anyway, one of the cool features that separates this piano from some others is the thing that Yamaha calls a “Damper Sensor.”

This enables you to, for example, play a similar note over and again with immaculate enunciation, and the sounds mix as they would on an acoustic great, without the utilization of the support pedal.

The offer of Yamaha CP4

Obviously, in the event that you are thinking about the Yamaha CP4 there is just a single thing that you are worried about and that is the thing that it can improve the situation you and your music. Fortunately you will probably be exceptionally inspired by what you find with this stage piano.

Yamaha is outstanding for making a full scope of stage pianos both passage level and proficient and the CP4 fits directly into the Yamaha collection of awesome instruments.

The Yamaha CP4 offers an instinctive control board that is abundantly valued by the two novices and experts.

There are some awesome “additional items” with this Yamaha that you don’t discover at this value point with different makers which make it an extremely incredible esteem.

The Yamaha CP4 is equipped with genuine wood keys that are graduated to give it a pleasant regular feel. You additionally don’t get that somewhat irritating clicking sound that you get with composite keys.

These keys make it simple to progress from acoustic to digital and back again which makes it a superb choice for training sessions.

Some stage pianos have an immense expectation to absorb information when you go from acoustic to digital but since the keys are so like an acoustic piano the CP4 makes the change forward and backward consistent. There is a 1 contact layer, split alternative which makes this a simple keyboard to play.

There are a full scope of features that the Yamaha CP4 brings to the table that truly influence it to appear as though a significantly more costly instrument then it is.

It is the easily overlooked details that truly make the CP4 an incredible esteem like the 433 voices that are accessible. You may never utilize every one of them yet it is constantly pleasant to realize that they are there.

The simple to utilize EQ sliders that assistance you to discover only the correct sound and those astonishing 88 pound activity keys. They all meet up in an awesome thin outline that looks phenomenal in front of an audience. It is constantly pleasant when you can utilize a similar instrument for training and exhibitions.

Like all Yamaha organize pianos, the CP4 gets its awesome piano stable from the highest point of the line Yamaha acoustic pianos that are exceptionally costly and flawlessly tuned so you never understand that tin can sound that you get with some stage pianos.

The sounds are taken appropriate from the best sounding pianos and the Yamaha CP4 completes an outstanding activity of imitating the consistent with life sounds.

The sounds that you get from the CP4 organize pianos are elusive with some other stage piano, you would need to tune in to the first instrument to show signs of improvement sound.

On a significant number of the sounds you get diverse varieties of a similar sound so you can simply discover only the correct sound for anything that you are forming.

The CP4 offers the conventional instrument sounds that are ordinarily found in front of an audience pianos AND you get a full scope of different sounds too. In all you get 321 sounds to truly have the capacity to create as you see fit.

Every one of the sounds that you can play with the CP4 are genuine sounds that are truly astounding. Everything meets up pleasantly.

It offers a 128 polyphony, 5 band EQ and Balanced XLR out jacks. You can record directly through the USB association. There are a ton of incredible features that are wrapped up into the CP4 that makes it an awesome stage piano.

The protected MOTIFF Synth enables you to make and make in manners you never thought conceivable. While this is advertised as a digital piano what you truly get when you buy the Yamaha CP4 is a crossover of a perfect synthesizer, an ensemble, awesome piano and organ sounds and it is altogether rolled together in a simpler to use than typical digital piano.

It is exceptionally lightweight and simple to transport so it is fantastic for the street. It has all the stage commendable segments so it is additionally superb for exhibitions however there is space for enhancements.

Different of Yamaha CP4

There are a great deal of pluses in favor of the Yamaha CP4 yet there are two things that Yamaha kind of avoided.

There are no inward speakers which is extremely simply a trouble since you can without much of a stretch tangle some outside speakers and get incredible outcomes BUT Yamaha should outline this keyboard with interior speakers so the client does not need to stress over making sense of what to do about speakers.

The other issue we as of now made reference to. There is no stand that accompanies this digital piano. Does it influence execution yet it would be pleasant on the off chance that you could get all that you required in one box and did not need to stress over it?

Unpacking the Yamaha CP4

  • Yamaha CP4 digital piano 
  • Bundle contents Power line
  • FC3 foot pedal
  • Owner’s Manual
  • Online Manual CD-ROM

Technical Details of Casio CP4

  • Measurements: 59.1″ x 17.7″ x 10″
  • Weight: 38.3lbs
  • Keyboards: 88-key Natural Wood Graded Hammer (NW-GH) keyboard with Synthetic Ivory Keytops
  • Sounds: Tone Generation Tone Generating Technology SCM (Spectral Component Modeling) + AWM2
  • Polyphony:  128 (Max)
  • Preset: 433 
  • Impacts:
  1. Reverb 11 types
  2. Chorus 9 types (46 presets)
  3. Ace Compressor 1 type (7 presets)
  4. Ace EQ 5 groups
  5. Inclusion Effect 62 types (226 presets) × 2 Parts
  • Performances:
  1. User 128
  2. Parts 3
  • Connectivity:
  1. Line Out
  2. Line L
  3. Line R 
  4. Headphones
  5. Foot Switch
  6. Foot Controller 2 jacks
  7. MIDI IN
  • Controllers:
  1. Pitch twist wheel
  2. Modulation wheel
  3. Part slider × 3
  5. Data Dial
  6. MASTER EQUALIZER slider × 5
  • Display:
  1. 40 characters × 2 lines
  2. Character LCD with backdrop illumination
  • Power Consumption: 18W


  • You can appreciate 433 top notch voices including a fabulous piano stable alongside different great instrument sounds.
  • You can appreciate backups and making your very own sounds utilizing the touch layer and part features.
  • The high caliber wooden keys and reviewed pound activity give you the most ideal playing knowledge.
  • This full-sized 88 key digital piano is still light enough and sufficiently reduced to guarantee incredible convenientce.
  • The extensive illuminated LCD display gives you finish convenience and regardless of whether you are playing in an obscured room, you will have the capacity to peruse the display effortlessly.
  • You can appreciate the most ideal sound because of the 5-band EQ and Master Compressor that comes as a feature with this piano.
  • You can appreciate whatever number network conceivable outcomes as could reasonably be expected on account of the sound yields, along well as MIDI and USB ports.
  • There is a FC3 foot pedal included to give a hosing impact to your playing.


  • The main thing that could be viewed as a disadvantage about this digital piano is the sticker price.
  • In spite of the fact that it is still offers incredible incentive for cash, it is valued out of many individuals spending plan and is extremely better for the genuine artist.
  • There are no inbuilt speakers as this piano is planned for the show and studio advertise.


This isn’t the minimum costly model that Yamaha brings to the table nor is it the most costly. The Yamaha CP4 offers a lot of significant worth for the cash.

It plays like a significantly more costly model. It would appear that a considerably more costly model and keeping in mind that it isn’t the minimum costly model it is reasonably valued considering the phenomenal contributions that it conveys to the table.

It is perfect for training and for execution. It has an extremely decent stage nearness as a result of its thin lines and it is anything but difficult to transport in view of its lightweight.

It is impeccably valued and effortlessly can address the issues of various spending plans. It is an expert review organize piano that can likewise be utilized by fledglings.

The instinctive board controls make it simple to figure out how to utilize the CP4 so ability level isn’t generally an issue. Most clients have effectively figured out how to use the controls and keyboard rather rapidly paying little heed to their expertise level.

Most clients have given the Yamaha CP4 a 5-star rating for convenience and features. Generally the Yamaha CP4 is a great decision that will work for anybody that requirements solid practice and execution hardware.

You don’t get the stand or the speakers yet you do get a really press clad guarantee from Yamaha that will shield your instrument from producers surrenders for up to two years so you can purchase with certainty realizing that you are secured.

In the event that you are searching for a phase piano that has forever and a day of understanding behind it and that originates from a confided in dependable source the Yamaha CP4 is the choice that you ought to take a gander at.


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