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Alesis V49 49-Key USB-MIDI Keyboard Controller Review (Updated)

Alesis V49 : Alesis is an organization that has long been a managing power in the realm of MIDI controllers. Throughout recent years, the Rhode Island-based organization has driven the charge for high caliber, shortsighted MIDI controllers adapted essentially towards studio work.

In this audit, we’ll be investigating the Alesis V49 MIDI controller explicitly. We’ll examine the majority of its key features, and even contrast it with any semblance of the Alesis VI49 and M-Audio Oxygen 49 (amongst others) to more readily enable you to settle on an educated decision.


The Alesis V49 is about as moderate as you can get with regards to controllers, at any rate at this size. The keyboard speaks to one of the organization’s most moderate controllers consistently, falling into a cost of about $139; lower than numerous other equivalent items that brag the 4-octave go.

This to a great degree reasonable cost may make you question regardless of whether this specific keyboard has any quality behind it, yet notably, Alesis hasn’t given us a chance to down here.

The keybed itself is a 49 key, full-sized setup, which really takes up about 90% of the land on the whole keyboard, on account of it’s thinned down body relatively to the VI line, which features a few buttons and handles over the keys.

In the style division, Alesis took a fairly functional and useful design signal, rather than going for a flashier look, maybe like the Arturia KeyLab controllers sport. This sort of look probably won’t satisfy everyone, particularly the individuals who are searching for something to perform live regularly with, however on the other hand, that isn’t what Alesis was going for here in any case. There are a lot of different options to suit live-situated players better.

To the extent the additional features the V49 includes, you have your standard passage of 8 lit up trigger cushions that can be utilized for drum sequencing, example and circle activating, or simply playing programming harmonies maybe.

The organization has likewise included 4 lit up buttons and 4 illuminated handles that can be effectively alloted to custom functions inside a DAW. This is a conspicuous difference between the VI25’s bigger and progressively flexible setup, and in certainty is one of the greatest contrasts between the two keyboard controllers.

This additional piece of weight that has been shed from the V arrangement enables it to be considerably progressively conservative and lightweight, implying that it may be especially appropriate for those with constrained space, or the individuals who aren’t hoping to do anything insane in the sound-design office.

On the back of the keyboard, the moderate pattern continues. There’s a USB MIDI for power and MIDI-through, and a support pedal jack. That is it. To be reasonable, that is extremely all you’d ever requirement for this person, since you won’t attach straightforwardly to an equipment synth or combine of speakers with this keyboard.

It’s motivation is unequivocally more grounded in working inside a DAW to make and create music.

I’d venture to such an extreme as to state that Alesis even envisioned this item as being genuinely portable, at any rate similarly as 49-key principles go. This moderate design and absence of links and other entangled features implies this is a keyboard that is effectively gone up against the street, in the event that you have enough space for 4 octaves worth of keys that is.

Setup and Compatibility

As mentioned over, the V49 is designed above all else to be an issue free MIDI controller for composition and production, and fortunately, it truly exceeds expectations here. This keyboard ought to be perfect with pretty much any DAW you can cook up ideal out of the crate, and tried on Logic X, we found that the gadget was perceived consequently and was prepared to go close to beginning up.

From that point, programming the different functionalities like the handles and buttons was a breeze, and we found no issues in the dozen or so VST programs we utilized it with. By and large, this is one of the most straightforward keyboard to set up and get to playing inside minutes, and therefore, it may make an astounding first buy for someone hoping to get into making music with MIDI.

There truly aren’t numerous other keyboard controllers with this many keys at this value point, and the straightforwardness included into that equation makes this an exceptionally fascinating prospect for apprentices.


Packaged sounds are ending up increasingly more critical while picking a MIDI controller, since an ever increasing number of producers have begun incorporating them in the container as a free download.

Keeping that in mind, Alesis has collaborated with the German-based organization Air Music Technology to incorporate their chief program, Xpand!2, with the V49. It’s a realized variable that packaged programming is eccentric regarding quality, particularly as brands without their own product solutions are progressively constrained to incorporate them into their contributions. The extraordinary news for potential V49 clients is that Xpand!2 is a tremendously famous union program that features the absolute most astounding quality synthesizer sounds out there.

Altogether, the program offers more than 2500 distinctive preset patches spread over a wide assortment of cushions, strings, drives, drums, basses and keys, each ready to be additionally separated by type and type.

These are choice sounds that sound fabulous out of the crate, again including another layer of huge incentive for someone searching for an economical bundle that makes them abandon requiring whatever else aside from a PC and a DAW.

There are surely a lot of other to a great degree excellent synth VST’s out there endless distinctive ones indeed. That doesn’t change how noteworthy Xpand!2’s library is, and we were especially inspired by the scope of sort spoken to by the presets. There’s a great deal to adore here, and at the fabulous cost of $0.00, you truly can’t turn out badly.


  • Incredible keybed that feels extraordinary and is enjoyable to play.
  • Quality equipment for a plastic controller.
  • Packaged programming is phenomenal and flexible.
  • Incredible cost for the esteem.


  • Not as versatile as more completely featured controllers.

The Bottom Line

The Alesis V49 is a functional, insignificant MIDI controller with some extraordinary programming packaged in. In case you’re searching for something you can take with you out and about that still backings 49 keys, this is the controller for you.


The Alesis V49 MIDI controller packs a ton of significant worth into its minimized, plastic packaging. The controller speaks to one of the best options for those searching for a competent controller with 4 octaves of range, and its convenientce truly turns into an executioner application when you consider the span of most 49-key controllers.

There are keyboards with additional functionality, and those with a considerably progressively insignificant impression, however the V49 strikes a harmony between both that we think will resonate with a lot of players, from tenderfoots searching for a decent “hopping in” point to experienced makers searching for something lightweight and hyper-functional.


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