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Top 10 Best Keyboards & Digital Pianos Under $500 (Updated)

While examining “best digital pianos” in the context of starting musicians, we talk moderateness as much as we talk quality. The normal apprentice will most likely be unable to bear the cost of the a huge number of dollars expected to get an ace level instrument. What’s more, that is the reason our the present reviews are on the best digital pianos for under $500.

Is it true that you are a growing artist searching for a quality digital piano that doesn’t cost a lot? At that point you’re only the person we need to talk. Our whole research and article today are exceptionally dedicated to you.

Look at it, we’re not simply going to display our best ten total best digital pianos for under $500. Since we realize that it is so natural to purchase wrong right now the piano market, we’re tossing a purchasing guide as well.

We’re going to ensure that whatever you spend will be justified, despite all the trouble. To get all the deets, continue perusing!

Top 3 Digital Pianos Under $500

Yamaha P45 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano

Our Top Pick: 1

Likely the banner child for section level digital pianos, the Yamaha P45 is a piano that needs no introduction. Furthermore, originating from incredible market monster and world popular Japanese brand, Yamaha, it’s nothing unexpected.

The Yamaha P45 is a durable piano in Yamaha’s P arrangement. It is portable, henceforth the reason it is in the P arrangement. In this way, it settles on an incredible decision for amateurs who might need to make a great deal of excursions from training to home, etc.

It’s additionally a fabulous decision for individuals who are tight on space. It’s truly conservative so despite the fact that it doesn’t accompany a stand, you can put this on a table and it will work fine and dandy as well.

The keyboard probably won’t be beyond words, in any event not for the propelled piano player, yet it gets the job done for a learner.

While it doesn’t accompany mimicked ivory/ebony which feels like paradise, it is done in matte. In this way, it gives a decent hold which you’ll particularly come to acknowledge when your fingers begin to get damp in the center a long practice.

The sound motor utilized here is Yamaha’s AWM Sampling innovation. It’s not Yamaha’s best innovation, expectedly. In any case, it is incredible nonetheless and high caliber.

We like how Yamaha keeps the quantity of voices here to an absolute minimum. As we would see it, a learner shouldn’t be overpowered with such a large number of functions at this time. Along these lines, the ten inherent voices ought to fulfill most novices at any rate till their abilities develop.

On the whole, we love the P45. It is a straightforward keyboard with completely weighted keys, an acoustic feel and a bona fide piano solid.

  • Pros
    1. Smaller, lightweight and portable.
    2. Accompanies 88 keys all completely weighted.
    3. 10 bona fide worked in tones.
    4. Very reasonable.
    5. Easy to use particularly for tenderfoots.
  • Cons
    1. No recorder function.
    2. No lesson function.
    3. Speakers could be better.
    4. The included continue pedal feels low quality.

Yamaha P71 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano

Our Top Pick: 2

The Yamaha P71 and P45 are cut precisely from a similar square. They are fundamentally the same as and share the equivalent precise characteristics which make them incredible for apprentices.

Since its discharge into the market in 2016, this keyboard has become a hit. Fledglings love it and performers searching for an instrument they can go with have additionally developed a fondness for this keyboard.

The P71 is smaller and lightweight. What’s more, at its effectively serious value point, you get a support pedal just as a force connector in the bundle. As should be obvious, this is an entirely decent arrangement, particularly since the keyboard additionally accompanies magnificent features to wow the client.

In any case however in the event that you expect to go with this a great deal, at that point we’d exhort that you get a cushioned gig bag. Since the body is made totally of plastic, it could without much of a stretch get split as you move around.

Presently simply like on the P45, the keyboard on the P71 is incredible. It accompanies 88 completely weighted keys upheld by Yamaha’s Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) action. Along these lines, much the same as a bona fide old style piano, this feels heavier on the low notes than it feels on the higher notes.

In addition the keys are additionally speed touchy, so they give a decent response as you play.

The sound is incredible, the equivalent AWM Stereo Sampling innovation you saw on the P45. In addition, the instrument voices are additionally 10 in number like we saw on the P45. They all solid credible as well.

Like we mentioned, the P71 and the P45 are cut from precisely the same square. There’s no genuine distinction between them two aside from that Yamaha made the P71 accessible to only one store.

  • Pros
    1. Minimal, lightweight, and portable.
    2. Incredible keyboard.
    3. Straightforward, instinctive control board and interface.
  • Cons
    1. No lesson function.
    2. Speakers could be better.
    3. Continue pedal could be better.

Yamaha PSR-EW300 76-Key Portable Keyboard

Our Top Pick: 3

We realize what you’re thinking, “another Yamaha?” Well, Nothing more needs to be said. The brand knows its business. This time we’re reviewing the Yamaha PSR-EW300. This is an incredible worth buy where you get a keyboard, a stand and a connector for under $300.

We disclosed to you this was an awesome worth buy, isn’t that right?

Obviously at this staggering cost, you ought to expect some exchange offs to a great extent. It’s only ordinary and not such a colossal arrangement.

Along these lines, the absolute first exchange off you notice here is the way that this accompanies only 76 keys. This is 12 keys shy of an ordinary, full-sized digital piano. Anyway, will the missing 12 keys influence your exhibition?

All things considered, we will be straight up with you. It is. Also, actually, a few mentors probably won’t take you up, particularly since the keys are not weighted by any means.

Nonetheless, in all actuality at the outset, you probably won’t need every one of the 88 keys just right away. Along these lines, 76 keys may hold you over for the present. At any rate, it’s much superior to 61 keys.

All things considered, this is the primary keyboard on review today to accompany a lesson program. We truly welcome that since the vast majority of the keyboards we’ll be looking at today are focused at learners. A lesson program can assist you with kicking off your piano education the minute you get this.

Another extremely amazing feature on this keyboard is its huge library. This piano is essentially overflowing with 165 styles and 500 inherent instrument voices. We can’t state that all the voices on here will knock your socks off, yet the great piano tones are very acceptable.

At last, you can extend your keyboard’s functionality because of the USB connectivity option you get with this keyboard.

  • Pros
    1. Incredible worth buy.
    2. Huge library containing 500 voices and 165 styles.
    3. Lesson program included.
    4. Likewise accompanies USB connectivity.
  • Cons
    1. Accompanies only 76 keys.
    2. Keys are not weighted.

Best 7 Digital Pianos Under $500

Alesis Recital 88 Key Beginner Digital Piano Keyboard

Our Best Pick: 1

This 88-key digital piano magnificence directly here is known as the Alesis Recital. It’s from the piano brand, Alesis which while not actually one of the greatest names in the piano market, is as yet an extraordinary brand no different. This brand has been of extraordinary assistance to starting musicians worldwide with its quality section level pianos.

The Alesis Recital is more affordable than a large portion of the Yamaha and Casio we’ve reviewed up until this point. However, even at its serious value, it despite everything offers some genuine features we figure you should look at. Along these lines, on the off chance that, you don’t have enough to patronize the Yamaha, Casio and the preferences, this is a magnificent trade off.

The Alesis Recital accompanies 88 semi-weighted keys. What’s more, by semi-weighted we imply that the keys don’t offer the sort of obstruction that the P45, for example, may give you. Be that as it may, they shouldn’t be springy either like you have on the NP11.

Moreover, we are consistently psyched by Alesis’ promise to learning. This brand offers the absolute most broad learning programs we’ve seen on passage level keyboards.

Other than the learning function on the keyboard, the client likewise gets the chance to buy in to Skoove Premium where they can learn significantly more. Truth be told, just by buying this keyboard, the client gets 3 months free sub consequently.

Presently, here’s the place things get a little fail… not all that cool. There are only 5 worked in voices on this keyboard. In any case, hi’s Layering and Split which can assist you with extemporizing and make some other cool sounds from the 5 you have.

You realize what they state, if life gives you 5 tones, utilize Split and Layering to make more for yourself!

  • Aces
    1. This piano gives an even, and characteristic sound.
    2. Keys are speed delicate.
    3. Lesson mode is all around considered and broad to such an extent that even a total fledgling can follow.
    4. The organ voice sounds stunning.
    5. Reduced and lightweight.
    6. Works on batteries which improves compactness.
  • Cons
    1. Not many fancy odds and ends.
    2. Keyboard accompanies poor action and is more springy than semi-weighted.
    3. Speakers aren’t the best out there.

Yamaha Piaggero NP11 61-Key Lightweight Compact Portable Keyboard

Our Best Pick: 2

In one word, we will depict the Yamaha NP11 as portable. It’s a portable little machine with a high ease of use that makes the keyboard extremely alluring to fledglings.

A more youthful kin to the NP31, this accompanies about all the decent features that its elder sibling accompanied. Notwithstanding, this opportunity it arrives in a progressively minimal bundle.

Presently, don’t neglect to keep your expectations practical. This is certifiably not a full measured digital piano and if in any case, you feel the NP11 is a failure, this is on the grounds that you’re anticipating all wrong. Truth be told, if we somehow managed to give a recommendation, we’d state this is a divine being keyboard to begin the children on.

Not at all like most child keyboards you discover, the NP11 isn’t a toy. It’s very much made with a strong form and features that are kid well disposed. Obviously, the features here are not faltering in number however they are sufficient for the reason.

Keys are 61 in number here which we concur isn’t actually perfect. Be that as it may, this will work for kids at any rate (with the exception of you’re considering getting a piano guide for your child).

There’s no sledge action here and we didn’t anticipate that. This accompanies springs rather which may be sufficient for kids who haven’t fabricated the necessary finger quality yet.

Presently this keyboard comes battery-worked. Along these lines, prepare, your children will welcome this on almost every excursion you all jump on. This doesn’t accompany a force connector however, so you will need to get that independently.

At long last, we love the wonderful way charming and brilliant this keyboard sounds. It’s undeniable the measure of work Yamaha put into the NP11 to make it sound so great.

  • Pros
    1. Sufficiently reduced to remain pretty much anyplace, residence, little room, loft, any place.
    2. Lightweight and portable.
    3. Extraordinary introduction to piano for kids.
    4. Likewise works on batteries.
  • Cons
    1. This is would be deficient for anyone who’s had even a day of involvement in a piano.
    2. In any event, for kids, we don’t know numerous piano guides would take your children with this piano.

Williams Allegro 2 Plus Digital Piano

Our Best Pick: 3

The Williams Allegro 2 Plus is the move up to the Williams Allegro 2. There isn’t such an extensive amount a contrast between the two keyboards, however. Williams only attempted to enhance the sounds. Also, the force connector which we didn’t jump on the Williams Allegro 2, we presently have on the 2 Plus.

On the off chance that there’s one thing we’ve come to learn and acknowledge about Williams, it’s its promise to progress. It resembles the brand has a motto that says “there’s consistently opportunity to get better!”

So, it’s a great opportunity to look at the features on this keyboard.

The Allegro 2 Plus arrives in a strong form with an interface that is intuitive and easy to use. In addition, with the dark matte completion, this piano looks extremely exquisite and satisfying to the eyes. Actually, this accompanies a LCD display which we find extremely great

Presently add that to the way this is lightweight and minimized, and you get a portable keyboard that is moveable pretty much anyplace.

Much the same as the Allegro 2, the Allegro 2 Plus likewise accompanies 10 implicit instrument voices. What’s more, similar to we stated, Williams made a few enhancements for the sounds. So they sound somewhat superior to on the Allegro 2. Obviously, there’s likewise the Split and Layer functions which can assist you with making progressively phenomenal sounds.

At long last, the Allegro 2 Plus accompanies a fair keyboard. There are 88 keys which Williams depicts as completely weighted. In any case, we can’t state this accompanies a genuine sledge action. In any case, we can’t gripe a lot at this value point.

  • Pros
    1. Accompanies a strong form.
    2. Tones are preferable sounding over on the ancestor – the Allegro 2.
    3. 88 full-weighted, touchy keys that is adequate for the novice.
    4. Lightweight, conservative and portable.
    5. Accompanies a LCD display.
  • Cons
    1. You can only utilize a damper pedal on this, no sostenuto or delicate pedal.

Casio Privia PX-160BK 88-Key Full Size Digital Piano

Our Best Pick: 4

Much the same as Yamaha, Casio is a pioneer in the piano market. This brand has transcended the generalization individuals used to have about its items being toy items. What’s more, at this moment, Casio well rivals individual piano brands, for example, its Casio Privia PX160BK.

It’s minimized and lightweight, so it is anything but an extremely requesting keyboard. It can remain pretty much anyplace and moving this around won’t be so troublesome either. It weighs only 25 pounds and that is in spite of being a full estimated keyboard with weighted keys and magnificent innovation.

You need to be cautious however, this is all plastic and in case you’re not cautious, you could harm this from imprudent taking care of. Actually, on the off chance that you can save the additional change, get a gig bag.

We love the delightful way the controls are not many and simple on the eyes. In any case, since they are scarcely any, despite the fact that they keep the interface mess free, they can likewise be to some degree inconvenient. Be that as it may, you’ll get the kit n kaboodle before you know it.

The keyboard is the place Casio slaughters it for us on the Privia PX-160. At this value point, you’re getting a keyboard that accompanies 88 keys with Tri-Sensor Hammer Action II. In this way, the keys offer phenomenal obstruction and they are additionally touchy enough to get each subtlety of play.

What’s more, we should not overlook the recreated ivory/ebony which is an irregularity in apprentice keyboards.

At last, solid is likewise one of a sort. There are 18 worked in tones which sound delightfully, particularly the terrific piano sounds. The Multi-Dimensional Morphing AiR Sound Source is an excellent sound motor as well. What’s more, it imitates sound with no distortion at all.

Taking all things together, extraordinary keyboard worth the purchase!

  • Pros
    1. Keyboard is reasonable for a tenderfoot piano with Tri-sensor Hammer Action II and the ivory/ebony keytops.
    2. Lightweight, minimal, and portable.
    3. Accompanies piano lessons.
    4. Speakers are of a good quality.
  • Cons
    1. Continue pedal feels low quality.
    2. Keys can get somewhat boisterous.

Artesia PA-88W 88-Key Digital Piano

Our Best Pick: 5

The Artesia PA-88W is another wonderful sub-$500 keyboard on review today. It’s not from a well known brand. What’s more, truth be told, you most likely haven’t even ever known about the brand previously. Be that as it may, the brand is fairly well known, possibly not as much as Williams which we just took a gander at. However, it sure has gotten some patronage.

Anyway, we think this is another awesome worth buy in light of the fact that at a sub-$300 sticker price, you get a keyboard just as a conveying case.

Presently, on the off chance that you’ve been following our reviews, you’d review that we mentioned to be cautious with portable keyboards. So as to make these pianos portable, producers frequently swap hard core materials for lighter plastic.

Along these lines, while the keyboard will really come in lightweight, they will likewise be very delicate. Fortunately, this group accompanies a conveying case which should guard your keyboard as you move around with it.

On to the keyboard, there are 88 keys here and they are completely weighted. Notwithstanding, they likewise accompany a spring action. Thus, this implies there is no sledge action here. For a digital piano, this may be a killjoy since the thought ought to be to attempt to imitate an acoustic however much as could reasonably be expected.

By the by, there are still advantages that you stand to pick up on the Artesia PA-88W. It is perfect with a wide range of learning programming, music applications and DAWs.

At long last, the 12 inherent sounds here are marvelous particularly the Grand Piano tone that is very profound and expressive. And afterward there’s likewise the Split and Layer function which can assist you with playing with them to get considerably more sounds.

  • Pros
    1. Incredible worth buy.
    2. Accompanies a conveying case remembered for the bundle.
    3. Minimal, lightweight, and overly portable.
    4. Good with learning programming, music applications, and DAWs.
    5. Profound and expressive Grand Piano tones.
  • Cons
    1. Keys accompany spring action.
    2. Speakers are to some degree lousy.
    3. Keys are not exactly sensible.

RockJam 61-Key Electronic Keyboard Piano SuperKit

Our Best Pick: 6

Have you discovered something for yourself up until now? On the off chance that you haven’t, at that point don’t surrender right now, the RockJam 61-Key Electronic Keyboard SuperKit may very well be the one for you.

In the event that you have to make some extraordinary music, at that point you totally need an electronic keyboard. What’s more, particularly if it’s your first break, a great decision is the RockJam 61-Key Electronic Keyboard. It’s not as costly as different synths from top of the line brands but it despite everything packs some extraordinary features.

How about we look at some of them…

We love the controls here. They are completely coordinated, simple to utilize, profoundly adjustable and offer the client a wide scope of options with regards to making music. Additionally, there’s likewise a LCD display which implies that you’ll have the option to collaborate stunningly better with your keyboard.

What’s more, for the individuals who are simply beginning, this additionally accompanies instructions to assist you with finding your way around. In addition, there are demo songs too which can assist you with rehearsing on your own.

With respect to sounds, it’s an enormous fest here. There are around 100 sounds here just as 100 rhythms as well. It gives you a ton to be motivated by as you begin on your keyboard. Thus, by basically squeezing a button, you can make various types of songs as much as your imagination grants.

  • Pros
    1. An immense library of sounds and rhythms.
    2. Extraordinary worth buy.
    3. Features a LCD display.
    4. Exceptionally adaptable controls.
    5. Can record and playback.
  • Cons
    1. This doesn’t offer USB connectivity.
    2. Can only work with an iPad.

Casio WK-245 PPK 76-Key Premium Portable Keyboard

Our Best Pick: 7

Furthermore, here’s the place we attract the window ornaments to a nearby the Casio WK245 PPK. This is maybe our best worth buy here. It’s actually incredible in light of the fact that at a sub-$250 cost tag, you’re getting a keyboard, a stand, a connector, and a few headphones. We got that right, yes?

The Casio WK245 is the substitution to the WK225 which is as of now eliminating in the market. It’s very an overhaul from the WK225. Be that as it may, it’s still especially a tenderfoot keyboard.

The WK245 PPK is awesome for getting the hang of, making music, and recording music. In addition, it is very lightweight which makes it extremely portable enough to be hauled around with you without stress.

Presently this is an arranger keyboard and accompanying 76 keys, it implies you find a workable pace when contrasted with a 61-key keyboard. The keys are not weighted, coincidentally. In this way, in the event that it makes a difference to you that your keyboard accompanies weighted keys, at that point move along, darling.

Anyway, different features we like about this keyboard incorporate the way that it accompanies extremely amazing speakers. In addition, the inherent learning framework here is one of a sort. Also, we should not overlook the various propelled functions here like the scale changer and auto-harmonizer.

  • Pros
    1. It’s very moderate particularly with all that you get in the bundle.
    2. Accompanies 76 keys.
    3. This keyboard accompanies 76 keys which implies you can accomplish more.
  • Cons
    1. The keys here are not weighted.

Best Digital Pianos Under $500 Buying Guide

While it is pleasant to have an acoustic piano, acoustic pianos are costly and high upkeep. Fortunately, there are digital pianos nowadays which are making a fine showing of standing in for traditional pianos.

They cost significantly less and they offer an a lot more elevated level of convenience as well. You would now be able to become familiar with the piano right on your own front room!

Presently while going for a digital piano, particularly a passage level piano, you must understand where to take a stand.

Truly, you need a keyboard that is high caliber and accompanies a decent number of features. In any case, you don’t need an excessive number of features that are path beyond the apprentice’s present information level.

For the learner, here are two or three components you ought to consider while getting a passage level keyboard.

Number of Keys

88 keys are best for the learner since it implies that they will have the option to travel to an old style piano significantly more consistently. Be that as it may, on the other hand, with less keys, the expectation to learn and adapt could be somewhat less steep and players may really learn quicker.

Additionally, less keys implies your keyboard will be more portable than a 88 key keyboard. Along these lines, 61 and 76 keys are well known section level keyboard options and they will do the trick for the underlying lessons the fledgling will experience.

Notwithstanding, when you experience increasingly complex lessons, only 88 keys will have the option to convey. No doubt on the off chance that you get a 76 or 61-key keyboard, you’ll sooner or later despite everything need to make the overhaul.


Frequently, tenderfoots need to travel a great deal with their keyboards particularly on the off chance that they can’t bear the cost of a home coach. All things considered, you will need to get something that is sufficiently lightweight to be portable. The normal load of such keyboards is around 25 pounds.

Additionally, make sure to look at the force necessity. In the event that it can likewise work on batteries, at that point your options for conveyability additionally increment.

Weighted Keys

Particularly in the event that you intend to play on an acoustic piano sooner or later in your life, at that point you have to get a keyboard with weighted keys.

Weighted keys will offer you the chance to construct the right piano method you’ll have to make the smooth transition to an acoustic piano further down the road.

Furthermore, this is on the grounds that piano creators utilize little sledges in their pianos so as to make them completely weighted. Along these lines, the keys offer the opposition and tension that an acoustic piano gives particularly when the action of the digital piano is reviewed.


It’s a great opportunity to uncover our victor in the present reviews. What’s more, unmistakably, that is the Casio PX-160. Its keys feel like euphoria, the sound is stunning, and there’s a lesson function also to enable the amateur to begin on the keyboard.

We think Casio worked superbly conveying on the absolute most significant characteristics we need to see on passage level keyboards. Truth be told, by tossing in the reproduced ivory/ebony keytops, Casio truly exceeded itself.