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Top 15 Best Keyboards & Digital Pianos Under $100 (Updated)

In case you’re hoping to begin playing piano or keyboard it tends to be anything but difficult to expect that you will need to spend a great deal of money on hardware, however the best shoddy keyboard piano can be both reasonable and great quality, particularly for fledglings.

In this article, we run the standard over the absolute least expensive 88-key keyboards just as 49 and 61 key options which still offer a lot of value.

Under $100 if its all the same to you making a couple of little forfeits as far as features.

In the event that you are an apprentice, it bodes well to not contribute excessively money until you realize that piano is the interest for you. Beginning on a spending implies you can graduate to a superior model or a digital piano with a progressively real feel later on.

Top 3 Keyboards Under $100

Casio SA-46 -Key Portable Keyboard

Our Top Pick: 1

This is a significant distinctive keyboard to alternate options on the rundown, basically because of the way that it is extremely little and minimized, and in this way likely progressively prevalent among children.

All things considered, it has some incredible reviews and as a result of the reality it only has either 32 or 44 keys relying upon which show you buy, the transportability can’t be contended with. In the event that you are a traditionally prepared piano player, playing inside a few octaves will be very dubious, however for the greater part of us who are simply hoping to play along to our most loved tracks, think of a few songs or much trigger a few sounds in a live show, the Casio SA-46 can do something amazing.

Despite the fact that it doesn’t have indistinguishable size from a portion of alternate options, this can really be an advantage for a few clients. The battery life is incredible, and in light of the fact that this is so little and has a headphone yield, it tends to be ideal for concocting new thoughts on your movements. Extreme any reasonable person would agree that the vast majority of the 100 inbuilt timbres are just ‘fun sounds’ to play around with, some of them are quite great quality for something that is so little and nearly feels toy-like. This is one of the reasons this model has such great reviews from clients.

This won’t be the best spending keyboard piano for everyone, except on the off chance that versatility is high on your needs, at that point the SA-46 could merit investigating.

LAGRIMA 61 key Electric Piano Keyboard

Our Top Pick: 2

Some instrument aficionados might be shocked to see two LAGRIMA models in our rundown of the best shabby keyboards.

Despite the fact that the brand doesn’t exactly have indistinguishable reputation from Casio or Yamaha, for example, they benefit make moderate instruments. This is one of the best shoddy keyboards under $100. Despite the fact that there are many distinctive keyboards available under $100, they don’t will in general have the best features and reviews.

In spite of the fact that there is continually something of an exchange off when obtaining a shabby instrument, this has a lot of incredible features. This incorporates 128 distinct timbres and rhythms, 12 demo songs, a display screen for appearing and songs and even a microphone which is incorporated to give you a chance to rehearse your singing just as your playing.

Record and playback functionality is incredible for either beginning to think of your own thoughts for songs or simply recording your training to review later. This keyboard can be fueled by mains control (the connector required is incorporated) or it can take AA batteries for playing on the go.

In spite of the fact that a portion of the inbuilt sounds on this model aren’t the most elevated quality, and the keys don’t feel especially sensible, to almost certainly begin playing at such a low value point is engaging for those stepping into piano. This is well known among kids for similar reasons.

Boshen 61 Delicate Keys Electronic Keyboard Portable Digital Piano

Our Top Pick: 3

Each child needs a piano to play with and enjoy the vibe of making ones’ music, and that is the thing that this toy piano/keyboard offers. The Boshen is entirely for children, and it accompanies 61 standard keys. The vast majority of these keys may sound clever, particularly when pushing down twofold keys. Notwithstanding, it does what it should do, which is, empower your little one to rehearse and build up his/her abilities.

There are 16 sorts of timbres on this model, which isn’t awful for such conservative size instrument. Percussions, 6 demo songs and 10 sorts of rhythms totals up this wonderful tenderfoot play learning keyboard/piano. It utilizes both power supply and battery when outside. The item accompanies a small microphone that empowers your child to sing and play t a similar time.

Discussing conservative size, keep an eye out for the dimension of this superb piece. At 22.4 x 8.3 x 3.5 inches, with simply 1.81 pounds, you realize this is an exceedingly portable and reduced design that suits each child player. The inherent speakers give a great deal of joy for the youthful ones, however there is no headphone for this one, nor is there any music stand; only the essential stuff to prop things up.

Best 12 Keyboards Under $100

AW EN71 61 Key Personal Beginner Electronic Keyboard Digital Electric Piano

Our Best Pick: 1

The AW EN71 is a personal tenderfoot educating piano. It features 61 keys, as the majority of alternate keyboards in its class. Be that as it may, a glance at the dimensions– 37-1/2 x 14 x 5 inches– shows this is a profoundly minimized size, which is simply ideal for the solace a fledgling piano player. Be that as it may, looking t the plastic, you will know it’s an extremely shoddy model, which is normal at a result of this cost tag. Yet, hold up a moment: does it accompany an intensifier? Gracious yes it does.

The AW digital piano accompanies Intelligent Teaching Function that empowers your child to adapt considerably quicker and all the more precisely. From 8 demonstration songs, *Percussions, 20 Timbres, 20 Rhymes and 46 Level-Tempo Control you can without much of a stretch make some wonderful notes and with the guide of the going with music sheet holder, you play your main tune while rehearsing as a fledgling or a specialist.

Driven Display implies you approach seeing whatever harmony or key you have chosen, at that point programming it so you can stream with it. Record and playback your music utilizing the record/Playback function. You additionally get the chance to enjoy vibrato functions that further take your play to the following dimension. Worked in speakers enable you to play to the high and uproarious while headphones give you a circumspect play.

Whatever reasons you will require this for; it’s unquestionably going to have any kind of effect in the melodic existence of your child.

Casio SA-77 44 Key Mini Personal Keyboard

Our Best Pick: 2

This is one of the least expensive models on this review list. The Casio SA-77 is a 44-key piano designed to fit the requirements of children. The 44 small scale keys give high pitch sounds, which may never be an issue for a child, yet for a grown-up player, you may locate this irritating. In any case, that isn’t all.

There is 8 Note polyphony incorporated into this model. What’s more, when you add that to the 50 play-along musical tracks, you will find this is likewise equipped for producing fun and enjoyment amid play. Be that as it may, as expressed prior, this piano is entirely for children.

Yet, all things considered, the piano likewise has its own dependable function. The striking change-over change enables you to effectively and rapidly switch among organ and piano modes Design with dark shading, the lodging that goes with the piano additionally blend with dim, which further calibrate the shading and appearance.

With the not too bad LCD display, you can call and view whatever options you like. It weighs 3.6 pounds, which is a perfect load for children.

Best Choice Products 61-Key Starter Electronic Keyboard

Our Best Pick: 3

Really best decision, this one accompanies a standard 61 key settings. What’s more, 8 sorts of percussion keyboard songs that we observe to be great at what it does. It additionally has 50 demo songs and three showing modes, which are: Ensemble, Follows and One-key. A record and playback function enables the player to stay in contact with execution while utilizing the recorded features as a methods for exhibiting our ability and advancement to other people.

There is a program button that empowers you to effectively program your playing style and return to it generally. The keyboard accompanies a stand that has a H-shape design which can undoubtedly be balanced. Because of its non-slip elastic feet. The seating stool is additionally flexible, and you can rest easily without flanking to bring down the piano remain to your own dimension.

At the back of the keyboard is where you can space in your batteries, which is optional in the event that you mean to utilize the piano outside of your home or far from the principle power lattice. In any case, you should purchase the batteries independently, as they don’t accompany this model.

You have headphones included by which you can play circumspectly without irritating the tranquility of your neighbor.

Alesis Melody 54 Key Electric Keyboard Piano

Our Best Pick: 4

Alesis comes back with one more light-weighted keyboard with great functionality that put a learner on the way of greatness. This model accompanies 200 implicit sounds that are sufficiently only for you to toy with. There are additionally 128 backups rhythms to help flavor up your playing style and inclination.

You can record your very own beat or play utilizing the record and play feature. Else, you can just learn up to 10 astounding featured songs utilizing 3 instructional modes. On the off chance that you need to rehearse secretly so you don’t aggravate the tranquility of your neighbor or family, simply plug in the headphone and everything will go unobtrusively.

You can choose to take your play to a more noteworthy tallness by joining your USB drive with MP3 and play directly along with your most loved tracks or beat. With the 128 implicit backups, you can make your own unique beats and furthermore record your execution. Since you will need to take this along with you to the shoreline or wherever you need, Alesis added a battery bolster feature to make the piano usable anyplace.

Lightahead Premium Grade 61 Keys Electronic Keyboard Piano Organ

Our Best Pick: 5

This is another standard 61-key keyboard with astounding functions. The keys are simply not responsive to touch, yet in addition exceptional in feel and design look.

The creating of the keyboard is an appreciated class, with top notch sound and format design. You can connect a microphone to the piano and make utilization of it to get additionally importance from the training lessons.

there are 100rhyrhm, 10 demo songs and two impacts (vibrato and continue), in addition to 2 music functions and 3 sorts of drum sound. These consolidates to give successful melodic practice and play whenever. You only need to continue playing and perceive the best in the instrument cadence and sound.

With the additional microphone, you can chime in and play along with your most loved beat and styles. On the off chance that you are thinking about a blessing to purchase for your son or companion, this Lightahead keyboard will go for a decent option. It only needs 4 AA batteries to begin when playing outside or inside.

This is the kind of keyboard you will get for your child and the person in question will perpetually be appreciative to you.

RockJam 54-Key Portable Electronic Keyboard

Our Best Pick: 6

This is an extraordinary shoddy model from RockJam which make that traditional feel. It is exceptionally minimized and portable. It is the sort of keyboard that you can undoubtedly take with you anyplace you go.

The most novel thing in this model is the intelligent educating mode. This feature gives the two tenderfoots and professional players a reason to continue playing and furthermore to build up their playing aptitudes. There are 8 demo songs in this keyboard, and performers can without much of a stretch program them and play along.

The LCD that accompanies this design is additionally something to take a gander at. It features an easy to use surface which is useful for individuals with visual perception challenges. In there, you can without much of a stretch and conveniently observe the keys and different harmonies you have chosen to play. This guarantees you are on the privilege and proper rhythm.

The sound is the thing that makes a piano extraordinary regardless of whether shabby or advance model and this one didn’t frustrate in such manner. There are 100 unique rhythms and another 100 piano impact that you can choose to play and make your very own style. With different features like the Piano Maestro App, music sheet rest and stand, you have all that you have to enjoy your play.

ELE-LIFE EL-57 Black 61-Key Digital Portable Keyboard Piano Electronic

Our Best Pick: 7

Adaptability is one thing you ought to dependably search for while picking a piano regardless of whether shoddy or professional design. That is the thing that this ELE-57 keyboard offers.

The keyboard accompanies a large group of numerous functionalities by which you can attempt distinctive purposes on various occasion. It is a 61 standard key piano with fantastic feel and response. There are 255 timbres and 255 rhythms on the piano, which you can adjust, retune and modify to suit your style and play.

The implicit speakers are the sorts that make you believe you are entirely a studio. The manner in which they sound is simply unreasonably amazing for such a modest value instrument. There are 8 percussion and 14 demonstration songs – all of which consolidate to give you a merry and ecstatic playing knowledge.

The ELE-57 accompanies a music stand, which enables you to play your most loved also. The piano is portable, a feature that is exceptionally vital for the general achievement of the amateur. It underpins one-finger, twofold finger control, including auto harmony sounds and bass harmonies for all-around adaptability. The volume control and altering functions further add to these weapons stores.

The piano has a record and playback function also, which can be better when utilized along the microphone and headset. Alter the piano section to suit your style and feel increasingly great amid play.

Plixio 61-Key Digital Electric Piano Keyboard

Our Best Pick: 8

Plixio offers an ideal decision for all tenderfoots and moderate players. You don’t need to spend a fortune to figure out how to play the keyboard. This model will do fine and dandy.

The Plixio is a 61 standard key piano design for individuals who are simply beginning on the piano. Middle of the road, that is individuals who have crossed from being fledglings, can likewise play this keyboard without battling by any means.

It accompanies 60 demo songs, 8 percussions and 40 tones that you can without much of a stretch control further bolstering your good fortune and style of play. There is an included power connector that enables you to upgrade the execution of the music keyboard. The keyboard is additionally designed to utilize 6 AA batteries when playing outside.

Like most different keyboards on this rundown, this one likewise accompanies record and playback functions. It additionally accompanies a music note sheet, which implies you can undoubtedly verify your music papers set up without agonizing over them taking off or holding them physically.

Equipped with one-year guarantee, you are certain that this piano will keep going for a considerable time. The volume and beat control are exactly what each learner and a transitional player needs to assume responsibility for his or her playing.

TMS 54 Keys Music Electronic Keyboard

Our Best Pick: 9

As the name suggests, this piano is for children, and nothing more. The work of the keyboard is rich. The plastic utilized in influencing the board to have all the earmarks of being excessively shoddy. However, who minds as long as the piano conveys what is anticipated from it.

Another reason why this model is extraordinary for children only and not unreasonably appropriate for grown-ups is that the eyes are little and appeared to have been designed exclusively considering children fingers. Individuals with bigger hands will discover this very hard to play with.

This model accompanies 10 sorts of musicality, 10 distinct tones, 6 demo songs to flavor up your beat surprisingly better, and 16 volume control settings. The 32 beat Control in addition to 7 Sound Effect joins to furnish you with astonishing practice play understanding. You can likewise record and playback your songs and beats whenever. This set accompanies one connector and one microphone. In any case, it doesn’t accompany a stand or Music sheet holder.

Hamzer 61-Key Digital Music Piano Keyboard

Our Best Pick: 10

For the individuals who are searching for a credible and faultless scope of sound, this piano from Hamzer can benefit you. The piano accompanies bunches of features that are simply ideal for a novice player. There are 255 rhymes and another 255 timbres that accompany this 61-keyboard design percussion piano.

The Hamzer is explicitly designed in view of tenderfoots and middle of the road level players. The 61 standard size keys give satisfactory response and the coordinated learning framework enables the learner to rehearse on a wide scope of sound and playing functionality. The vibe of the piano is extraordinary, looking simply like a traditional organ. It likewise accompanies a propelled sound framework that makes you wonder if the maker weren’t mixed up to have named this piece as a shoddy model.

Controlling and setting your play and style is simple. On account of the LCD screen display, each key or harmony you picked is well spelt out for you on the screen while you practice and play.

The keyboard likewise accompanies a separable stand that empowers you to hold and verify your music sheet without doing it physically. Information and yield jacks enable you to connect your headphones and microphone for a progressively adaptable ordeal. With a record and playback function, you realize this merits the consideration.

LAGRIMA 61 key Portable Electronic Piano

Our Best Pick: 11

The LAGRIMA is a standard decision 61-key piano that is designed to suit the solace and playing abilities of the novice and transitional musicians. The keys on this model are flawlessly masterminded, delicate and responsive to touch. The surface is smooth and the surface is consoling. It is designed to give you one-of-a-type lifetime experience as a musician.

The operation is one noteworthy perspective to consider in each piano. This one is simple and natural to work. The programming function is anything but difficult to get to and get it. You can likewise utilize the Record and Playback design effortlessly. It will even empower you to learn in a superior way how to play the piano.

The keyboard accompanies a stand that is designed to take after a H-shape. Once set, you can begin enjoying the 128 rhythms, 200 amazing timbers, and 10 demonstration songs. The twofold keyboard functionality isolates the keyboard into two regions, which implies you and your educator can play in the meantime without exchanging turns.

Yamaha PSR-F51 61-Key Portable Keyboard

Our Best Pick: 12

On the off chance that what you have as a primary concern is functionality and ease of use, the Yamaha PSR-F51 is the best digital piano to purchase. Anyone can discover their way around this best digital piano in under a couple of minutes.

With its natural board, keyboardists only need to choose a voice and musicality and begin playing.

Its lightweight design and compactness accompany 61 keys, 120 voices, and 114 rhythms to set the tone for your melodic exhibitions.

The Yamaha PSR-F51 additionally accompanies batteries so it tends to be controlled on the go.


As should be obvious from our rundown of best keyboards under $100, there is a great deal of variation inside this value extend. To settle on the best decision for your very own necessities, you should work out the environment in which you will utilize the keyboard (does it should be versatile?) and different variables including whether you are a novice or an accomplished player.

A few keyboards feel progressively like pianos, some have to a greater extent a ‘synthesizer’ vibe to them. Some can instruct you to play, while others will enable you to dole out numerous sounds and use them as an execution workstation. Features can be shockingly fluctuated, and as innovation builds, a few brands are including new and energizing functionality.

There are a lot of extraordinary instruments accessible under the $100 value point. Investing a little energy investigating the best modest keyboard options can guarantee you get the correct model for you.