Korg B1 & Korg B1SP Digital Piano Reviews 2024

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Korg B1 & Korg B1SP Digital Piano Review (Updated)

Korg B1

The Concert Series is another lineup of KORG digital pianos. The KORG B1, a passage level piano, is presently joined by the KORG B1SP, a set that incorporates a stand and a three-pedal unit.

Sound, contact, and configuration are three urgent basics while choosing a piano. The B1SP features such components alongside a remain in addition to a three-pedal unit that gives you a chance to appreciate refined execution systems.

What I’ve constantly preferred about Korg is that they offer reasonable advanced pianos. For the individuals who are hoping to take in the piano yet aren’t 100% dedicated, it very well may be hard to spend two or three hundred dollars without the assurance that you’ll cherish it. There’s no compelling reason to go out and get the most costly piano since chances are, you won’t utilize the majority of the highlights.

In spite of the fact that we’ll surely plunge very profound into the B1 in this audit, I’d contend that for about $500, the Korg B1 is a standout amongst other planned computerized pianos available.

How about we start to investigate why by beginning with the specs of this piano. In particular, what highlights emerge the most, and how would they best encourage the you, the piano player.

Korg B1SP

Specifications of the B1SP

  • 88 Natural Weighted Hammer Keys (A0–C8)
  • 1312 mm x 336 mm x 750 mm/51.65″ x 13.23″ x 29.53″
  • 46.30 lbs
  • AC adapter
  • Music stand

The three-pedal unit guarantees great working feel, and safely interfaces the side boards like a crossbeam to give considerably more grounded opposition against turning. You can hone certainly with the confirmation that the stand won’t intrude on your execution.

Other capacities & specifications are indistinguishable to the B1

Korg B1

Specifications of the B1

  •  88 Natural Weight Hammer keys
  •  120-note polyphony
  •  8 sounds, 8 demo melodies
  •  Headphone and pedal associations
  •  Includes damper pedal, AC connector, and music stand

The KORG B1 / KORG B1SP is a smaller digital piano with a lot of key highlights that can fulfill a considerable measure of piano players. The controls are direct and not very innovatively progressed, so getting the hang of this keyboard will be genuinely basic.

The KORG B1 / Korg B1SP doesn’t accompany a stand, yet clients can get one independently for smooth, consistent combination into their home stylistic theme.

While trying to accomplish the rich tones that an acoustic piano offers, the KORG B1 / Korg B1SP
digital piano depends on KORG’s servo-helped MFB innovation, full-extend speakers, and an aloof radiator. For $600, there are two oval speakers estimating 3.94″ x 1.97″, with an intensification of 9 watts. Korg utilizes inspecting innovation to make the energetic tone of the acoustic piano. The tonal range is significantly more expressive than past models, and it can duplicate thoughtful string vibrations and damper resonances.

Like a conventional piano, the characteristic weighted mallet keys are heavier in the lower registers, with lighter touch in the upper locales. What’s pleasant here, as well, is that there’s almost no plastic “clicking” sounds (which you can get with less expensive consoles t cap have plastic keys), which I believe is vital to having an appropriate piano playing knowledge.

Some of the time it’s difficult to truly get into a piece without your fingers slipping or it doesn’t feel legitimate when you’re endeavoring to hone – not an issue here. The dash of the console can be changed in accordance with light, ordinary, and overwhelming at the prudence of the client.

The body of the piano is smooth and current and tips the scales at 26 pounds, making transport simple if necessary. While I wouldn’t suggest this piano for exhibitions, it’s certainly ready to make it to and from exercises.

The profundity of this instrument doesn’t surpass 13 inches, making it simple to put. The included metal damper pedal for manage is steady and feels great under the foot. There’s a discretionary three-pedal unit that is accessible, as well. Notwithstanding, the PU-2 is an adornment that is sold independently.

Tech and Special Features

Korg utilizes Motional Feedback (MFB) innovation to furnish you with their best solid quality. How can it function? All things considered, using the inherent speaker framework in blend with MFB tech, there are cones controlled by the dynamic servo framework. This takes into consideration low frequencies to be replicated with next to zero mutilation.

When you’re utilizing the KORG B1 / Korg B1SP , the development of the speaker cone helps the speaker chamber to be come back to the amp. As indicated by Korg, this innovation makes the KORG B1 extraordinary. The innovation returns exact recurrence reactions and multiplications, alongside revising sound in view of encompassing room acoustics.

I constantly get a kick out of the chance to see digital piano producers utilize innovation to enhance a piano, as opposed to make everything the piano brings to the table. At the cost, I’m awed that Korg has given us this innovation for a novice’s piano. It’s anything but difficult to get overpowered and hear all these awesome things about new innovation, however we put the voices under a magnifying glass. The sound quality is eminent, yet this is what I thought.

Like most advanced pianos, the KORG B1 / Korg B1SP offers the vast majority of the fundamental voices that any musician can anticipate. There are an aggregate of 8 sounds on the KORG B1 / KORG B1SP digital piano. There are three acoustic piano voices, two electric pianos, a harpsichord, and two organs. At the cost, I would’ve valued some sort of string instruments or the choice for the ensemble backup for added profundity to pieces.

With regards to taking in the piano, I find that a fun method to get my understudies drew in is to give them a chance to play around with voices. Sooner or later, exchanging among acoustic and electric can get somewhat everyday.

Every one of the acoustic piano voices is lovely to hear at any volume, and notes stream together magnificently. The organ voices are best refreshing at the lower enlist, so the individuals who are hoping to play with this voice should attempt pieces there. When I attempted the harpsichord voice, the sound was exceptionally fresh yet the trill was at a higher recurrence than anticipated. It was somewhat penetrating. I expected better mixing of notes when I played a full piece. At either extraordinary, either too low or too high, the sound can get somewhat fluffy.

Clients can actuate Partner Mode, which enables the console to part into two consoles. With two center C’s, this makes is basic for understudies to impersonate instructors or play two part harmonies. In case you’re a student by-doing or have an understudy that takes along these lines, Partner Mode is to a great degree supportive and will make them learn pieces significantly faster than exchanging forward and backward. This is a tolerable console for when there’s a deficiency in the classroom, as two understudies can share a solitary instrument.

Korg B1SP


To the extent Korg advanced pianos go, the KORG B1 / Korg B1SP is incredible for those that are hoping to figure out the piano or those that need to relearn the instrument. In contrast with its rivals, it has enough highlights that are adequate for somebody that is adapting piano out of the blue, or just somebody that needs a strong instrument to hone on.

I don’t trust that the KORG B1 / Korg B1SP has anything breathtaking going ahead with it, it’s only great at what it was made for. It has quite recently enough highlights to fulfill an amateur, however it could leave more experienced piano players needing more.

At the cost, it’s certainly justified regardless of the purchase, yet in the event that anybody will extend their financial plan by just $100-150, you may show signs of improvement sound quality, more voices, and a couple mechanical highlights that we don’t see here.

A prevalent element of a great deal of digital pianos that are new available is some type of application combination or cell phone/tablet association. This is an element that most learner’s pianos are executing keeping in mind the end goal to draw in individuals who don’t trust they would ever take in the piano expectedly (look at our audits of the One Light Keyboard and One Smart Piano, for example). The KORG B1 / Korg B1SP does not have any of these abilities or a backup application, however I don’t trust it’s fundamentally missed for its proposed utilize.

This is anything but a piano that will encourage you how to play, yet in the event that you ever feel that is something you require, you can simply buy learning programming or learner exercises independently.

In the event that you need an easy and charming knowledge, the new KORG B1SP is the digital piano for you.


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