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The ONE Light Digital Piano Review (Updated)

The One Light keyboard is a compact digital piano from similar makers of the ONE Smart Piano. Like the piano, the keyboard depends on the backup application for the majority of its learning features. Made for tenderfoots, the Light keyboard features LED-directing frameworks, an intelligent application with ongoing sheet music, and a ton of other fun features that make figuring out how to play the piano a breeze.

The Light keyboard comes in dark, gold, or white shading plans. Beside the intuitive application, one of the best things about this keyboard is that its weight (tipping the scales at only 11 lbs). It’s entirely versatile and there’s few controls on the equipment for a complex, smooth design. Furthermore, since the keyboard connects to electronic gadgets, the MP3 speakers change it into a stereo amusement framework to play Spotify, Apple Music, and iTunes.

The “Sing and Play” feature takes into consideration a mic to be connected – something that the Smart piano doesn’t have. There’s likewise discrete headphone attachment, which improves the sound quality even. The 61 touch responsive light up keys are ultra-touchy and work in conjunction with the application, anyway the vibe of the keys is common of lower-review keyboards dangerous and plastic.

The principle board has a couple of handles including expert volume, Sustain, Tone Setting, and Power buttons for simple access. There are 20 worked in tones that run from the default amazing piano, harpsichord, and the violin.

What’s more, should you be summoned to pick up the phone, walk the puppy, or keep an eye on a tyke, the keyboard will naturally kill following 30 minutes without use.

The back board is critical for connectivity. There is a port that connects Android and iOS gadgets – these links are incorporated. Another power attachment is utilized in combination with the included 12V DC control connector and a mic-in jack that obliges a 6.25mm microphone (for sing and play). Different attachments incorporate a 6.35mm aux-in attachment for additional speakers, an aux-out attachment of a similar size to stream sound from the keyboard, and a 6.35mm pedal attachment for the individuals who need an outer pedal.

Sound and Keys

The ONE Light keyboard is joined by two 50-watt principle speakers that enables it to legitimately exhibit its 64-note polyphony. Remember that the keyboard utilizes stereo sound, so clients can play up to 32 notes in the meantime. Despite the fact that there are pianos that house a polyphony of 128 or more, at the moderate cost of the ONE Light (and the target group, which is tenderfoots), 64 is adequate. It’s in range with different keyboards of this cost and tenderfoots don’t generally require more than 64-note polyphony since they haven’t progressed to the point of playing increasingly muddled and many-sided bits of music yet.

In this manner, I would suggest that you treat the One Light keyboard as your starter keyboard. Get the essentials down, comprehend what you’re doing and why, and when you’re prepared to overhaul, do as such.

As expressed previously, the keys are not of the most astounding quality, so there is somewhat of a “rattling” solid to know about (which isn’t a malfunction on this keyboard, yet essentially a consequence of utilizing plastic keys). It’s not too diverting, but rather playing at a low volume or without headphones can change the experience.

Application Integration on the ONE Light

  • iPad 2, 4, small, smaller than expected 2, Air
  • New Pad
  • IPhone 3GS, 4, 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6 or more
  • Android 4.0+
  • PC

Essentially, as long as you can download the application to your gadget, the Light keyboard bolsters it. The piano has USB ports that can be utilized to connect your gadget. For the Android, it will use the USB have, while the PC with utilize the MIDI port.

The keyboard can likewise suit headphones with the sound jack on the side. There’s a place for your gadget to sit on the music remain, as though sheet music were there. The stand is smooth and strong, and it will hold your gadget in an upstanding position that makes it simple to use on the remain without evacuating it.

The UI for the Smart application is easy to pursue and it additionally spares your place should you exit and return. The application holds all your acquired, preferred, and rehearsed songs along with a perusing history and place for your accounts. There’s likewise cutting-edge Bluetooth and sound settings that can be changed through the keyboard.

One thing that I was stressed over with the ONE keyboard was the means by which it would influence learning. I didn’t need the lights and intelligent sheet music to be a prop for fledglings. All things considered, you need to enhance not remain a fledgling. However, I was really satisfied to realize that the application offers ear preparing and score perusing to hone music listening aptitudes and enhance music perusing. The ear preparing has “free mode” and “test” mode, and the score can be separated to treble, bass, or both.

Advantages and Disadvantages

For $300, this is a moderate digital instrument that has substantially more to offer than its rivals. Along with a smooth design, compact abilities, and intuitive LED-directing for fast taking in, the conceivable outcomes are huge with this keyboard. Despite the fact that I trust that nothing will really supplant the true, personal lessons from a teacher, anyone who gains from this keyboard has a decent shot of turning into a successful player inasmuch as they’re willing to put in the work to arrive.

Surprisingly, while I do like the possibility of an application incorporated keyboard, I’m additionally somewhat hesitant about it (I know, I know we live in a mechanical age). Without the application, this is positively a strong keyboard, however it doesn’t give off an impression of being exceptionally unique beside the application (and absolutely give nits value point). Because of that, in the event that you don’t plan to utilize the recordings, recreations, and instructional exercises, I’d contend that you may be in an ideal situation looking somewhere else (or if nothing else consider doing as such). There are a lot of digital keyboards of equivalent or higher quality, and you can generally buy learning programming independently.

In truth, it won’t be as smooth and feel as “across the board” as the One Light, yet once more, it’s another option to consider. Be that as it may, for convenience purpose (and even by and large viability, albeit a few clients are somewhat disappointed with the Android integration), the One Light is a strong option.

It’s presumably significant that the application selections are not by any means free. There is a decent downloaded selection of songs and lessons for tenderfoots to invest energy perusing through, however considering how quick one gains from utilizing this keyboard, paying for some individual songs may not be positive to those that turned into more capable in playing as time passes by.

There is likewise a will be an enrollment benefit accessible through the application, for those that need additional lessons. You pay $60 for 12 months of access to more than 300 songs on account of HD Pianos. There’s dependably the option to pay $0.99-3.99 for every individual song, however for the individuals who need to learn and play their main tunes on the radio, I recommend the enrollment (which renews consequently). Before, there was no real way to channel content, however now you can peruse song selections, with another selection for “paid” songs.

Learning With The App

Video lessons from Hoffman Academy are one of the manners in which that you will figure out how to play piano with the Light keyboard. Be that as it may, there do seem, by all accounts, to be a few lessons accessible for nothing on YouTube, so it might likewise rely upon how much help you believe you will require as far as how valuable this application is to you.

Once more, I think a major thing that is a genuine moving point with this keyboard and application is convenience. Why hop to numerous product projects or YouTube when everything can be altogether found inside an application on your iPad or Android tablet?

Proceeding onward, you do require the keyboard all together for the lights to synchronize – which is one of the primary learning facilitators of this keyboard. Joseph Hoffman is your virtual educator and you can track with amid his lessons with the lights. With these recordings, you’ll have the capacity to get your fingering on the keyboard, learn notes and keys, and figure out how to peruse sheet music. At the present time, the greater part of the recordings are at a basic dimension (once more, this is perfect since this keyboard is gone for learners), however there will probably be more lessons coming later on that take into account those that have officially aced the essentials are searching for something more difficult or progressed.

When you hit “Video Lessons” on the application, you’ll likewise have the capacity to peruse through song instructional exercises. When you pick one, a virtual keyboard will spring up with various hued bars streaming to the keys you ought to play. Rehearsing is never again monotonous, as this strategy is increasingly similar to playing a diversion. There’s a wonderful traditional selection, however you can even learn songs like Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing”.

Driven guided practices and recreations are like the song instructional exercises, however you approach these songs in full. One thing significant is that you can’t modify the song to make learning less demanding. The beat and different settings will remain as they seem to be, rather than enabling you to back it off to get the song.


While this keyboard is a definitive instrument for a piano beginner, its dependence on the application can’t be disregarded. Don’t take the application and the glimmering lights to be an awful thing—it’s not in my psyche. Simply realize that in the long run, you’ll need to advance towards an instrument which doesn’t depend on these features to help show you the ropes. In any case, I think whether this is your first keyboard, and it’s or it’s an endeavor to get a total fledgling keen on seeing how to play piano, you truly can’t turn out badly.

Also, fledglings all things considered, truly. This is extraordinary for children to figure out the keyboard or for someone that needs to learn yet can’t (or wouldn’t like to) stand to procure an instructor.

Independent from anyone else, this present keyboard’s quality is in-accordance with comparable review keyboards in its value run, and as a matter of fact, it doesn’t do anything monumentally uncommon. In any case, I think whether you’re getting the One Light Keyboard (and somewhat, the One Smart Piano in spite of the fact that that is undeniably progressively costly), you’re getting it for its technically knowledgeable application integration and it’s longterm potential to show you how to play, as well as help make the way toward adapting to a great degree fun in the cutting edge age.