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Casio PX-130 Privia Digital Piano Review (Updated)

This Casio PX130 audit will take a gander at how the Casio PX-130 stacks up to different models at this value point. Casio is notable for being one of the primary organizations to make a compact keyboard that was economical.

There have been incredible walks in computerized pianos since the good ‘ol days anyway Casio has apparently lingered behind to some degree openly observation. We needed to check whether the PX-130 would change that discernment. Individuals tend to consider Casio an organization that produces “toys” and not intense computerized piano alternatives. The observation was produced in the mid 1990’s when Casio discharged a line of plastic keyboards that were intended for fledglings and kids.

Despite everything they offer this lower line of items for a similar reason yet they additionally have higher end keyboards that are unquestionably worth a look. The Casio PX-130 is by no means a toy yet at the same time super moderate for most spending plans which is incredible for the thrifty parent. It is additionally a decent choice for somebody that is simply beginning or simply coming back to the piano since it is extremely easy to understand.

We didn’t expect incredible from Casio, perhaps we ought to have. Perhaps we ought to have abandoned our partiality we simply had the assumption about Casio that such a large number of performers do, kid were we stunned! Casio has buckled down on the plan of their computerized pianos and have possessed the capacity to meet a large group of requests from fledglings to experts for the most recent decade or something like that.

In all decency they really completed an incredible administration by making those little 24 polyphony keyboards in the 90’s on account of there were a lot of youngsters that could build up an adoration for music through those keyboards. Tragically, by assisting one statistic they lost the regard of another (grown up performers).

It might be an ideal opportunity to take a second and possibly a third take a gander at Casio and begin considering Casio important again on account of the PX-130. We investigated check whether every one of those features meet up in the correct parity and make an extraordinary advanced piano.

Features of Casio PX-130

This keyboard appears to offer all the correct features like a weighted 88 key, keyboard that is weighted to add to the characteristic feel.

The keys are pounded activity and utilize Tri Sensor innovation which adds to the normal feel of the keyboard.

It is a lot of poly-phonies at 128 which surpasses a portion of the models that are unquestionably costly. It offers a split and layer feature, 4 reverbs, 4 sorts of tune and 16 tones.

Casio has truly raised the stakes with this model by including all new amazing piano examples. This advanced piano is intended to be convenient so the weight is pleasantly proportioned and it is anything but difficult to convey.

It likewise offers worked in speakers, MIDI abilities, USB port and earphone jack. In the event that you consider every one of the features this is by all accounts an extraordinary choice.

The genuine test is the sound and the capacity of every one of those out of this world together to enable you to make some incredible music.

We were content with what we found when we put it under a magnifying glass and we were not the only one.

There is by all accounts an incredible fan base for this computerized piano and fledglings as well as individuals that have been playing for 20 or more years are likewise truly all around inspired.


  • As indicated by most clients they were shocked by the extraordinary play-ability of this model.
  • Most clients are astonished to discover at this value point that they can have a keyboard that feels so normal.
  • Casio has completed a great job of reviewing the keys with the goal that they have an extremely normal reaction to touch.
  • Most clients have discovered that the change from an acoustic piano has been simple and they feel exceptionally great utilizing it.
  • There are “sufficient” features to make this an adult advanced piano yet not all that numerous that you must have a music degree to truly appreciate this computerized piano.
  • There is a pleasant offset that is offered with the PX-130 that you don’t need to look too elusive.
  • In a few models there are either such a large number of features that you never utilize or insufficient features abandoning you needing more.
  • The PX130 offers a pleasant parity of potential outcomes.
  • One of the genuine standard things that we saw about the PX-130 is that more than whatever else this is a piano.
  • A considerable measure of models offer such a significant number of fancy odds and ends that in excess of a computerized piano you are getting an amusement focus that happens to offer piano as a component of a substantially bigger bundle.
  • In the event that you are keen on a solid advanced piano that you can use for training Casio has completed a pleasant activity of making an instrument that will do only that.
  • Try not to expect a pack of blazing lights, handles, controls and a LED screen since you are not getting that with this model but rather what you are getting is an extraordinary solid advanced piano that sounds average for the cash.
  • You are not going to be stunned by the astounding acoustic sound yet you will be fulfilled and you will have the capacity to practice and feel good doing it.
  • It is an unmistakable enhancement over a portion of the other Casio models that are out there and it is totally a standout amongst other sounding computerized pianos at this value point.
  • The sound is clear and offers a decent reverberation.
  • It is truly near the genuine article (close enough without a doubt).
  • Something that we extremely adored about this model is that it does precisely what you trust it will.
  • You don’t need to battle to locate the correct sound, it is there, it is straightforward but then there is a lot of space to play around to get distinctive sounds.
  • You get what you get which we cherish! It is a fair advanced piano not something unique that simply has some piano sounds. It is engaged.
  • Commonly when we take a gander at a computerized piano the manual that joins it or that you need to download is actually many pages of data that is befuddling and that educates you instantly that you are looked with an immense expectation to absorb information.
  • That isn’t an issue with the Casio PX-130 it is totally easy to use appropriate out of the crate.
  • You can begin playing immediately without stressing over seeing the majority of the features and alternatives.


  • We were inspired. We were awed in light of the fact that we had some assumptions about Casio that they rapidly put to rest for us however there is dependably opportunity to get better.
  • While this model is a magnificent choice at this value point there are a couple of things that Casio ought to think about doing to enhance this model.
  • They can begin off by including a stand.
  • At this value point the Casio PX-130 is a lot yet it would be even a more prominent arrangement if the stand was incorporated.
  • A music stand would likewise be decent.
  • Other than those two things, this is a decent decision at this value point.

People’s Opinion

As specified before a great many people that have bought this advanced piano are extremely content with their buy in reality the vast majority are exceptionally shocked by the quality.

There are even a few people that swear it is extraordinary compared to other sounding advanced pianos that they have ever played.

Most importantly the sound is on point and it is elusive anything amiss with the PX-130 and we attempted. We dismantled it and searched for the “point”.

It is difficult to trust that you can score an incredible advanced piano choice at this value point. You would hope to pay much more for a model that sounds this great and that is so easy to understand.


We can with prescribe the Casio PX-130 to anybody that is scanning for a solid passage level digital piano. You won’t get a ton of the “additional items” that you find with different models however what you do get is a considerable measure of exertion put into making this an incredible substitute for an acoustic piano.

Try not to misconstrue there are a lot of extraordinary voices and features to influence this an extremely valuable alternative yet not all that numerous that you to dismiss the way that it is a digital piano.

The Casio PX-130 has demonstrated to us that you ought to never pass judgment on a book by its cover or on account of a digital piano judge it by its image name.

Casio beyond any doubt surprised us, pleasantly. You can feel positive about making this buy.

Casio has worked superbly of making a dependable digital piano that is a reasonable alternative for most any financial plan!