Yamaha P-115 Digital Piano Review 2024

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Yamaha P-115 Digital Piano Review (Updated)

Fine instruments have for quite some time been related with the Yamaha name mark. The recently discharged Yamaha P-115 is a redesign from their prior P-105 and is a completely weighted 88-key digital piano.

It is essentially standard passage in the Yamaha index, yet that doesn’t imply that you shouldn’t think about it.

For a section level instrument, with a couple of restorative changes from its antecedent, despite everything it positions high for quality and openness features and keeping in mind that it has a few constraints as for more feature-loaded instruments, it speaks to the best of Yamaha’s progressing mission for flawlessness and functionality. Give it a shot for clean solid and smooth design.

Features of Yamaha P-115 Digital Piano

Yamaha moved the tweeter position to the highest point of the keyboard upgrading the open sound of the keyboard.

With its overhauled 192 note polyphony, even the most intricate virtuoso entries that require supporting all through can be executed with the regular reaction of an acoustic piano.

The keyboard features an expanded damper reverberation reaction making for even better characteristic sound when playing the piano tones. This is a major increment from the past model which just had 128 notes.

Another feature that is certain to end up a standard among numerous brands and models is the utilization of an application that connects to the keyboard.

It enables you to spare preset settings. It gives you a scope of alternatives for making custom settings which can be reviewed.

The keyboard can be part and have two alloted voices. It additionally considers a team playing capacity by part it into two equivalent pianos that can be played close by one another.

This is a decent feature for showing youthful novices, however restricting for any two part harmony playing requiring excessively extend. There is additionally a layering function where singular voices can be set at their own specific volume.

There are four reverb styles and one theme impact which permit articulation and tonal molding of the presets.


The standard for Yamaha section level digital pianos is their Graded Hammer activity keys. These offer a very much adjusted full weight on the keys that give the client an emphatically characteristic keyboard feel, being heavier toward the low end and lighter on top notes.

The reaction of the keys feel regular, similar to those of a piano and respond momentarily taking into account virtuoso playing abilities.

The now standard, singular weighting setting, likewise gives clients the alternative of a light to heavier feel over the evaluated activity of the keyboard.

This makes the keyboard incredible for the individuals who feel their hands are weaker or for more youthful players yet in the meantime it gives a wonderful playing feel to the individuals who like their keys somewhat heavier.

The keys were likewise not ‘clicky’ so there was a genuinely smooth reaction from them.


The instrument features 14 voice alternatives, two of which are new to the overhaul, the Wurlitzer and Rock-Organ.

Its piano examples from Yamaha’s CF III show stupendous give the keyboard a portion of the most extravagant piano tones in a keyboard in this value class.

The piano examples catch the rich tones of Yamaha’s top of the line amazing and offer a characteristic string reverberation choice which mirrors the reverberation in an acoustic instrument.

This realizes the run of the mill thoughtful reverberation so observable in acoustic instruments.

Added to the preset tones are 14 backup cadence tracks and these are conveniently connected to an App that can be used to change volume and beat and spare applicable settings.

Specifications of Yamaha P-115 Digital Piano

  • Measurements: 45.79″ x 1162″ x 6.42″
  • Weight: 26 lbs
  • Keyboard: 88 grand hammer keys
  • Sound:
  1. CF solid motor
  2. 14 voices
  3. 192 note polyphony
  • Impacts:
  1. 4 reverb
  2. ensemble
  3. sound lift
  4. insightful acoustic control
  • Functions:
  1. Split
  2. layer
  3. pair
  • Metronome: 5-280 bpm
  • Styles:
  1. 10 musician styles
  2. 14 backup presets.
  • Tuning: 414,8 Hz to 446,8 Hz
  • Transpose: – 6 to +6
  • Speakers: 2X 7W
  • Yields:
  1. MIDI
  2. Aux
  3. USB
  4. Headphone
  • Demo:
  1. 14 melodies
  2. 50 piano tunes
  • Recording:
  1. 1 melody
  2. 2 tracks
  3. 11000 notes


  • This is a super, easy to work, passage level keyboard that offers a really extraordinary sounding piano tone.
  • It makes it perfect for the individuals who can’t manage the cost of a tasteful acoustic instrument however don’t need a keyboard that sounds and feels not as much as the genuine article.
  • The evaluated activity and damper reaction gives the client a bona fide playing knowledge.
  • The keyboard is likewise sensibly valued and has an exquisite feel and wrap up.
  • It is an extraordinary instrument to use in a showing situation, and offers amazing features for a passage level instrument.
  • At the point when set in its full remain with three pedals, it makes for a gorgeous instrument that does not take up an enormous space.
  • Extraordinary news for those modest flats, on the off chance that you are a performer.
  • With headphone attachments too you won’t aggravate your neighbors at any point in the near future either.
  • The speakers convey a significant pleasant full solid, without further enhancement and this makes it an awesome convenient keyboard for use in an assortment of settings.
  • Indeed, even outside it has some great sound capacity for a littler gathering of people.


  • The instrument just accompanies a solitary pedal and this is restricting to advance articulation of complex accelerating found in a few pieces.
  • This can be helped nonetheless whenever purchased with the additional stand and three pedal unit, yet again that makes it somewhat less convenient.
  • While the backups are extraordinary to play alongside the adaptability of these as far as modification.
  • Making a really marvelous execution are a touch of restricting in light of absence of customization to the settings.
  • I nearly feel that Yamaha should leave this feature for more costly models and afterward give it included adaptability as they do with their best end models.
  • The keyboard is light at 26 pounds.
  • It should be on a protected remain to abstain from moving around as it effectively slips on a few stands as a result of its lighter weight.


With numerous different brands meeting and now and then surpassing the features on this model, Yamaha may have been somewhat slack in not pushing the limits of advancement.

In spite of the fact that the cost is great, it might just be the name of the brand that spares this instrument, since the opposition in this value section is very furious.

All said and done however, the P-115 is an awesome starter instrument and most likely one of the more pleasant choices for showing more youthful players, or figuring out how to play. It is a simple keyboard instrument to learn on and find out about digital pianos as a rule.

In the event that you like your digital piano, easy to work, with extraordinary sound conveyance and an all around coordinated pianistic feel, Yamaha don’t frustrate.

By and large this is an all around designed, vigorous instrument that gives awesome incentive for cash.


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