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Casio PX-160 Privia Digital Piano Review (Updated)

Casio has been in the console amusement for quite a while now. The organization’s modest beginnings have taken them far since their commencement in 1946, and today, they are a multinational brand that has some expertise in a couple of various types of hardware, head of which are Casio electronic consoles. The Casio PX-160 is one of a wide range of console pianos made by the organization as of late, yet this model is to some degree uncommon because of the way that it is situated in the section level market as a console intended for tenderfoots who are searching for a quality electric piano to learn and play on.

All in all, is this the correct piano for you? All things considered, that is what we will discover in this inside and out audit. Also, to start, if you don’t mind utilize our guide beneath to contrast the Casio PX-160 with a portion of its eminent rivals accessible available.

Features of Casio PX-160

Upon first investigation, a couple of various things emerge about the Casio PX-160 . For one, it’s one of the more appealing passage level consoles out there, however that isn’t stating much. The console comes in either a strong dark or a quieted gold shading, the two of which look common and fit in pretty much anyplace. The console itself is genuinely smooth, except for the raised best area that houses the vast majority of the focal usefulness on the console itself.

The full-sized, 88-key console piano appears to be all around made and strong all through, with the plastic body having not very many separate parts, prompting a strong development that feels incredible and not excessively delicate. Everything is spread out in a natural, disentangled way that is ideal for those simply taking in the ropes. You won’t locate any mind boggling menu jumping here, as all that you can do on the console is gotten to from the basic arrangement of controls on the front reassure.

The console underpins full 128-voice polyphony, which is very standard for some higher-end consoles. That being stated, we were extremely upbeat to see it included here. Unmistakably Casio genuinely set out to make a piano that enabled novices to have an equipped instrument to learn on, rather than just slicing highlights and quality to meet an absolute bottom value point. Everything about this console influences it to appear as though it’s contending a couple of weight classes over its own, which is a demonstration of Casio’s quality and consistency.

The speakers included inside with the Casio PX-160 were another shockingly amazing high point for the console. Very regularly, consoles at this value point just don’t offer anything in the method for bass reaction, however that isn’t the situation here. Not exclusively is the bass even and full (moderately), it’s likewise sufficiently uproarious to fill most rooms without associating with anything remotely.

At the point when turned up close as far as possible, we noticed a touch of cresting when various voices were being communicated at the same time, however nothing sufficiently terrible to be in excess of a minor disturbance. All things considered, we were exceptionally satisfied with the sound on the piano itself.

What’s more, now that we’ve investigated the nuts and bolts, how about we jump into the most imperative piece of the console what it feels like to play.

Enjoying the Casio PX-160

We feel it’s critical to give additional credit where it’s expected, and on account of the Casio PX-160 , it definitely is expected here. From the minute you take a seat and play this piano, your mind will start scrutinizing this current console’s value point.

The keybed itself has a 3 sensor setup under each key, which is something that is generally selective to models more than double the soliciting cost from the Casio PX-160 . This takes into consideration better interpretation of the key movement, bringing about more precise reactions to keys being played, particularly in accordance with reiterations (an eminent frail point in numerous lesser models).

The key tops themselves have an engineered ivory and black complete that feels near the real material once generally utilized in genuine acoustic pianos. This is a little detail, no doubt, however this console could be splendidly characterized by the summation of its numerous brilliant, little points of interest. Once more, this is something that is amazingly uncommon to discover in a sub-$1000 console piano, considerably less one going for $500.

As an additional layer of polished methodology, the (incredible) acoustic piano stable utilized by the Casio console highlights reasonable sledge reaction, damper clamor, and damper reverberation, giving the keys a much more bonafide feel and sound.

Notwithstanding for an entire amateur, hearing the distinction these inconspicuous subtleties make is genuinely surprising, and truly demonstrates how much exertion Casio put into making this thing feel like a quality, exquisite answer for learner piano players.

One other advantage is that the material really assimilates sweat that can collect from longer or more exceptional sessions. This is something we saw notwithstanding amid our straightforward playtest, and it was surprising the amount more agreeable we felt following 15 minutes contrasted with other passage level consoles.

At long last, the what tops off an already good thing for piano console geeks; the keys on the Casio PX-160 are completely evaluated from left to right. This implies the lower enroll keys offer more opposition than the higher enlist, enabling you to play all the more expressively as your aptitude develops with time. The keys are likewise calm for an electric piano, which is genuinely exceptional for passage level pianos (typically known for their boisterous key activities).

All things considered, this is maybe the best and most agreeable console to play in this value go. An individual hoping to get into playing piano would need to look long and difficult to attempt and locate a more pleasant keypad at this value point, and, after its all said and done, we aren’t sure that it exists.

Next, how about we investigate the different network capacities included with the Casio PX-160 .


As far as hookups, everything included with the Casio PX-160 is quite standard toll. There’s a couple of quarter inch sound outs for use with an outside speaker framework, two stereo smaller than normal jacks for earphones when you need to play secretly, and a MIDI link for interfacing with a PC, tablet, or other gadget that is perfect with MIDI. Clearly, there’s hookups for the standard slew of pedals, however past that, there truly isn’t much else to this thing, nor does there should be.

In this way, from here, how about we move onto the bread and spread of any electric piano; the sounds themselves.


Everything considered, there are 18 distinct sounds included with this piano. Some of them are superior to other people, yet one thing is without a doubt: Continuing the pattern, the Casio PX-160 ‘s sounds are tremendously better than a wide range of models out there that offer comparable sounds, for example, strings, metal, and woodwinds. There are 4 distinctive Grand Piano sounds also, enabling you to pick between Concert, Modern, Classic, Mellow, and Bright sounds relying upon your inclination. There’s additionally a choice of electric pianos, harpsichords, strings, organs, lastly, a bass sound. These sounds all appear to be affectionately created, and for what they are proposed to be utilized for, they sound exceptional.

There are an assortment of highlights that Casio included here that truly increase the value of the general bundle. For example, there’s the part and layer capacities, which enable you to both split the console into various sounds, and in addition layer two together to make a more changed and energizing textural sound.

There’s likewise a worked in factor metronome, a two part harmony mode that enables two players to play parts in a similar octave go, and a key transpose highlight that is exceptionally valuable for playing alongside a vocalist or other instrumentalist.

In the impacts office, the Casio PX-160 conveys a show lobby reverb, a tune impact, and a splendor agent. That is somewhat light the extent that we’re concerned, and we positively would have jumped at the chance to see more included, however at this cost, it’s not really a deal-breaker.


Things being what they are, how does the Casio PX-160 stack up to different models in this value run? We’ve had heaps of adoration for this piano so far in the survey, yet most likely there are different items out there that can contend? How about we investigate two Yamaha models, and also two other Casio ones, keeping in mind the end goal to figure out which will be the best for you.


  • Stunning feel and tender loving care.
  • Quality sounds.
  • Awesome esteem.


  • A bit include lean.
  • Keys can have a touch of development to them.
  • Could have utilized a couple of more sounds and impacts.


All things considered, the Casio PX-160 is a to a great degree skillful piano that expects to convey high class highlights and quality to the majority. The console gives brilliant quality development, strong and legitimate sounds, and a to a great degree playable feel and consolidates them all to make a serious bundle for fledglings hoping to take things to the following level with their playing.


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