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Yamaha PSR-E343 Digital Piano Review (Updated)

Yamaha have had a long history of making convenient keyboards and keep on refining the innovation that goes with these instruments. The Yamaha PSRE-343 is a commendable rival in a really soaked market. Purchasers are spoilt for decision, yet for those getting their work done and looking at costs in a feature for feature situation they should put the Yamaha PSRE-343 on their rundown of alternatives.

The keyboard offers an extensive scope of features and gives a plenty of trial music-production to fulfill the imaginative interest of artists.

It comes in at an exceptionally sensible cost and offers a variety of common keyboard functions which can be used to make a tremendous scope of melodic tasks for the amateur to middle of the road artist.

The Yamaha PSRE-343 is conceived from a long queue of electronic keyboards and Yamaha have learnt throughout the years which features are being looked for by their clients.

They proceed to meet and surpass the desires for their customers and figure out how to pack in a great scope of features into this exceptionally compact model.

Features of Yamaha PSRE-343

The selection of voices, together with flexibility of the tones through a wide arrangement of impacts, including Reverb, Chorus, Wide Stereo, Harmony and on board EQ, make for a full range of tones that can be changed to give only the correct sound to any execution.

Recording offices take into consideration two-track recording and five melodies on board. Association capacities permit boundless capacity on other memory gadgets and association with keyboards, iPads and such.

The point by point illuminated LCD display demonstrates notes being played and harmonies being utilized and gives nitty gritty data on decisions being utilized. It is particularly helpful when utilizing Yamaha’s ready instructing office. It enables clients to enhance their playing capacity and to show themselves how to play various prevalent piano functions in the apprentice to middle of the road run.

The Yamaha Education Suite opens clients to a full scope of 102 melodies and exhibits how to play them using music documentation and a showing of finger successions expected to accomplish an agreeable execution.

Backup rhythms and agreement features offer an expansive determination of decisions to upgrade even basic pieces and add melodic enthusiasm to any execution. The backup offers a choice of introductions, fill-ins and outros and the likelihood of utilizing one finger to add chordal structures to pieces.

A transpose function and on-board metronome is accessible and a vast scope of associations with different gadgets by means of USB, AUX and line inputs and yields. The keyboard is likewise light and compact.

Being controlled by batteries and power supply, it is suited for transporting to any scene where music might be required and is prepared to go from the minute it is exchanged on.


The keys are marginally smaller than those of a standard piano, and similarly as with most keyboards of this compose offer just a one-touch reaction, with no weighting or weight affectability.

This means artists need chance to build up the better touches of keyboard playing in figuring out how to alter the dynamic level through finger touch, hand weight and weight.

My own vibe is that this leaves performers in a poorer state in their ability improvement over the long haul. The keys react much like those of a run of the mill organ.

For apprentices anyway regardless it offers a chance to play effortlessly and not need to center around the better muscle control executions that must be made on weighted and speed delicate keyboards.


For a little, versatile keyboard that is battery driven, the Yamaha PSRE-343 offers a decent lot of volume that fills a room satisfyingly. The many, preset sounds give a substantial palette to draw from and have a for the most part phenomenal precision regarding authenticity for a significant number of the sounds.

Yamaha have delivered extraordinary tones for this instrument especially the more electronic alternatives and a truly better than average piano tone, or, in other words troublesome instrument to imitate.

Sounds are powerfully various and offer a multi-dimensional extensive feel to them. Added to the officially incredible tone age an EQ function takes into consideration an individualized tonal setting, giving clients adaptability in calibrating the sound that they are hoping to make.

The EQ gives clients an abnormal state of power over the sound customization. While Yamaha don’t utilize examining to draw on their tone manifestations for this keyboard, the digital tones do have some profundity and aural intrigue.

Technical Details of Yamaha PSRE-343

  • Measurements: 37.21″ x 4.77″ x 14.49″
  • Weight: 9.7 lb
  • Keyboard: 61 touch reaction keys
  • Display: Detailed Backlit LCD Display
  • Tone Generation: AWM Stereo Sampling Technology
  • Preset Voices: 550 remarkable sounds with EQ office
  • Beat Presets: 100
  • Going with Styles: 136 adaptable styles with introduction/outro/fill in choices.
  • Polyphony: 32 notes
  • Impacts:
  1. Reverb,
  2. Chorus,
  3. EQ,
  4. Ultra-Wide Stereo,
  5. Harmony
  • Functions:
  1. Split
  2. Dual Layers
  3. Metronome (11-280)
  4. Transpose(+12, – 12)
  5. Fingering appeared
  6. Chord Chart
  7. Notation
  • Preset Songs: 102 tunes which can be got the hang of utilizing the YES showing office locally available.
  • Recording:
  1. 5 tunes
  2. 2 Tracks
  3. 10 000 notes 
  4. 5500 harmonies in harmony mode
  5. 1.7M installed memory
  • Availability:
  1. Connect to gadgets
  2. For example
  3. iPhone
  4. iPad
  5. Different keyboards
  6. Memory stockpiling
  7. Headphone attachment
  8. DC 12 volt supply
  9. Foot-switch
  10. Maintain
  11. AUX input
  • Speakers: 2 2.5W intensified speakers
  • Power Supply: Optional Adaptor / batteries 
  • Power Consumption: 8W 


  • The quantity of features on this keyboard alone gives it an edge on its rivals and supplemented by the choice of voices and features is a sound age source that gives practical complex tones.
  • Customarily these less expensive keyboards sounded somewhat manufactured over the whole scope of voice choices however this has changed with enhanced innovation and electronic tone age strategies.
  • Yamaha have unquestionably enhanced the voice set on this keyboard and different brands should up their diversion on the off chance that they are to contend in this market.
  • It’s an incredible keyboard for sprouting performers who need to explore different avenues regarding distinctive sounds and who might want to instruct themselves to play, through experimentation and utilization of the on-board educating offices.
  • The Yamaha-Education Suite gives a prepared arrangement of encouraging successions to enable new players to get what it takes to play out the stacked collection that accompanies the keyboard.
  • This framework is very momentous by they way it works and clients who are set up to invest some energy obtaining aptitudes will be stunned at its viability in enhancing playing capacity.
  • It additionally offers some very unpredictable orchestrating and backup features to make even the soonest learners sound very proficient.
  • The backup styles give a rich woven artwork of foundation sounds and chordal help to improve exhibitions and make the player sound extraordinary.
  • The chronicle offices offer artists a chance to utilize recorded sections in exhibitions and to take in the aptitudes of layering parts to make more mind boggling music.
  • A liberal on-board memory additionally implies that clients don’t need to utilize outside gadgets to spare exhibitions and new manifestations however can store their arrangements on board for direct access.


  • Similarly as with a large portion of these keyboards, the way that the keys are marginally littler than those of a consistent piano can play ruin with those more expert performers who are utilized to standard keys.
  • The delicate keys additionally make virtuoso playing inconceivability and have a tendency to contrarily affect the utilization of good hand shape and procedure for more genuine performers.
  • For a keyboard with extraordinary layering and backup choices it has an essentially decreased polyphony and the loss of held notes can be very evident if utilizing the layering functions and backup capacities in ‘chordally substantial ‘ pieces.
  • With such a large number of keyboards turning out with 128-note polyphony as being standard, the 32-notes on this keyboard appears as though one is as a rule scammed.
  • The tumble off from maintained groupings is exceptionally clear and shockingly hampers utilization of the especially inventive backup features worked in.
  • It might seem like a little negative however the effect is felt all through the instrument particularly when utilizing a scope of functions all the while.
  • The delicate one touch reaction of the keys will likewise be a wellspring of disappointment to artists who are utilized to a speed touchy methodology or a weighted keyboard activity and when all is said in done limits the capacity to convey more virtuosic pieces.
  • The instrument would exhibit more issues for cutting edge artists.


For a 61-key section level keyboard, the keyboard offers a wide range of lovely tones. These can be utilized to furnish magnificent sounds related to recording programming.

The connections to different gadgets and programming make the keyboard very adaptable and for figuring out how to play and play out, the keyboard is an extraordinary basic digital instrument.

I would prescribe the instrument to early fledglings and more youthful kids who demonstrate an enthusiasm for playing and jump at the chance to pursue the way of self-disclosure.

It presents a rich presentation into the universe of music and opens clients to the requirement for following documentation and utilizing great fingering while at the same time playing.

With numerous fun features, awesome sounds and backup styles, artists have a large number of decisions with regards to exhibitions and can upgrade their playing to an abnormal state of many-sided quality with some smart account procedures and customizations to backup rhythms and patches.

The Yamaha PSRE-343 offers numerous long periods of melodic excitement and educational cost in this little however feisty expansion to Yamaha’s digital scope of instruments.