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Casio CTKVK3 Digital Piano Review (Updated)

Casio have an incredible capacity to showcase their keyboards to the general instrument-purchasing open. Their methodology has kept them in business as instrument masters. With the Casio CTKVK3 PAK they have endeavored to draw in the purchaser who wouldn’t like to discover that there are a mess of frill that they haven’t planned for and will require with the end goal to make the instrument functional.

The package pack incorporates the power supply and a keyboard stand. The comprehensive pack still figures out how to come in at around $200 and the adornments, whenever purchased alone, would at any rate offer for $60.

To the extent the genuine keyboard goes, this 61-key assortment is a standard passage level compose keyboard and Casio have been making these for nearly as long as they have been in the adding machine business.

The keyboard, itself, is the CTK-2080-the section level instrument in the CTK go. It offers multi-functionality and incorporates a wide range of sounds and also backup and examining features. This keyboard is particularly suited to beginners who need to be presented to the universe of music.

Features of Casio CTKVK3

The keyboard accompanies a huge scope of features including 400 tones, impacts settings, inspecting, backup, metronome, showing office, pitch twisting, preset rhythms, worked in tunes and that’s just the beginning.

The keyboard offers a scope of backup styles (150 on the whole) that permit novice performers a vast assortment of alternatives to make their playing sound more professional. Distinctive fingering choices take into consideration diverse harmony composes. The backup volume can likewise be balanced independently taking into consideration altered execution levels.

The instructing office enables clients to work through a scope of on-board tunes (110 on the whole) that train the fundamentals of music perusing and execution. The capacity to break melodies into little areas and to learn great fingering procedures gives clients a dynamic way to deal with enhancing their aptitudes. Pieces can likewise be separated into taking in the left and right hand independently.

The inspecting feature and voice cushion settings enable clients to record short stable clasps and include a scope of new tones or impacts which can be doled out to voice cushion catches to incorporate into exhibitions.

Midi and USB ports take into consideration association with a scope of different gadgets, the two PCs and different instruments. The development pack incorporates a stand and power pack and in addition association links, for example, USB.


With 61 keys at normal piano key size, the keyboard resembles a genuine piano, yet has run of the mill one touch reaction keys. This implies the keys are not weighted and all react similarly over the scope of the keyboard, with no reviewed activity.

The keys react effortlessly and have some affectability to weight however this is restricted. It does anyway give some adaptability in having the capacity to express music with some powerful flexibility, so one can play both boisterous and delicate.

The keyboard likewise offers a scope of digital touch settings to modify the keyboard’s reaction to a more touchy reaction to the weight and the scope of dynamic (from delicate to noisy) that the weight on the keys will react to.

This truly enables clients to set the keyboard as indicated by their own playing style. Try not to expect the flexibility offered by an acoustic instrument however.

The standard size keys implies that clients can roll out the improvement to further developed instruments or appropriate acoustic pianos without making up for dispersing between keys.


With more than 400 unique sounds that are digitally produced, the keyboard offers an extraordinary scope of alternatives to use for various melodic circumstances. The tones offer a sensibly practical quality, yet fluctuate in realness and for the most part the more electronic sounds are superior to those endeavoring to coordinate regular acoustic instruments.

The determination enables clients to try different things with a wide range of tones and make melodic enthusiasm for some exhibitions.

Close by the tones there are impacts which can likewise be acclimated to different levels to alter the sounds, so a decent lot of individual fitting of the sound should be possible. The keyboard additionally takes into consideration the formation of your own tones through the examining feature, in this manner making for a boundless number of sounds to be utilized.

Casio have unquestionably made their sounds somewhat more differed and practical and this gives the instrument somewhat more validity as an instrument and not a toy.

Technical Details of Casio CTKVK3

  • Product Dimensions : 44″ x  9″ x 16″
  • Weight: 20 lb.
  • Features:
  1. Polyphonic
  2. Portable
  3. MIDI Interface
  4. Built-In Speakers
  5. Built-In Metronome
  6. LCD Display
  7. Teaching Facility
  8. Sampling
  • Impacts:
  1. Reverb
  2. Sustain
  3. Pitch Bend
  4. Transpose
  • Voice Pads: assignable cushions for use in exhibitions
  • Metronome: beat and rhythm settings
  • Input Type: Stereo Mini
  • Yield Type:
  1. USB 2.0,
  2. Midi
  • Display: LCD
  • Body Material: Plastic
  • Number of Keys: 61
  • Number of Tones: 400
  • Number of Accompaniments: 150
  • Most extreme Polyphony: 48-Note Maximum Polyphony
  • Number of Demo Songs: 110
  • Speaker Size:0 cm.
  • Incorporates:
  1. Stand
  2. AC Power Adapter
  3. Music Rest
  4. Music Book
  5. USB link
  • Guarantee Description: 1 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty


  • The measure of the keys, coordinating that of a genuine piano makes it a decent amateur keyboard to learn on, as the client will promptly be getting their hands used to the dividing of a genuine instrument.
  • The keyboard training office gives understudies an expansive assortment of tunes from amateur to mid-level collection and the instrument exhibits how the tune should sound, demonstrates the fingering on the screen and in addition the notes that ought to be played and enables the client to break the tune into little areas and back it off until the point when the aptitudes are aced.
  • An understudy who will invest some energy with the instructing function can figure out how to play sensibly well regardless of whether they have never been educated.
  • The backup alternatives give an incredible scope of cadenced and melodic enthusiasm to enable tenderfoots to figure out how to play along to various styles and add multifaceted nature to their melodic exhibitions.
  • Connectivity to different gadgets makes it a helpful instrument to investigate the utilization of chronicle programming and gives the client alternatives to spare information onto memory gadgets and perform alongside different instruments or PC programming.
  • The on-load up metronome takes into account singular setting of the quantity of beats per measure and this implies clients can play along to music in any number of time marks.
  • The expansive number of demo tunes gives clients a fitting melodic prologue to general apprentice and middle of the road piano playing.


  • With just 61 keys understudies rapidly come up short on keys as they advance in their playing capacities, particularly when more bass help is required and the low notes aren’t accessible.
  • The constrained weight affect ability gives the keyboard a somewhat odd reaction to weight affect ability and those that are utilized to a genuine piano may discover this a little off-putting.
  • The keyboard is additionally light and would profit by a clip that connects it to the remain, as it moves about a little and can be knocked off the stand in the event that one isn’t watchful.
  • The constrained polyphony of 48 notes can likewise display some loss of note sup-portability for further developed playing.
  • The keyboard likewise doesn’t have a chronicle office and layering or split functions.
  • This implies one can’t assemble voices and make more mind boggling sounds or record exhibitions for playback.
  • Anyway connectivity to different gadgets makes it conceivable to utilize track-recording programming to play out these functions together with the keyboard.
  • The sounds would likewise profit by a scope of different impacts, e.g. chorale and splendor settings, which are not accessible on this model.
  • The little speakers likewise make the keyboard sound somewhat “tinny” and it would profit by being connected to a little intensifier.
  • Being a development pack, I was amazed that Casio do exclude a manage pedal in the pack.
  • It would be one of my first decisions for a development incorporation and it isn’t there.
  • I think this considers inadequately the sale ability of the pack all in all.
  • Most clients will need the utilization of a pedal inside multi day or two of utilizing the instrument.


To the extent 61-key keyboards run this keyboard together with its development additional items offers amazing an incentive for cash and a full scope of offices that acquaint clients with the universe of digital instruments and their functions. While there are some glaring features that are not accessible, one must remember that it is a passage level instrument.

By a wide margin its most charming feature is the showing office and for more youthful clients it is a perfect beginning instrument to open them to the pleasures of melodic articulation. Casio have built up a propelled instructing device that permits clients an abnormal state of authority over how they learn.

The instrument will give numerous long periods of melodic informativeness and interestingly, this instrument doesn’t feel gimmicky. Clients can be guaranteed of a satisfying melodic involvement with this simple to utilize instrument that comes in at an extremely sensible cost.


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