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Casio PX-5S Privia Pro Digital Stage Piano Review (Updated)

Casio PX-5S: What Casio have turned out to be great at is looking at the business sectors they enter, inspecting what is being delivered and after that creating a comparable model with comparative features at a superior cost.

Regardless of whether they are making section level keyboards or best level proficient instruments Casio continue testing their rivals to bring down their costs.

Relatively CASIO are matching their rivals with features and sound innovation and in addition the nature of their instruments. This is expanding their customer base.

The PX-5S is the Casio form of the great stage piano/synth that offers a scope of features for live control of sound. This market technique has kept them offering vast quantities of instruments for a long time. The PX-5S frames some portion of their best of the range Privia arrangement of advanced pianos, organize pianos and synths.

Features of Casio PX-5S

The instrument has numerous features. Among the all the more remarkable are the hex layering framework. This enables the client to layer distinctive sounds over one another with the goal that diverse impacts and sounds can be started from one note, contingent upon assault and weight.

One can likewise program arpeggios and little expressions or sound clasps that can be alloted to sliders on the keyboard and be made to blur in and out while performing. This adds a dynamic execution capacity to the keyboard. It makes it perfect especially in electronica setups.

There are likewise an expansive assortment of impacts that are assignable to the more than 300 tones. These incorporate Reverb, Delay, Pitch twists, Chorus, Panning, Wah and numerous others. Tones can be molded progressively while playing or modified into client banks to be utilized as a preset. Tones are customisable and client tones can be put something aside for later use in exhibitions once they have been made.

There is a chronicle work that offers 8-track sequencing for setting up, up to 1000 expressions to be reviewed in exhibitions. EQ and Compression sliders likewise enable the sound to be adjusted to augment picked frequencies and mix sounds.

USB and other modules consider a scope of gadgets, both capacity and execution, to be utilized related to the PX-5S. Two pedal sources of info are likewise accessible.


The PX-5S utilizes Tri-Sensor scaled Hammer Action innovation. The sledge activity full-estimate keys make a sensibly characteristic feel on the keyboard. The keys are speed touchy yet don’t have after-touch, or, in other words downside on an instrument of this gauge. The keys are plastic however feel sufficiently strong and react well over the length of the keyboard.

The keys despite the fact that, being weighted and speed touchy are very light and I would incline toward a marginally heavier feel. So it has a more keyboard feel than an appropriate piano touch yet a decent keyboard at that. On the off chance that one is accustomed to playing on lighter inclination keyboards, the touch is flawless.


The Casio PX-5S utilizes the AIR sound source that produces practical tones for instruments, for example, the terrific piano. The 256 note polyphony additionally gives the instrument the reaction of a genuine acoustic instrument. With 370 preset tones and the capacity to include 350 client tones, the PX5S gives a substantial determination of complex tones that have a characteristic vibe and authenticity to them.

A substantial assortment of controllers, and sliders enable sounds to be controlled to make utilization of the inconceivable howdy devotion sound age. The hex layering enables different tones to be laid over the base sound in different zones and gives the client an expansive palette of sounds to play with dependent on the touch given to the key.

This adds intricacy to the tones, taking into consideration arpeggios, blurs and swells and a wide range of control to the sound, just dependent on to what extent notes are held or how much weight is connected. Unlimited varieties can be made in a live playing circumstance making for a genuinely exceptional sound canvas accessible to the artist.

Technical Details of Casio PX-5S

  • Measurement: 52″ x 11.3″ x 5.3″
  • Weight: 24.5 lbs 
  • Keyboard:
  1. 88-key
  2. Tri-sensor Scaled Hammer Action II
  • Most extreme Polyphony: 256 Notes
  • Number of Tones:
  1. 370 Preset/350 User
  2. Keyboard Instrument (counting Electric Piano) – 60 Preset, 50 User
  3. Hex Layer – 50 Preset, 150 User
  • Stage Settings: 100 User Stage Settings/4 zone arrangements
  • Controllers:
  1. 4 handles
  2. 6 sliders
  3. Pitch and Modwheel
  4. 2 Pedal Inputs
  • Arpeggiator: 4 concurrent programmable 16 stage Arpeggiators
  • Expression Sequencer: 8 Tracks, up to 1,000 expressions
  • Capacity: USB/File and Audio Recording
  • Framework Effects:
  1. Reverb
  2. Chorus
  3. Delay
  4. String
  5. Damper Resonance
  • Embed Effects:
  1. 4 concurrent/Equalizer
  2. Compressor
  3. Limiter
  4. Enhancer
  5. Early Reflection
  6. Phaser
  7. Chorus
  8. Flanger
  9. Tremolo
  10. Auto Pan
  11. Rotary
  12. Drive Rotary
  13. LFO Wah
  14. Auto Wah
  15. Distortion (w/Amp Simulator)
  16. Pitch Shifter
  17. Multi Chorus
  18. Ring Mod
  19. Delay
  20. Piano impact
  • Ace Effects:4 Band EQ and Compressor
  • MIDI: Independent USB and MIDI I/O
  • Sound Terminals: 1/4″ L&R Input and Output, 1/8″ Audio Input


  • My best decision here is, I can lift it up.
  • The occasions I have played on a lesser instrument just in light of the fact that my own computerized synth is too substantial to move around can’t be checked.
  • It may not appear to be motivation to pick a keyboard, yet any performer who needs to move rigging will disclose to you that 25 pounds has a colossal effect on the word ‘versatility’.
  • Having said that, in the event that it seemed like a ferret in a tin drum no measure of weight sparing, would make it a thought for me.
  • Be that as it may, it sounds pipe dream.
  • Nothing else in this value extend is even remotely practically identical.
  • Keyboards that match the PX-5S gauge twofold and cost twofold (in any event).
  • It tends to be controlled by battery, which makes it genuinely compact.
  • This is uncommon in keyboards that offer the features of the PX-5S.
  • An expansive scope of channels and control features add layers to sounds that make it adaptable in front of an audience as an execution instrument.
  • For electronic sounds it offers some completely customisable tones that give the client finish adaptability while performing.
  • The 256 note polyphony takes into consideration numerous notes to be held and to be multi-layered over one another.
  • It is required for the hex-layering since one note can utilize something like 8 notes at once, spending as far as possible rapidly.


  • There isn’t much not to like.
  • My first con is simply restorative, I don’t care for the dark/white split of the keyboard frame.
  • I think it makes it look shoddy (which it is).
  • The keyboard offers no after-touch on the keys, or, in other words many lower level keyboards do offer this feature.
  • With the quantity of different features on the keyboard it nearly appears that it was overlooked on the keyboard and positively is missed when one comes to playing on a keyboard that offers such a significant number of other incredible sound reactions.
  • OK, the piano sounds don’t exactly coordinate the authenticity of more costly brands and this will make it a no-no for the individuals who need as practical a sound as conceivable to that of a genuine great.
  • All things considered , it has some really costly sounding tones that make for wonderful playing.
  • The vibe is somewhat plastic and light contrasted with some different models I have played on, so may not be as vigorous in plan.
  • It stood up to some thorough playing however, and it stays to be perceived to what extent the keys will last before issues are seen in weight affectability.
  • Being so light and versatile, one would have anticipated that speakers would be on the machine, yet shockingly it will require outside enhancement to be heard.
  • On the in addition to side however, the 1/8″ sound yields enable one to utilize even the lightest of compact speakers.


This instrument offers a mind blowing purchase at the cost. It feels better; it sounds great and you’re not forking out a fortune for features regularly just found on instruments that are three times the cost. Idealists and brand supporters will have a remark about it not being their most loved brand, but rather over the long haul this is an incredible quality instrument that conveys an abnormal state of fulfillment to even the more-perceiving artist.

On the off chance that you are new to arrange piano and the elements of playing on an instrument that utilization flexible tones and impacts in a live setting, this is an incredible instrument to figure out how to utilize these kinds of features.

The scope of sounds that can be made are interminable, and the interface is anything but difficult to utilize, making it perfect for use by novices. For the author of library music, jingles and different activities, the keyboard gives luxuriously ornamented tones and some imaginative blending and molding of sounds.

Casio have unmistakably gotten their work done and keeping in mind that they may not be spearheading the innovation of their rivals, they do know how to undermine their costs and still look after models. I cherished the sound and feel of this instrument and its inborn convenience makes it a victor. I think Casio have a victor with this one.


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