Korg SP-170s Digital Piano Review 2024

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Korg SP-170s Digital Piano Review (Updated)

Korg is no newcomer to the digital, electronic instrument showcase. With numerous long periods of imaginative innovation, they have always delivered a scope of instruments that have predominant tone quality and touch affectability, making them the jealousy of their adversaries. With the SP170S Korg have propelled a straightforward, yet exquisite digital piano that makes utilization of Korg’s mark stereo testing innovation to give a spending value instrument that still conveys great outcomes.

Conservative enough to fit into littler spaces, it offers the market a quality instrument that offers an extraordinary option in contrast to buying, an unwieldy acoustic instrument, that isn’t legitimately tuned and may require consistent upkeep.

Korg have trimmed the instrument down to the minimum necessities expected to deliver a quality digital instrument and kept some standard features for imagination.

They have not held back on the fundamentals of good tone and touch and accordingly one can be guaranteed of obtaining a well-made, great sounding instrument.

Features of Korg SP170s

The instrument gives ten top notch sounds to execution utilize. It has a snappy play catch with the goal that clients can come back to the default piano tone in a moment.

The touch affectability can be balanced in three level settings with the end goal to modify the affectability for the individuals who play heavier or lighter on the instrument. An additional ensemble and reverb feature likewise takes into consideration some elective forming to the first tones.

The top notch speakers offer a sensibly open sound and offer substance to the sound. What’s more, the keyboard lodging structure is intended to supplement the enhanced sound quality from before models.

Double headphone attachments consider two individuals to tune in to exhibitions in entire protection. This can be helpful for an understudy educator setup where the requirement for protection is foremost or individuals in nearness might not have any desire to be bothered by the exercise.

The attachments can likewise be connected to an outside chronicle gadget or to an enhancer for expanded volume whenever required.


The Natural Hammer activity innovation of the majority of Korg’s entrance level keyboards gives a quite durable and strong reaction from the keys that truly gives them a better touch reaction in correlation than numerous or their adversary brands.

The SP170s is the same and offers the vibe of a brilliant upright piano, with an even evaluated reaction that feels heavier in the bass and lighter in the upper registers.

Korg have refined the Hammer Action reaction of their keyboards to a point of close flawlessness and have shown the capacity to utilize this innovation in less expensive instruments throughout the years.

Section level instruments used to just have a weight affectability or speed delicate reaction yet now a weighted activity is the base paradigm for every single digital piano available.

Korg stay ahead in delivering a bona fide touch that repeats the reaction of an acoustic instrument. Regardless of different brands following on from Korg’s lead in touch innovation, Korg still have an edge in exactness even on their entrance level instruments.


Korg have utilized their stereo testing innovation to impersonate the sound and feel of a costly fantastic piano. The sound is warm and rich and leaves an exceptionally fulfilling feeling of authenticity with the artist.

Korg has moved their examination into sound propagation from their more costly models into this section level machine. This sets another standard for passage level instruments that never again stable shabby and will just profit the business all in all.

The instrument additionally flaunts 120 notes polyphony taking into consideration next to no drop off of managed notes amid play. Clients will discover the likeness because of acoustic instruments very fulfilling.

This drops to 60 notes if stereo is being utilized, however even 60 notes is more than most section level machines, which begin around 32 notes and regularly float around the 48 note check.

The higher polyphony enables clients to play moderately propelled works with since quite a while ago managed entries and high note multifaceted nature and not lose any notes en route.

Every other tone, for example, Electric Piano, Harpsichord and Strings, likewise originate from the examples made by Korg in their more costly stage pianos and synths and the going down of innovation has given an abnormal state nature of sound over the choices accessible on the SP170s.

Technical Details of Korg SP170s

  • Measurements: (W x D x H) 1,312 × 325 × 144 mm/51.65″ × 12.8″ × 5.67″
  • Weight: 12 kg/26.45 lbs
  • Keyboard: 88 notes (A0– C8)
  • Touch: Natural Weighted Hammer Action (NH) Touch Control Three Level(Light, Standard, Heavy)
  • Sound System: Stereo Sampling Maximum Polyphony 120 notes/60 notes (Stereo)
  • Sounds:
  1. 10 Total; Piano x 2
  2. E. Piano x 2
  3. Harpsichord
  4. E. Clavichord
  5. Vibraphone
  6. Pipe Organ
  7. Electric Organ
  8. Strings
  • Impacts:
  1. Reverb
  2. Chorus 
  • Demo Songs: 10 tunes (1 for every solid)
  • Key transpose
  • Pitch control
  • Inputs/Outputs:
  1. Jacks Headphone/Line yield x 2
  3. Damper Pedal association MIDI Out Amplifier
  • Speakers: 9 Watt × 2 Speakers 10cm x 5cm Oval x 2; Bass Reflex
  • Power Supply: DC 12 V Power Consumption 9 W
  • Extras: AC connector Music stand Pedal switch Stand White: SPST-1W-WH (fits SP-170SWH) Black: SPST-1W-BK (fits SP-170SBK) Damper Pedal DS-1H


  • Basically the beginning stage of this digital piano is its predominant quality sounds and touch.
  • Instruments like this can possibly demolish the second-hand acoustic instrument advertise.
  • Clients have the choice of working with an instrument that has a uniform evaluated touch reaction and extraordinary tone for minimal effort and the instrument ensures long stretches of utilization while never requiring support, for example, tuning.
  • The instrument is additionally sufficiently powerful to persevere through extended periods of utilization, despite the fact that it is lightweight.
  • Its littler measurements, settle on it a perfect decision for the individuals who have constrained space for an instrument but might want an instrument that can remain for all time set up and not need to be unloaded and repacked each time.
  • The expense is, additionally, in a perfect world suited to those on a tight spending plan and in circumstances where more instruments are required in a restricted space circumstance and on a constrained spending plan, this instrument gives a quality answer for a start-up showing studio or school.
  • Being light and simple to destroy, the keyboard is compact and makes for simple transport, particularly on the off chance that it utilized outside of its lodging unit.
  • Likewise it is a practical answer for having a completely functional digital piano.


  • As a digital piano made for home utilize (which it is intended to be), Korg should showcase the instrument together with its music stand and lodging unit.
  • The instrument additionally needs a maintain pedal and one miracles why this is sold as an extra and not incorporated with the component of the stand and instrument mix.
  • My desire would be that Korg would have sold the instrument in its remain with a two pedal unit, as a completely functional digital piano.
  • The way that the lodging for the instrument and also the manage pedal are not part of the instrument would influence me to rethink purchasing the instrument despite the fact that it feels and sounds superior to a significant number of its rivals.
  • I would be enticed to spend somewhat more on an adversary mark that utilizations comparative Hammer Action innovation in a completely housed setting with a three-pedal alternative.
  • While the little speakers, do show an impediment on volume in the event that one needs to utilize the instrument to go with different instrumentalists or perform for other people, the nature of sound is extraordinary.
  • Enhancement may, in any case, should be considered and this would be an additional cost.


While there is nothing amiss with the instrument in essence, the way that it doesn’t accompany a joined pedal system, so normal among similarly estimated renditions from different brands, is an oversight that I figure Korg may lament.

Likewise realizing that Korg have a superior sledge activity keyboard in the models simply up from this at a value that does not vary tremendously from this section level instrument, one can’t resist being enticed to discard the child in the arrangement for its greater, better kin.

On the off chance that I was ignorant of the organization and its accomplishments, I would be inspired with the sound quality and touch of the SP170s yet when one realizes that Korg improve, it feels as though this keyboard is the starter that sets one up for the primary course and this purchaser might want the fundamental course now.

All alone merits however, when housed in its stand and having the music stand and pedal unit appended, the instrument introduces a smooth, rich look that, while just utilizing a little space, loans a demeanor of class to any setting. It puts on a show of being a delightful, top of the line instrument that matches its looks with tone quality and feel.

With numerous individuals living in littler home situations however I am certain that this model will discover a route into the homes of many would-be performers and it won’t frustrate clients regardless of whether it leaves some needing more.


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