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Arturia MatrixBrute Analog Synthesizer Review (Updated)

Arturia MatrixBrute : In 2012, Arturia discharged their Minibrute, their first simple synthesizer, and made incredible progress with its old-school style that offered no presets and no muddled menus. The Minibrute was a little synthesizer, made for monolog experimentation, moderateness, conveyability, and convenience. It pressed a significant punch and became well known in the business, in spite of offering only one oscillator.

Arturia lined up the Minibrute with the Microbrute, a significantly littler and less expensive synth option. Both these synthesizers engaged consumers who needed an unfathomably convenient simple synth option stuffed with differing altering options.

What Arturia has accomplished here with the Matrixbrute, be that as it may, goes well beyond the Minibrute and the Microbrute. The Arturia Matrixbrute falls at the contrary end of the synthesizer range; is anything but a little, yet shockingly ground-breaking instrument it is a mammoth, regarding size, as well as in its affected sound, altering options, and combination offices.

This is a synthesizer for the seasoned keyboardist, the master in oscillation, filtration, and sequencing who needs to extend the potential outcomes for composition. The Matrixbrute offers such a significant number of features that are anything but difficult to ace once in the design of the synth’s front board is comprehended. What’s more, in this survey, we will dive into the reasons why this synthesizer is one of the more uncommon synths available.

Beneath, it would be ideal if you pause for a minute to see the intelligent table to perceive how well the MatrixBrute piles up to other prominent synthesizers as of now available today.

The Esthetic

The Matrixbrute is a delightfully constructed instrument. Like the Moog Voyager and Sub 37, the edges of the side and front are fixed with strong, wood framing, gloating a tasteful, vintage-yet-present day look. The front board, finish with handles, sliders, and the illuminated lattice, is suitably overwhelming and thick. Despite the fact that not awkward, the front board is correct dimension of thickness, and it can set down level for transportation or be propped up for continuous altering. It gives a fantastic snap to tell you when it is secured, so you don’t need to stress over the board falling back.

From the principal take a gander at the Matrixbrute, you can disclose to it’s an outright monster of an instrument with its bustling front panel a fourth of it gave to the adaptable, illuminated lattice. Arturia tried to give this synth a moderate tasteful for fledglings. Rather, the Matrixbrute keeps nothing down with its hecticness and complex systems of lights, buttons, and handles. Sitting in front of this instrument resembles sitting in a business plane’s cockpit in case you’re not acquainted with how every button functions, it might appear to be overwhelming to learn. The design of this synth makes no mystery that is a synthesizer for the connoisseur, the master keyboardist.

What you get without touching the instrument is a strong feeling of intensity, adaptability, and solidness. Where the Minibrute and Microbrute exhibited a refined petiteness, the Matrixbrute flaunts hearty muscle. This is a keyboard that knows precisely what it is and keeps nothing down regarding its stylish form.

The Feel

The Matrixbrute offers the player a liberal four-octave keyboard with full-sized keys. The keybed is semi-weighted with speed and aftertouch empowered. When you play the instrument, clearly this is an excellent keyboard. The touch-touchy keys take into consideration control over the sound and the snappy response takes into consideration spotless, quick playing.

Each handle, slider, wheel, and button feel perfectly. Everything gives the appropriate measure of obstruction sliders and handles don’t feel elusive, and they don’t feel too extreme either. The network buttons, albeit little (they should be on the off chance that you need to fit 256 of them on the front board), are agreeable, which is great since you will invest a ton of energy exploring those buttons to make alters, succession, and flip presets.

Maybe the only thing that may have made the keyboard progressively agreeable would have been an illuminated LCD screen over the network. It’s effortlessly observed under ideal lighting conditions, however under stage lighting, it might be hard to peruse that screen.

All things considered, this is an entirely agreeable synthesizer. The response of each key, button, and slider feels right where it ought to be. This is a keyboard that you will play for a considerable length of time and hours, constructing any stable you can envision, so an agreeable format and responsive altering features are fundamental.

The Sound

The sound features of the Arturia Matrixbrute parallel the tasteful form enormous, powerful, adaptable, and savage. There’s a reason the front board of the Matrixbrute is so occupied the options you have when altering are broad, taking into consideration consistent sonic construction.

The synthesizer offers:

  • Two full VCOs
  • One VCO with less options (can serve as a LFO)
  • Clamor oscillator
  • Two multi-mode channels
  • Three LFOs
  • Three Envelope generators
  • Obviously, the matrix

The oscillators contain the basic wave shapes—sine, sawtooth, square, and triangle. The sine wave is connected to a handle that modifies its waveform to include a little piece of distortion, like delicate section. The wave frames are likewise editable by three additional handles inside the VCO itself ultrasaw, beat width, and the metalizer. These all simply add to the conceivable outcomes from the minute you turn on an oscillator. Underneath, the oscillators, there is a section committed to sound modulation, accomplished by four distinct handles. This is an extraordinary feature, as it opens up for my sound potential outcomes and gives you a chance to accomplish some FM union esque sounds.

The blender for every oscillator contains flip buttons for you to course the oscillator to either or both of the channels. The channels are multi-mode, which means you can appoint a high-pass, low-pass, or band-pass options. You can likewise have the channels procedure in arrangement or in parallel. Obviously, each channel offers the options you would anticipate drive, cutoff, and resonance. The couple split option of this synth takes into account the two distinct channels to apply on the keyboard without a moment’s delay, part the four-octave keyboard fifty-fifty. This can take into consideration a grimy bass line in your left with a shaking lead line in your right.

What this synthesizer jargon implies is that the Matrixbrute is an incredible instrument with tons of options. Grimy bass, brilliant cushions, mutilated leads, crunchy harmonies, mechanical percussion, and everything in the middle of can be accomplished through the adaptable altering options. The sounds that come through are thick, clear, and ground-breaking.

Target Market

The Arturia Matrixbrute is a mammoth of a synthesizer, offering incalculable options and altering parameters. For this sort of flexibility to be conceivable, it requires a high level of multifaceted nature. Arturia entered the simple synth showcase with their oversimplified Minibrute and Microbrute and made extraordinary progress. The Matrixbrute isn’t intended to just be a continuation of the past synths, however a redesign and update of the “animal” name itself.

The Minibrute and Microbrute are both still commendable synthesizers and an incredible addition for anyone inspired by union. Be that as it may, the Matrixbrute is designed for the seasoned keyboardist. This is obvious at the principal look of the instrument huge, hearty, complex. This isn’t an instrument for the amateur; this is an instrument for the master.

In addition to its intricate altering features and tasteful, the value purpose of $1,999 harden its job in the market as an instrument for the accomplished. This isn’t a tenderfoot digital piano. A tenderfoot of sound union or a beginner in keyboards would be in an ideal situation acquiring a littler, sub-$1000 keyboard for learning purposes.


That being stated, if a novice needed to learn on the Matrixbrute, it would clearly be conceivable. The format of the network takes into account an unmistakable visualization of how sequencing is done and how different parameters can be altered for new stable potential outcomes. Multifaceted nature doesn’t really infer confused, and the Matrixbrute’s intricate arrangement of oscillators, channels, and envelopes are plainly composed. It is an incredible instrument that I would prescribe to any prepared keyboardist and synthesizer lover. I would suggest that a beginner keyboardist seek after less expensive options, however keep the Matrixbrute in his/her psyche as an option for a future buy since it is incredible.