Yamaha DGX-650 Digital Piano Review 2024

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Yamaha DGX-650 Digital Piano Review (Updated)

The Yamaha DGX-650 is a professional digital piano a full keyboard with weighted mallet activity. It features a polyphony of 128 tones to layer notes without dropping off or bargaining a solitary one. What’s more, there is much more to learn here.

The damper reverberation reproduces the connection of strings on acoustic pianos and the inherent intensifiers and speakers give a clearer sound.

The DGX 650 has a touch affectability of four levels and the sound component gets from Yamaha’s standard CFIIIS show excellent piano. It likewise features 100 preset tunes and more than 100 voices alongside a full speck LCD show.

Various impacts and capacities are accessible including Chorus, Reverb, Split Mode, Layer Mode, Transpose and about 200 styles of backup.

Features of Yamaha DGX-650

Sound Sampling

  • The Yamaha DGX-650 furnishes flawlessly true piano stable with its Pure CF stable examining.
  • This method utilizes carefully recorded sound of Yamaha’s prestigious CFIIIS show excellent piano.
  • The outcome is a large number of dynamic levels extending from pianissimo to fortissimo and the capacity to make various sounds simply like those of a standard piano.

LCD Display

The DGX 650 offers a full spot LCD display to make the menu less demanding to pursue. The display additionally can demonstrate scores and verses with which the player may pursue along.

Shrewd Chord and Style Recommender

Shrewd Chord can make whole harmonies from Pop groups of three to jazz styles. It does as such with simply the bit of one tone.

Style Recommender proposes various suitable styles dependent on what is right now being played.

Play in a specific voice or only a straightforward tune is sufficient to make a rundown.

Touch Sensitivity

The DGX650 gives a touch affectability of four levels. This is helpful for playing complex pieces and inventive articulation in how the player strikes each key.


Accessible functions incorporate double, split and layer modes for playing different voices on the double, pitch twist and transpose for moving pitch and octave, a damper pedal and an inherent metronome with a rhythm scope of 5 to 280 beats for each moment.

Specifications of  Yamaha DGX 650 Digital Piano

  • Measurements: 55″ x 17.5″ x 5.75″ 
  • Weight: 49.6 lb
  • Keyboard: 88 Tones
  • Weighted Keys: Graded Hammer Action
  • Polyphony: 128 Notes
  • Contact Sensitivity: 4 Levels
  • Sound Mechanism: Pure CF Sound Engine
  • Number of Preset Voices: 147 + 15 Drum and Sound Effect Kits
  • Number of Preset Songs: 100
  • Impacts:
  1. Reverb (35 Types)
  2. Chorale (44 Types)
  3. Damper Resonance
  4. Shrewd Acoustic Control
  • Capacities:
  1. Double Mode
  • Metronome:
  1. Rhythm Range: 5 to 280
  2. Split Mode
  3. Layer Mode
  4. Pitch Bend
  5. Board Sustain
  • Transpose: – 12 to 0, 0 to +12
  • Backup:
  1. 195 Styles
  2. Fingering: Multi Finger, Full Keyboard, AI Fingered
  3. Style Recommender
  4. Savvy Chord
  • Pedals: Damper
  • Intensifiers: 6W x 6W
  • Speakers: 2 x 2″ (5 cm), 2 x 4.7″ (12 cm)
  • Display:
  1. Full Dot LCD
  2. 320 x 240 specks
  3. Difference
  4. Score Display
  5. Verses Display
  • USB Recording and Playback
  • Inputs/Outputs:
  1. USB to Host
  2. USB to Device
  3. Headphone Jack

Upsides and Downsides

In the same way as other in the Yamaha mark the DGX650 offers outstandingly sensible sound. This originates from its well known sound inspecting system. Numerous clients additionally gloat that the piano plays normally like an acoustic piano.

It offers great reaction and activity with its weighted keyboard and staggered touch affectability.

The DGX650 is anything but difficult to adjust to for players of all expertise levels. It presents itself as a professional digital piano with genuine utilize, for example, professional chronicles or exhibitions, as a top priority.

Indeed, even with its numerous points of interest, in any case, the DGX650 isn’t without defects. A few clients gripe about its menu interface, expressing that it very well may be hard to work at the same time while playing.


  • The Yamaha DGX650 uses Pure CF solid inspecting to give a sound rich enough to match that of the genuine article.
  • The piano’s keys are responsive because of its mallet reverberation and touch affectability.
  • With its huge number of features including weighted keys, touch affectability and magnificent sound testing, the DGX650 offers an affair near an acoustic.
  • The sound, feel and activity of the DGX650 show settle on it an incredible decision for professional exhibitions or accounts.
  • Even with its numerous functions and capacities the piano has been known as being easy to control.


  • While most of the instrument is anything but difficult to arrange, a few clients announced trouble getting to the piano’s menu.
  • This may roll out it hard to improvement alternatives trying to playing.


The Yamaha DGX650 offers much for novice or master musicians to encounter. It creates an excellent piano solid alongside weighted keys and 4-level touch affectability. The high caliber digital instrument features a full display alongside robotized features to make learning and creating significantly simpler. For those searching for a digital instrument to perform live or record, the Yamaha DGX-650 has something for each sort of player to appreciate.


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