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Arturia MiniLab Mini USB MIDI Keyboard Controller Review (Updated)

Arturia MiniLab

Arturia MiniLab : Arturia is no more odd to packaging equipment and programming together in firm bundles, yet the organization is adopting a strong new strategy with the MiniLab, endeavoring to rethink the limits of what can go into a passage level scaled down keyboard.

Arturia has strong roots in the product network, primarily through the achievement of its Analog Lab programming suite, which contains a large number of affectionately created great synth sounds over a wide exhibit of sorts and instruments.

The France-based organization has likewise discharged a few equipment items over the most recent couple of years, for example, the broadly acclaimed KeyLab 49 and the synth powerhouse MicroBrute. Recently, the organization has multiplied down on their duty to MIDI controllers, and the MiniLab is the most recent outcome.

Be that as it may, does this keyboard controller truly contend with a portion of the other awesome section level smaller than expected controllers out there? All things considered, that is actually what we plan to discover in this review.

Before we push ahead, we urge you to investigate the intuitive table beneath, which enables you to contrast the Arturia MiniLab with other eminent keyboards—some of which we’ll likewise examine all through this review.


Arturia are notable for their delightful, striking item design, and that hasn’t changed with the MiniLab. The all white plastic shell is flanked on the two sides by wooden finishes, which looks awesome and truly serves to separate the controller from the current items out there available.

Everything feels strong on this controller, regardless of the way that it’s predominantly comprised of plastic components, and we didn’t experience any territories that felt especially delicate amid our test. The keyboard comes in two unique hues, the standard all-white option and an additional dark advertising. Both look extraordinary, and both have the majority of similar features and functions included.

On the functionality side of things, the Arturia MiniLab features a 25-key small keyboard, which we observed to be shockingly playable for its size. Making harmony shapes and doing straightforward runs was simple enough, and other than the two octave limitation, there wasn’t anything truly keeping us away from playing this keyboard like some other.

Truth be told, I’d even venture to state that I think the keys on this thing are a little piece bigger than the majority of the other compact 25-key MIDI controllers out there the present moment, so on the off chance that you have marginally bigger fingers, you’re probably going to see this distinction more than others.

To one side of the keybed, you’ll locate the extraordinary, touch strip-style modulation and pitch twist functions. These are a little odd when you first use them, however on the off chance that you stay with it, you’ll soon end up getting a characteristic vibe for the affectability and responsiveness of the strips.

It took us a bit to get settled with it, yet once we did, we didn’t think back. These are an appreciated sight on a controller of this size, in light of the fact that a considerable lot of Arturia’s contending brands don’t have these functions on their smaller than usual controllers.

Over the keys, you’ll discover 8 illuminated trigger cushions that can be utilized to trigger examples. These cushions felt extraordinary to the touch, were speed touchy, and truly felt regular running along the highest point of the keybed. They could likewise be effectively utilized for activating harmonies, in the event that you needed to have that option while playing a bassline or a lead. This is really a cool composition apparatus, as it enables you to workshop new thoughts rapidly and with insignificant downtime.

At long last, at the highest point of the gadget, you’ll discover 16 handles, separated into 4 sets. These four sets are given a clear slate, enabling you to program them to balance the sound you’re playing in the manner in which you see fit.

By and large, the majority of the functions on this controller are unimaginably natural and shortsighted, and hence, we figure it may be one of the most ideal approaches to begin with MIDI controllers/production on a financial plan.

Setup and Compatibility

On the side of the Arturia MiniLab, you’ll discover 2 connections; a footswitch input and a USB 2.0. This is about as moderate as you can get, and we observed that to be an incredible thing. The keyboard is totally fueled by USB, adding to the conveyability factor, and guiding into your DAW of decision ought to be sans bother.

The controller coordinates especially well with the packaged programming, Arturia’s Analog Lab, and burdens patches with different parameters previously mapped to the handles and prepared to go


The packaged programming solution that accompanies this MIDI controller speaks to one of the best qualities at present out there.

How might I say that so confidently? It’s straightforward: Analog Lab features more than 5000 great synthesizer presets, which are all mind boggling. Some have even noticed that these sounds are so great, you’ll be unable to discover the distinction between the digital signs being utilized to make them, and this present reality hard synths that motivated them.

The program makes it simple to discover and most loved sounds from the bewildering stock collection, and the majority of the different instruments can be separated by type, sound, feeling, and the sky is the limit from there. This framework makes slicing through the crazy measure of sounds truly reasonable, and guarantees that you generally have crisp inspiration at whatever point you go searching for it.

This program typically costs $89 without anyone else’s input, which is nearly the cost of the keyboard alone, so the way that the full program is incorporated here honestly overwhelms us. It isn’t uncommon for controllers to incorporate programming solutions, yet it is uncommon that they are this exhaustive out of the case. It’s a demonstration of Arturia’s profound love for sound design this is incorporated, and truly goes to demonstrate the organization’s promise to their following.

Utilizing the MiniLab with another program is simple also, with the only genuine distinction being that the handles and different functions don’t come pre-mapped and prepared to go. Tried utilizing Logic Pro X, the keen guide functionality had exactly the intended effect, and the majority of the different handles and cushions could be set up in only a couple of minutes.


The ultra convenient, section level MIDI controller advertise is one of the most focused ones out there right now, and in light of current circumstances. To an ever increasing extent, performers are searching for items that can be gone up against the street with them. There’s additionally the matter of the MiniLab MKII, which just as of late wound up accessible. So right away, suppose a more profound take a gander at a portion of the competition for the Arturia MiniLab.


  • Strong and tasteful construction.
  • Small keys are somewhat more extensive than others.
  • Simple Lab continues to awe and motivate.
  • Moderate design without yielding functionality too intensely.


  • Keys are somewhat springier than we’d lean toward.
  • Not as great of an incentive for those not keen on exemplary synth sounds.

The Bottom Line

The Arturia MiniLab is an exceptional looking, quality MIDI controller that is to a great degree appropriate to live execution. The keyboard joins usability and ground-breaking programming to present to you a lean, functional ordeal. On the off chance that you enjoy the synthesizers of yesteryear, you’ll discover a ton to adore with Analog Lab.

Arturia MiniLab


The Arturia MiniLab is an awesome minimal MIDI controller keyboard that consolidates a strong construction and feature set with a fabulous programming solution to truly commute home the esteem Arturia is known for.

There’s very a few blemishes here, certainly, yet none of them stand out on their own. The keys themselves are little, yet somewhat springy, and the functionality for studio recording is more essential than it’s bigger partners, yet everything the MiniLab does, it does wonderfully.

We enjoyed our time with this controller, and we’d joyfully prescribe it to anyone searching for something convenient, ground-breaking and rousing.


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