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Roland HP-201 Digital Piano Review (Updated)

The Roland HP-201 is a 88-tone digital piano with weighted keys and 128-tone polyphony. For an upgraded experience it offers four levels of touch affectability.

The gadget incorporates various customizable features for aggregate control notwithstanding USB MIDI associations.

Features of Roland HP-201


The Roland HP-201 features the PHA II keyboard. This model offers a honest to goodness acoustic terrific feel by giving a similar common reaction found in the genuine instrument. The weighted keys are heavier in the lower go while lighter for higher tones.

This innovation offers lighter opposition on pianissimo bits and more grounded obstruction on fortissimo entries simply like an acoustic piano would.


The Roland HP-201 offers its best credible acoustic piano stable with 88 keys of genuine reverberation. Each tone has various examples of its own and the touch reaction implies each key responds to the smallest weight from the lower tones to the sensitive treble tones.

The HP-201 offers 285 aggregate sounds. This incorporates all tones, instrument voices and instrument modes the digital piano has accessible in its database.


The HP-201 gives perfect proceeding with damper pedal control. This control takes into account impeccable damper impact administration with every execution for upgraded articulation and dominance.

Connectivity & Song Selection

The unit can download and play records in MIDI configuration by interfacing the piano to a PC by means of the USB MIDI port. There are 65 tunes included with the piano also.


The Roland HP-201 accompanies an exquisite bureau that improves its appearance. The front legs make the piano look considerably more legitimate. The digital instrument is made with a mahogany wrap up.

128-tone Maximum Polyphony

The HP-201 digital piano offers a greatest polyphony of 128 tones. This is one of the most noteworthy polyphony tones among most famous digital pianos. The higher the most extreme polyphony the more noteworthy the possibility the player has of communicating singular notes without danger of them being conceal by different tones or cut amidst play.

This enables the client to play mind boggling or rapid entries without trading off portrayal among individual tones.

Technical Details of Roland HP-201

  • Measurements: 54.6″ x 16.6″ x 39.9″
  • Weight: 167.5 pounds
  • Keys: 88 Tones
  • Weighted Keys: Yes
  • Keyboard: PHA II keyboard
  • Polyphony: 128 Notes
  • Touch Sensitivity:
  1. Light
  2. Medium
  3. Heavy
  4. Fixed
  • Number of Preset Voices: 20 (285 at time of MIDI execution)
  • Number of Preset Songs: 65 Songs
  • Effects:
  1. Reverb (10 levels)
  2. Damper Resonance (7 levels)
  3. Key Off Resonance (7 levels)
  4. Elements ( 3 composes)
  • Functions:
  1. Entire Mode
  2. Double Mode
  3. Twin Piano Mode
  4. Transpose: 12 stages (- 6 semitones to +5 semitones)
  5. Tuning: A4 = 415.3 Hz to 466.2 Hz
  • Metronome:
  • Beat Setting: Quarter note = 10 to 500
  • Goals: 120 ticks for each quarter note
  • Beat: 0/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 6/4
  • Volume: 8 levels
  • Intensifiers: 25W + 25W
  • Speakers: 12 cm x 2
  • Inputs/Outputs:
  1. USB to have
  2. USB to gadget
  3. MIDI In
  4. MIDI Out
  5. Damper Pedal
  6. Headphone Jack
  • Pedals:
  1. Damper
  2. Soft
  3. Sostenuto

Upsides & Downsides

The HP-201 offers Twin Piano Mode that parts the keyboard into isolated parts with the end goal to encourage guidance. Both instructor and understudy advantage from utilizing their very own keyboard. It accompanies various features worked in, for example, its metronome, music stand and pedals, among others.

The piano’s damper pedal offers constant control permitting the player the ideal increment or decrease amid any execution. The best piece of the gadget is its enhanced keyboard. It demonstrates a more extensive powerful range with various sound examples for each tone.


  • The piano features Twin Piano Mode to enable the instrument to be utilized by two players without a moment’s delay.
  • This makes it less demanding for understudies and educators to utilize two parts of the piano without a moment’s delay for guidance.
  • The unit’s damper pedal upgrades the acoustic closeness with consistent impact offering approach to better articulation.
  • The HP-201 features a PHA II keyboard with an enhanced and more extensive powerful range.
  • The keyboard additionally features 88 keys each with various sound examples of their own.
  • The Roland HP-201 accompanies numerous features incorporated with its framework as standard features, including the accompanying:
  1. Metronome
  2. Speakers
  3. MIDI port
  4. USB port
  5. Pedals
  6. Music Stand


  • The main issue clients notice is the sound nature of the speakers.
  • Some vibe the included speakers need imperativeness and trade off the experience.
  • This issue can be treated by putting the piano a couple of feet from the nearest divider.


The HP-201 offers different features the normal piano player would requirement for amazing execution. It furnishes the client with aggregate control notwithstanding including impacts that are disregarded in numerous models.


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