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Casio SA-76 & Casio SA-77  Review (Updated)

Any individual who knows instruments has seen Casio items showed gladly over the floor of the music shop. Casio has been making consoles and different instruments for a long time.

They are a confided in mark that numerous renowned studios, unrecorded music entertainers, and makers use to make those excellent notes they require.

Casio SA-76 Mini Keyboard Review

Casio SA76

This Casio SA-76 survey will feature its highlights, characteristics, cons, and all the astounding things about the item, in addition, there will be a correlation piece against its more seasoned sibling, the SA-77 keyboard.


First off, this scaled down console is clearly littler than different consoles, yet with 44 smaller than usual estimated keys and the highlights, choices, and usefulness, this makes it a definitive versatile console.

What’s more, it can fit anyplace. Take a stab at doing that with a full-sized console.

Casio figured out how to fit a considerable amount into the little casing. The highest point of the console is brimming with the alternate way numbers to the 10-melody bank, 50 examples, and 100 distinct tones.

Straightforwardly beneath that are the power, volume, an advanced screen that shows the beat, tone, example, tuning, and tune bank, a numbered keypad with a + and catches to effectively explore through the banks.

A vast catch amidst the console is utilized to have the capacity to flip among piano and organ tones effortlessly.

Over the keys are 5 drum cushions that have images on them to effectively recognize the sound you need as you play them, a beat here and there catch stage, a begin/stop catch for examples and tunes, and a song off/on catch for play-along usefulness.

The Pros of The Casio SA-76

  • 10-tune bank
  • 50 designs
  • 100 tones
  • 44 smaller than expected estimated keys
  • Tone, tune, example, and melody bank catches
  • 5 drum cushions
  • Great, vintage compose sound from 2 x 1.2W speakers
  • Easy to play
  • Very lightweight at 3.1lbs
  • Overall measurements: 23 13/16″ x 8 5/16″ x 2 1/4″
  • Extremely moderate at $39.00 – $45.00
  • Fun for children and grown-ups figuring out how to play
  • 8-note polyphony

Each child, young person, to even the most brilliant, most experienced music expert can get a lot of utilization out of the Casio SA-76. Generally in view of its movability.

Stories have been told through the Casio SA-76 surveys and gatherings about how kids in band will take this console on long travels to rivalries, meetings, and exhibitions to hone and to keep themselves engaged.

The polyphony include is extraordinary for tenderfoots, since they can work on consolidating various notes, making a novel tune of each of the 8 notes on the double, without losing the notes.

Different stories have surfaced of long-lasting music experts requiring something little and easy to compose their piano music, and this console surpassed their desires in each classification.

The earphone jack enables you to sit and play without disturbing any other individual. This element gives you the security you have to get profound into the music.

Amateurs have a ton of fun time utilizing this console also. For players that are simply beginning, having no earlier information of pianos, are threatened by the vast consoles or full-estimate pianos.

This is a brilliant method to become accustomed to utilizing the two hands with each of the 10 digits playing notes in a littler setting, building certainty, so a greater console can be in their future.

The Cons of The Casio SA-76

Other Casio console surveys have painted a darker picture encompassing the SA-76, yet don’t be tricked by the general population abhorring on each melodic gadget on the planet, since this gadget is worth more than you pay for it.

Despite the fact that, there are some awful things about it, much the same as whatever else:

  • Does not accompany a Casio control connector
  • Takes 6 AA batteries to run freely of a power connector
  • The tune bank has just 10 tunes, for which any semblance of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star is one of the Casio SA-76/SA-77’s most prominent hits
  • Lacks a few highlights that different consoles have like midi yields, and different highlights that assistance the gadget work with music programs
  • No memory on the gadget
  • Speakers are 33% of the surface territory of the highest point of the console, which is space that could be utilized to include better highlights/poor plan
  • The plastic development isn’t the sturdiest and if the gadget is dropped, it could break effectively
Casio SA-77

Casio SA-76 versus SA-77

  • The Casio SA-77 is the Casio SA-76 ‘s greater sibling. When taking a gander at the two models, they are outwardly nearly the same, with the 10-melody bank, 50 examples, and 100 tones number alternate way list on the highest point of the console.
  • The greatest distinction outwardly is the bigger screen in the center, which shows the tone, design, melody bank, tune, and rhythm in a simple to peruse mold.
  • Additionally, the huge orange catch has 3 settings, piano/organ/harmonium, rather than the two piano/organ settings on the Casio SA-76 .
  • Each and every other catch and highlight remains the same and are in similar places on the console.
  • Some say the sound of the SA-77 is fundamentally better, while others guarantee it to be precisely the same as it is younger sibling.
  • In any case, the spotless, vintage sound you get from these models are certain to be pleasant to your ears. In the event that the deep rooted artists can welcome it, you will as well.
  • The SA-77 is fundamentally a tad of a more current adaptation of the officially great Casio SA-76.
  • Additionally, keep in mind all the cool melodic toys, pedals, switches, and other marvelous stuff you can connect to an earphone jack!
  • There are recordings online that presentation how adaptable these consoles can be when went through a PA framework and other line gadgets.
  • The conceivable outcomes are extremely simply inestimable.
Casio SA76


While these models are straightforward, they are dependable, amusing to play, and simple to take anyplace.

Apprentice players have a ton of fun time with these consoles in view of the moderateness and the uncomplicated outline.

Regardless of whether you choose to take somewhat of a break from figuring out how to play the piano/console, which you never ought to do, having this little console won’t break your bank.

For $50 and under, you can’t locate a superior console.

The drum cushions are anything but difficult to utilize and enjoyable to play alongside tunes and examples that are preset into the gadget.

The earphone input works exceptionally well and is so helpful when you need to be tranquil while you take the transport home, wind up on a long stumble on an auto, or in the event that you are simply hanging out at the recreation center and would prefer not to aggravate any other person.

In the event that you go uproarious, individuals will value the perfect, vintage sound the console transmits. For whatever length of time that you hone well and play those tunes easily.

Make a point to play around with different gadgets that snare in through the earphone jack!

In the event that you require a present for a tyke needing to figure out how to play the piano, this console is an ideal choice for any child at any age and level of piano information.

On the off chance that you need to set aside some cash purchasing a console when you simply don’t know whether the individual you get it for will stay with it, or even have questions about yourself staying with it, this is an awesome console to persuade the client to remain with taking in the piano and it won’t hurt your financial plan.


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