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Best Digital Pianos And Keyboards With Weighted Keys Reviews (Updated)

Weighted keys give a characteristic and practical feel to digital pianos and keyboards. Keys which aren’t weighted feel altogether different to acoustic piano keys, the keys are either ‘on’ or ‘off’, similar to the sounds.

Weighted keys allow you to play all the more tenderly or brutally and the speed of the sound will likewise ordinarily be affected by how hard you press the keys.

In this article, we’re investigating the best digital pianos and keyboards with weighted keys, with reviews of a large number of the top of the line items for beginners and stars the same.

There aren’t the same number of keyboards as there are digital pianos which have weighted keys. A digital piano is normally designed to be an option in contrast to an acoustic model, and in this manner be reasonable and consistent with the pianos which have been around for a long time.

Keyboards are somewhat more centered around giving a wide cluster of sounds, some of which are even incorporated. Keyboards are additionally bound to have less keys than an entire 88-key digital piano.

You likely could be in the market for a weighted keyboard as opposed to digital piano. There aren’t an excessive number of these around, as a great deal of keyboards don’t have a weighted action, yet there are some increasingly minimized weighted options out there.

3 Top Weighted Digital Piano Keyboards

Roland RD-64 Digital Piano

Our Top Pick: 1

The Roland RD-64 is an increasingly conservative option, and is designed to be simply 13kg and fit in the rearward sitting arrangement of any vehicle.

Like the Roland digital pianos, it incorporates the SuperNATURAL piano motor, this gives it a wonderful profundity of sound with included authenticity and different sounds other than piano. Organ and clavinet sounds are among the 12 tones.

The precise and responsive weighted keys are exceptionally unordinary for an item this size. It likewise has some worked in impacts, for example, reverb and EQ just as the option to set it up with the INTEGRA-7 secluded framework to channel the hints of Roland’s Jupiter 50 and 80 synths.

This is unimaginably easy to begin with, and the assortment of sounds additionally makes it an incredible weighted keyboard for beginners or for the individuals who are increasingly experienced.

Nord Stage 3 HP76 Keyboard

Our Top Pick: 2

On the off chance that you have a high spending plan to spend on your keyboard, the Nord range can give some enticing options. The Nord Stage 3 HP76 is one of the best weighted keyboards available.

There are no different items on our rundown which give such a mind blowing exhibit of sounds. The Nord offers access to a manager taking into account sound design, and 2GB of sounds to begin with. There are three diverse sound motors giving these options.

The reasonable feel originates from a weighted, hammer-style keyboard. The Nord likewise sends with a great stand ideal for setting up on stage and some KRK headphones for commotion free rehearsing.

The Nord Stage 3 HP76 is the best 76-key weighted keyboard option on the off chance that you have the money related sponsorship!

Korg SV-1 Stage Vintage 73 Key Digital Piano

Our Top Pick: 3

This is another stage keyboard which unquestionably isn’t modest, however it has a ton to offer as far as its weighted action and wide scope of sounds.

The SV-1 has an exceptionally straightforward design with no LCD screen, however a lot of options for presets and heaps of sounds, just as inbuilt impacts, for example, reverb and tune.

The sound can likewise be additionally personalized as you can utilize amplification and taxi demonstrating to reproduce the sound of renowned amps and add another dimension to your sound.

The RH3 Key weighting has been portrayed in reviews as ‘the best keyboard you’ll discover on a stage piano’, so for a littler keyboard, which is sufficiently versatile to complete and about, the Korg SV-1 has an extremely tasteful and practical feel.

10 Best Weighted Digital Piano Keyboards

Medeli SP4200 Digital Stage Piano

Our Best Pick: 1

Medeli isn’t a maker with as much history as different options on this rundown, yet this is a decent quality digital piano, and it is full-sized at 88 keys while as yet offering bunches of features that you won’t discover on other digital pianos.

The SP4200 feels like something of a crossover between a keyboard and a digital piano. It is maybe more precisely depicted similar to the best full-size weighted keyboard.

While it has weighted keys and a sledge action which makes this vibe like an acoustic piano when playing, the voices and tech features feel like a keyboard.

An extraordinary 600 voices are incorporated, which opens up a universe of chances for playing new and intriguing sounds.

It additionally has 128 note polyphony, so sounds don’t get missed when you’re playing complex tunes. 230 style backups adjust an immense measure of decisions.

There is even a guitar mode which reproduces the sound of harmonies and singling out acoustic guitars.

You can record what you play effectively onto a USB stockpiling gadget through the USB have, another feature not offered on numerous digital pianos.

This is a reasonable item as well, at a fraction of the cost of some different models by greater brands. The speakers and sounds aren’t exactly on a par with these brands, subsequently the value contrast.

Yamaha Arius YDP163 Digital Piano home stage

Our Best Pick: 2

As should be obvious, the measure of Yamaha models available is considerable. The brand is productive and has various pianos at various value focuses.

The Arius YDP-163 is among the more costly items in their range, yet it satisfies its expense. This model is centered around being near a fantastic piano, and has subtlety and detail in the manners you can play.

The three-sensor design of the weighted keys detects how hard the keyboard is being squeezed and afterward reproduces the vibe of an acoustic piano.

It has pedals inbuilt, including a ‘half-damper’ pedal which gives unpretentious variations and adds more control to the player. Control is one of the key features of the Arius.

In the same way as other of the other Yamaha pianos, this has the ‘Unadulterated CF’ stable framework which tests sound in a high caliber and precise approach to reproduce the vibe of an acoustic piano.

Like a portion of the pianos with a progressively present day feel, this has a worked in record option so you can follow your playing and tune in back to it after. There are likewise various traditional songs worked in for cooperating and learning.

The ONE Smart Piano

Our Best Pick: 3

The ONE is something altogether different from the remainder of the items. The term ‘shrewd piano’ isn’t one you are probably going to have heard regularly, however it satisfies the charging with some fantastically cutting edge functionality.

Reviews of The ONE are commonly entirely great as it has been made to change the manner in which individuals figure out how to play, making this one of the best digital pianos first of all and those simply starting to play piano.

The free applications which are incorporated give lessons, recordings and free games that you can play to help fabricate your abilities. The application chips away at phone and tablet so whether you use iOS or Android you will have no issues with similarity.

The genuine playing on the keyboard is guided by an arrangement of lights to show the notes you should play. This piano is designed to be your mentor just as your instrument.

Is anything but an oddity item, and the ONE is a wonderful piano with a quality body, full arrangement of pianos, a quality sound framework with stereo speakers, and obviously weighted keys with a mallet action.

On the off chance that you are a professional, at that point a great deal of the features may not be helpful to you, yet on the off chance that you are searching for a decent tenderfoot digital piano to become familiar with your exchange, this could be the ONE (truly).

Roland FP-30 Digital Piano

Our Best Pick: 4

One more melodic powerhouse brand! Roland items are commonly observed on stages far and wide.

They make a variety of keyboards and versatile digital pianos, and this is one of their 88-key models which is extraordinary for the visiting artist.

The FP-30 gives a point by point and bona fide tone. The ‘otherworldly’ solid motor is multi-tested for a ton of control over the tone and affectability of touch, originating from a sledge action which gives a legitimate feel to the keys.

Present day functions incorporate the Bluetooth connectivity that implies you can interface this up with various applications for both figuring out how to play the piano and recording your very own compositions.

It likewise has a pedal with an elastic plate to prevent it from slipping, so you can even take the pedal out and about with you.

It is regularly sold packaged, accompanying the pedal, headphones, a seat and AUX link. It additionally has a free section for holding an iPad or other tablet or phone for utilizing an application while you play.

Kawai ES110 Portable Digital Piano

Our Best Pick: 5

Another option which is generally reasonable for taking on stage or out to band rehearses. Finding an item which is extraordinary sounding yet in addition versatile, and doesn’t need features due to being lightweight can be troublesome. The ES110 is one such item.

The sound quality is acceptable, and keeping in mind that it doesn’t exactly match the entirety of the 80 or 90 lb models of piano, it has a lot of clear piano tones for utilizing on stage, 19 sounds altogether, of which eight of them are displayed on pianos. Their testing method utilizes imaging sound innovation for a nitty gritty tonal response.

The full 88 weighted keys are additionally not as nitty gritty as a portion of different models. The sledge action is acceptable, however not exactly as nuanced and solid as a portion of the more costly pianos.

This is regularly sold packaged, with a damper pedal, music rest, stage stand and seat. This option even has an included arrangement of good headphones.

On the off chance that you need something that will be forever in a similar room of your home then there might be preferable options over the Kawai, yet for conveyability, this is hard to beat. It additionally has a multi year guarantee for protection on your buy.

Lagrima LG-8830 88 Keys Digital Electric Keyboard Piano

Our Best Pick: 6

This is a spending limit digital piano option that we needed to incorporate and is ostensibly one of the best modest digital pianos with weighted keys.

Everyone is on their own special spending when searching for a digital piano or keyboard, and not having the option to spend a fortune doesn’t need to prevent you from getting a decent piano with weighted keys.

The fundamental penance regarding the less expensive value point is the clearness of the sounds. The piano tones don’t sound very as professional as a portion of the Casio and Yamaha models to make our rundown, and the speaker framework could be all the more dominant.

All things considered, there is bounty to like for a piano on a spending limit. It has three worked in pedals, a display screen and an inconceivable 960 tones.

It has functions you wouldn’t really expect at this value, for example, recording and playback options, a showing mode and a metronome.

You can utilize the Lagrima LG-8830 as a controller for Midi and USB applications and playing virtual instruments or sequencing on your PC.

Yamaha P125 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano

Our Best Pick: 7

Yamaha digital pianos are constantly a well known decision for weighted keys and full-length options. The weighted action on the P-125 is one of its key selling focuses.

The keys are weighted as well as weighted all the more intensely in the lower keys and lighter in the higher keys. This is to recreate the vibe of an acoustic piano.

The acoustic feel is additionally upgraded by the Pure CF Sound Engine which contains tests of a Yamaha fabulous piano which can be played at numerous speeds and is as near an amazing piano as you can get while remaining digital.

The digital features enable you to connect to music programming and other melodic hardware through MIDI links or just sound links.

You can part the keyboard to play different sounds, of which there are 24 altogether. You can connect headphones and pedal units in the event that you wish as the P-125 is good with these items.

It has 14W of intensity which is fine for home practice, yet for concerts and even band utilization, you might need to plug it into further amplification.

Yamaha DGX660 Portable Digital Piano

Our Best Pick: 8

Another top weighted option from Yamaha demonstrating exactly how wide a scope of pianos they offer.

The DGX-660 is somewhat more costly than a portion of their different items, and it is additionally a powerful item so you likely don’t have any desire to utilize it as a compact digital piano.

Notwithstanding, in the event that you are searching for something to turn into a lasting apparatus in your home, this is a cutting edge and brilliant option.

The Yamaha sound motor is utilized once again to repeat their concert piano. The weighted action is additionally heavier the let down on the piano you go.

The DGX-660 has some noteworthy functions, for example, enabling you to transfer MIDI songs onto the screen and transforming it into notation so you can follow and learn songs all the more effectively.

It likewise has a six-track recorder so you can layer various sounds and test with your very own compositions.

As far as sound, this has something the brand calls a ‘Piano Room’ where you can pick diverse piano examples and acoustics dependent on your inclination.

Korg B1 88 Key Digital Piano

Our Best Pick: 9

Korg is a brand most popular for their synthesizers. In the advanced age, they make everything from guitar tuners to digital pianos as their range has developed. The B1 is a famous model of digital piano with weighted keys.

The weighting of their keys is portrayed as ‘regular sledge’ and is designed to be reasonable, so you could think you were playing an acoustic model.

Including the joy of a piano to your home? Looking for a precise and dependable instrument? Need a convenient keyboard for some genuine practice? Reduced and spending plan amicable, the B1 by Korg is a top digital piano option under $500 and unquestionably the correct decision for you.

The design is moderately little and straightforward with a sorry control interface, so it is a decent digital piano option for beginners, who don’t have any desire to be besieged with options.

There are eight distinctive tested piano sounds which can be joined with inbuilt impacts to make the perfect sound for your own inclinations.

Casio Privia PX-160 88-Key Full Size Digital Piano

Our Best Pick: 10

Casio is another brand which we frequently partner with the two keyboards and digital pianos.

Their Privia go has been fruitful and the PK-160 is one of the best 88-key weighted digital piano options. With all the connectivity and innovation that you could want.

Casio have incorporated an extraordinary scope of 18 piano sounds and an ‘unadulterated’ function to improve resonance and sound tantamount to conceivable.

The mallet action weighted keys enable you to play progressively nitty gritty songs with more subtlety, because of the various speed sounds you can trigger by playing gentler and harder.

Impacts, for example, reverb and melody add to the sound further. These are inbuilt so you don’t need to connect some other impacts units.

This is good with other PA frameworks or speakers through the line out, however 16W of complete speaker power and better than average lucidity is ideal for rehearsing at home.

By means of USB you can likewise transform this into a MIDI controller for music programming. In spite of the fact that, it can fill a need of a MIDI controller in case you’re not kidding about making music and furthermore need that fantastic feel on the keys, we prescribe you to check our rundown of best weighted 88-key MIDI keyboards.

Some Questions & Answers

What are Weighted Keys?

Weighted keys are about obstruction. They are heavier than non-weighted keys to play, and this is designed to reproduce the action that fabulous and acoustic pianos have as a component of their playing instrument.

It additionally implies the harder you press, the stronger the tested piano is played, to give a sensible sound just as feel.

What are Semi-Weighted Keys?

You will hear the terms ‘completely weighted keyboard’ and ‘semi-weighted keyboard’ during your inquiry.

Semi-weighted options are spring-stacked simply like the keys of synths and other non-weighted keyboards.

They do have some obstruction however, which means it doesn’t bounce back straight up to its characteristic position as fast, and should be squeezed somewhat more immovably to produce sound.

This is all the more consistent with the vibe of a piano than an unstable or modest, non-weighted keyboard, however isn’t as sensible as mallet action.

What is “Mallet Action”?

Mallet action may seem like a blockbuster film kind, however it is, truth be told, a melodic term.

The term originates from the manner in which acoustic pianos frequently work, with smaller than normal sledges appended close to the keys which give obstruction when really squeezing the keys.

This is distinctive to some different keyboards which rather utilize a spring to actually “spring” back up in the wake of playing each key.

Do I Need a Full Size Keyboard or Digital Piano?

One of the decisions to make when you’re in the market for a digital piano or a keyboard is whether you need it to be full measured.

On the off chance that your piano will be stationary and kept in one spot in your home then there is no genuine disservice to getting an entire 88-key digital piano.

In the event that you need a compact option, however, giving up certain keys may be the best approach to shed some weight.

For generally pop and rock songs, 61 or 76 keys will be sufficient, yet on the off chance that you are playing jazz, old style or other testing styles, at that point you most likely need every one of the 88.


As should be obvious from our rundown, the options accessible to you are various!

No two digital pianos or keyboards are indistinguishable, and however these options have completely weighted keys and will give a practical vibe, they all have various features.

Doing a little research and considering whether you will require a convenient or a stationary model, what number of sounds and tones you need and even whether you are searching for a digital piano for a tenderfoot or for a seasoned ace will all have an impact in your decision.

The entirety of the models of digital piano and keyboard reviewed on our rundown can offer bounty the hoping for musician, working out which one is ideal for you is imperative and can be helped by perusing our purchasing guide.


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