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Casio PX-860 Privia Digital Piano Review (Updated)

Casio have truly ‘increased’ their diversion in the digital piano market in the course of the most recent couple of years. Maybe the abnormal state of rivalry among numerous brands has put forth this the defense, however in any case it looks good for the shopper who might want some use in choosing what digital piano speaks to the best an incentive for cash. With the new Casio PX860, Casio have propelled their item into the 21st century, flaunting a scope of absolutely usable features that support the piano player in keyboard players.

There is a great deal to be respected in this stunning looking instrument and it merits a demo at your closest stockist.

Features of Casio PX-860

Casio have repelled the tricks and adhered to some more helpful features in the plan. The discretionary additional items are generally given to upgrading and modifying the sound and feel of the instrument. With reverb, chorale and splendor settings, there are choices to make the ideal sound.

With three pedals, the statement of complex sections including half-accelerating are effectively executed.

The 18 preset sounds together with split and layer functions offer a scope of choices for exhibitions and a record function takes into consideration included assorted variety in making extraordinary music.

Casio have additionally taken the course of empowering cooperation through USB ports for those performers who get a kick out of the chance to interface their instrument to documentation and recording programming.

There are additionally a scope of functions empowering part, and layering, and additionally tuning and metronome options.

The reverb, theme and splendor impacts give the client a scope of alternatives in delivering only the correct edge to the sound and the assortment of these give the client extraordinary control in adding the correct artfulness to the sound.


With a completely weighted 88 key sledge activity keyboard that reacts as pleasantly as this one does, one would not need to go far in choosing what to purchase. It’s polished complete and tasteful look are coordinated by an exquisite touch when playing.

It gives specialists add up to opportunity of articulation and the vibe of a best end acoustic instrument. Surely instruments, commonly the cost of this one, would be in rivalry to the Casio PX-860.

The keys have a characteristic black and ivory feel, and react well for a definite reaction to even some virtuoso playing.

The Tri-Sensor innovation for Casio keyboards gives a fine reaction to the subtlety made by best players and the reviewed sledge activity makes base notes feel heavier than the ones close to the best end.

All things considered a reasonable keyboard reaction is accomplished in this instrument. This all joins to a make even the fussiest players ready to express their melodic instinct completely.


With a scope of preset tones and a piano solid that opponents top end stupendous pianos, the PX-860 has caught a really bona fide piano and rich strings that supplement the layering function of the instrument.

The multi dimensional transforming AIR sound source has an updated memory limit and flaunts three times the memory of past examples. This adds authenticity to the sounds made on the instrument.

Casio have gotten much more authenticity into their digital sounds throughout the years and the AIR sound source has positively influenced their testing to convey a more genuine sound to the different instruments.

There is a more elevated amount of extravagance and multifaceted nature during the tones, making them sound less electronically produced.

Technical Details of Casio PX-860

  • Measurements: 58″ x 15″ x 16″
  • Weight: 96 lbs
  • Keyboard: 88 pound activity keys
  • Pedals: 3 (damper, sostenuto and delicate pedals)
  • Sound Source: Multi-dimensional AiR transforming sound framework
  • Voices: 18 presets
  • 256 polyphony
  • Speakers and Amplifiers: 2 x 20W
  • Impacts:
  1. 4 tune
  2. 4 reverb
  3. splendor – 3 to +3
  • Metronome
  • Tuning and Transpose
  • Tunes:
  1. 10 client stacked tunes
  2. 60 worked in tunes
  • Recorder:
  1. 5000 notes 99 tunes,
  2. transformation to WAV documents
  • Layer and Split Function


  • Above everything else, the value wins surely.
  • At simply over $1000 it stands head and shoulders above other digital pianos in this value extend.
  • It has a perfect, smooth look and is wonderfully completed with a sliding spread.
  • It looks much more costly than it is.
  • To add to the complete, the high contrast keys with their ‘coal black and ivory’ complete are exquisite to play on and round out the tasteful feel to this digital piano.
  • Sound-wise, this is a noteworthy contender among the heap of digital instruments accessible.
  • I would place this in my main 5 for in general tone precision.
  • I like the tones on the instrument more than numerous others I have played.
  • Likewise the touch is great with its genuine coal black and ivory feel and the reaction of the keys is smooth and very much associated all through the range.
  • Playing the instrument conveys the detail expected of best acoustic instruments from the subtlety at the keys to the additional measurement of canny accelerating.


  • While Casio have positively enhanced the sound genuineness of their piano tones, these still have some need contrasted with different brands.
  • Anyway I don’t feel that their eventual appallingly numerous individuals disillusioned with the sound.
  • Almost no else isn’t right with this instrument.
  • It’s about on a par with I would anticipate that an instrument will be in this value go.
  • Maybe the main other slight con is that the recorder just records 5000 notes.
  • This might be marginally restricting to clients in the propensity for playing longer manifestations yet it is a little negative for an instrument that offers a ton of joy musically.
  • If I somehow managed to make reference to some other cons it would be that Casio don’t have more features, yet then I would simply be avaricious now.


With extraordinary touch, tone and polyphony, this digital piano offers clients the ‘genuine article’ involvement. The show magnificence of a best end piano really has descended in cost, and with Casio’s long time journey to deliver the best at a small amount of the cost, it appears they may simply have succeeded.

This instrument seems as though it has a place in a costly home and when the cover is peeled back and the instrument uncovered and afterward played, it conveys everything that the look guarantees.

I am trusting that this instrument will genuinely put paid to the negative rap that Casio have had throughout the years as it is a striking case of an instrument that conveys quality at a really moderate cost.


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