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Roland F-140R Digital Piano Review (Updated)

Roland makes probably the most wonderful advanced pianos available. I’ve been unable to discover one that I haven’t in a flash begun to look all starry eyed at, and the Roland F-140R is definitely no special case.

The play activity on the Roland F-140R is second to none. The PH4 standard console including escapement and ivory-feel keys, make this fabulous console a sheer satisfaction to play from the simple first note to the last hold back.

No computerized piano is finished, obviously, without phenomenal sound quality, and the piano stable, driven by Roland’s SuperNATURAL sound motor, is difficult to beat.

In this article, I will give a top to bottom survey the Roland F-140R piano. Furthermore, to all the more likely help you decide whether this is the correct piano for your requirements, kindly utilize the intelligent table beneath to contrast the Roland F-140R with a bunch of other extraordinary computerized pianos.

Features of Roland F-140R

Roland has been making advanced pianos for more than 40 years. They developed the touch-touchy console and for an organization who don’t make acoustic pianos, as Yamaha and Kawai, they’ve absolutely put the pianistic into the play-feel of their consoles.

What I especially adored about the Roland F-140R was that the list of capabilities is unimaginably noteworthy in spite of the instrument’s smaller size. Also, at the cost, it’s elusive an instrument with a superior instrumental voice determination.

The Roland F-140R is an 88 key computerized piano, including:

  • PH4 standard console, with escapement and ivory feel
  • Onboard beat area that pursues what you play
  • 3D earphone encounter
  • Bluetooth MIDI
  • Roland’s SuperNATURAL sound motor

Piano Sounds

With 11 isolate piano sounds, you will discover one that consummately suits your style of playing. There are 11 diverse piano voices, which are all editable to incorporate an extensive variety of room mood settings.

The default piano solid (Concert Piano) has a nasal warmth around the mid-extend, a sweetness at the best and a warm and throaty base end. The one of a kind way in which the SuperNATURAL sound motor joins with the 128 note polyphony, makes a sound loaded with the characteristic suggestions and music of the acoustic instrument.

It demonstrates the sound you hear in light of the blend of notes that you play, as opposed to simply activating examples which don’t react to one another. This is the thing that, I trust, gives the SuperNATURAL motor the edge over their rivals.

The second piano solid (Ballade Piano) is a significantly more splendid sound with an equalization of frequencies all through the whole octave run yet holding the glow of Concert Piano around the mid-extend. Extraordinary for jazz.

There are a determination of joined piano voicings, for example, Magical Piano, which layers an electric piano with the Concert Piano; this may seem as though it’s bound for the cheesiest of 80s teenager flicks, yet it’s in reality entirely usable on the off chance that you stick around the base and mid-scope of the console. It sounds truly horrendous the higher up the console you go, heading into B-side Whitney song domain, so it merits keeping away from the best notes. You need to play very difficult to get the acoustic piano to slice through the electric, which really makes it a significant vivid electric piano.

With 305 different sounds to play with, including 8 drum sets and a sound-impacts bank, there’s bounty to keep you involved for a considerable length of time.

The Keyboard

The keyboard has an in a flash unmistakable, persuading keyboard activity. I was expecting this lower-end Roland to make forfeits in the keyboard activity, however I’m extremely glad to report that the keyboard, with its five, contact affectability sensors, is as receptive to play than any of the higher-end Rolands I’ve played.

The keys are produced using a plastic composite with “ivory feel” that give the console an alluring physicality that nearly asks to be played. The weighting of the keys are super-sensible, giving a wonderful interface between the fingers and the instrument.

The keyboard is ideal for piano exercises – with Dual and Split keyboard modes that empower you to partition the console down the center to make piano exercises more tolerable.

The sensible idea of the keyboard is additionally upgraded with the mechanical escapement that you get with acoustic pianos. Despite the fact that escapement, entirely, isn’t essential for a computerized piano (as there are no mallets hitting strings), it’s a helpful expansion to the list of capabilities. In case you’re playing a quick, calm entry, an acoustic piano expects you to perform “over the escapement,” generally notes won’t play reliably. It’s valuable to have this component with a console that you’re probably going to use as a training instrument, as much as an instrument that will give long periods of playing delight.

Other “piano exercise inviting” highlights incorporate two earphone attachments, and the locally available metronome, which is a fundamental for precise cadenced practice.

The Pedal Board

There are three foot-pedals, giving a delicate, sostenuto and a damper pedal. The delicate pedal is fit for nonstop location – with a fabulous piano, it’s regularly conceivable to press the delicate pedal, and slide it to one side to abandon it forever set up – the consistent discovery highlight duplicates this.

You can likewise dole out the sostenuto pedal to various Bluetooth capacities, including “page-turn” with iPad music-score applications.

On-board Rhythm Section

The implicit mood area is a fun component of this console, with some shockingly keen fixings that make this reasonable computerized piano an enormous measure of amusing to play.

The wise backup highlight pursues whatever you play while keeping everything in time with your decision of drum groove. However, it’s not only a drum machine. When you play alongside the drums, the Roland F-140R examinations the harmonies you play and makes definite instrumental backups as truly amazing bass lines, horn wounds and guitar licks. It truly resembles having a full band in your pocket.

I’ve seen this element in a portion of Roland’s higher-end consoles and was awed with the capacity – I don’t know I’d utilize it much myself, but rather it would be extraordinary for gatherings. I was astounded to see it incorporated into the list of capabilities of the Roland F-140R in light of the fact that the sticker price is much lower than alternate models I trialed.

3D Headphone Experience

For any individual who’s at any point shared a house, you’ll know how profitable the capacity to connect yourself to, genuinely is. It’s been the friend in need of many-a-family unit.

In any case, the issue with wearing earphones for the client is ear weakness. Your ears have a tendency to get more drained, all the more immediately, when you have speakers tied to your head. Which is the reason the 3D earphone encounter you get with the Roland F-140R is so welcome.

This console sounds fantastic through earphones. Instead of the marginally claustrophobic experience you get when shutting out the room around you, you get an immense, roomy sound that keeps your ears drew in, as opposed to tired and overpowered.


Bluetooth truly has changed such huge numbers of things around the home, and the melodic instrument is unquestionably one of them. Most computerized pianos are fit for being utilized as a MIDI controller, enabling you to associate with a Digital Audio Workstation, similar to Logic Pro or Cubase. Bluetooth, be that as it may, has extended that ability path past controlling DAWs, by enabling you to remotely connection to the some delicate synths or DAWs accessible on Apple’s iOS stage.

There are some genuinely splendid applications accessible, for example, Korg Gadget and Steinberg’s Cubasis 2, which will grow your Roland F-140R into an EDM machine with actually no restrictions.

Also, Bluetooth availability can append the sostenuto pedal to a sheet music application for without hands page turning.


There are 2 x 12W speakers arranged on the underside of the console. They convey a delightfully fresh solid at normal volumes. This isn’t the loudest advanced piano I’ve run over, yet it’s completely adequate for most viable employments. The full volume is 103dB.


The sound IN and OUT attachments are smaller than normal jack style, which is somewhat of a drawback, as you won’t get as splendid a flag if you somehow happened to open up this console through a PA. A 1/4″ jack generally improves.

There’s a USB MIDI port and a USB memory port, which permits you record an execution straightforwardly to a glimmer drive.

User Interface

The User Interface is really essential at the same time, in decency, totally abundant. There’s a basic three-digit LED show, that affirms the instrument’s present capacity with a code (that you’ll rapidly figure out how to unravel). There are a lot of catches, nonetheless, that make exchanging voices, controlling rhythms and altering a portion of the instrument’s reverberation factors, basic. What’s more, straightforward is all you require.


The Roland F-140R is a keyboard that is showcased as a minimized unit, ideal for understudies living in tight spaces. To designate the Roland F-140R to the understudy advertise, be that as it may, to some degree undersells this noteworthy Roland 88 key computerized piano.

The overlay down top secures the instrument (and conceivably gives a working surface to different undertakings), and in either white or dark, this is an excellent, quality instrument.

I would happily take this computerized piano home with me. The play-feel and the splendid cluster of sound voicings are completely first class. At the cost, I don’t figure you can show signs of improvement keyboard.


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