Dave Smith Instruments Mopho x4 Analog Synthesizer Keyboard Review 2024

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Dave Smith Instruments Mopho x4 Analog Synthesizer Keyboard Review (Updated)

Dave Smith Instruments has followed up the past Mopho synthesizer display with a synth that has a smooth new design, greater flexibility, and sonic potential outcomes. Upon first look, the most eminent change the Mopho x4 makes from its ancestor is the advanced stylish look. Gone is the splendid, attention-getting yellow paint occupation of the first Mopho, and this is a fantastic change.

Where Nord digital pianos hold their brilliant red tasteful through new models without any protests, the daylight yellow of the Mopho wound up a greater amount of a blemish than everything else. The design of the Mopho X4 flaunts a dark display with wood-framed side pieces, taking inspiration from the microKORG.

Beside the smooth look of the keyboard, Dave Smith Instruments (DSI) has figured out how to deliver an agreeable, vigorous synthesizer that catches the imagination of the synth player by obviously spreading out amalgamation options on the front board. Where the microKORG offered a perplexing framework on the front board to expand flexibility with less handles, the Mopho X4 profits by an increasingly saved, moderate design that supports experimentation as opposed to directions-perusing.

The Mopho X4 gives valuable features that were absent in their past synthesizer, and as a result of these upgrades, the Mopho X4 builds up itself not just as a commendable successor to the Mopho, yet in addition as a commendable contender to different synthesizers available.

The Feel

The touch of this keyboard is one of its most fulfilling qualities, as I would like to think. In contrast to the microKORG, the 44 keys of the Mopho X4 are full-sized like the span of a fabulous piano. This takes into consideration more precision for the individuals who are progressively familiar with full-estimate keyboards or pianos.

Obviously, the drawback to this design is that the keyboard contains less keys than it would in the event that it had used a smaller design for the keys. Along these lines, the keyboard misses the mark regarding a four-octave range. The utilization of the octave controls on the front board, in any case, expands the scope of the keyboard to seven octaves.

The action of the keys themselves is speedy and responsive, giving touch-touchy speed parameters that are fulfilling and fulfilling. In view of the keys’ speedy response, the Mopho X4 makes it simple to play quick entries, rehashing notes, and glissandos.

The vibe of the handles, wheels, and buttons on the front board are fulfilling too. The handles move easily, taking into account simple control over channels, waveforms, and envelopes. This gives the player extraordinary detail over the control of each stable. The pitch twist wheel works easily also, giving an agreeable measure of attention back towards its resting place.

By and large, the vibe of the keyboard is very fulfilling and nothing feels strange. Albeit a few consumers might be baffled with an under four-octave range, the full-estimate keys and octave transposition option give a sufficient trade off. The extent of the keyboard itself is correct where it ought to be, and adding more keys to achieve a four-octave range would have expanded its size to an awkward length.

The Sound

The Mopho X4 accompanies four banks of industrial facility introduced patches, taking into account a colossal measure of sound variation out of the case. In the event that you’ve had any involvement with the Tetra or the Prophet 08, you can expect comparative outcomes from the Mopho X4. It gives profound bass, crunchy leads, and smooth cushions, all effectively controlled through the front board’s altering parameters.

The synthesizer can deliver sounds for a gigantic assortment of melodic styles, extending from dynamic shake to EDM and techno. The profound growlings of the sub bass are delivered simply as shrill lead shouts or high-recurrence whistles of sci-fi impacted impacts. The patches on the MophoX4 are reminiscent of the Prophet 08, and that is something worth being thankful for.

All in all, the cushions are more fragile than the basses and the leads, yet this shouldn’t imply that they are without esteem. Regardless they sound extraordinary fill their need they simply are not as ground-breaking as alternate classes of sounds. I was commonly more joyful with the plant cushions once I used them with the arpeggiator, giving them more development to a track.


Despite the fact that the fix assortment and altering capability of the keyboard feel vast, the player is confined to four-note polyphony, which may feel constraining to a few clients. In spite of the fact that I never felt superfluously confined with this limitation, I was now and again frustrated with my failure to construct harmonies with anything else than one chordal extension. For instance, in the event that you need to play out a C9 harmony, which contains five exceptional pitches, you should exclude one note in the construction of the harmony. This, obviously, isn’t an issue with set of three based songs or basic, monophonic lead lines. Be that as it may, the compositional capability of unpretentious cushions can endure incredibly when confined to only four voices.

Albeit occasionally restricted, four-voice constructions work extraordinary for generally songs. When utilizing an incredible metal fix to pound out a harmony progression, it’s very compelling to play the group of three in the correct hand while fortifying the bass line in the left. These are the minutes when the four-voice polyphony truly sparkles. The inclusion of four-voice polyphony is the thing that helps the Mopho X4 eclipse the first Mopho the most, and despite the fact that it might constrain increasingly complex harmony progressions and voice-driving options, I never felt seriously let down or disillusioned by this limitation.

It is conceivable to extend the quantity of voices with the Tetra, which is likewise delivered by Dave Smith Instruments. While it is decent that there exists a workaround for the constrained polyphony of the Mopho X4, paying an additional few hundred dollars for a couple of additional voices debilitates this option. Obviously, on the off chance that you intend to buy the Tetra for more than its capacity to fortify the polyphony of the Mopho X4, it is an extraordinary workaround.

Target Market

The Mopho X4, albeit exceptionally adaptable and complex, spreads out its parameter options in such a perfect and composed way. Learning simple union doesn’t appear to be an overwhelming assignment with a precarious expectation to absorb information when playing this synth. Actually, it might be one of the business’ best options for figuring out how union functions.

The front board just spreads out every class of union options:

  • Oscillators
  • Envelopes
  • Arpeggiator
  • Modulation
  • Blender
  • LFO
  • Channel
  • MIsc Parameters

This lucidity and oversimplified design of the keyboard joined with the LED lights that flag what option is flipped on or off give a smooth union affair to even the beginner players. Numerous synthesizers available brag extraordinary adaptability through complex game plans of buttons, handles, switches, LED lights, input jacks that can look dauntingly confounded. The Mopho X4 comprehends its motivation, be that as it may, and it energizes the player with its straightforward design.

What keeps this synthesizer away from being the ideal synth to learn is its cost. I would not prescribe a beginner to spend $500 for a keyboard for learning purposes. It’s quite often better to learn on a less expensive model, and on the off chance that you need to stay with it, go for the more costly models.

In case you’re a novice that is not kidding about learning simple union and isn’t conditional about paying upwards of $800 for a synth, I would profoundly prescribe this synth to begin getting the hang of, enhancing the keyboard’s instructions with online instructional exercises and simple combination websites. Any novice that is reluctant to spend such a great amount on a keyboard to take in would profit by starting on a less expensive model, for example, the microKORG, Korg Minilogue, or even a Korg digital piano.

The more experienced player will discover incredible satisfaction in this smaller, yet ground-breaking synthesizer. Anyone encountered with altering union parameters will observe the Mopho X4 to be an incredible apparatus for experimentation. The straightforward format of the keyboard takes into account satisfaction directly out of the container in light of the fact that there is anything but a need to peruse the majority of the instructions to work.

This keyboard will satisfy experienced keyboard players with its adaptable sounds, yet oversimplified interface, and it will give beginner players a spotless, moderate board to get settled with sound combination. The principle trademark that may dissuade learners is the value point.


The Mopho X4 doesn’t reexamine or develop how blend is done or how music is played. It doesn’t give whatever isn’t possible on an alternate synthesizer. In any case, that is alright that is not its expected reason. The Mopho X4 gives the client a refined method for sound blend not a reinvention.

Oversimplified altering features, smooth tasteful, compactness, solace, and flexibility are not new qualities to the keyboard business. Be that as it may, couple of keyboards or synthesizers give these attributes. The Mopho X4 provides these, and the bargains it makes to accomplish these aren’t altogether adverse to its intrigue.

All that it does, it does well yet not consummately. Full-estimate keys are an extraordinary feature, however the scope of the keys must be decreased. Four-voice polyphony is an incredible update from the first Mopho’s monophonic setting, however it is as yet restricted in its own particular manner.


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