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Casio CGP-700 Digital Piano Grand Review (Updated)

Individuals regularly solicit us what kind from digital piano to purchase for their families, and their needs are shockingly uniform: something for the more youthful children to take exercises on, for the more seasoned children to amp up and stick in groups, and something with enough style to live in the lounge room and let a skilled visitor be the life of the gathering on Saturday night. What do I let them know? There’s simply been no ideal piano that is both a generous comfort and a lightweight gigging keyboard. Until the point when Casio presented the CGP-700.

Twelve years prior Casio practically designed the economical, lightweight, weighted-key digital piece piano with the Privia line. No longer alone in the commercial center, they’ve refined the breed amazingly and included both a master form (the PX-5S, reviewed Aug. ’13) and an upscale purchaser form (the PX-300 line). There are likewise home support models under the name Celviano. What Casio has finished with the CGP-700 is to include a shading touchscreen interface and also an extra, rich stand that hides a strikingly courageous 40W stereo amp. The CGP-700 is a delight to play, sounds energizing on numerous levels, and now has the volume to really cut it in the family room. Furthermore, here’s the kicker: You can lift the 26-pound piece out of its stand and cover pretty much any gig nearby.

Features of Casio CGP-700

In all actuality such a large number of features can overpower a player, however the CGP-700 is amazingly simple to utilize. At the focal point of the control board is the 5.3″ Color Touch Interface that makes each setting and inclination simple to change at the touch of a catch.

The screen sits at a tilt, which makes it simple to see when playing or standing and the display is splendid and clear. Exploiting the differed shading palette and light-support, you can swipe through tones and rhythms rapidly, rather than squeezing a huge amount of catches or remembering blends.

The Grand Piano catch enables you to hear one of Casio’s most famous sounds in a moment. Another speedy access catch is the Transpose function that enables you to just move to an alternate key at your watchfulness.

There are four speakers situated at the best and two low-recurrence speakers situated in the stand (focusing on 40 watts of intensity, no less). This piano packs a punch with a ground-breaking nearness that rivals numerous digital pianos in its value range, size and weight class.

This is an extraordinary 3-way speaker framework that enables you to make the most of your most loved sounds as your give them a shot, play along to the implicit rhythms, or tune in to your electronic gadgets by means of the stereo aux input.

Regardless of what you utilize it for, the Casio’s sound framework is an extraordinary quality at the cost go.

The Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action II keyboard is a known feature of Casio’s digital pianos. These sensors enable the piano to reproduce the touch and feel of a show piano.

When I experimented with two or three entries on the CGP-700, it was detectable that it was so sensible to play on it. You’ll never confuse a versatile piano with a great, however it felt very great under the fingertips and didn’t feel modest.

To oblige these incredible keys, the CGP-700 recreates the sound of a 9-foot show great piano that is very amazing. As indicated by Casio, the account session required more than two dozen microphones. This sound is best utilized in stereo or mono, yet we additionally have the damper reverberation reproduction that adds profundity and authenticity to developments of pieces.

There are settings accessible through the touchscreen that will enable you to peruse through pianos for shake, jazz, and some other style of your inclination. Best of all, you can do everything with a straightforward swipe. The CGP-700 has an alternative SP-33 pedal framework that enables you to encounter delicate, sostenuto, and damper pedals.

There are 550 diverse instrumental tones to exploit on the CGP-700. There are more guitars, strings, drums, and synths than anybody would ever request. I realize that there are digital pianos that offer much more sounds, however at the cost and quality you’re getting with the CGP-700, I can invest my energy swimming through 550 tones without getting exhausted for a long time.

Alongside reverbs and deferrals, there are other additional items, for example, rotational speakers for the organs and phasers on electric pianos. Having a full-back up band that responds to each harmony you play ought to fulfill any essential backup require. There are 200 outfit Rhythms to browse on the CGP-700, also.

Despite the fact that I wouldn’t promptly mark this as an “entertainer’s piano,” there’s an extraordinary feature for you to spare mixes of your most loved tones, layers, parts, rhythms, and beats for moment playback amid a set. Actually, it’s easy to record your execution with both the MIDI and USB sound recorders. You can likewise exchange these to your PC to immediately share your music. Soundcloud and other music sharing locales are extremely famous for growing specialists and performers, so it’s genuinely simple to transport and offer your music from the CGP-700.

The CGP-700 is additionally a decent piano for those that need to either learn without anyone else at home, or those that have an individual educator. The Duet Mode parts the keyboard into equivalent extents, which makes it simple to pursue an educator or offer with a kindred understudy. For cutting edge music classrooms, the Classroom Mode works related to most outsider piano lab frameworks. What’s more, situated on the front board are two headphone jacks that can be utilized by any two individuals sharing the piano.


Each maker realizes that their client’s “Purchase” switch is activated—or not—in the initial three seconds of playing the piano solid in memory space number one. Here, the CGP-700 brings it. Feel is everything, and the key surface is finished like vintage coal black and ivory. Indeed, even before you hear the instrument, there’s an impression of value. Casio says that their activity is unaltered from the past variant, yet it feels somewhat lighter and more receptive to me.

The essential piano stable is fundamental to the point that Casio has set a Grand Piano catch on the board that shoots you appropriate back to “Fantastic Piano 001” regardless of where you are: setting out a 16-section tune demo, completing a sound chronicle, or sticking with the auto-backup. That nine-foot fabulous is constantly a single tick away. Also, what a sound it is: Rich, all around adjusted mids, a low end that really feels and seems like a major stupendous, and smooth highs that go up through the main 12 notes.

Casio brags of a MXi (Multi-Expressive Integrated) sound source with damper reverberation reenactment, however what every single exclusive process like this do is convey you closer to the stupendous piano experience. For this situation, the 128-note polyphony, which is a large portion of that apportioned to their master demonstrate, is more than adequate to trick your ears and fingers. In the event that you come up short on notes, you’re over-accelerating. Outside of the Casio Privia family, the CGP’s triple sensors and reviewed pound activity are an irregularity at under a thousand bucks.

Sounds VS Time

The Piano arrangement spreads out the normal gathering of EQ varieties and layers (I invested an abundant excess energy with the out of control, Clav-ish “Move Piano 008.”) and presents a few pleasant harpsichords, as well. The Electric Piano menu is path better than expected. The Wurly fixes, for example, don’t buzz and frizzle when you smack them, yet they’re so melodic you hold returning to them. Of the 37 EPs, you’ll effectively discover five that will end up fundamental. A similar high extent of wheat to debris is valid in the Clavs and hammers also.

Organ patches are incredibly enhanced in assortment and legitimacy over past manifestations, and offer an adequate meal of shake, and jazz decisions to cover most bar-band gigs. For love administrations, you can enhance your sound in the event that you split the keyboard and utilize an alternate bass setting; there’s even an “Organ Bass” sound accommodated this reason. Discussing basses, there’s a new example for the acoustic upstanding and a powerful force of new finger, pick, and synth basses.

Truly, I did due constancy and tried out each and every one of the 550 Sitars, Shanais, Sarods, and every one of the brasses, reeds, drum packs, strings and guitars. Would it be advisable for you to discard your broad programming test libraries? Obviously not. However, this is by a long shot Casio’s most profound and most arranger-commendable combination of instruments. There are some clunkers: We all have better shakuhachis. In any case, in a similar woodwind accumulation, “Hoarse Alto Sax 002” is presumably the most exact I’ve heard on a generation keyboard (you’ll return to “Take Five,” ensured) and hipped me to a convincing sonic dream that the locally available speaker framework invokes on a few patches: You can for all intents and purposes observe the sax drifting three feet over the keys.

Extravagant accessories

First off, the multi-track sequencers on most keyboards are entirely cumbersome to utilize and most keyboard players I know maintain a strategic distance from them. In any case, you may utilize this one, since it’s in a flash instinctive and it functions admirably as an extremely fundamental 17-track MIDI recorder. Consider it the Rolls-Royce of scratch pads: You can record, do auto-punches, and perform straightforward alters. There’s none of the extravagant stuff, for example, quantizing, however for 800 bucks, what difference does it make?

Metronome? Check. Drum machine with 200 examples? Check. Auto-orchestrate? Check. Broad auto-backup? Check. You can have a ton of fun in the World Music area losing all sense of direction in a Pixar motion picture of reminiscent and now and again crazy styles that to me are impressively novel and invigorating.

Instructors will acknowledge Duet mode, which gives both of you one next to the other areas of keys in a similar pitch go. I’ve yet to discover a keyboard feature that someone doesn’t swear by. On the CGP-700 my most loved expansion, beside the gutsy speakers, is the new shading touchscreen.


There’s such a great amount of going ahead in the engine here that you require a broad control board, and Casio’s run one better with this splendid, well-thoroughly considered screen. Despite the fact that Casio asserts all the finger-swiping signals of a tablet, it’s in reality nearer in functionality to the sort of screen on the priciest digital pianos, which is as yet a colossal enhancement over minor catches on a dark surface.

The screen defaults to a grid of menu symbols, with additional on deck when you press the bolt to one side. It was less demanding for me to utilize the correct bolt than the finger-swipe. Three route symbols take you to the Main Screen (which inspires you to tones, layers, parts, and about six different functions you’ll utilize constantly), the Menu, and the Exit/Back catch. Every Menu symbol opens an instinctive page for things that used to require interminable catch squeezes: adjusting layers, picking impacts, setting their levels, et cetera. Once you’ve become accustomed to the touchscreen, you’ll dislike any keyboard that doesn’t have one.

Technical Details of Casio CGP-700

  • Measurements: 58.9″ x 15.1″ x 15.8″
  • Weight: 56.7 lbs
  • Tri-sensor Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard with 3 affectability levels
  • 5.3″ shading touch interface
  • MXi Sound System
  • 128 max. polyphony
  • 550 inherent tones
  • Two part harmony, octave, layer/part modes
  • Sound and MIDI recorder
  • Auto fit
  • 200 inherent rhythms
  • Exercise function
  • 4.7″ x2, 2″ x 2 speakers
  • 20 W Amplifiers x 2

Being used

The stand is somewhat tippy on profound heap floor coverings. To amend this, you can either shim it yourself or modify the included enemy of tip sections. (I wouldn’t utilize those sections in a rambunctious bar setting, however.) That dealt with, the CGP-700 resembles playing a much weightier, more costly reassure keyboard. A tough crosspiece holds the huge speakers and you can position them to shoot the sound towards the player or into the room.

As an independent chunk I played it through my Barbetta 41C combo amps and Yamaha DXR10 fueled stage speakers, and it amps up pleasantly in the two settings. It sounds preferred in stereo over mono, however the mono out is spotless and uncolored. It does not have some master features, similar to a tweak haggle pedal input, yet once more, given the value it’s difficult to gripe.


  • Without the stand, it’s a to a great degree convenient and incredible sounding stage piano.
  • With, it’s a rich family room digital piano.
  • Shading touchscreen.
  • Full-bodied, 40W implicit stereo amp.
  • Updated 550-fix sound library is more grounded in each instrument classification.


  • No articulation pedal jack.
  • No tweak controller.
  • Finger-swipe on touchscreen could be smoother.


For 800 bucks, you get an amazing 26-pound, 88-key, reviewed pound activity gigging keyboard in addition to a remain with implicit 40W stereo amp. In addition it’s a good looking fiend. Furthermore it sounds exceptional in pretty much every instrument classification. Casio has put precisely the correct features together for the individuals who require a top notch digital piano experience for both home and organize, and the CGP-700 acquires our Key Buy grant for remarkable value for the money. The ideal family and stage piano. At a “How might they do that?” value, it doesn’t bargain either application.


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