Yamaha P-45 Digital Piano Review 2024

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Yamaha P45 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano Review (Updated)

The Yamaha P45 is Yamaha’s fresh out of the box new advanced piano, which replaces the past P-35 demonstrate as the new passage level item in the tremendous index of the Japanese producer. First declared at NAMM 2015, the 88-key weighted activity advanced piano is presently accessible worldwide at the MSRP cost of $499 and right now speaks to a standout amongst the most reasonable arrangements available. It shares all the center capacities with the more established Yamaha P-35, including some new intriguing features like the USB connector, which enables you to utilize the piano as a MIDI controller, and the multiplied polyphony, which returns more articulation and a more extravagant piano solid. We should investigate the principle features of this new item in the famous P-Series.

Features of Yamaha P45

The piano has a fundamental arrangement of features that will fulfill the greater part of the novices and presumably middle of the road players.


Double Mode will enable you to layer two instrument sounds with the goal that they sound all the while over the whole keyboard run. For instance, you can layer strings with the piano solid or join whatever sounds you get a kick out of the chance to get some new intriguing sounds.

You can likewise change the volume balance between the sounds to make one instrument sound louder than the other.

Team Mode parts the keyboard into two equivalent segments that have a similar pitch ranges. It enables two individuals to sit one next to the other and play similar notes in the meantime.

The mode is frequently utilized by piano instructors; sitting alongside an understudy they can play a few tunes, and the understudy can pursue along on the other piece of the keyboard, playing similar notes.

Part Mode, which would enable you to part the keyboard between two distinct sounds, isn’t accessible on the P-45.

Transpose and Fine tuning

Like some other computerized piano, the P45 doesn’t should be tuned (ever) and comes tuned at a standard A440 pitch.

Tweaking capacity enables you to raise or lower the contribute of whole keyboard 0.2Hz augmentations to coordinate the pitch of another instrument or vocalist, for instance.

The P45 additionally has transpose work that will enable you to change the contribute of the keyboard semitone steps.

For instance, you can move the pitch and have the capacity to play a melody in an alternate key without changing your hand situations. Transposing likewise comes in extremely valuable on the off chance that you need to play a tune written in a troublesome key with many dark keys included; you can essentially move the pitch of the keyboard and play the melody in an alternate less demanding key.

Recording and Playback

The P45 doesn’t have a worked in MIDI or sound recorder, which would enable you to record and playback your exhibitions. In any case, you can at present utilize USB (MIDI) association and, utilizing certain music programming, record your music.


An implicit metronome keeps a relentless beat for you by ticking at a steady speed. Rehearsing with metronome grows such major aptitudes as time keeping and a feeling of musicality.

The P-45 empowers you to change the beat (time-signature), rhythm and volume of the metronome.

Auto control off capacity counteracts superfluous power utilization via naturally killing the instrument after roughly 30 minutes of no task.

The capacity can be debilitated if necessary.


Yamaha P-45 is a 88-key sledge activity computerized piano with inherent speakers. The piano acquired the minimized and lightweight plan of its forerunner – P35; they look totally indistinguishable.

Convenientce is something I like about the P-45. It will effortlessly fit into littler spaces and will be a pleasant expansion to your home inside.

The piano is 52.2 inches wide, 11.6 inches down and 6 inches high. The P-45 weighs just 25 lbs and light enough to convey by one individual.

The piano would be an incredible decision for in a hurry performers and any individual who acknowledge versatility. The instrument will fit into most autos, so you can without much of a stretch take the keyboard to gigs or out and about.

Remember however that the P45 is as yet a full-sized, 88-key instrument and isn’t reasonable for long treks via plane/train.

Anyway, in case you will go with the piano, I’d prescribe purchasing a cushioned keyboard pack to secure the piano amid long/regularly transportations.

The piano does not accompany a stand. The span of the piano enables you to put it on a table or some other level surface, however you can simply purchase a discretionary X-type stand or the L85 furniture stand on the off chance that you need the keyboard to be stationary.

We’ll discuss a remain for the P-45 in the “Adornments” segment.

Control board of the P-45 is extremely basic and direct. There are just two catches and a volume control.

The “Power” catch kills the instrument on and; the other catch is designated “Capacity” (Grand piano) catch, which you can use to either choose Grand Piano stable or access the various sounds and features of the P-45.

You’ll have to at the same time press the “Capacity” catch + one of the piano keys (with a mark above) to choose whatever remains of the sounds, modify touch-sensetivity, metronome beat, and so forth.

Along these lines of exploring is really normal for passage level advanced pianos.

The Yamaha P45 is accessible in dark shading just (P-45B).


To precisely catch the sound of an acoustic instrument and make top notch tests Yamaha utilizes its outstanding AWM dynamic examining innovation.

The sound you’ll hear on the P45 is a genuine stereo sound recorded from a full show fabulous piano at various unique levels.

The P45 isn’t extraordinary for performers who require an assortment of instrument sounds and sound impacts to make music. The piano has just a fundamental arrangement of sounds, which would fulfill most piano players.

There are 10 instrument sounds accessible on the Yamaha P45:

  • 2 Grand pianos (Concert, Bright)
  • 2 Electric pianos
  • 2 Pipe organs
  • 2 Harpsichords
  • Strings
  • Vibraphone

Watch the video beneath to tune in to the P-45’s Concert Grand sound:

You can make the sound further and more expressive by including resonation impact. There are 4 reverb types accessible on the P45: Room, Hall 1, Hall 2, Stage.

You can likewise change the profundity of the impact from 0 (no impact) to 10 (most extreme profundity).

That is it to the extent sound impacts go.


What is Polyphony?

The polyphony is the quantity of notes a computerized piano can create in the meantime.

The greater part of the contemporary computerized pianos are furnished with 64, 128, 192 or 256-note polyphony.

You may consider how it is conceivable to have 32, 64, or even 128 notes playing in the meantime, if there are just 88 keys and we never play them all together.

As a matter of first importance, a significant number of the present advanced pianos utilize stereo examples, which once in a while require two notes for each key played.

Something else is that the utilization of the manage pedal, sound impacts (Reverb, Chorus), Dual mode (layering) and even the metronome tick sound take up extra notes of polyphony.

For instance, when you discourage the maintain pedal, the soonest played notes keep on sounding while you’re including new ones and the piano needs more memory to keep every one of the notes sounding.

Another case of polyphony utilization is the point at which you’re playing alongside a melody playback (can likewise be your own recorded execution) or auto-backup.

For this situation, the piano will require polyphony for the notes you’re playing as well as for a support track.

When you achieve the polyphony top, the piano begins to drop the most punctual played notes to free up memory for the new ones, which thus influences the sound and its completion.

You’ll scarcely ever require all the 192 or 256 voices of polyphony at any given moment, yet there are situations when you can reach 64 or even 128 note restrict, particularly on the off chance that you get a kick out of the chance to layer a few sounds and make multi-track accounts.

So it’s extremely alluring to have no less than 64 notes of polyphony.

The piano tones have been marginally enhanced over the past P35 demonstrate. Be that as it may, the most critical enhancement is that the polyphony has been multiplied from 32 to 64 notes.

Subsequently, the piano will have the capacity to keep in memory twice the same number of notes, taking into account a more full and more extravagant sound.

While 32-note polyphony may not generally be sufficient for playing complex established pieces, 64-note polyphony will do much of the time.


The P45 features 2 x 12 cm worked in speakers (6W + 6W amp). The sound is sufficiently boisterous to hone in a moderately little room or to perform before a couple of individuals, however not more.

For a live execution, playing alongside a few instruments, you’d require an outer speaker as the sound is frail for such events.

The nature of the sound through the locally available speakers is really nice, particularly thinking about the extent of the instrument. The sound stays clear and doesn’t misshape even at max volume.

You can show signs of improvement sound by connecting a decent match of earphones, which will give a clearer, more definite sound and in addition a vivid listening background.


The P-45 features completely weighted 88-key keyboard, called Graded Hammer Standard (GHS).

It’s Yamaha’s most reasonable mallet activity, which you can discover in most passage level computerized pianos from Yamaha. The vibe and activity of the keys of P-45 are fundamentally the same as those of an acoustic piano.

The keyboard repeats the vibe of the sledges inside an acoustic instrument, utilizing real little mallets inside the keyboard as opposed to springs (semi-weighted activities).

The GHS activity has heavier touch in the low end and lighter touch in the top of the line simply like an acoustic piano.

The keyboard is touch (speed) – touchy, which implies the volume/timbre changes relying upon how hard or delicate you play the keys, repeating the rich powerful scope of an amazing piano.

You can change the level of touch-affectability to all the more likely suit your playing style. There are 4 preset settings: Fixed, Soft, Medium (default) and Hard.

The “Settled” setting makes the keyboard not touchy to the touch, delivering a similar measure of volume paying little heed to how hard or delicate you play the keys.

The “Hard” setting, then again, will give the largest unique range, where you’ll need to strike the keys extremely difficult to deliver the noisy sound.

Dissimilar to some higher-end models, the keys of the P-45 doesn’t have dampness retaining keytops that imitate the vibe of genuine Ebony and Ivory keys and will in general give a superior grasp.

In any case, dark keys of P-45 have matte complete, which will keep fingers from slipping off when they turned out to be wet.

The white keys are reflexive however I wouldn’t state it’s an issue, besides numerous acoustic pianos have a similar shiny keys.

It’s additionally worth making reference to that Yamaha’s GHS activity will in general be somewhat less loud (recognizable when playing at a low volume or in earphones), contrasted with the Casio’s Tri-sensor pound activity, however regarding authenticity, Casio’s activity is apparently better.


The piano is outfitted with all the important ports and jacks to associate the instrument to outside gadgets, for example, earphones, outer intensifiers, maintain pedals, and so forth.

Every one of the connectors are on the back of the instrument.

USB (type B) terminal

The huge change over the past P35 display is that rather than Midi In/Out ports the P45 has a USB to Host port, which much of the time is a more helpful alternative.

It enables you to transmit MIDI information to outside gadgets including PCs, tablets (connector is required), and so on.

To associate the P45 to the PC you’d have to purchase an extra A to B USB link. In any case, don’t stress, they’re really shoddy.

Once you’ve associated the piano to your PC, you can utilize the keyboard as a MIDI controller and exploit different music programming accessible out there (e.g. GarageBand, Mixcraft, FL Studio, and so forth.)

Contingent upon the program, you’ll have the capacity to learn, form, record and alter your exhibitions, and do numerous other fun things that the keyboard alone can’t offer.

Headphone jack

On the off chance that you want to rehearse in private or need to get a more point by point and exact sound, you can simply connect a couple of earphones to the P-45’s 1/4″ setereo jack.

The inherent speakers will naturally close off, and you’ll have the capacity to play whenever you need without troubling others.

The main thing I find awkward is that the earphone jack is on the back of the piano.

The jack can likewise be utilized as a Line out to interface the piano to outside speakers, enhancers, blenders and so on.

Support pedal jack

This is the place you’ll have to connect an included footswitch, which works indistinguishable path from a manage pedal on an acoustic piano.

The jack will likewise work with outsider support footswitches/pedals that have ¼” plug (essentially every one of them have).

Unpacking the Yamaha P45

  • P-45 digital piano 
  • Dad 150B AC connector
  • FC-5 footswitch-style manage pedal
  • Music rest
  • Client manual

Technical Details of Yamaha P45

  • Measurements: 52.2″ x 11.5″ x 6″
  • Weight: 36.4lbs
  • 88-key completely weighted keyboard with matte dark keytops
  • Reviewed Hammer Standard activity
  • Touch Sensitivity (Hard, Medium, Soft, Fixed)
  • Sound: AWM Stereo examining
  • 64-note polyphony
  • 10 instrument sounds (2 pianos)
  • 10 preset piano melodies + 10 demo tunes
  • Modes: Duo, Dual
  • Metronome, Transpose, Fine-tuning
  • Speakers: 6W + 6W (12cm x 2)
  • Associations: USB to Host, Headphone jack, Sustain jack
  • Guarantee: 3-year producer’s guarantee

Accessories of Yamaha P45

  • Air conditioning Power Adapter
  • Music Rest
  • Maintain Footswitch 
  • Proprietor’s manual

Maintain Pedal

Typically, the included Yamaha FC5 maintain footswitch fills in as it should, however is to some degree feeble and doesn’t look extremely decent.

It’s essentially a plastic box-like pedal, which is a long way from what you’ll discover on an acoustic piano. Consequently, purchasing something more significant and reasonable may not be a terrible thought.

The M-Audio SP-2 piano-style pedal is a moderate option to the included footswitch. It has a solid metal development and feels like a genuine piano pedal.


With regards to a remain for the P45, there are 3 choices for you to consider.

The first choice isn’t to purchase a remain by any stretch of the imagination. The P45 is sufficiently smaller to put it on a work area, table or some other level surface. For a few, it’s possibly not extremely advantageous, but rather still, that choice is accessible.

The second alternative is to purchase a compact X-type stand.

The Starter Bundle incorporates the Yamaha PKBX2 X-type stand, which will work with the P45 fine and dandy.

Be that as it may, there are numerous other extraordinary stands in the distinctive value ranges accessible on Amazon independently from the piano.

One of my proposals would likewise be the RockJam Xfinity Heavy-Duty movable stand.

The third choice is a furniture stand that would be a stationary arrangement and extraordinary for the individuals who don’t plan to move the piano around much and need it to remain in one place.

Yamaha offers the L85 wooden stand that fits Yamaha P45/P71/P115 pianos and cost around 100$. The stand is incorporated into the Deluxe package however can likewise be purchased independently from the piano.

The Yamaha LP5A 3-Pedal Unit good with the L85 stand won’t work with the P45 in light of the fact that the piano doesn’t have an uncommon Pedal Unit connector.


As I specified, it’s conceivable to take P45 on gigs, practices or treks. It’s extremely fitting to utilize some sort of assurance for the keyboard to keep it from harm.

For its 88-key pianos, Yamaha offers the YBA881 Artiste Series keyboard sack, which is an extraordinary choice to consider on the off chance that you intend to move the keyboard from place to put a great deal.

Despite the fact that the P-45 will fit into the Yamaha sack, there will be a great deal of room left (in width) as the pack is designed to likewise fit the YPG-535 keyboard, which is substantially more extensive than the P-45 (16.6″ versus 11.5″).

So in the event that you need a more reasonable (thin) arrangement, I’d prescribe the moderate yet dependable Kaces 15-KB pack, which will fit the P-45 consummately.


Headphones come in extremely helpful when you need to rehearse in private, concentrating exclusively on your playing and not exasperating others adjacent.

Besides, a great combine of piano headphones will give clear and itemized sound that locally available speakers can’t offer.

Look at this manual for figure out how to pick the best-sounding headphones for your computerized piano.


  • Minimal and Lightweight
  • Simple to utilize
  • 88 completely weighted keys
  • 10 practical instrument sounds
  • Normal great piano solid
  • Ideal for tenderfoots
  • Moderate


  • No implicit recorder
  • Speakers are not boisterous
  • Unstable maintain footswitch
  • Headphone jack is on the back


With the P-45, Yamaha has made another progression towards the making of the ideal passage level computerized piano. This new item in the P-Series imparts numerous normal features to its ancestor and boats with a 64-note greatest polyphony, which offers a superior sounding piano tone in a similar lightweight case of just 25 pounds, that permits amateurs and in a hurry artists to effortlessly convey it over to their gigs and practices. The 88-key GHS keyboard is as yet an incredible decision for hopeful musicians and offers similar sentiments of a conventional acoustic piano, making the P-45 outstanding amongst other computerized pianos for fledglings.


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