Williams Overture 2 Digital Piano Review 2024

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Williams Overture 2 Digital Piano Review (Updated)

The Williams Overture 2 reclassifies advanced piano style, finish with a work of art, lavish Ebony or Red Mahogany shine complete, a wide solid palette, and unprecedented feel. The Williams Overture 2 is based on 15 fast to-get exclusively created, high-goals sounds and additionally a lot of different instruments from metal to percussion and past. Appreciate totally extraordinary tones, tested specifically from a world-eminence stupendous, in addition to an accumulation of numerous vintage electric pianos and organs.

It additionally gloats an advantageous, full General MIDI sound set. The all-new, completely weighted, pound activity keybed gives a higher standard in reasonable reaction and feel. Regulation/FX control gives practical turning and vibrato impacts on select instruments. The Williams Overture 2 likewise incorporates Song Tutor with 50 play-a-long tunes, sound sources of info, USB/MIDI port, and a USB Host Port that plays MIDI records from a thumb drive. Different highlights incorporate split/layer/two part harmony console modes, transpose work, 2-track recorder, metronome, two earphone outs and ¼” stereo out jacks.

Features of Williams Overture 2

  • Best-in-class Ebony or Red Mahogany shine complete for an exquisite look with any stylistic layout
  • 88 pound activity completely weighted keys gives exceptional feel and reaction
  • 147 aggregate sounds, including 15 top notch custom sounds; 64Mbyte example ROM for higher-examined sounds: Grand Piano, Electric Pianos, Organs, Pipe Organ, Clavinet, Harpsichord, Upright Bass, Electric Bass, Strings
  • Complete General MIDI set for backup, add up to 128 playable sounds
  • Sustain, Soft, and Sostenuto pedals for practical playability
  • 64-voice polyphony for profound, layered organizations
  • Modulation/FX control offers practical turning and vibrato consequences for select instruments
  • 4-speaker stereo framework gives rich, immersive sound
  • Intuitive control board with simple to-peruse blue LCD show
  • Front board USB Host Port for thumb-drive MIDI playback
  • USB/MIDI association, MP3 input, stereo yields with 1ž4″ and RCA jacks
  • Headphone yield for private practice
  • Music rest
  • 5 free melodies with McCarthy Music instructive programming

Tune Tutor Books

  • Music books to use with the Song Tutor mode on the Williams Overture 2.
  • There are 3 areas in view of trouble. Propelled, Medium and Etudes.

The tunes in the Williams Overture Song Tutor mode are intended to help show you a few understood Classical pieces. There are additionally some console activities to enable you to create locate perusing and left hand freedom. With the Right and Left hand catches on the Williams Overture 2 you can quiet a section so you can play it straightforwardly on the console yourself. The initial 10 tunes on the Williams Overture 2 are the most troublesome pieces to learn. On the off chance that you are another piano understudy we prescribe beginning the Etudes initially to rehearse locate perusing and hand autonomy.

General Overview

Williams has been a consistent brand since their inception—we’ll offer that to them. While their items don’t actually rouse gear desire for some accomplished piano players (maybe some of them aren’t extremely acquainted with the brand), Williams knows their gathering of people and client base great.

Truth be told, at first look, it’s as though these pianos were made to be more brightening than anything. The outside of the Overture 2 is genuinely the most delightful looking sub-$1000 piano body we’ve run over in an extremely long time. The completion is sublime at a piano at this cost point, and genuinely, if all you needed to do was influence a room in your home to show up somewhat fancier from a visual standpoint, this would be the model to buy.

The keybed looks incredible too, with the red complement line navigating the whole length of the 88-key body. Everything on the piano has a smooth, wood grain feel to it, and the ebony-dark look truly sells the general picture of a genuinely refined piano.

The music lay included on the highest point of the body is durable and well-fabricated, which is unquestionably an improvement over the principal iteration of this piano. There is a minimal bureau that likewise fills in as the capacity territory for the pedal board, which also is convenient.

Talking about pedals, the piano has a standard-passage set of three, which is certain to satisfy those hoping to play as pianistically as could be allowed.

Polyphony, Speakers & More

The piano features a 64-note polyphony, which appeared to be impeccably fine amid our playtest. Everything appeared to be well inside worthy breaking points of value, particularly for less recognizing players.

The one lowlight would need to be the continue pedal. We found that amid ordinary playing, the support appeared to “cut off” takes note of a bit too soon for our enjoying. Having said that, be that as it may, we don’t feel this is a major enough downside to be a major issue for everything except the most requesting piano players.

The Overture 2 arrangement has 4 speakers incorporated with the unit, and to the extent commotion goes, we had no issue hearing the thing. The volume was more than sufficient, so you’ll never need to stress over that in any typical condition.

The sound was clear and distinctive, even at larger amounts, however we noticed some cresting when the full unique scope of the keys were being played all the while. There unquestionably wasn’t anything obvious that we heard that would make us name these as low-quality speakers, in any case.

Clearly, none of this issues at all if playing the piano isn’t fun, or doesn’t feel right. So next, how about we investigate how it feels to really play the Williams Overture 2.


The 88-key keybed on the Overture 2 is entirely good, everything considered. The keys feel characteristic and even, and one of the greatest shocks by a wide margin was the means by which incredible the sledge action keys felt—everything considered.

It’s imperative to take note of that the keys are not evaluated at all, so you won’t feel any distinction in opposition between the low and high registers. For some, this is definitely not a major ordeal by any means, yet for other people, playing on a piano without reviewing can feel unnatural and unprofessional.

At last, you’ll have to choose for yourself how essential this will be for you.

The Overture 2 features a guide mode that comes stuffed with 50 songs traversing a wide cluster of classes. You can play along to at any speed you want. This mode is extremely valuable for a fledgling simply taking his or her first bashful strides into the universe of piano. Or then again, maybe you haven’t played piano in years and need to dunk your toe over into the water—with a smidgen of assistance. On the off chance that you fall into these classes, you’ll likely enjoy this additional Song Tutor feature. On the off chance that you don’t fall into these classifications, this may be something you skip out and out.

One other comparable feature that is more energizing is the General MIDI playback functionality. This enables you to transfer a SD card with music all in all MIDI organization to be played back, so you can play along with it. There are a large number of songs accessible online in this organization, so this is one possibly valuable feature for the individuals who love covering and improving with different songs and specialists.


The Overture 2 has a wide exhibit of connect openings, contingent upon what you’re searching for. First of all, there’s a USB link for connecting to a PC or other gadget. Past that, there’s a couple of headphone jacks that are utilized for private tuning in, just as some sound out connections for connecting to an outer sound framework.

Everything considered, there’s little else you could truly look for trouble this piano. The greater part of the intrigue here is that most, if not the majority of the functions and sounds you need are incorporated inside the piano itself, so risks are, you won’t attach this thing to any confused setups just to play.

In this way, the majority of this is great, however it at last amounts to nothing if the sounds isn’t propelled. Next up, we’ll dig into the sound sets included with the Overture 2.


In the sound office, the Williams Overture 2 has a genuinely wide range of instrument emulations to play around with (some superior to other people). Altogether, there are 147 unique sounds, including the primary acoustic piano stable.

This opens up the options, and there are bounty here. There are strings, woodwinds, metal, electric and vintage pianos, and even some FM synth sounds to round out the rundown. A portion of these sounds are positively more amazing and valid than others, however nonetheless, this is a noteworthy arrangement of sounds all in all.

For impacts, the Overture 2 has a reverb, eq, and tune, and furthermore features a couple of other cool altering features, for example, key transposition, modulation impacts, and the sky is the limit from there. There’s likewise a couple of various features that enable you to extend your playing, similar to a split functionality and a sound layering mode.

In case you’re into account thoughts and messing around with sequencing, there’s a two track recording function that enables you to record thoughts down and make an interpretation of them into general MIDI. From that point, you can take the thoughts and bring them into a DAW (digital sound workstation) to be additionally refined and created.

This is unquestionably a cool feature to have, however for some, just connecting legitimately to the PC by means of the MIDI link would be a superior method to record. In any case, it’s decent to have the capacity to have such a feature for when inspiration strikes.


  • Extraordinary look and feel.
  • Shifted and genuine sounds.


  • Non evaluated keys.
  • Light on features.

The Bottom Line

The Williams Overture 2 is a wonderful, exquisite electric piano that features great quality keys in a reasonable bundle.


Uniting everything, the Overture 2 truly is a flawless electric piano. The look and feel of the item apparently hoists it beyond is sticker cost, and despite the fact that the splits start to indicate while digging into the features and sound quality, the whole bundle here is certainly justified regardless of the asking cost and particularly feels like a far reaching melodic instrument.

That being stated, there are some genuine contenders that offer convincing items, and at last, you’ll have to measure for yourself how critical style are to you. There are keyboards around this value extend that offer increasingly powerful feature sets, however few to none have this dimension of unadulterated style.


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