Korg LP-180 Digital Piano Review 2024

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Korg LP-180 Digital Piano Review (Updated)

Korg keep on setting requesting guidelines in the realm of electronic digital instruments. Since Korg have only chipped away at creating digital instruments, especially keyboards-their speculation into idealizing digital innovation has given them much required energy into setting the standard with their many shifted instruments.  Korg has turned out to be synonymous with extraordinary sounding, great esteem instruments that lead where others get a kick out of the chance to pursue. The LP180 is the passage level spending instrument in a progression of digital pianos.

Aggressively valued, the LP180 offers cutting edge digital innovation in digital instrumentation without a huge sticker price in a smaller, instrument that would fit cozily into an open corner of even the littlest of living spaces.

Korg have put their designing abilities into the features that issue most-sensible tone generation and an even touch reaction that imitates the vibe of a very much developed acoustic piano.

Features of Korg LP180

The instrument offers a choice of 10 sounds that are very much inspected. Each solid has a determination of two impacts that have a settled profundity to them.

The touch affectability is movable with three settings including light, medium and substantial, which gives players some control regarding how the keys react to their playing style

A transpose function is incorporated and the capacity to tune the instrument, to coordinate different instruments, is additionally accessible.

The three pedal connection unit adds a touch of legitimacy to make it feel more like a best end acoustic instrument and the reaction of the pedals is satisfyingly similar to that of an acoustic stupendous.

Ten demo tunes are accessible for tuning in and show the sounds on the instrument and how they can be utilized.

There are two headphone associations enabling two individuals to tune in without a moment’s delay incredible for an educator understudy circumstance in a situation where an exercise may exasperate others.


Korg’s regular weighted sledge activity keyboard, gives a sensibly very much reviewed reaction from the low to high end of the keyboard.

The lower registers feel determinedly heavier (as they should) contrasted with the upper end. One ponders however why the better Real Hammer Action keyboard found on higher models isn’t utilized no matter how you look at it.

The cost contrast between keyboards that do utilize the redesigned activity and those that don’t utilize this framework isn’t altogether unique. One expectations that Korg will get rid of the Natural Hammer activity and move into.

The instrument itself is housed in a plain body and unmistakably intended to fit into littler spaces. In that capacity the instrument feels somewhat light and players who put some weight into their playing may discover the casing somewhat precarious.

The normal player however will be more than content with the vibe of an instrument that offers a very practically identical activity to that of some extraordinary upright pianos and even a few grands.


The stereo piano framework sound age innovation separates Korg in the generation of great sound. The LP180 gives a rich piano tone to the instrument which is truly practical over the registers and seems like the genuine article.

Korg have positively spearheaded incredible examining innovation in their mission to give even their entrance level instruments an abnormal state of legitimacy in the sound division.

The choosing of any of alternate tones accessible additionally create sounds that have a feeling of authenticity and tone intricacy which make them sound more common, instead of digitally fabricated. The tones are spotless and full.

The keyboard additionally accompanies an arrangement of on-board speakers that convey a decent lot of sound. The sound stays valid on any of the picked tones and makes a roomy vibe in a home situation.

With the choice of reverb and theme impacts to add to the tone, the openness of the instrument can be expanded to add some magnificence to the picked sound.

There is no requirement for additional enhancement except if one will utilize the instrument in a considerably bigger setting.

Technical Details of Korg LP180

  • Dimensions: 56.5″ × 14.7″ × 17.3″
  • Weight: 63.3 lbs
  • Keyboard: 88 keys Natural Weighted Hammer Action Keyboard
  • Touch Selection:
  1. Light
  2. Normal
  3. Heavy
  • Pitch:
  1. Transpose,
  2. Fine tuning
  • Sound Generation: Stereo Piano System
  • Most extreme Polyphony: 120 voices
  • Sounds:
  1. 10 Acoustic Piano x 2
  2. Electric Piano x 2
  3. Harpsichord
  4. Clavi
  5. Vibraphone
  6. Pipe Organ
  7. Electric Organ
  8. Strings
  • Impacts: Reverb and Chorus 
  • Demo Songs: 10 (1 for every stable)
  • Pedals:
  1. Pedal unit
  2. Damper
  3. Soft
  4. Sostenuto
  5. Half-accelerating bolstered
  • Associations:
  1. Headphones x 2
  3. Pedal unit connector
  • Controls:
  1. Power
  2. Volume
  3. PIANO PLAY (for Selecting Demo Song)
  4. SOUND (for Selecting Sound)
  • Enhancement: 11 W x 2
  • Speakers: Oval (16 cm – 8 cm) x 2
  • Power Supply:
  1. DC 20 V
  2. AC connector
  • Power Consumption: 13W
  • Frill:
  1. AC connector
  2. Stand
  3. Pedal unit
  4. Pedal line


  • This is an extraordinary digital piano on the off chance that one has a greatly little space accessible for an instrument.
  • Its restricted straight-line shape gives one a full digital piano that barely consumes up more room than a digital keyboard.
  • Korg are prestigious for creating instruments that sound great and this one is the same.
  • It has a reasonable, rich sound for its acoustic piano stable and alternate sounds are very useable too, giving players some variety of tone utilize.
  • The harpsichord is especially suited for playing some rococo works.
  • The 120 note polyphony implies that notes are not lost on more perplexing entries.
  • It sets a significant abnormal state for polyphony on passage level instruments, which only sometimes go over 64.
  • The pedal unit, which comes as a connection on the edge is a three-pedal unit much like that of a great piano. In that capacity it offers a damper, delicate and sostenuto function.
  • Half accelerating is conceivable on the unit and all things considered gives a bona fide feel to the instrument making further developed pieces executable in a way that couple of other digital instruments can do.
  • Again these features are regularly not related with passage level instruments of this nature.
  • The reviewed activity, is as yet one of the better weighted keys components in the business and Korg have reliably demonstrated their ability in building keyboards with incredible designing.


  • The thin casing, while at the same time making it simple to fit into little spaces, gives the instrument a somewhat shaky feel and insecure when playing overwhelmingly.
  • The mallet activity component isn’t the equivalent as that of the following model up.
  • It has a marginally less evaluated feel than its more costly partners and gives a milder vibe than an acoustic piano.
  • The absence of layering functions and split functions constrains the utilization of alternate tones, which could have had more articulation, especially with a layering function.
  • This instrument bears fantastic similitude to the SP-170s and one miracles why Korg would create two instruments with such comparable looks and feel.
  • Where the SP170s has a few functions, for example, layering and parts, the LP180 has a pedal connection that gives it more in the same manner as later models from different brands.
  • It needs recording functions and furthermore doesn’t take into account layering or part the keyboard. This implies the utilization of the tones accessible is genuinely restricted.
  • The strings for instance would be undeniably helpful in the event that they could be layered over the piano stable.
  • It additionally needs connectors to different gadgets with no USB or impact pedals inputs.
  • Connectivity is such a critical issue with such huge numbers of gadgets today that it is very amazing that Korg have disregarded this detail in the improvement of this instrument.


The LP180 albeit sounding incredible and offering a characteristic vibe to the instrument has a spending feel and look to it. It gives the impression of offering more established innovation at a less expensive cost thus feels somewhat dated in its reaction. The way that the following instrument up in the range offers fresher innovation and an essentially better feel and sound for just some additional, nearly makes the LP180 out of date. It is not necessarily the case that it is a terrible instrument, that for a couple of dollars more, one can get essentially more features.

Yet, whenever cost is to be kept to an outright least and your space thought is down to the millimeter, the instrument offers an incentive for cash and the instrument will supply numerous long stretches of fulfillment.

By and by I figure Korg would have a greatly improved instrument staring them in the face in the event that they joined the features of the SP170s and the LP180 into one instrument. This would make an impressive passage level instrument that would have next to no to contend with it.

Maybe these two models were a test to perceive what the purchasing open would go for as far as features and ideally Korg will amend a portion of the alternatives on what is for the most part a high a quality choice in the digital instrument world.


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