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Best Kawai Digital Pianos And Keyboards Reviews (Updated)

Best Kawai Digital Piano : Among the various brands offering lines of digital pianos, one of the most encouraging and very much perceived names is the Kawai. It is known well for various reasons and has a mind boggling history in the music business.

It is in reality one of the most imaginative piano brands that has been creating the outflank items since 1927. The long periods of experience, aptitudes and top notch join to convey the best digital pianos. Kawai has dependably been attempting to experiment with different distinctive innovations and materials to improve the execution level, the tone, and sturdiness of the instruments.

Kawai fabricated the business’ absolute first digital piano with wooden keys. It was the primary digital piano that had a genuine wood soundboard, worked in CD recorders, and unimaginable action design that looked like the motion of traditional acoustic pianos. From that point forward, it has been endeavoring to additionally improve the craftsmanship of the instrument and is genuinely called the eventual fate of digital pianos.

The Kawai digital pianos are among the smash hits and ordinarily, the coaches and educators prescribe this brand. Their pianos display an amazing combination of cutting edge innovation and traditional craftsmanship and convey a wonderful affair.

Digital pianos by Kawai are considered to be a best decision for present day performers. These are generally constructed with great quality plastic and composite materials. These are accessible in various styles and the tone, proficiency level and execution all rely upon the material utilized. These are designed to convey profound and delicate notes of low tension and the tones are level.

The action design of Kawai digital pianos creates delicate tones and features improved clearness. The expanded keystroke obstruction, snappy return and simple to play design makes it progressively well known and alluring. The attention to detail, precision, and strong construction are some different in addition to purposes of these digital pianos.

There are various other helpful features that make Kawai among the best brands. It offers a tremendous line of digital pianos. There are distinctive models each with various features that are explicitly designed to cook the requirements of various dimensions of performers. Some are straightforward offering simple to play functions and improved execution while some are further developed with a high-class and praiseworthy yield.

On the off chance that you are additionally fond of playing the piano and need to purchase a digital one, Kawai has a great deal to introduce. It is an overwhelming errand to pick the most reasonable one from such a tremendous assortment. So as to make things less demanding for you and to spare your time, we have concocted brief reviews of probably the top of the line and best models of Kawai digital pianos.

3 Top Kawai Digital Piano Keyboards

Kawai MP11 Professional Stage Piano

Our Top Pick: 1

The Kawai MP11 gives the vibe of a genuine amazing piano. With commendable action, touch-delicate keys, easy to use operation and astounding sound, it is one of the most suitable decisions for stage pianos.

The sounds are arranged into three distinct sections including Piano, EPiano, and Sub. Every one of these sections has separate volume fader, reverb controls, impacts and 4 voice classes with variation in tones for every one of these sorts. Subsequently, each section can be balanced and played freely. This one of a kind setting makes the key ranges, parts and layer creation less difficult and does not permit the progressions made in one section irritate the other.

Among all the Kawai digital pianos, the MP11 has the biggest example measure and expanded memory of sound. It has improved natural tonal quality and features upgraded clearness of notes. In addition, it has an amp test system that stuffs the sound.

The five unmistakable kinds of speaker cupboards, more noteworthy control over the volume levels and drive of an enhancer, and convenient tone changes settles on it a shrewd decision.

The item specifications incorporate 40 voices, harmonic imaging with 88-key testing, Grand feel the wooden key action, a polyphony of most extreme 256 notes, adaptable 129 impacts and 6 reverbs, a USB recorder, and virtual expert that for all intents and purposes redoes all components of the piano. It has four keyboard modes including upper split, lower split, zone and full keyboard.

Kawai CA58 Digital Home Piano 

Our Top Pick: 2

Kawai is a brand which makes some really astounding pianos. Their range is somewhat more costly than the others, however the look and feel of the CA58 demonstrates why Kawai can charge somewhat more.

This is a genuinely tasteful digital piano. It has the look and feel of an acoustic piano with an upstanding piano look and metallic wrapping up. It likewise has the mimicked feel of a piano through ebony and ivory style keys

The key action has been made fastidiously by the brand. A long time have been spent making a vibe which is consistent with that of a more seasoned traditional piano. Little touches like a Key-off Effect and a Hammer Delay make it difficult to trust you are playing an item which is digital in nature.

Over this, the Harmonic Imaging XL innovation is significantly increasingly noteworthy, and reproduces the characteristic acoustics of an established piano.

In the event that you need something that gives a vibe like playing an acoustic piano, the CA58 could be a decent decision. It’s an astonishing piano, ostensibly the best digital piano under $3000.

It only has 19 voices, not even close the same number of as some contending options, yet Kawai will reveal to you their attention has been on quality instead of amount.

Kawai MP7 88-key Stage Piano and Master Controller

Our Top Pick: 3

This wonderful instrument has a striking expert keyboard for the MIDI apparatus and is known to be perfect for that. It features the commendable stable of a fantastic piano as a result of the integration harmonic imaging. Simple to play, exceptionally responsive and wonderful movable features settle on it an extraordinary decision.

The particular features of Kawai MP7 incorporate responsive sledge II weighted action, 88-key piano testing, harmonic imaging, expression pedal info, exemplary EP sounds with amp simulations, 9 reverbs and complete 129 impacts and USB recorder.

Additionally, more noteworthy straightforwardness and happy with playing are given by the virtual professional that helps the players to effortlessly alter and control every one of the components for all intents and purposes. The Kawai MP7 incorporates absolute 256 voices that are masterminded in 8 distinct gatherings. Besides, it underpins the polyphony of 256 notes. The USB port offers different connectivity options and you can connect your piano to your PC or MAC.

It is an amazing stage piano with various hypnotizing sounds, an improved control, and class-driving the action. The praiseworthy 129 impacts are on the whole customizable and you can figure out how to make pitch according to your prerequisites. Therefore, this instrument gives extraordinary adaptability, first rate quality, and estimable execution.

8 Best Kawai Digital Piano Keyboards

1. Kawai ES100 88-key Digital Piano

The ES100 is designed to give a delicate touch and mind boggling acoustic piano experience. It features 88 keys, Damper pedal of F10H piano style, 3 metal paddles,19 excellent sounds, control switch, volume slider and evaluated hammer action.

Besides, it incorporates harmonic imaging innovation alters the tones for each note in various sorts of voiced including strings, organs, pianos and the sky is the limit from there. The 12 preset songs are likewise accessible. The tasteful completion and appealing standpoint makes are additionally astonishing.

Kawai ES100 works in both the double and split modes in which you can without much of a stretch alter the parity. You can either play two voices at the same time or enjoy playing them on the 2 parts of a keyboard. Damper pedal, headphone jacks and midi info and yield ports are additionally accessible.

The action incorporates heavier loads on the light end and lighter loads on the overwhelming side and makes the play simple for the students and produce real feel. This digital piano comes total with an impressive metronome(built-in) that features a wide range of time marks and flexible beats that improves the training to manifolds.

2. Kawai MP6 Professional Stage Piano

This wonderful instrument is one of the best digital pianos and conveys world-class execution. It has an entirely obvious sounds selection and a dependable and strong action with upgraded playability and improved tonal characteristics. It is designed to give astounding stage execution and it can work well for as an ace keyboard.

Additionally, the Kawai MP6 gives the blending option to the musician and is an extraordinary decision for account. The sound functionality of USB empowers the players to play and record the WAV and MP3 sound documents by the utilization of Any USB gadget.

A responsive and brisk sledge action give a reasonable affair. This instrument has a strong construction and is progressively solid. The trademark features incorporate 88 weighted keys, a responsive mallet action, all out 256 sounds, dynamic harmonic imaging and a polyphony of 192 notes. The size dimensions are 13.8 X 7.3 X 53.5 inches and it this piano weighs 47.4 pounds.

3. Kawai ES8 Digital Piano

The Kawai ES8 effectively reproduces the incredible feel of an acoustic piano. The three-sensor innovation makes it amazingly responsive and conveys a wonderful ordeal. Strangely, the addition of virtual expert guides the players to execute according to their prerequisites, as it enables them to change and modify the setting just by squeezing some keys.

Utilizing this feature, you can without much of a stretch fix the key discharge commotions, hammer, damper, damper resonance, and string. Therefore, it makes this instrument increasingly convenient to play. You can likewise build the lavishness of the lively tones by utilizing the reverberation impacts.

To improve your execution, it offers an exceptionally stunning selection of instruments and complete 34 sounds. The function of cadence selection enables the performance entertainers to organize the support backup all the more professionally and effectively.

With this piano, you can without much of a stretch play out any style of music. The USB connectors are included with the goal that you can connect your ES8 to the PC and the information can likewise be stacked and spared straightforwardly to USB memory gadgets.

The additional features that improve it a digital piano are additional sounds, MIDI documents of songs, Upgraded sound chip, memory openings, and evaluated hammer action. A few coaches recommend that it is a proper decision for school groups and places of worship.

4. Kawai CE220 Digital Home Piano

The excellent design and best class quality make it a genuine Kawai instruments. Playing it gives the exquisite feel of the acoustic great piano and an amazing tonal quality.

The impeccable look and immaculate glossy silk dark completing make this instrument additionally engaging and it is one of the most lovely designs among the whole line of Kawai Pianos. The letters of ‘Kawai’ present on the console focus and the pedal, both are gold plated and add to the alluring standpoint of the piano.

Kawai CE220 has an extremely straightforward interface that pulls in more clients. It involves a little LED display of three characters in the center and numerous buttons for the selection of various features including the tones, beat, and voice.

This piano features a remarkable three pedal framework (delicate, continue and sostenuto) and a promptly accessible half damper action. Additionally, it has an average selection of tones and voices.

Different specifications incorporate 88 keys, double and split keyboard mode, virtual voicing, tuning a few impacts including reverbs, theme, delay, 2 rotational functions, and tremolo. The Kawai CE220 weighs 126 pounds.

5. Kawai VPC1 Virtual Piano Controller

The Kawai VPC1 is a perfect work of art that features glorious design, outmaneuver keyboard action and is known to be the best MIDI Controller accessible available. It utilizes RM3II keyboard that has 88 wooden keys, ivory touch complete which ingests the oil and dampness from the surface, and the excellent triple-sensor innovation that makes it increasingly responsive when the keys are over and over played.

This piano has an uncommonly delicate touch. The wooden keys with stabilizers and grade-weighted sledges furnish a satisfying background no sweat of playability. The movable bends for speed help to deal with the softs and louds and gives more noteworthy control.

The keyboard is designed to limit the distractions and there are no handles, menus, and faders. This screen-less design keeps the players centered and makes the play progressively agreeable.

This piano can be connected to different gadgets by utilizing the USB port and 5-stick DIN midi in and out ports. Both the ports (USB and DIN) can be utilized in the meantime. The powerful packaging in matte dark and wonderful wooden action consolidate to give a praiseworthy acoustic piano experience.

6. Kawai KDP90 Digital Piano

The wonderful Kawai KDP90 incredibly mirrors the playing knowledge of acoustic pianos and offers a pleasurable vibe. The inherent speakers give an extraordinary sound quality and not just the sounds various other propelled features makes it resemble a top of the line show. This is ideal for the individuals who need to get incredible quality, expanded functionality and productive execution at the moderate cost.

The item specifications incorporate 88 KEY piano examining, 15 incredible instrument sounds, harmonic imaging, propelled hammer action, and the sky is the limit from there. Utilizing the four hands mode, you can part the keyboard into two comparable sections, each having 44 notes, which is ideal for private learning sessions.

It features three pedal framework including the one string delicate pedal on the left side, sostenuto pedal in center, and on the right, there is the support pedal. The additional feature of damper resonance enables the players to modify and control the resonance as indicated by their taste and solace.

7. Kawai ES110 Portable Digital Piano

The Kawai ES 110 is one of the most astounding instruments and conveys an awesome vibe of acoustic pianos, brilliant sound quality, extraordinary straightforwardness, smaller mallet action and 19 excellent sounds. It is an ideal home piano with included lessons, split and double modes and Bluetooth connectivity for connection with little gadgets.

Some different specifications incorporate 88 key examining, stereo speaker system(built-in) polyphony of 192 notes, damper pedal highlighting half-damper help, MIDI ports, jacks, evaluated hammer action and 8 amazing piano sounds.

The improved settings incorporate voicing, fallback commotion, brightness, damper clamor and damper resonance. Its special spring-less design features consistent and smooth motion that conveys an impeccable and marvelous experience. The evaluated action is designed with more prominent attention to subtleties and gives you more control and solidness while playing.

Like in other best quality models, it additionally utilizes harmonic imaging innovation and reproduces the vibe of traditional acoustic pianos. As mentioned, it offers 19 sounds including vibes, organs, choir, symphonic strings, electric pianos and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. It is a shrewd selection for your improvement as a player. You can undoubtedly record the exhibitions in the inner memory with a 3-song recorder.

8. Kawai KDP110 Digital Home Piano

Kawai is a marvelous digital piano maker, and one of their progressively well known models was the Kawai KDP-90. Presently, notwithstanding, Kawai chose to reveal the new Kawai KDP-110, which is intended to be the successor to the KDP-90.

All things considered, in this review, I’m going to handle that definite subject. We’re going to discuss a portion of the new additions to this piano, with the expectation of helping you better decide whether the KDP-110 is the correct decision for you.

Along with that, we’ll likewise contrast the Kawai KDP-110 with the Kawai KDP-90, just as the Yamaha YDP-163, the Kawai ES110, and the Kawai CN-27.

What’s more, to all the more likely help you, we urge you to investigate the intelligent guide underneath, which will enable you to specifically think about the Kawai KDP-110 against a portion of the better digital pianos available today.

A great addition to Kawai’s digital piano line-up, the unobtrusive KDP110 features the Responsive Hammer Compact II keyboard action, lovely Shigeru Kawai SK-EX 88-key tested fantastic piano sounds, and convenient Bluetooth®, USB, and MIDI connectivity, conveying amazing piano touch and tone at an astoundingly reasonable cost.


These were the fundamental features and a few insights concerning the execution capacities of the most common and generally utilized digital pianos by Kawai. It is a solid name and everyone realizes that every one of its instruments is supreme as far as playability and quality.

Both these elements ought to be remembered while settling on the purchasing decision. Only one out of every odd piano is intended for you. Some are simpler to play and some are confused with further developed features. You ought not consider the most costly one as the reasonable one for you. The best digital piano for you is the one that encourages you to rehearse conveniently and clean you as a player.

Along these lines, in the event that you are another one in this field, you ought to go for less complex versions with the goal that you can rehearse more and learn betterly. In any case, on the off chance that you have been playing for quite a while, you can go for stage pianos and enjoy an increasingly professional act.