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Best 73-Key Digital Piano Keyboards Reviews (Updated)

Best 73-Key Digital Piano Keyboard :  Digital Pianos are the electronic keyboards that are intended to give a similar vibe and nature of sound as that of the customary piano however in an increasingly prudent manner. These are a moderate elective that various individuals can use for different various purposes.

Regardless of whether you need to learn it as an interest or you are a professional, these are incredible to give hands a shot. The digital pianos arrive in an immense assortment of types and styles. They are accessible in different value extends also. Among the whole line of digital pianos accessible, the one generally utilized is the 73 Key digital piano.

In the event that you are considering getting one, proceed. Utilizing a digital piano is a magnificent and simpler approach to become familiar with this wonderful instrument. There are a significant number of these accessible in business sectors and on the web. Be that as it may, picking the correct one can be troublesome. Clearly, you should do some exploration before settling on a purchasing choice and it can require some investment.

Not just the viewpoint and spending plan are the elements to be considered for purchasing a digital piano, there are some different factors too that you should consider so as to get the reasonable 73-Key digital piano.

  • Right off the bat, you ought to know about various types of digital pianos. These include:
    • Stage Pianos
    • Synthesizers
    • Digital Piano Console
    • Digital Piano Keyboard Piano
    • MIDI Controller Keyboard
    • Upstanding Digital Piano

When you choose which type of digital piano you are going for, you should now consider the key highlights present in them.

  • A portion of the fundamental highlights that each player ought to be worried about are:
    • Tone and Voice determination
    • Sledge activity Technology
    • Sound Source
    • Structure and plan
    • Tone Generation
    • Contact and feel
    • Availability alternatives
    • Explicit Features

At whatever point you go for purchasing a digital piano, ensure you think about every one of these elements, look at changed choices and after that get the one that you find most appropriate according to your spending limit and prerequisites.

Last however not the least, your degree of abilities as the piano player are additionally significant. Somewhere in the range of 73 key models are explicitly worked to give a superior learning knowledge while some are made for the professional players to convey an excellent exhibition.

Some contain just the essential highlights and advance simple learning while some are furnished with cutting edge highlights for improved level execution. In this manner, you should initially recognize what type of digital piano you require and for what reason and after that settle on your choice.

Consider all the previously mentioned elements, we have concocted a short rundown of astounding 73-key digital pianos from various known brands. Investigate their useful capacities and explicit highlights and choose which one addresses your issues the best.

3 Top 73-Key Digital Piano Keyboards

Nord Electro 5 HP73 Velocity Sensitive 73-Key Hammer Action Portable Keyboard (NELECTRO5-HP73)

Our Top Pick: 1

Here is excellent keyboard from Nord. Its striking shading, exquisite plan, and agreeable playability make it a favored choice. With immaculate development, laudable sound quality, consistent structure and affordable rates, it is to be sure the most appropriate choice.

Among different in addition to focuses, it is entirely convenient and you can undoubtedly convey it any place you need. The size estimations of this astounding digital piano incorporate 42.3 x 13.5 x 4.8 inches and it gauges 25.1 pounds which isn’t a lot.

This is intended to give the wonderful feel of the genuine acoustic piano. It highlights 73 keys, hammer activity, and an exceptionally engaging playing charge. Some significant details incorporate Nord Sample library of 256 MB and Nord Piano Library of 1 GB.

Also, for better outline and simple coherence, a huge and clear OLED presentation screen is incorporated. It additionally incorporates six split indicates moreover LED markers. Alongside other usable highlights, this digital piano from Nord has layer and part mode that offers incredible learning and progressively glad and different experience. Attempt this on the off chance that you need an increasingly centered, very much refined and adaptable stage piano.

Korg SV-1BK 73-Key Stage Vintage Piano

Our Top Pick: 2

Investigate this basic and excellent 73-key piano introduced by Korg. On the off chance that you like the customary high contrast style and need a more straightforward structure with the improved development quality and upgraded toughness, it is a truly appropriate decision.

The smooth completion in dark makes it look increasingly appealing. Discussing the size, it quantifies 50.6 x 21.7 x 12.5 inches and it is somewhat overwhelming. This one conveys 38.6 pounds and you may require help with moving it from one spot to the next.

It highlights damper pedal, reviewed sledge activity and a mind blowing accumulation of piano sounds including an upstanding and two grands. Furthermore, 36 extremely well known keyboard sounds are reproduced that makes it progressively attractive.

There are numerous handles and switches for simple working and it offers a simpler client experience. This likewise includes an earphone jack that enables you to rehearse in a progressively private mode and other information and yield jacks are additionally included for availability with different gadgets.

Furthermore, the retro style controls and simple playability makes it more easy to understand. It is a proper decision for both the starters and middle of the road level players.

Korg M50-73 Digital Keyboard Workstation

Our Top Pick: 3

Look at this awesome highly contrasting piano having 73 keys. It is probably the best alternative as far as simple activity, honorable feel, strong structure, improved solidness, and moderateness.

On the off chance that you are searching for a flawlessly structured piano that gives great execution and incredible learning knowledge, this is a truly reasonable choice that you can get at the extremely reasonable rate. This one is smaller in structure and not very substantial in weight. Its measurements incorporate 54.7 x 1.3 x 8.5 inches and it conveys about 23.8 pounds weight.

It offers a less complex and simple control. The touchscreen included is anything but difficult to work and you can easily switch between the sounds. Other than if highlights a great and upgraded impacts segment. There are four multi-work handles utilizing which you can work various capacities effectively.

In addition, this digital keyboard has 80 voice polyphony for a brilliant playing knowledge. For giving a refined sound quality, it highlights Extended Definition Synthesis. The sound included spread a few new examples, new electric pianos, clavs and some more.

For the individuals who are playing it for the absolute first time, a manual guide is included. You can utilize it to comprehend the useful capacities and activity systems. Last yet not the least, it comes total with CD-ROM and power connector.

6 Best 73-Key Digital Piano Keyboards

Nord Electro 4 HP 73-Key Velocity Sensitive Hammer Action Portable Keyboard, with 6 Octaves, E-E

Our Best Pick: 1

We have referenced another incredible digital piano from Nord. This one is typically favored for its high development quality, number of valuable highlights, improved impacts area, and clear and basic presentation. Like other Nord alternatives, it additionally arrives in a gleaming red shading that looks alluring.

It has immense memory limit alongside a different sound library. In addition, this keyboard highlights speed delicate mallet activity innovation. For progressively reasonable and expressive exhibitions, players can redo this piano and pick either piano or organ sounds according to their decision.

Attempt this; it gives an astounding feel and a blissful playing knowledge. Rather than huge LCD, the control board includes a few handles and fastens that offer a simpler authority over different capacities. The design has four clear divisions. These incorporate for Piano, Organ, an impacts segment and Program.

Also, for a private practice session, it incorporates a quarter inch connector. The principle right and left yields are likewise included and the MIDI in and out associations are additionally included. Furthermore, the three pedal data sources incorporate one for controlling the rotor speed, one for continue pedal, and one for the control pedal. The individuals who need a progressively compact and sensible digital piano, this is an excellent decision.

Nord USA Nord 3 Compact 73-Key Digital Stage Piano with Semi-Weighted Keybed (AMS-NSTAGE3-COMPACT)

Our Best Pick: 2

Nord Stage pianos are known well for joining of high innovation, excellent structures, top notch sound and stunning tone age. It is one of the favored decisions of performing artists and it conveys professional quality and incredible incentive for cash. Thinking about the size estimations, it is 42 x 4 x 12 inches and its absolute weight is 21 pounds.

For better in front of an audience clearness, this piano highlights two exceptionally clear OLED shows. It permits simple and smooth changes of sounds and projects during the presentation. In addition, it has 2GB memory, creative piano channels, and 120 notes polyphony.

A portion of the particular highlights incorporate C2D Organ reenactments, vintage transistor organs, and B3 Tone wheel. Also, the impact area incorporates elite reverb, improved defer impact, another channel impact and separate blowers for individual openings.

In addition, the oscillator setup of this digital piano empowers progressively adaptable and snappy programming. Notwithstanding these highlights, the sledge activity innovation and its light weight makes it a progressively great choice. It is appropriate for both the genius and middle of the road players.

Korg Kronos 73 note Keyboard Workstation Synthesizer with RH3 Graded Hammer Action , Solid state Internal Drive , 8″ Color Touch View Display , 4 way Joystick , Ribbon Controller and 9 Sound Engines

Our Best Pick: 3

Considering the simple to play, accessibility of valuable highlights, structure, and strength, this is an extremely fitting decision. This exhaustive workstation synthesizer is made to give a smooth lovely playing background.

Furnished with a few simple to work capacities, average standpoint and high useful quality, it is a truly solid alternative and this is made with extraordinary tender loving care. The viewpoint is basic however it looks pleasant and not too bad. Discussing the size, it gauges 14.6 x 48.1 x 5.8 inches and it conveys 46.5 pounds weight.

Strangely, it has all out 9 sound motors, broad and simple controls, and a huge number of impacts and sounds. Therefore, you will have an astounding playing time with this one. It highlights RH3 weighted mallet activity innovation and it gives an exceptionally reasonable feel sponsored by four opposition zones.

In addition, the setlist mode empowers the players to sort out the melodies and projects according to their benefit. The open testing framework added enables you to investigate your abilities and you can appreciate making new instruments.

Some different highlights incorporate strong state inward drive, strip controller, and 4 way joystick. This is surely one of the most prescribed models appropriate for both the middle and professional players.

Korg Grandstage 73-Key Stage Piano

Our Best Pick: 4

How wonderful this terrific stage digital piano is!! Regardless of whether you need engaging viewpoint or you wish to get one with high practical quality, it is a phenomenal decision. This is likewise amazing as far as sound innovation, convenientce, usefulness, and control.

For the individuals who need a sensible choice for a phase play, this is your pick. Its size estimations are 51 x 19 x 10.2 inches and its weight is 50.6 pounds.

For improved quality and a superior playing background, it incorporates incredible sound motors and intelligently picked keyboard sounds. Thinking about its plan, feel and usefulness, it mirrors an ideal mix of customary style and originality of electronic instruments.

This one incorporates radiant piano sounds from the world-class instruments notwithstanding the surprising sound motor of an acoustic piano. Furthermore, an upstanding piano solid is likewise included that is recently examined and offers an unparalleled encounter.

It offers everything that you may need to give a faultless execution. This is structured in a manner that enormously mirrors the vibe and sound nature of the fantastic acoustic piano.

Dexibell VIVO P3 73-Key Pro Portable Digital Piano

Our Best Pick: 5

Dexibell is known for its exceptional styles and great development quality gave at reasonable rates. This digital piano from Dexibell is generally favored as a result of simple playability, responsiveness, and sound innovation.

In the event that you are looking for a simple to play digital piano at an increasingly efficient cost, attempt this one. Its definitive versatility and delightful plan alongside powerful structure make it an increasingly ideal choice. This is lightweight and you can without much of a stretch bear it. It has just 27.6 pounds weight.

For the comfort of the players, it gives a simple command over various capacities and gives an easy to use understanding. A portion of its unmistakable highlights incorporate weighted mallet activity, Bluetooth sound, and True 2 Life innovation.

This T2L innovation is intended to give improved responsiveness and exact timber sound. This 73-key digital piano duplicates the sound and feel of stupendous acoustic pianos and gives a hypnotizing execution.

Along these lines, playing this would offer you a chance to appreciate a similar vibe that you would jump on the acoustic piano and it is simpler to play and comes at an extremely focused cost.

Studiologic NUMA ORGAN 2 73-Key Fatar w/ Sustain Pedal

Our Best Pick: 6

This one is an incredible decision for the freshers. The novices ought to go for this one as it comes at a reasonable cost, has solid structure, gives a simple working and offers a wonderful playing knowledge. To the extent the size measurements are concerned, it has 10 x 45 x 17 inches size and it weighs about 32.7 pounds.

It is outfitted with everything required for good execution including an immense assortment of sounds. A portion of the highlights incorporate an amazing sound motor, 12 presets, 9 drawbars, controller has, 7 organ sound models and physical demonstrating blend.

The impacts processor added takes your presentation to the unheard of level. It offers a point by point, warm and genuine tonewheel sound. Furthermore, players can appreciate more timbral assortment as a result of 3 tonewheel models.

The 3 multitimbral parts incorporate a bass pedal, lower manual, and upper manual. Exceptional consideration is paid to the player’s straightforwardness. Subsequently, the board has simple to utilize single-control per work. Last however not the least, it offers a quick, smooth and magnificent keyboard feel.


Every one of these models of digital pianos are stunning in their own specific manners. Some offer more prominent simple for playing while some element superb sound source. Correspondingly, some are better for the new players because of simple to works capacities and a few models are better for the propelled students as they give more control to the players and offer greater decent variety of sounds to play.

In the event that you need to get an increasingly fitting one, first you need to distinguish what your need is?

Regardless of whether you need a progressively responsive model for upgraded execution, or you are searching for a more easy to understand one for better learning?

Something else that ought to be remembered for settling on the correct choice is your motivation of procurement?

For example, in the event that you are a beginner and getting one just for the diversion, choosing a low-evaluated digital piano with essential highlights and simple activity would be increasingly appropriate. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you need one for a phase execution, there are a few models that are worked for this reason and you can go for them.


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