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Roland F-120 Digital Piano Review (Updated)

The Roland F-120 features the Ivory Feel-G weighted keyboard, giving the player certified touch reaction as that found in an acoustic fantastic piano. The SuperNATURAL sound motor offers a tonal portrayal that adversaries that of the genuine instrument. An amazing computerized piano that you ought to take in more about.

Features of Roland F-120


The F-120 offers various features to enable players to enhance their aptitudes. The piano can be part in two for next to each other guidance by means of the gadget’s Twin Piano mode. It can likewise be used for two part harmony exhibitions.

The keyboard is separated into two parts covering similar octaves. Also, the left and right pedals can be apportioned to go about as damper pedals for players on the two sides of the piano. Both a metronome and track recorder are incorporated with the F-120. The metronome enables the player to keep time while playing and the recorder takes into account checking progress when rehearsing or performing


The keyboard on the Roland F-120 is the brand’s Ivory Feel-G with Progressive Hammer Action and Escapement. This keyboard configuration uses a similar surface, capacities and style as those on Roland’s standard pianos.

The most exceptional sensor innovation joined with the gadget’s SuperNATURAL sound motor offer players the articulation and adaptability that rivals numerous prominent pianos.


Roland’s SuperNATURAL sound motor gives the F-120 an increased level of reasonable sound. The organization’s specialists broke down each part of the unpredictable advancement of acoustic terrific pianos with the end goal to catch and replicate a similar reaction. This reaction incorporates the varieties in tone made by contrasts in the speed of every keystroke.

The SuperNATURAL sound motor stresses three components of execution: note rot, speed reaction and key-extend conduct. These components work to deliver staggeringly bona fide sounds that adversary the reaction of an acoustic terrific piano.

Technical Details of Roland F-120

  • Measurements: 16″ x 18″ x 57″
  • Weight: 95 pounds
  • Keys: 88 Tones
  • Weighted Keys: Yes
  • Keyboard: Ivory Feel-G keyboard
  • Sound Engine: SuperNATURAL piano stable
  • Polyphony: 128 Notes
  • Touch Sensitivity:
  1. 5 levels,
  2. settled
  • Number of Preset Voices: 30
  • Number of Preset Songs: 189 Songs
  • Advanced Effects:
  1. Reverb (1 to 10)
  2. Brightness (- 10 to 0 to +10)
  3. Damper Resonance
  4. Key Off Resonance
  5. String Resonance
  • Capacities:
  1. Entire Mode
  2. Twin Piano Mode
  3. Transpose: 12 stages
  4. Tuning: A4 = 415.3 Hz to 466.2 Hz
  • Metronome:
  1. Beat Setting: Quarter note = 10 to 500
  2. Goals: 120 ticks for each quarter note
  3. Beat: 2/2, 0/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 7/4, 3/8, 6/8, 9/8, 12/8
  4. Volume: 103 dB
  • Enhancers: 12W + 12W
  • Speakers: (2) 12 cm x 8cm
  • Display: 3 characters LED
  • Inputs/Outputs:
  1. Line In (Stereo)
  2. Line Out (Mono)
  3. MIDI In
  4. MIDI Out
  5. Damper Pedal
  6. Earphone Jack x 2
  • Pedals:
  1. Damper
  2. Soft
  3. Sostenuto

Advantages & Disadvantages

The F-120 features Twin Piano mode that parts the keyboard into equivalent parts for individual piano guidance. The key activity is reminiscent of an acoustic piano while the speakers give a vigorous sound.

The model’s appearance mixes with any room’s shading plan as it is current and smooth. Disadvantages to the F-120 incorporate its stand connection and UI.


  • Twin Piano mode parts the piano into two parts to permit the same number of players to utilize the gadget without a moment’s delay.
  • This is valuable for educator and understudy hone and in addition playing with two entertainers.
  • The key activity for the F-120 feels fundamentally the same as an acoustic great, making as often as possible changing from one to the next substantially less demanding.
  • This additionally benefits clients that are getting ready to graduate to an acoustic solely.
  • The F-120 emits a sensible piano stable with solid speaker projection.
  • Lower tones give a full rich sound when played through the speakers.
  • These speakers can undoubtedly fill a little or medium room without extra speaker units.
  • The sound quality is likewise saved well when tuning in to the sound through earphones.
  • The Roland F-120 offers a cutting edge look with clean lines and a strong shading that mixes in with encompassing stylistic theme.
  • The piano can be mistaken for its own household item and is appropriate against a perfect white divider.
  • It additionally features an inherent line coordinator, headphone snare, sliding spread and sheet music remain to keep materials sorted out.


  • The keyboard is appended to its stand, which means it can’t be isolated and transported to practices and exhibitions.
  • There are likewise no wheels to move the piano starting with one place then onto the next, it is most appropriate as a stationary instrument.
  • In request to make a consistent structure the piano’s board needs numerous catches to perform capacities.
  • The disadvantage is that various catches must be held and squeezed with the end goal to perform numerous capacities.
  • These catch blends may should be retained from the client manual.


The Roland F-120 offers radiant piano stable alongside legitimate touch. It is a reasonable alternative for those that don’t have to convey their instrument forward and backward between settings. It features everything a normal musician would requirement for straightforward errands.


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