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Best Yamaha Digital Pianos And Keyboards Reviews (Updated)

The Yamaha brand is a prevalent name in the melodic instrument world. The brand is celebrated for creating top-class digital pianos with sensible key action, together with an extraordinary acoustic piano stable, and a bunch of magnificent digital features.

Yet, with many extraordinary instruments in the market, picking the best digital piano can here and there be troublesome. Along these lines, we have picked the best Yamaha digital pianos and keyboards to direct you in making the correct selection.

There are a plenty of reasons why heaps of music aficionados and music teachers are purchasing and prescribing digital pianos bearing the Yamaha identification. From being moderate to practical execution, here are the real reasons why you ought to put resources into a Yamaha digital piano.

Not at all like a few organizations who take pleasure in assembling blemished and inadequately fitted digital pianos, Yamaha invests wholeheartedly in building instruments that will keep going for a long time to come. From our reviews, we find that the greater part of the digital piano models set forward by Yamaha seem increasingly strong in quality, taking care of and sound projection, than some other brand models that seem like toys.

Yamaha’s digital pianos depict brilliant craftsmanship and sturdiness in design.

Key action and sound quality are the real features that decide the quality and generally speaking execution of any digital piano. Against this scenery, we concentrated our reviews on these zones and we find that the greater part of the digital pianos that overwhelm the Yamaha piano index contain the most practical sound and fantastic key functionality that administers the digital piano market.

Another reason why Yamaha digital pianos are exceptionally suggested is on the grounds that they accompany a large group of bonus features. The capacity of a professional or middle of the road player to connect outer gadgets, play carefully with included headphones or consult a play-manual or instruction CD that occasionally accompanies a few models, make Yamaha digital pianos exceptionally engaging.

3 Top Yamaha Digital Piano Keyboards

Yamaha DGX-660 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Grand Piano Premium

Our Top Pick: 1

The Yamaha DGX-660 is a professional digital piano—an entire 88 keyboard with GHS weighted action. Viewed as one of the best Yamaha concert piano, the GDX-660 features another piano Room that enables the player to browse distinctive types of piano and acoustic settings for the player to make his or her personal piano environment.

The DGX-660 features the acclaimed Yamaha Pure CF Engine, together with high-class testing innovation that draws out the aptitude in all classifications of musicians. Weighted GHS keyboard action enables the player to have a heavier touch in the lower end and a lighter touch in the higher end. This feature is like what is feasible in the sledge that lies in acoustic pianos.

Moreover, the Score Display empowers you to see and play along with your main tunes by putting the music notation of the MIDI songs on the screen. The implicit recorder can record six tracks on the go, which enables you to monitor your execution and play back your songs to figure out where you are missing the mark.

Yamaha YPG-535 88-Key Portable Grand Piano

Our Top Pick: 2

All Yamaha digital pianos are extraordinary in their own regard, and the YPG-535 isn’t an exception either. The model comes flaunting stunning features amazingly made in a versatile digital piano. Aside from being promptly moderate, this model accompanies a pleasant looking illuminated screen that gives a clear realistic, which is particularly appropriate for the novice who needs all of bravery to play one.

Flaunting an astounding 361 XGLite voices in addition to 127-board open voices, this model features the capacity to make the interminable measure of rich and one of a kind sound. All of the DGX230 is top-class and is entirely for the professional utilization of the best class player.

The Yamaha DGX230 likewise has a Graded Soft Touch innovation where you can touch the keys gently for low sounds and hit them hard for noisy sound. Execution Assistant Technology and USB connectivity are incredible features that give you phenomenal whistles and ringers while enabling you to modify your style and procedure of play.

The mainstream Yamaha Education Suite is likewise readily available on this model, further permitting your to learn and alter the voice and sound that you hear.

Yamaha Arius YDP-181 Traditional Console Style Digital Piano

Our Top Pick: 3

Everyone’s eyes on the Yamaha YDP-181 digital piano for the reality the YDP arrangement have been the longest and most selling models among Yamaha’s countless list of digital pianos. The Arius 181 features phenomenal weighted 88 keys with the Yamaha’s trademark Graded Hammer impacts that hoist the playing to seem to be like that of an acoustic piano.

Something else incorporated into this wonderful design that copies the tone of an extraordinary acoustic piano is the 18 polyphony notes that are designed to deliver those expressive sounds professionals have dependably longed for. Passing by this feature, we can say this is a great digital piano for cutting edge musician.

Besides, the Arius YDP-181 accompanies three damper pedals that have half-damper impacts for improving control. In addition, 3 dimensions of touch affectability low, medium and hard are accessible for different playing styles and systems. Preset songs are incorporated for you to adapt more songs and the chronicle function enables you to record and monitor your execution to decide whether you are gaining ground.

12 Best Yamaha Digital Piano Keyboards

1. Yamaha Arius YDP162B Traditional Console Digital Piano

Originating from Yahama’s acclaimed CFIIIS concert, excellent arrangement is the Yamaha Arius YDP162B a piano designed to beat the competition. This is one of the tallest models in the Arius arrangement from Yamaha. The tallness of the piano gives it an ordering look. The piano accompanies a manufactured ivory key best that offers a steady surface for the white keys themselves, making it simple for the professional player to hold.

Estimating 33 crawls in stature, this model is perfect for the theater. It accompanies the acoustic streamlining agent, a top notch feature that has dependably been related with the greater part of Yamaha’s first class pianos. The streamlining agent physically helps in modifying the acoustic stream, which viably assumes responsibility for resonance level and upgrades the general sound yield.

The model features the most loved Yamaha’s Pure CF stable motor which gives a rich and pleasant sound. This is no uncertainty, one of the most superb concert pianos from Yamaha. It features an inbuilt twofold track recorder which enables you to record your execution and play it back, later on, to decide the amount you have progressed in playing.

2. Yamaha NP32 76-Key Lightweight Portable Keyboard

Utilizing Graded Soft Technology (GST) is the thing that truly separate this model from a large group of others in the Yamaha digital piano list. The Yamaha NP32 GST keyboard renders a better than average and delicate weighting execution, while holding the delicate and flawless touch of a digital keyboard.

The NP32 enables you to reproduce the fantastic instrument stereo sound utilizing the included Advanced Wave Memory Stereo Sampling. This model likewise accompanies the famous Yamaha controller application that is perfect with iOS gadgets. The application empowers you to incorporate natural and smooth UI which improves speedy navigation and simple configuration

Much the same as with the vast majority of the Yamaha models on this rundown, the NP32 additionally made provision for a USB port which enables you to connect outer gadgets and play more sounds and songs that suits your requirements. There is another incredible feature the USB to Host port the feature that let you connect and interface with the diverse melodic creation and educational applications directly on your cell phone or PC.

Once updated, you can get additional polyphony note up to 64 in numbers, expanded battery life and a song recorder.

3. Yamaha YPG-235 76-Key Portable Grand Piano

Here is one of Yamaha’s smooth and incredible console the YPG-235. This console features 76 keys and other great features that make it appropriate for performers or teachers all things considered and playing levels.

The model contains the prevalent Yamaha Graded delicate touch key style that overwhelms the vast majority of Yamaha pianos. The YPG-235 weighs only 18 pounds, making it an exceptionally lightweight and versatile piano substitution that will suit all your melodic needs.

For novice piano players searching for something versatile and one that permits expressive execution, the YPG-235 goes to the fore. It contains 160 preset styles, with as much as 500 voices and 30 preset tunes to play with. You need to monitor your playing or practice and perceive how well you are getting along? The inherent chronicle work enables you to record your execution and counsel it for future references.

This model additionally features the Yamaha Education Suite a lot of cutting edge learning devices that show you how to play and improve quicker than you can envision. A USB port enables you to interface and play sounds or melodies from outer gadgets like the workstation. In any case, you should purchase a connector and AA battery independently.

4. Yamaha PSRE353 61-Key Portable Keyboard

On the off chance that touch affectability on keys is anything to pass by, the PSRE353 Portable Keyboard is a power to figure with among digital pianos. The keys on this model feature flawless touch affectability, which means they are exceptionally responsive and instinctive to contact. The speedy responsiveness of the keys makes the assignment less demanding for the amateur to embrace functional exercises and improve his or her playing profession.

The key plan permits you play somewhat for a gentler sound and when you hit hard on the keys, you get a more intense and all the more forcing sound. There is one novel feature offers by the PSRE353, and it’s classified “tune silencer.” This is in charge of separating the tune of sound tunes from different gadgets that are associated with the natural AUX line input jack. The silencer further tones down on the volume, enabling you to play the lead or chime in advantageously.

Obviously, with the AUX line input jack, you can interface outer music sources, for example, MP3, PC, or blender utilizing earphone and play it through the inner speakers. Be that as it may, the best, all things considered, is the incorporation of the Yamaha Education Suite which permits the piano player tp work on utilizing the preset melodies. Interface and make utilization of MIDI documents and play your style at your pace.

5. Yamaha P Series P35B 88-Key Digital Piano 

Yamaha digital pianos that keep running on the P arrangement have been among the best and most well known arrangement of digital pianos in the market. The P35 is an entire, 88-Key piano flaunting a versatile edge and reviewed hammer standard (GHS) console that renders a vibe like the one officered by an acoustic piano.

Most models (counting this one) on the P arrangement features Advanced Wave Memory inspecting innovation, an interesting structure that recovers acoustic sound and in fact makes a profound, ravishing sound through two or three waveforms handled by the utilization of mouthpieces.

It additionally features 10 fun and imaginative voice demos that enable you to tweak your style. 2harpsichords, 2 thousand pianos and a vibraphone are additionally included, close by 10 excessively preset songs.The configuration is profoundly durable, and the four dimensions four-contact affectability offers improve practical reaction.

Besides, the unit additionally features earphone yield, couple mode comparative capacities for improved articulation and practicability amid play.

6. Yamaha P71 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano 

The P-71 is intended to be the best digital piano for down to earth exercises, practicing and making. The model is a full-sized piano console with solid weighted keys upheld by rich Yamaha piano voices to give the client the most practical feel and sound you can get while giving the ideal match to your home style.

One thing that makes the P71 one of a kind is the basic catch control design. You can change the settings on the P71 basically by utilizing one catch. There is a catch checked “Fabulous Piano/Function catch, and once you hold down this catch and press some chose keys, you will most likely change the voice, arrange the metronome, change demo sources, and the sky is the limit from there.

The P71 likewise feature another outstanding structure from Yamaha the Advanced Wave Memory inspecting innovation, a strong digital plan that enables you to record and store the novel sound of an acoustic piano.

Utilizing the AVM Stereo Sampling additionally goes far in making a more extravagant, more profound and progressively far reaching sound by utilizing sets of waveforms prepared with two distinct receivers. You can utilize the AWM to play one example relying upon each key at various volume levels and timbre.

7. Yamaha P255 88-Key Professional Weighted Action Digital Piano

Much the same as different models in the P-arrangement, the P255 features a rich structure that makes it to emerge from the group. As it were, this model shows up in sharp complexity to the P45, however seem to be comparable in plan to the P115. It accompanies a full console—88 weighted GHS keys with Pure CF solid motor capacity, settling on it a superior decision for middle of the road and expert players.

One thing we like with the structure is that it doesn’t give much regard for various catches and switches yet simply kept it cool, straightforward and tasteful. The console brags a noteworthy number polyphony notes, extending 256 in numbers. That by itself gives it a more full solid, contrast with some different models in a similar P-arrangement. The P-255 voice bundle is something else worth referencing. It accompanies 24 choices, advertisement against the 14 stuffed by the P-115.

In conclusion, it is essential that the P-255 likewise features the Yamaha’s Sample memory Key that enables the instrument to emulate the novel sound that of a fabulous piano, particularly while lifting your fingers off the keys. The implicit 2 speakers empower you to get to and value the awesome property of these fantastic features.

8. Yamaha P115 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano 

Here is another incredible and ground-breaking digital piano from Yamaha famous P arrangement the P115. Like the majority of Yamaha digital pianos, the P115 offers brilliant Graded Hammer Standard console that has practical responsiveness like that of an acoustic piano.

It conveys the organization’s most dominant sound motor the well known Pure CF Sound Engine, which is in charge of precise examples and diversion of notes for rich and expressive acoustic piano solid.

In spite of the fact that this model shows up marginally progressively costly contrasted with different models in the P-arrangement like the P-45, one can disregard the cost mulling over the P115 improved sound motor, combined with the way that it is furnished with better digital features. Features, for example, musician style mode give you each and every harmony you play a total piano exhibition.

Finally, the P-115 feature a controller application perfect with iOS gadgets which gives you a rich, realistic UI that further gives speedy and simple design and route. A support pedal for helpful play is incorporated into this model. The Pianist Style mode enables you to seem as though you and another person is playing, when it is simply you.

9. Yamaha YDP 163R Arius Series Console Digital Piano 

The Yamaha YDP163R is the expert digital piano intended to surpass your desires, particularly on the off chance that you are a learner. The model is exceptionally light and minimal, something that an amateur will love and esteem. It additionally gives the idea that the example is better than the greater part of its countrymen in a similar value extend even outside the Yamaha brand.

The Pre CF Sampling joins adequately with the Graded Hammer Standard activity for the weighted key plan to create fantastic reverberation while reproducing the profundity and rich tone of an acoustic piano. You can arrange the instrument without hardly lifting a finger and explore easily utilizing the digital piano controller on the discretionary iOS application. The iOS application permits you get to features and settings on the piano with amazing velocity and facilitates as opposed to utilizing the board of your instrument.

The YDP163R is intended to develop with the player as he advances. In this way, the 2 track melody recorder empowers you to record, replay and screen your advancement. With 50 exemplary piano tunes at your administration, together with another 50 extraordinary melodies in the music book that goes with this model, the sky would most likely be the point of confinement of your achievement in rehearsing on this magnificent model.

10. Yamaha P45 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano 

The Yamaha P45 is another grandmaster of the Yamaha P-arrangement. Strutting the well known Graded Hammer Action usefulness console known as the organization’s selling leader, the P45 is out to meet the challenge head-on. The model accompanies a profoundly practical key activity that renders the exact measure of responsiveness for each and every one of the 88 keys.

Not to be left fixed, the P45 additionally features the prevalent Advanced Wave Memory innovation a structure that has been a noteworthy piece of the Yamaha digital piano craftsmanship. The AWM Stereo examining is extremely useful in precisely recording and reproducing the absolute best of Yamaha’s most prominent acoustic amazing piano, even down to the last subtleties.

The P45 isn’t quite a bit of overwhelming console, with respect to versatility. Weighing underneath 70 pounds, one can say this is a tolerable load for such a full, creative piano with brilliant features. Double mode usefulness implies you can play two unique styles in the meantime. It likewise features four kinds of inherent reverbs and four dimensions of reaction contact, making an extraordinary piece for the amateur and expert in playing an assortment of aptitudes and rushes. A console stand and seat are incorporated into this model, which means you are set to play from the minute you get it.

11. Yamaha DGX230 76-Key Digital Piano

Here is a standout amongst the most moderate best quality digital pianos from Yamaha. For its quality, the DGX230 is sensibly valued. For the understudy and propelled player who need more keys at a significant cost, the DGX230 offers the best alternative, and it’s not astonishing that it has prevailed upon bunches of instructor’s proposal the years.

In the first place, the piano is a 76 key plan, and the keys are weighted and look progressively like piano keys with Graded Soft Touch (GST) activity. The keys have diverse dimensions of opposition, a feature that makes it simple for a creating musician to move over to an acoustic or digital piano. The DGX230 features a unique fingering topic labeled “Full Keyboard Mode,” which enables you to deal with and play the console like a piano.

Besides, a CD ROM is incorporated into the bundle from which you can figure out how to play better, utilizing the Yamaha Education Suite. An implicit track recorder enables you to record numerous tracks up to six in a hurry. The DGX230 additionally accompanies 30 melodies from which you can learn and build up your playing style. Another 70 is incorporated on the CD ROM. USB network enables you to interface outside music gadgets like Laptop, MP3 and more to the console and flavor up your style and play taste from outer melodies and sounds.

12. Yamaha PSRE253 61-Key Portable Keyboard

For the individuals who are out searching for a digital piano they can use for training, the PSRE253 is a phenomenal decision that is the thing that the thought. The model features 61-full size keys which are incredible for picking up enhancing console method.

The PSRE253 features a one of a kind team mode structure that enables you to part the console into two diverse playing parts. Every one of the two parts has their free ‘center C’ that you can use for rehearsing with a music educator or with an accomplice.

There is an arrangement for an AUX input which enables you to interface and make utilization of any outer music gadget that has an earphone like a MP3, a workstation, or blender. You can even interface another console to this model, play and tune in to the superb sound trough the inherent speakers that venture great sounds.

By and large, this is a decent digital piano with the versatile excellent catch that helps in resetting the first great piano voice. You likewise have 32 polyphony notes to play with and the way that the unit works on batteries or with a power connector, implies you have great choices in regards to when and where to play.


Yamaha is a worldwide brand name, a brand known for all intents and purposes in each family that cherishes music and sound of incredible digital pianos. The different digital pianos that continue forward from the list of Yamaha line of instruments are of the absolute best quality, reasonably valued, and profoundly functional in each division. Only a couple of brands out there can contend with Yamaha in regards to digital pianos.

To state reality, there is no best Yamaha digital piano—every one of the models we have reviewed so far are incredible in one way and the other. Since you have perused our review and have seen a portion of the reasons why digital pianos from Yamaha are very respected, it’s dependent upon you to deal with the model that fit your necessities.

In any case, know this first that on the off chance that you are simply beginning, your necessities will be distinctive contrast with that of a professional who has been on the playing field for long. For example, you plan on chronicle; you are going to require a keyboard that will be totally not the same as someone who means to play traditional styles.

In any case, don’t you stress, Yamaha has everything—a digital piano for a specific style and kind. Whichever you end up picking, simply realize it will be a wonderful speculation for you.


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