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Best 76-Key Digital Piano Keyboards Reviews (Updated)

The digital piano is a wonderful music instrument and it requires a great deal of training and time so as to be a specialist musician. The individuals who need to figure out how to play this choice instrument, taking a stab at the digital piano would be incredible.

The pattern of digital pianos has expanded essentially in the previous couple of years and they fill in as a progressively moderate, convenient and effectively portable option in contrast to the traditional pianos.

These are electronic instruments that are designed to replicate the vibe, touch, and sound of veritable acoustic pianos in an increasingly economical way and without breaking a sweat. The digital pianos accompany various options having a differing number of keys and one of the most suitable options is to go for a 76-key digital piano.

In the event that you are thinking to get one, ensure you do some exploration before settling on a last purchasing decision. There are sure things that one should remember before obtaining a digital piano.

The most significant factor that you ought to consider is the touch response and nature of sound. These two decide the nature of digital piano and on the off chance that you discover one that offers the best of these, it would be incredible.

The essential contrast between the digital and traditional piano is the inclination that the keys convey. The keys of the traditional piano are substantial because of sledge and strings while the electronic keyboards need strings.

These are made substantial by the addition of mallet and you should consider the vibe it conveys during the play. The more it duplicates the sound of the acoustic piano, the better its playability is.

If there should arise an occurrence of digital pianos, the sound quality is dictated by the coordinated innovation used to imitate the sounds and the nature of intensifiers and speakers added to the digital piano.

Regardless of whether you are searching for a top of the line model or you need to get one for training in class, we have you secured.

3 Top 76-Key Digital Piano Keyboards

Casio WK6600 76 Key Workstation Keyboard with Power Supply

Our Top Pick: 1

Casio is among the top brands that sell digital pianos. It is known well for high construction quality, alluring design, simple playability and exemplary sound quality. The rates are likewise reasonable and the one mentioned here is one of the most economical options for you that offers a decent playing knowledge no sweat.

The standpoint is basic and the functions are anything but difficult to work. Especially the understudies are going to cherish this one. Talking about the size estimations, it has 5.4 x 16.2 x 47 inches size and its weight is 24 pounds.

The specifications incorporate touch-touchy keys that give a progressively expressive presentation upheld by modulation. It incorporates 820 excellent tones that are adjustable in addition to fifty drawbar organs that you can control with the sliders included.

You can enjoy being progressively imaginative with the 700 implicit tones. Plus, it has 21 preset rhythms that spread different classes of music. For making your procuring knowledge better, it additionally incorporates a 17-track song sequencer in addition to an astonishing impacts framework.

Additionally, The USB-MIDI feature makes it increasingly attractive. This digital piano comes total with an AC connector. Considering its features and execution, it tends to be utilized by both the leaners and professionals.

Medeli MC780 76-Key Professional Keyboard

Our Top Pick: 2

Medeli electronics is a renowned name known best for the provision of high caliber digital melodic instruments of a differing assortment. It was built up in 1983 and through the span of years, it has turned into a dependable name that offers an extraordinary combination of value and simple moderateness.

For the individuals who are looking for a progressively moderate option that can convey calculable sound quality in addition to simple operation, this is an extraordinary option. Talking about its size dimensions it has 52 x 20 x 10 inches and its weight is 25 pounds which makes it effectively portable.

Considering the quality, simple operation and capacity to convey a faultless execution, this is an entirely appropriate option for all aptitude levels. Hence, regardless of whether you are a starter or a passionate student, it can assist you with performing great.

The 76 keys included feature lovely touch response. Additionally, 100 songs are incorporated to give a different exhibition. For making it additionally intriguing, 203 unique styles are included. Moreover, the nearness of 599 voices makes it an increasingly ideal option.

Yamaha DGX230 76-Key Digital Piano Pack with Stand, Power Supply, and Headphones

Our Top Pick: 3

Both the understudies and professionals are going to adore this one from Yamaha. It features all the Yamaha’s attributes including first rate construction quality, world-class execution, incredible expressions and simple to control features.

Curiously, you can enjoy this at a very moderate cost. The understudies will have an extraordinary learning background with it. Discussing the dimensions, it involves 50.3 x 10.6 x 22 inches and the weight isn’t much and it conveys 32 pounds.

The Graded delicate touch innovation enables you to enjoy a progressively reasonable feel and the addition of 489 high-class tones helps in an increasingly various presentation. This digital piano additionally has 6-track sequencer and number of devices that make the operation simpler for the players.

Additionally, inherent metronome, number of digital impacts, exceptionally great sound collection and auto backup styles are likewise incorporated that take your presentation to an unheard of level.

Not just these, few connectivity options are likewise included including USB MIDI, headphone jack and support pedal jack. Last however not the least, it comes total with a power supply, stand and headphones.

9 Best 76-Key Digital Piano Keyboards

1. Yamaha YPG-235 76-Key Portable Grand Piano Keyboard Kit – Includes: Keyboard Bench, Gig Bag, Headphones, Stand, Adapter & Sustain Pedal

Investigate this straightforward model displayed by Yamaha. It is incorporated due to its great quality presentation, effectively controllable features, and economic rate. For the individuals who are searching for a low-rate digital keyboard that can convey praiseworthy execution and simple control over functionality, it is a truly appropriate option.

Not just this is anything but difficult to play, it enables you to learn in a superior manner. The size estimations incorporate 16.2 x 46.4 x 5.4 inches and it gauges 26 pounds which makes it simpler to move as well.

What you might want the most about this model is the integration of evaluated delicate touch innovation which empowers the players to convey an increasingly expressive presentation. Some conspicuous features incorporate around 500 voices, 30 preset songs, 160 preset styles and an onboard recording feature.

For your straightforwardness, USB connectivity is additionally included. Last however not the least, it has a worked in educational suite that is designed to make the entire learning simpler and additionally intriguing. Both the starters and learning players would discover the additional apparatuses helpful and it would make their training simpler and give better outcomes.

2. Yamaha NP31 Piaggero 76 Key Piano-Style Keyboard with Survival Kit D2

This astounding addition from Yamaha is an incredible option for enjoying an agreeable and joyous playing background at truly moderate expense. This is from the Piaggero arrangement and is designed to convey a wonderful Yamaha tone.

Rehearsing on this model would upgrade your learning abilities and help you to learn in a superior and simpler way and you would almost certainly convey stunning execution. Get this for your child to support him/her perform well in class. Moreover, its lightweight makes it effectively portable. This one has only 12 pounds weight.

The simple to utilize board is designed to make the control simpler for you and buttons are included for voice selection. Moreover, included metronome along with adjustable time mark and beat makes it an ideal option. It features evaluated delicate touch action that conveys reviewed opposition and a charming vibe.

The total bundle contains a foot switch, control connector, and headphones for a private practice. To make it increasingly attractive, a guarantee of 2 complete years is likewise included. Therefore, you can attempt this with no sort of hesitation.

3. Casio WK-245 76-Key Touch Sensitive Keyboard with Power Supply

We have incorporated another model from Casio in view of its exceptional functional effectiveness, the addition of a few usable features, the solace of playing and low-rate. Everyone from the novice to genius players can utilize this one.

In the event that you need to get a keyboard that can convey high-class execution with improved expression and simple response, attempt this one. Also, its powerful auxiliary design and top notch makes it an increasingly strong option. The size estimations include 50 x 7 x 18 inches and its absolute weight is 23.5 pounds.

It gives a wonderful vibe and the 76 keys give an incredible touch response that makes the presentation all the more engaging. Some significant features incorporate polyphony of 48 notes, 180 distinct rhythms, absolute 600 tones and 32 registration memory in addition to 152 songs.

It is furnished with 17 track sequencers and a 32-channel blender. To make it simpler for the players, recording features are likewise included. Moreover, 50 drawbar organ tones make it a great option. With this digital piano, you can make, play and alter your compositions effectively at home.

4. Kurzweil Artis 7 76-Key Stage Piano, Semi-Weighted Action with Velocity-Sensitive Keys

Kurzweil music organization is a well-perceived name that offers great quality electronic melodic instruments for both the home clients and professional. This one is among its most prescribed digital pianos and it comes at a reasonable rate.

On the off chance that you need a digital piano that gives marvelous sound quality and a progressively responsive presentation, this one is most appropriate for you. Its size dimensions are 42.4 x 14.2 x 4.4 inches and its weight is 27.7 pounds.

This stage-piano features 76 semi-weighted and speed touchy keys. The addition of 256 magnificent manufacturing plant program incorporates German great piano and wonderful sound selections. Other phenomenal features incorporate monochrome LCD and the ToneReal KB3 organs that gives simple and upgraded control to all the more likely stage execution.

The simple selection of projects makes the operation simpler and help with conveying a world-class execution. In addition, it has an exceptionally strong motor including in excess of 1000 impact chains.

Along these lines, it offers everything that a player can requirement for a decent presentation. Regardless of whether your need is nature of sound or simple operation of included functions, this is a wonderful decision.

5. Yamaha PSREW300 76-Key Portable Keyboard with Power Adapter and Focus Piano Book

Yamaha is second to none with regards to the provision of excellent melodic instruments. It offers an assorted scope of instruments along with digital pianos. Among its everything lines of digital pianos, this one having 76-keys is an extraordinary decision as far as structure, playability, and functionality.

This portable workstation keyboard is for sure an incredible option for the individuals who need to enjoy a world-class execution at an increasingly moderate cost. Plus, its vigorous structure makes it progressively tough. To the extent the size is concerned, it quantifies 9.1 x 9.1 x 9.1 inches and its absolute weight is 19.35 pounds.

Considering the particular features, this one has touch-responsive keys with 48-note polyphony. Additionally, it is furnished with 574 voices of first rate quality with upgraded testing. The huge estimated body is made to convey all the more dominant and more full stereo sound.

Additionally, this keyboard has most recent reverb impacts along with ace EQ. The addition of two-way MIDI feature and sound exchange makes it an increasingly great option. Yamaha’s this stunning model likewise features Duo mode to make your exhibition all the more intriguing and gives amazing sound quality.

6. Nord USA Nord 3 HP 76-Key Digital Stage Piano with Hammer Action Portable Keybed (AMS-NSTAGE3-HP76)

Nord stage pianos are known best for professional quality execution supported by incredible sound, delightful response, astounding feel and improved simplicity of playability. The professionals can utilize this one for the stage execution.

It is the fifth generation of well known stage-arrangement and is made for performing artists. This is made to offer a convenient playing background. Its size estimations incorporate 44 x 5 x 14 inches and this one conveys 2 pounds weight.

Talking about the features, this is furnished with 2 clear OLED display screens that are designed to give upgraded clearness for on-stage execution. Moreover, it makes the functional operation and transitions between the projects simpler and conveys a simple playing knowledge.

The piano section is incredibly upgraded and has a broad memory of 2GB for the extraordinary Music library and some creative piano channels for a superior encounter. Besides, it has 120 voice polyphony.

Its impact section includes extremely intriguing and extraordinary channel impact in addition to the improved defer impact. In addition, each opening has individual reverb and blower. Attempt your hands of this one for an increasingly wonderful playing knowledge.

7. Yamaha NP32 76-Key Lightweight Portable Keyboard

Investigate this charming looking high contrast digital piano made by Yamaha. Like other Yamaha’s digital pianos, it additionally offers a generally excellent combination of value, moderateness and upgraded playability.

In the event that you are searching for a less complex and rich 76-key digital piano, it is a solid decision. This one has a straightforward design and it is anything but difficult to work. Considering the size and weight, this is a truly portable decision. Its dimensions incorporate 54.9 x 14.6 x 7.9 inches and it weighs only 19.6 pounds which makes it simpler to convey.

This light weighted piano has a conservative design and conveys a flawless tone and increasingly expressive execution. This one features world-class voices, rich and lovely tones, and connectivity options for connecting your digital piano to a few diverse applications.

Additionally, a one-touch recording feature is likewise added that is anything but difficult to utilize. In this way, you can record and monitor your exhibitions and offer them with your loved ones.

8. Casio WK6500 76 Key Touch Sensitive Workstation Keyboard Package with Power Supply, Stand and Headphones

Quality isn’t a question with regards to Casio melodic instruments. This model presents basic yet excellent 76-key keyboard that offers an extraordinary learning background. On the off chance that you need to buy a passage level digital piano for taking a begin, it is a striking option.

Furnished with basic features, basic design and simple playability in addition to agreeable control over the functionality, this is an incredible decision. The best thing is, it comes at an extremely reasonable cost. The size dimensions incorporate 49.5 x 8.2 x 19 inches and its all out weight is 27 pounds.

This is designed to convey a piano style smooth touch response. The addition of multi-track song sequencer and 32 channel blend makes it a progressively ideal digital keyboard. Some significant features incorporate USB MIDI, tone proofreader, and 48 note polyphony. Additionally, the beat supervisor enables you to be increasingly innovative in musicality creation.

It is featured with every one of the instruments and functions that you may need to create, practice and perform. Additionally, the various digital impacts included incorporate 5 chorales, 10 reverbs and 100 DSP types. It additionally enables you to make and store 100 unique styles.

9. Yamaha Genos 76-Key Arranger Workstation with Stand and 3-piece Speaker System

Investigate this mind blowing model exhibited by Yamaha. It is one of the top models that offers world-class execution with astounding response and calculable feel. This is designed to emulate the sound and feel of the traditional acoustic piano and offers simple playability and an exceptionally lovely playing background.

It is a higher-end model, a costly one yet the quality it gives merits burning through money. The size dimensions of this wonderful model include 48.5 x 18 x 5.5 inches. The weight isn’t much and it is effectively portable as it conveys 29 pounds.

It offers the best stable quality that you can enjoy on any digital piano. This is anything but difficult to work and features a shading touch screen that gives an increasingly convenient display. The simple to work functions, configurable sliders give upgraded control over the functionality and makes the play simpler.

Also, it incorporates licensed innovation that effectively reproduces the tone and sound of great concert piano. It likewise incorporates a speedy chronicle feature that empowers you to record and monitor your exhibitions. For the professionals who need progressively convoluted game plans, it likewise incorporates a 16-track MIDI sequencer with step time and constant functionality.


Considering the playing features, touch response, sound quality, and additional features, all these digital pianos are astounding. On the off chance that you need to pick the one most fitting for yourself, the principal thing that you ought to consider is your degree of abilities and skill.

There are some passage level models fabricated explicitly for giving an increasingly convenient playing knowledge and utilizing those can assist the new students with performing admirably by investing least exertion.

So also, some digital pianos are designed to give an all the more intriguing learning knowledge and incorporate features like headphone jack for private practice. In the event that you are searching for getting one for an understudy, such options ought to be considered.

Ultimately, we have additionally mentioned some high-end models that are high in expense and exceptional in sound quality and functionality. Recognize your degree of mastery and pick the reasonable one in like manner.


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