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Roland RD-300NX Digital Piano Review (Updated)

Yes dear, The best digital piano Roland RD-300NX newly developed Ivory Feel-G keyboard incorporates Roland’s most advanced sensor, escapement mechanism, and Ivory Feel features. The keyboard provides the superior touch and sensitivity of Roland’s flagship keyboards, in a compact and lightweight design a great benefit for gigging musicians who want to travel light.

The best digital piano Roland RD-300NX ’s acoustic-piano sounds are derived from Roland’s acclaimed SuperNATURAL Piano sound engine. With SuperNATURAL Piano technology, three essential elements are dramatically improved velocity response, note decay, and key-range behavior resulting in smooth, natural sound and response. For EP lovers, the best digital piano Roland RD-300NX contains an Electric piano based on SuperNATURAL technology that meticulously models classic vintage EPs.

The innovative Sound Focus feature ensures that every note will be heard, even subtle pianissimo passages. Based on SuperNATURAL phase-correction technology, this essential feature ensures that the best digital piano Roland RD-300NX won’t get lost in the mix, penetrating through walls of sound without compressing or coloring the tone. Players can relax and play naturally, achieving presence onstage without sacrificing dynamics and sound quality.

The RD-300NX is a lightweight piano with a full keyboard highlighting the Ivory Feel-G surface and touch.

The sound component gets from the arrangement’s SuperNATURAL motor that gives a sensible affair contrasted with a standard piano.

The model amazingly offers several preset melodies and commonly the same number of voices for the best in instrumental articulation.

Features of Roland RD-300NX


The Sound Focus feature permits even the most fragile notes to be heard. Used with SuperNATURAL stage adjusting innovation, the sound system guarantees the sound is rich and full without shading or packing its tone.

This takes into consideration characteristic and expressive exhibitions without gambling sound quality or elements.

As opposed to numerous digital pianos the Roland ND-300NX offers several instrument voices worked in to the gadget.

These enable players to utilize the piano for a more noteworthy assortment of purposes, when contrasted with different gadgets, from account to live execution.


The enhanced Ivory Feel-G keyboard executes the organization’s most progressive sensor, honest to goodness ivory surface and escapement system.

The rich touch offers the affectability of the brand’s standard acoustic pianos just with a lighter more conservative plan.

The keyboard additionally uses Progressive Hammer Action with Escapement, utilizing a similar surface, appearance and functions as those on a conventional piano.

Extra Features

The RD-300NX features the One Touch Piano technique that is regular among RD-arrangement instruments.

This feature offers quick access to flexible piano and electric piano voices with straightforward one-touch catches.

The Piano Designer feature is a ground-breaking instrument that enables the client to make custom pianos rapidly on the unit’s LCD. Finally, the gadget offers a discretionary three-pedal unit for an upgraded and more reasonable full piano involvement.

Technical Specifications of Roland RD-300NX

  • Measurements: 63″ x 12″ x 21″
  • Weight: 51 pounds
  • Keys: 88 Tones
  • Weighted Keys: Yes
  • Keyboard: Ivory Feel-G keyboard
  • Sound Engine: SuperNATURAL piano stable
  • Polyphony: 128 Notes
  • Multi-timbral: 3 Layers Live Set + 16 sections
  • Number of Preset Voices: 939
  • Number of Preset Songs: 200 Songs
  • Effects:
  1. Reverb (6 composes)
  2. Chorale (3 composes)
  3. 3-band Compressor
  4. 3-band Equalizer
  5. Sound Focus
  • Controllers:
  1. Equalizer Knob
  2. Pitch Bend Lever
  3. Layer Level slider (3)
  • Record Format:
  1. Standard MIDI File
  2. Sound: WAV (44.1 kHz)
  • Discretionary Items:
  1. Keyboard Stand
  2. Piano Pedal
  3. Damper Pedal
  4. Pedal Switch
  5. Articulation Pedal
  6. USB CD Drive
  7. USB Flash Memory
  • Display: 128 x 64 specks illuminated realistic LCD
  • Inputs/Outputs:
  1. DC In
  2. Line Out (Mono)
  3. MIDI In
  4. MIDI Out
  5. Control Pedal
  6. Damper Pedal
  7. Headphone Jack

Upsides & Downsides

The Roland RD-300NX is a versatile and minimal gadget that is perfect for artists that must convey their instrument much of the time between scenes.

It offers a great touch reaction because of its Progressive Hammer Action that enables players to prepare finger procedure before graduating to an acoustic piano.

The RD-300NX is made with a tough steel outside, making it sufficiently strong to withstand numerous conditions experienced by voyaging players.

It offers various piano voices and instrument sounds to viably play any piece with style and articulation. A disadvantage to the gadget is the difficulty that outcomes from exchanging voices amid live exhibitions.


  • The keyboard on the RD300-NX is minimal and light, making it perfect for artists that perform and travel all the time.
  • The RD300-NX uses the key activity of Progressive Hammer Action with Escapement.
  • This gives a touch like that of an acoustic piano with the end goal to get ready players for improvement toward an acoustic or to oblige those that are acquainted with an acoustic.
  • The Roland RD300-NX has a tough and strong steel outside.
  • Numerous lightweight digital pianos, without the stand, can be made of less strong plastic that might be powerless to chips or breaks under harsher conditions.
  • This model offers a genuine piano stable to give the most great of exhibitions.
  • Also, it offers a huge assortment of instrument sounds and voices to give upgraded adaptability and articulation to any execution.


  • When changing between voices it very well may be convoluted to rapidly and effortlessly change starting with one then onto the next.
  • Furthermore, volume settings don’t stay steady when exchanging between them.
  • This can result in uproarious stuns of expanded volume if sub faders are not balanced in advance.
  • Both can be negative for live entertainers.


The Roland RD-300NX is a digital piano that can be viewed as adjusted among capacity and straightforwardness. The player’s sound can be effortlessly tweaked with piano and different voices for huge tonal variety.

While it might have disadvantages for a few artists it is by and large a valuable instrument that enables the player to keep up spotlight on play.

The RD-300NX is flexible and tough and ought to be completely considered as a voyager’s piano.


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