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Best Kalimba Mbira Thumb Pianos Reviews (Updated)

Best Thumb piano (Mbira Kalimba) : Otherwise called a thumb piano, the Kalimba is a wonderful instrument bunches of individuals enjoy playing far and wide. It probably won’t be one of the principal instruments individuals chose to take up. Nonetheless, the Kalimba can give a really remunerating playing background.

Naturally, settling on the correct decision of a Kalimba for you, particularly in case you’re unfamiliar to it, can be overpowering. You’d have to comprehend the characteristics and features of the instrument. You’d likewise need to evaluate yourself to discover your dimension of expertise. This will enable you to settle on a model that is best for you.

Presently, considering that there are an entire scope of Kalimbas in the market, this is simpler said than done. Yet, that is the reason we are here. We have arranged this review and manual for help you get a head begin in settling on the Kalimba for you. Whatever your insight level is about music, you will enjoy the Kalimba. Tail us to find what demonstrate suits you.

3 Top Thumb pianos (Mbira Kalimba)

Mid-East DOBANI Thumb Piano

Our Top Pick: 1

In spite of the fact that the root of the Mid-East Kalimba can be followed to Pakistan, it is played over the globe. Mid-East is a thumb piano with a body made utilizing Rosewood. This wonderful and vast Kalimba has 17 keys with 2 vibrato openings on its back.

It is enormous and weighs about 1.05 pounds. It is designed utilizing the WorldMusic melodic style. This Kalimba produces stunning sounds that are satisfying to the ear. The 17 keys of this Kalimba are made utilizing hardened steel. In this way, it is sturdy considering its body and key material. All the more along these lines, it delivers the international standard D tune.

This Kalimba is vast in size and can furnish you with alleviating and exciting sounds. Henceforth, it is wonderful and has different sound openings which result in magnificent reverberation impact.

Donner 17 Key Kalimba Thumb Piano

Our Top Pick: 2

The Donner Kalimba is little and can be conveyed about with no pressure. This versatile thumb piano delivers the international standard C tune when played. Contrasted with different brands of Kalimba, Donner is produced using brilliant mahogany wood.

The tune delivered by the Donner when played is practically same as that created by the piano. The principle component of its keys is carbon steel. In this manner, Donner delivers amazing sound and resonance. You can play this instrument easily by utilizing your two thumbs.

Donner Kalimba is compact and weighs about 1.05 pounds. This instrument is splendidly tuned and can be played upon buy. It accompanies a convenient pack that facilitates its stockpiling and conveying about.

Kalimba Mbira Sanza 17 Keys Thumb Piano

Our Top Pick: 3

The Everjoys Kalimba is a simple to learn and play melodic instrument. With this Kalimba, you can learn and play basic operations without a misuse of your time. Its body is produced using mahogany cut into a resonance box. This instrument creates clear and lovely solid since its keys are produced using carbon steel.

This thumb piano is a multi-function instrument that can help lessen pressure, uneasiness, and weight. Truth be told, specialists in brain research prescribe that you play this instrument for relaxation. It is a 17 key Kalimba that accompanies a songbook.

Everjoys are lightweight Kalimba that can enable youngsters to develop music ability at a youthful age. You can play Everjoys in combination with other melodic instruments. Playing this Kalimba makes snapshots of flawless sound that brings the upbeat emotions. This instrument when acquired accompanies its own notation just as professional instructions.

17 Best Thumb pianos (Mbira Kalimba)

1. Luvay Kalimba Thumb Piano Mbira

LUVAY is a Kalimba with 10 keys that you can tune easily in the event that you change the reed. Its body is produced using Pinewood and its 10 keys from an aluminum bar. This lovely red Kalimba is versatile and comes in palm measure with a load of about 0.16 ounces.

You can begin in playing this instrument easily as it is anything but difficult to learn and play. Only touching your thumb anyplace on the LUVAY produces decent resounding sounds. In all actuality; altering the LUVAY Kalimba is simple utilizing the tuning sledge or right application.

All the more along these lines, with this brand of Kalimba, you can make excellent and wonderful music. It delivers the international C tune simply like some other piano.

2. Larkyueqi 17 Key Mahogany Kalimba African Thumb Piano

Larkyueqi Kalimba is a 17 key Kalimba. It has a body made of mahogany and vibrato gaps which you can cover with your fingers. This excellent Kalimba is smooth, fragile, and all around cleaned.

The Larkyueqi has movable springs, which considers all the more splendid and clear shade of the timber. This Kalimba weighs about 9.3 ounces. In this way, it is lightweight, which makes it workable for you to convey and store it easily.

The Larkyueqi Kalimba creates clear and inspiring resonant sounds. Its 17 keys are made utilizing aluminum amalgam. You can change the spring in this Kalimba for better stable. This Kalimba is one of a kind as its vibrations resonate on its wooden body when played. With this Kalimba, anyone can make stunning sound without pressure.

3. Mugig Kalimba 17 keys Thumb Piano Mbira Sanza

Mugig Kalimba is a compact thumb piano made utilizing Mahogany as its crude material. The metal lines of the Mugig is designed utilizing mineral metal. Subsequently, this acquires a tremendous enhancement the touch feeling you get when you play this instrument. All the more in this way, Mugig Kalimba produces a spotless, clear, and tranquil sound.

This instrument is lightweight and considered being shrewd size. Subsequently, you can convey it to parties and whatever number voyages as would be prudent easily. This item accompanies a learning manual just as a songbook. In this manner, it is feasible for you to figure out how to play the Kalimba easily.

The body of the Mugig Kalimba is made of Mahogany while its tines are made with metal metals. Thus, it is tough and gives longer support just as incredible sound and touch feeling.

This stunning thumb piano has metal keys that are settled on a mahogany box. In this way, produces astounding sound from the case which goes about as its resonating chamber. In the event that you need your youngsters to develop and learn melodic ability, Mugig Kalimba is the instrument to learn.

4. Mugig Kalimba Mbira Thumb Piano Pocket Size

This Mugig Kalimba is a finger piano with a distinction. Whenever played, it produces titivate and quiet stable that drives you to a position of cheerful emotion. The Mugig Kalimba offers you the best decision for you to unwind with its excellent and tranquil sound.

Considering tonality, it creates the international C key tone and has around 10 keys. You can learn and this Kalimba outfitted with engraving notation without stress. Truth be told, it is anything but difficult to play as long as you can pull the keys.

This instrument is sturdy with its body produced using mahogany and keys from carbon steel. The keys are designed to guarantee you can play this Kalimba all the more easily with finger torments. On the keys of this Mugig Kalimba are the notes that can be created by each key.

In this manner, you can utilize the music book it accompanies to learn and play songs. All the more thus, you can play this instrument with guitar, Ukulele, and other melodic instruments.

You can continue unfaltering notes for long due forefront metal tines and mahogany box. Therefore, this Kalimba creates exceptionally wonderful sound. With its twisted key designs, it suits your fingers serenely to such an extent that you can easily play it.

5. GECKO Kalimba 17 Keys Thumb Piano

The Gecko Kalimba is interesting both in design and style. This Kalimba has a resonance box made utilizing strong mahogany and keys from mineral metal. Henceforth, you are certain to improve sound you want when you play this Kalimba.

It is handcrafted utilizing the best of mahogany for its body and mineral steel bars for its 17 keys. Subsequently, you are certain of getting an unmistakable sound and touch. Gecko Kalimba accompanies an extraordinary packaging that keeps it from harms. Henceforth, you can go with this Kalimba in most extreme convenience.

This Kalimba is most appropriate for account and execution. You can utilize it for your family and all other outside occasions. It accompanies a professional report and learning guide. This Kalimba will bring you into the insights regarding the utilization and schedules of the Kalimba. It weighs about 2.07 pounds and has security against dampness, scratches and numerous others.

6. Donner 10 Key Kalimba Thumb Piano

The Donner Kalimba isn’t care for other shabby thumb pianos. It is designed utilizing high and strong quality mahogany wood. This incredible melodic instrument has a resonance box made of the best mahogany wood. All the more thus, it’s a 10 scratch Kalimba with each key made utilizing carbon steel. This is the reason you can make sure of getting an extraordinary sound while playing this instrument.

This Kalimba weighs 13.4 ounces and very little in size. Along these lines, you can promptly convey this Kalimba wherever you go in its convey sack. Donner produces the international standard C tune; the correct tone delivered by a piano.

The Donner Kalimba is solid and convenient. Its resonant box made with AAA strong mahogany. It accompanies a client manual so you can get the hang of all that you have to know easily. This makes this brand of Kalimba simple to utilize, convey, and store.

7. Andoer 10 Keys Birch Finger Thumb Piano Mbira

The Andoer Kalimba is much similar to a thumb piano that when played produces astounding sounds. Sounds that you can only with significant effort separate from that created by a piano. Andoer like different brands of Kalimba is produced using Birch and has a smooth surface.

This 10 key Kalimba whose keys are made utilizing steel is well and pleasantly cleaned. Actually, it is wonderful and fragile. You needn’t bother with much time to figure out how to play this Kalimba. Subsequently, anyone who lifts it up inside the briefest time conceivable can play and create astounding sound.

The Andoer which is red in shading weighs around 7 ounces. Subsequently, it is a little, versatile, sturdy, and convenient instrument. In this way you can convey it about just as store it without stress.

8. Amosic 10 Keys Mahogany Kalimba Thumb Piano African Mbira Sanza

Amosic is Kalimba with 10 keyboard keys. This one of a kind thumb piano delivers the C tone when played. Its body is produced using mahogany with its keyboard keys produced using carbon steel. To play the Amosic, you have to hold it with two hands. From that point, you can utilize only two of your thumbs to play it.

You can modify the tone of the Amosic to deliver better stable with a tuning hammer if the need emerges. This instrument is considered an exemplary one. In the event that you are searching for a melodic instrument with ethnic attributes, the Amosic is your most logical option.

This thumb piano is basic, convenient, and lightweight as it weighs about 1.98 pounds. Whenever played, it produces sounds that is practically same as that delivered by a music box. Its keyboard keys have a bowed design. Along these lines, Amosic is appropriate for your fingers with the end goal that you feel no torment when playing this instrument.

9. ADM Thumb Piano 10 keys Kalimba

The ADM Kalimba is a thumb piano and a people melodic instrument that is anything but difficult to-learn. It is compact with a 17 key round gap. Indeed, the body is produced using African Mahogany wood making it a tough instrument. All the more along these lines, its key materials are produced using hardened steel.

You can figure out how to play the ADM easily. Indeed, you can make incredible sound playing this instrument. The ADM Kalimba is one of a kind since you can modify its string to deliver the sound you need. Along these lines, it has a tuner. Subsequently, you can tune for better stable utilizing a mallet. This item is convenient, strong, unobtrusive, and smooth. In that capacity, it is an extraordinary melodic instrument to play amid movements or gatherings. This ADM Kalimba has 17 keys produced using iron minerals. All the more thus, its spring can be acclimated to convey the sound you need.

10. UK Dream Kalimba 17 Keys Thumb Piano

The UK Dream brand of Kalimba is a 17 tone thumb piano. This Kalimba is produced using materials like an aluminum pole and bar just as the pine yet its key material is metal. The UK Dream Kalimba when played produces the D key tone. This instrument accompanies Mbira, a tuning hammer, tone stickers, sack and client manual.

You can play this Kalimba with little pressure. The heaviness of the UK Dream brand of Kalimba is about 1.05 pounds. This infers this item is light and convenient. In that capacity, could be conveyed about effortlessly.

This traditional African melodic instrument has 17 keys. These keys are of various length. Along these lines, when played produces faultless and lovely solid. Its sounding body part contains a few metal groups. These groups come in various lengths.

This instrument is ideal for you in the event that you adore melodic instruments that deliver musical sounds.

11. X8 Drums X8-CT-KLB Coconut Kalimba Thumb Piano

The X8 Drums and Percussion Kalimba is absolutely a wonder to view. It is designed utilizing a coconut shell and wooden faceplate. This delightful instrument is a 7 scratch Kalimba hand-cut with a gecko design.

You can tune this Kalimba relying upon the kind of sound you need it to deliver. This is conceivable when you alter its tension screws. It weighs around 1 pounds and its faceplate is a mahogany wood designed with gecko carvings.

This instrument produced using coconut shell has a remarkable resonance and vibration impact. Its 7 keys are made utilizing metal. Henceforth, the X8 Drums and Percussion is a full bundle of good times for its kids and grown-up players.

12. Vangoa 17 keys Kalimba Thumb Piano 

Vangoa Kalimba produces sounds that overflows only unadulterated joy. Actually, the Vangoa is considered as one incredible instrument you can add to any of your percussion packs. Despite the fact that it comes in a significant little size, grown-ups can in any case play it. In all actuality; it suits children and grown-ups alike.

The Vangoa which is a 17 key Kalimba has a mahogany body whose keys are made of mineral steel. Henceforth, it is as wonderful as you can envision and creates consoling and sincere tones when played. This brand of Kalimba is a pleasant blessing you can provide for your friends and family who are music darlings.

Considering its size, it is lightweight. All the more along these lines, it weighs about 1.15 pounds. This Kalimba is consummately tuned and has mineral steel keys that convey the best of sound.

13. M Y Fly Young Kalimba 10 Keys Light Yellow Thumb Piano

This is a thumb piano reasonable as a backup instrument. The M Y Fly Young Kalimba has 10 keys designed utilizing an aluminum bar just as an aluminum pole.

Its body is produced using wood. Along these lines, it has an extremely smooth surface with pleasant cleaning which makes it delightful to see. All the more in this way, it is fragile in subtleties with Meideal engraved at its base. The M Y Fly Young weighs about 7.2 ounces and is considered little considering its size.

Consequently, you can convey and store it with next to zero pressure. It creates a delightful and well-alleviating sound that will assume you to a position of unending solace effortlessly. A little push down of the keys will bring about resonating vibration on its wooden body.

14. UBETA 17 Key Kalimba Thumb Piano

The UBETA Kalimba is an African thumb piano and a percussion keyboard melodic instrument. This instrument has around 17 keyboard keys with round sound gaps. The keys are readied utilizing aluminum composite. Thus, it is tough and when played produces immaculate C tone sound. You feel most extreme solace touching the UBETA. It is light-weight and gauges a unimportant 15.5 ounces. The body and back material is produced using strong wood and mahogany.

The key material in the UBETA Kalimba is carbon steel. This instrument is shrewd, making it simple to convey going to gatherings and outings. You can tune this instrument effortlessly utilizing a tuning hammer. The UBETA accompanies an instruction booklet and wipe fabrics just as note sticker.

As a beginner, you can create incredible sound with this instrument. All the more thus, the UBETA arrives in a very much designed exemplary box. Accordingly, you can get it as a present for your adored one. More often than not, the UBETA Kalimba is in every case impeccably tuned before you buy it. In this manner, you require not tune it upon buy before it can deliver extraordinary tones.

15. Ammoon Kalimba 17 key Thumb Piano

The Ammoon brand of Kalimba is a professional music instrument with fragile workmanship. This Kalimba is of great made utilizing minimal African piano wood. It is designed with triple sound gaps which empowers it to deliver unblemished and rich sound. With its two sound openings at the back, you can make imaginative sounds.

All the more along these lines, the body includes brilliant and clear timbre which makes it a delight to view. The Ammoon Kalimba is a 17 scratch instrument with flexible carbon steel tines. Thus, you can make sounds that can be supported for a long time delivering quiet emotions.

This Kalimba is designed to deliver the international standard C tune. All the more thus, it is appropriate for the two religions and non-religious social events. In all actuality; on the off chance that you need a convenient and palm measure Kalimba, get the Ammoon.

It weighs about 1.12 pounds. Thus, you can convey the Ammoon about with numerous conveniences.

16. Walter.D Mahogany Tone Wood Kalimba, Professional 17 Keys Acoustic Finger Thumb Piano

Walter.D Kalimba is produced using Mahogany, a wood that can oppose wood decay. This one of a kind brand of Kalimba designed from a very much finished wood delivers a delightful sound. Its audio effects are best depicted as exciting with close unadulterated resound and deferral.

With this Kalimba, you can take your melodic ability and song to anyplace on the planet. As a brand, it accompanies exceptional dark blue shading with the hand-rest bend design. The Walter.D Kalimba is fragile considering its subtleties. In this manner, it is an ideal blessing that you can provide for any artist.

The Walter.D produces a lovely stable with assorted songs. It is an all around committed and definite with regards to sound quality. Furthermore, it has 17 keys produced using carbon steel. Subsequently, it delivers nothing less in quality than flawless sound. You can play the Walter.D Kalimba effortlessly.

Truth be told, it is feasible for you to play two voice parts in this Kalimba. Walter.D comes in little size and weighs about 1.21 pounds. All the more in this way, it accompanies an instruction manual and an awful for simplicity of conveying and capacity.

17. GECKO Kalimba 17 Key with Mahogany Wooden 17 Note Thumb Piano

Gecko Kalimba has its board designed utilizing mahogany with its tines produced using metal. This instrument is very much tuned and can be played following buy. Whenever played, it delivers the international standard C tone.

The Gecko Kalimba is sturdy and uses twofold screw keys. These twofold screws make it a strong and stable Kalimba when contrasted with different models. All the more along these lines, Gecko brand of Kalimba has a strong body made of mahogany wood. Subsequently, its resonance is significantly more proficient than other Kalimba.

In all actuality; this Kalimba has a warm timbre. In this manner, it produces quiet and long-enduring sound. Truth be told, these designs make it workable for its notes to resound more than other Kalimba.

The body of the Gecko Kalimba is high quality. Whenever played, it creates a calming and consoling harp-like sound. It is lightweight and simple to learn and play. This novel instrument is a 17 key Kalimba.


There are Kalimba reasonable for each occasion. There are others you can play at your relaxation for personal solace that can be played on occasions. Thus, it is vital to realize which will be which. This will help you play for your solace as well as to wow others when you play at occasions.

Henceforth, this review will be of incredible help to direct you in settling on the correct decision. Despite the fact that the decision to purchase a Kalimba is yours to make with your heart, this review will help you a great deal. Moreover, focus on the desires of your heart. Focus and tune in to your internal being and yourself and make significant inquiries about Kalimba.

You should plan to purchase a Kalimba that suits your dimension of play. All the more in this way, get something that suits the style of music you play or make. You ought to comprehend that each brand of Kalimba has its characteristics just as its dimension. Henceforth, do appropriate research just as investigate this review as a manual for settling on the correct decision.