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The ONE Smart Digital Piano Review (Updated)

The ONE Smart digital piano has certainly grabbed the eye of the piano network. With a remarkable, incorporated application, this intuitive piano nearly wipes out the requirement for an educator, enabling tenderfoots to utilize the features to end up capable players after some time.

This piano was made for fledglings, yet it offers an assortment of features that professionals should need to exploit. Regardless of whether you’ve been playing the piano for a considerable length of time, the coordinated application can enable you to remain sorted out and enhance your training sessions in a way you never thought conceivable.

For those that are gotten up to speed in the publicity of the ONE, this review considers the innovative progressions, as well as considers how that may enhance (or thwart) the playing and learning knowledge. I am a major supporter of innovation, and it’s incredible to see that this piano has features that are very imaginative. All things considered, I need to ensure that apprentices can play on any piano and hotshot what they’ve really realized without the bolster of intelligent lights and supportive applications.

Features of the ONE Smart

  • 88-key reviewed pound action
  • Digital upstanding home piano
  • 3 foot pedals
  • 64 note polyphony
  • 128+ GM tones and percussion
  • Sound jack with free gold connector
  • Bidirectional USB MIDI port
  • Worked in mp3 speakers
  • Free iOS and Android application

It would not bode well for this piano to vacillate on irrefutably the, most fundamental features while it offers such a significant number of trend setting innovation features. Fortunately, the ONE features 88 weighted keys and 3 foot pedals like for all intents and purposes the majority of its rivals. It’s a digital upstanding piano, so it’s not intended to be versatile, but rather it very well may be featured in a finished setting that will mix consistently with inside design.

With a smooth look, you might wonder about controls and in general functionality. Indeed, the ONE features an inherent metronome, and volume control is additionally accessible on the piano equipment, however can be altered through the application.

One of the most critical interesting points when searching for a digital piano is obviously the sound quality. I don’t trust that digital pianos can totally duplicate the sound of acoustic pianos regardless of what anyone says supposing that that were the situation, acoustic pianos would’ve become wiped out long back. Be that as it may, digital pianos can to be sure solid and play great, which is for what reason they’re so prevalent.

So, while the 64 note polyphony in the ONE is bring down in comparison to different pianos with at least 128, the target group of tenderfoots shouldn’t generally require more than this. Afterall, in case you’re an apprentice, you’re presumably not going to play such a large number of complex or excessively mind boggling pieces.

A great deal of the new digital piano models, paying little respect to organization, are beginning to incorporate an application in some kind of way. The ONE’s capacities depend most vigorously on the application in comparison to its rivals, for example, the P-115.

The P-115 additionally has application functionality with controllers and modes to be made through innovation. Nonetheless, what’s extraordinary is that the ONE has an iOS and Android application, dissimilar to different organizations and models that are only pleasing Apple items right now. It appears, be that as it may, that some in the Android people group are somewhat discontent with how their gadgets are conversing with the Android application. Innovation can generally be somewhat troublesome when things are new, and keeping in mind that you generally detest seeing any similarity to client dissatisfaction, ideally the general population behind the ONE Smart Piano will tune in to the analysis and make upgrades.

While this piano has a ton of extraordinary things to offer the tenderfoot, the genuine star of this piano is the application and its unlimited potential outcomes. And keeping in mind that it’s unquestionably questionable that different pianos in this value extend create better stable, those that would be attracted to the ONE are those that are keen on mixing their capacity to learn piano with the most recent and most noteworthy that innovation brings to the table.


The LED light function helps me to remember something you may see on a child’s piano. In any case, rather than illuminating the whole key and anticipating that the player should hit them as needs be, the ONE is somewhat more careful yet in addition further developed.

The lights show up at the highest point of the keys and diverse hues mean distinctive hands. Red lights speak to the correct hand, while blue lights speak to one side. For anyone that thinks adapting piano is difficult, practically anyone can figure out how to play on this keyboard on the off chance that you focus and pursue the lights.

Similarly, the ONE application features ongoing sheet music. You should simply pick the piece you need to play and the application will illuminate the following note on one hand or both. Should you play the wrong note, the sheet music won’t progress until the point that you do.

A common feature of digital pianos is to have a couple of songs downloaded into the piano. With the ONE, there are no limitations. As of now, there are 2,000 downloaded songs into the application for piano players to browse.

On the off chance that you do purchase this piano, you can anticipate additional songs each time the application is refreshed. As indicated by the ONE Company, application updates will accompany more sheet music, recordings, and instruments to play with.

Beating The Learning Curve

The Smart piano can play from sheet music, mp3 documents, and can even be utilized as a speaker for any home diversion framework. There’s no compelling reason to bear books of sheet music or scour the web for quality duplicates, as the application keeps everything in one place for download and buy. This piano makes adapting simple, as it offers three different ways to learn: video lessons, sheet music, and diversions.

At the present time, there are more than 100 video lessons that clients can exploit, kindness of Hoffman Academy. Recordings extend from a diagram of the piano to learning exceptional methods and songs.

Joseph Hoffman shows these lessons himself and even offers explicit song instructional exercises as he goes up against the job of your virtual teacher. These recordings can be loved or put something aside for some other time, sorted out by aptitude level, and can likewise be shared on Facebook.

Prior to incorporated digital pianos and such, I adapted piano with a strict teacher with printed sheet music on a child fantastic piano. As a tyke, it was hard for me to truly get into playing the piano since I couldn’t generally value all the established pieces I would come to learn. The Smart application offers song instructional exercises from prevalent music today that make it simple to play out your main tunes. You can pick your lesson dependent on: introduction, section, pre ensemble, melody, or the entire song.

As expressed previously, the Smart piano offers intelligent sheet music with LED-guided practices. You can look over established, jazz, and traditional pieces, and additionally buy songs outside this kind. There is a “works out” option that tosses diverse difficulties at the client, which shows firm stance and fingering for proficient playing. This option can likewise be sorted out by aptitude level.

Amusements are one of the things that I presently can’t seem to see from some other digital piano. I cherish that it doesn’t make rehearsing dreary; you can have a fabulous time and take in at the same time. There are an assortment of songs on the ONE to browse and more to come. Clients can play solo diversions or as a two part harmony. The application will demonstrate a full keyboard and light up the keys on the piano granting focuses for each right key, all while you take in the song.


Clients can connect the accompanying gadgets to the ONE Smart piano:

  • iPad 2, 4, smaller than normal, mini2, Air
  • New Pad
  • IPhone 3GS, 4, 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6 or more
  • Android 4.0+
  • PC

Fundamentally, as long as you can download the application to your gadget, the Smart piano backings it. The piano has USB ports that can be utilized to connect your gadget. For the Android, it will use the USB have, while the PC will utilize the digital piano MIDI port. The piano can likewise oblige headphones with the sound jack on the side. There’s a place for your gadget to sit on the music remain, as though sheet music were there. The stand is smooth and tough, and it will hold your gadget in an upstanding position that makes it simple to use on the remain without expelling it.

The UI for the Smart application is easy to pursue and it likewise spares your place should you exit either coincidentally on intentionally. The application holds all your bought, preferred, and rehearsed songs as well, along with a perusing history and place for your accounts. There’s likewise cutting-edge Bluetooth and sound settings that can be changed through the piano.

One thing that I was stressed over with the ONE was the means by which it would influence learning. I didn’t need the lights and intuitive sheet music to end up a prop. All things considered, you need to enhance not simply remain a novice.

All things considered, obviously the application has you secured, as it offers ear preparing and score perusing to hone music listening abilities and enhance music perusing to boot The ear preparing has “free mode” and “test” mode, and the score can be separated to treble, bass, or both.


As of now, the ONE Smart piano is moving for $1,500. It’s not the most costly digital piano, in any case in case you’re considering buying it, you have to consider how much the ONE application intends to you. To be reasonable, what makes this piano so interesting is the assortment of features offered by the application. Without the application, none of the training functions work, for example, LED light controlling.

While individuals who purchase this digital piano won’t require a teacher, the cost will compensate for that. So you need to ask yourself: Should I get a less expensive digital piano and afterward contract a piano teacher, or would it be advisable for me to simply get this across the board piano?

Presently, there are a lot of digital pianos inside the $1,000-1,700 value run (Yamaha, Casio, and so on.) that can contend with the ONE as far as sound quality and other fundamental features. The Yamaha P-115 or the Casio PX-160 are aggressive with the ONE in cost and features. They, as well, stable extremely incredible for the money, have higher polyphony, and offer some kind of application integration. In any case, they don’t depend as vigorously on the application the manner in which the ONE Smart piano does.

Thus, generally speaking, the encounters are somewhat unique.

This digital piano is best for clients that will exploit all that ONE brings to the table. This is a digital piano for amateurs or those that need to enhance their aptitudes.


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