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Alesis VI49 Advanced 49-Key USB MIDI Keyboard Controller Review (Updated)

Alesis VI49: Alesis has astounded me in excess of one path these previous couple of years. I used to consider the brand a “below average” Akai for MIDI controllers, comparing the vast majority of their items to simply spending forms of their rivals MIDI controllers.

As of late, in any case, I’ve seen a principal move in the quality, introduction and promoting that encompasses this brand, and I need to state, I’m altogether inspired. The VI arrangement all in all has been getting a lot of buzz since their underlying discharge, and in light of current circumstances. The consoles are less expensive than the greater part of their nearest rivals, including Akai, however they pack the majority of similar highlights, while additionally pressing in a shockingly awesome look. I’d even go so far as to state they’re a portion of the best MIDI consoles accessible at the present time.


  • In slug shape, here is the thing that the VI49 is made offers potential clients:
  • Full-sized, semi-weighted keys
  • Square front keys with aftertouch
  • 16 cushions (weight and speed touchy)
  • Multicolor, illuminated cushions
  • 12 assignable handles, 36 catches (lit up)
  • Devoted transport controls
  • Regulation and pitch twist wheels
  • One manage input
  • Inward clock (adjust, beat, rolls, and so on)
  • Controlled by means of USB
  • Accompanies Ableton Live Lite (Alesis Edition)

Alesis VI49 takes over for the Alesis V49

The keyboard is a followup to the popular V49 MIDI controller, which was a great keyboard overall, but lacked pads. When I first laid hands on the keys, I was immediately impressed by the feel of this keyboard. I would go so far as to say it’s one of the best feeling keybeds I’ve ever come across at the price bracket the VI49 sits at.
The semi-weighted action feels fantastic, and everything about the construction feels well above-average. Even playing pianistically feels natural and fluid on this thing, which is something I rarely say about a MIDI controller.

The newly-added pads feel great to the touch, and as if that wasn’t enough, the pads light up when tapped (looking cool is always a good thing). The color of the pads change depending on how hard they are pressed, which is a nice little touch.

One thing I was disappointed with, however, was the sensitivity on these guys. It simply doesn’t live up to my standards, and what’s worse, I find it to be somewhat inconsistent. Sometimes, they’ll fire perfectly, but other times, I have to essentially slam my fingers down to get a fully “velocitized” (I know that’s not the right context to use this word but cut me some slack, will ya?) sound. It’s great that they are velocity sensitive in the first place, but I would have preferred a slightly more consistent user experience here. This is definitely one area where competitors like Akai and Novation have a clear lead over Alesis, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see that gap close in future releases.

The primary capacity catches and sliders on the VI49 are all illuminated when empowered, giving you an extremely cool visual portrayal of what is dynamic and what isn’t. There are 36 add up to catches (goodness!) and 12 sliders, or, in other words of crazy. On the off chance that you set aside the opportunity to delineate of these out, you could without much of a stretch see the enormous potential for this thing as far as molding sounds on the fly!

What’s significantly crazier is the way that you can utilize the 16 cushions as impacts triggers too, making this thing totally immersed with alternatives. Actually, I tend to utilize the on/off catches to trigger diverse impacts, for example, musical processors, reverbs and postponements, and I join that with the distinctive synth-particular adjustments and changes that are mapped to the handles.

Assembling those two, you can make enormous, developing leads, fragile, mechanized surfaces, and pretty much whatever else you can envision. Truth be told, the more I utilize the VI49, the more I come to acknowledge exactly what number of these things Alesis has stuffed into the controller.

For those of you who love trying different things with various sounds, this would nearly make the asking value justified, despite all the trouble without anyone else. At long last, both the mod haggle pitch twist feel unbelievable to the touch, giving simply enough protection from permit exact, proficient power over their individual capacities. They additionally sport a similar powder-covered get done with, making them feel simple on the hands.


With a MIDI controller like this, being effortlessly perfect with the majority of the real DAWs out there is significant. The uplifting news is, I’ve tried this controller with both Pro Tools and Ableton (the last of which is incorporated with the VI49!), and it works perfectly with both. I’ve perused comparative stories from clients on an assortment of different stages, so I believe it’s sheltered to state this thing is exceptionally versatile. With Logic particularly, I’m ready to go from introductory startup to totally mapped out and prepared to go inside around 5 minutes.

I’d state that is entirely awesome!

To the extent associations go, the VI49 has the standard arrangement of choices, with a USB giving force and MIDI information, a MIDI out for reinforcement applications, and a committed power out for those minutes when you require it.

One little however inconceivably irritating eccentricity; around about fourteen days into owning the console, the plastic USB connector severed on the back of the console. Everything still works okay, yet once in a while I’ll lose control, or my DAW will lose association with the controller. I won’t pester this excessively, however, on the grounds that I’m sincerely not the most delicate individual with regards to my apparatus. In any case, it’s significant, as it has been fairly irritating.


  • Incredible, semi-weighted keys feel extraordinary and are amusing to play.
  • 64 add up to assignable catches, handles and cushions. That’s right, it’s hard to believe, but it’s true.
  • Smooth and negligible plan.
  • Effectively incorporates with famous DAW’s.


  • Semi delicate associations.
  • Cushions aren’t exactly as delicate as I’d like them to be.


Going into my buy of the VI49, I wasn’t generally certain what’s in store. I’d constantly viewed Alesis as second-fiddle to Akai, and I didn’t know I’d truly be influenced by Alesis so late in the amusement.

Alesis has discharged a lot of items before, however to be completely forthright, I’ve never extremely given them quite a bit of a possibility. Different brands only had a tendency to have what I needed at the time, and I never halted to perceive what made these folks unique.

Brand faithfulness be doomed, however, I’ve come to particularly appreciate this present console’s construct quality, amazing keybed, and confounding exhibit of customization and assignability. The console isn’t impeccable; I wish the cushions were more touchy, and a few people may be disappointed by the absence of faders, however generally, it doesn’t beat this at the cost being asked by Alesis.