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Top 8 Best Grand Piano Covers Reviews (Updated)

Here’s a manual for purchasing the best Piano Cover; you have options to browse a scope of upstanding just as Grand Piano Covers. The best grand piano covers offers protection without any preparation, dust, spills and furthermore look exquisite, to supplement the piano. At the point when you are a pleased proprietor of the best piano, you have to deal with it in the most ideal way. Jump to the best grand piano cover on Amazon.

These piano covers are designed to fit a wide scope of grand pianos; you can browse a wide selection of texture materials.

Grand piano covers feature extra-thick cushioning, have a hard wearing and launderable outside with wool lined inside to secure the instance of the piano.

Use it when the piano isn’t being used, and particularly in environments where fluids may spill on the piano, for example, dinner corridors, eateries, multi-reason room, church lobbies, and so on. These covers additionally offer included protection from an excess of dampness in the room.

Top 3 Grand Piano Covers

Andoer Grand Piano Pleuche Bordered Dust Protective Cover Cloth

Our Top Pick: 1

Looks tasteful, made of pleuche, delicate and tough – gives protection to grand piano without any preparation and dust. Fits only child grand pianos. Impervious to earth, dim shading won’t show soil effectively. Approx.155cm in length(front), 145cm in width and 50cm in tallness.

Black Quilted Grand Piano Cover

Our Top Pick: 2

Ideal for Pianos estimated 4’10” to 6’4″, this dark sewed Grand Piano Cover is made of top notch nylon with a delicate, catch evidence polypropylene support to furnish delicate contact with the piano completion. Made of the most excellent, it gives protection from dust and scratches, and is ideal for use in places of worship, home, concert lobbies, homerooms, and so on.

YAMAHA Grand Piano Cover for C1-series made in Japan

Our Top Pick: 3

This cover is designed to fit YAMAHA Grand Piano C1-arrangement. It won’t fit for other grand piano models.

Best 5 Grand Piano Covers

YAMAHA Grand Piano Cover for C2-series made in Japan

Our Best Pick: 1

Made to fit C2-arrangement pianos (sequential No. after 4,900,000), this cover looks incredible on the piano and doesn’t have a massive look. It looks exquisite, has an excellent Yamaha logo. Gives protection from dust and scratches, and an unquestionable requirement have for your Yamaha grand piano.

Yamaha C3 Grand Piano Cover C3F, G3, G3F

Our Best Pick: 2

This piano cover is designed to cover a Yamaha C3 piano (which estimates 6’1″ long). The cover is made out of a dark cushioned, stitched material–with the external layer being made of nylon, in a 4″ diamond example. The inward layer is dark in shading, and has a delicate material to forestall any harm to your piano. Side parts – permit you to play the piano without taking whole cover off.

Clairevoire Grandeur Premium Velvet Grand Piano Cover

Our Best Pick: 3

Clairevoire Grandeur: Classic Premium Velvet Grand Piano Cover for Yamaha GB1/GB1K/GA1/CN151PE [151cm |5 Ft]

Clairevoire piano covers utilize high-grade materials, gives a combination of functionality and feel.

Foldovers by the sides permit the keyboard to be effectively gotten to without the issue of removing the cover.

Kawai RX2 Piano Cover

Our Best Pick: 4

Kawai RX2 piano cover estimates 5’10” long. Its made of dark cushioned, stitched material–with the external layer being made of nylon, in a 4″ diamond example. The internal layer is a delicate material to forestall any harm to your piano. This piano coversfeatures side parts, which permit you to flip open the front of the piano cover to uncover the keyboard, so you can play the piano without taking the whole piano cover off. Knitted covers are the most alluring, reasonable for any home setting, just as houses of worship, schools, or anyplace.

Steinway Grand Piano Cover Model M 5’7″

Our Best Pick: 5

Top notch dark stitched grand piano cover, fabricated of great nylon with a delicate, catch evidence polypropylene backing that gives delicate contact the piano completion. Ideal for chapels, concert corridors, homerooms, and so on. It looks substantially more appealing than a plain vinyl cover; professional looking. This Grand Piano Cover fits Steinway M grand pianos estimating 5’7″.

Grand Piano Cover Buying Guide

Decision of Color

The most common hues that are accessible are dark, ebony and darker, so you may pick one of these hues for your piano cover. In spite of the fact that shading is a personal decision on the off chance that your piano is ebony hued, at that point you ought to ideally get a dark cover. Bust as mentioned on the off chance that the style of your room requires another shading, at that point please don’t hesitate to go with that shading to supplement the encompassing.

Purchasing a Grand Piano Cover

Picking a keyboard cover for most portable keyboards is very simple as a standard stretchable one fits most keyboards. You have options of going in for a 61 or 76 key keyboard cover or a 88 key keyboard cover.

In any case, with regards to pianos, both upstanding just as grand piano, the piano covers should be of various sizes, contingent upon the size of your piano. At the point when you request an upstanding piano cover or grand piano covers, it needs to accommodate your piano impeccably.

Decision of Fabric

The most common material with regards to texture of a piano cover is vinyl, simple to clean it off utilizing a clammy fabric or in any event, utilizing a vacuum more clean.

These are additionally lightweight so Grand piano covers made of vinyl are simpler to evacuate and put on the piano.

In any case, if water is a major concern for you and truly need your piano cover to be water-safe then you can utilize Kiwi Camp Dry to the cover to make the material thoroughly water-evidence.


It is conceivable to arrange specially crafted upstanding or grand piano cover where you can indicate whether you need the cover that goes right to the floor or not. Clearly this would cost extra, yet you do have this option particularly on the off chance that you live in an extremely dusty region. Coincidentally, you additionally have the option of ensuring the legs of your piano by buying separate leg covers.

Locking Straps are especially significant in the event that you anticipate that children should be close to the piano. These go about as a boundary on the off chance that the children are enticed to expel the cover to play the piano. Most inns, schools, holy places have costly pianos so adding locking ties to the piano covers just makes it progressively sheltered.

So as should be obvious other than keyboard covers, you additionally get organ covers, upstanding piano covers and grand piano covers to shield your keyboard instrument from dust, pets and mishap spills. Piano fix and support can be a costly issue so putting resources into a decent piano cover is a little cost to guard it.


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