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Top 10 Best Audio Mixers Reviews

The sound blender or as it is here and there alluded to, the account support, is a bit of hardware that works in various conditions. It is utilized in recording studios and at live shows. Be that as it may, likewise in the communicate of sound through TV or potentially film.

Whatever its work environment its activity is easy to get a sound sign and procedure it and afterward screen the yield.

There are numerous blenders available, with some by notable names. In this way, how about we investigate probably the best sound blenders available.

Top 3 Audio Mixers

Allen & Heath ZED-12FX 12-Channel Mixer

Our Top Pick: 1

Where computerized blending work areas are concerned, Allen Heath has set the bar very high as far as execution and worth.

This bit of unit packs a great deal of tech into a little edge and is appropriate for shows or working in the studio. Weighing only 22 pounds and with a size of 22 crawls by 18, it is anything but difficult to heft around.

It is a 12 channel blender with six amplifier or line data sources and highlights four assistant sends. Six of the channels have preamps permitting you to interface line inputs or direct info boxes. The preamps gloat a colossal +69dB of increase.

There is a three-band EQ on the six fundamental channels and added to this are three sound system channels with volume control and two-band EQ for each. There is a USB for sending sound directly to a PC whenever required.

The faders are smooth activity at 100mm and two earphone attachments, one with 1⁄4″ and one with 1⁄8″.

Despite the fact that this is above all else a blending work area, it has a noteworthy cluster of 24-piece impacts. Deferrals, reverbs, chorale and flangers are completely included permitting choices for getting the sound perfectly.

Allen and Heath have gained notoriety for delivering genuine quality and remembered for this machine is all you require to work at the level it permits. One thing that is quickly obvious is the nature of the preamps. They are extraordinary and produce a spotless sound.

The impacts include a great deal of choices and permit some tone creation whenever required.

While this is a mid-extend blender, it will take some work to get to holds with all the installed offices. In this way, be set up for some genuine web time as the manual isn’t so hot.

Not a modest choice of a blender, pretty much mid-run value insightful however an integral asset that won’t disillusion.

  • Pros
    1. 12 channel blender with preamps on 6.
    2. Masses of incredible highlights.
    3. Great impacts.
  • Cons
    1. Will set aside some effort to become acquainted with its activity.

Yamaha EMX5014C 14-Input Powered Mixer

Our Top Pick: 2

This is a Yamaha computerized blender pressed with incredible offices and alternatives. In this field of activity, the organization has developed to exceed expectations, and this blending work area is a genuine model.

14 channels are accessible, ten mono and four sound systems with single handle blowers on six data sources. There are highpass channels at 80Hz for disposing of any undesirable base end clamor and Pre-Fader audience changes to let you screen singular channels.

There are input pointers in LED position so you can screen and right any over-burden issues and all channels have markers to screen signal pinnacles.

Further stable evaluation and control offices exist with Aux 1 and 2 and return screen switches. Eight mic preamps are locally available in XLR input, two in surround sound and eight channels have Phantom Power.

The EQ is a 3-band mid-channel, sweepable EQ and a sound system more than 3 groups and a 9 band realistic. Yamaha has a well known scope of impacts processors, the SPX arrangement, and sixteen of those impacts are incorporated.

It flaunts two 500 watt power speakers with YSP, which is Yamaha Signal Processing. These are switchable to permit different sound choices. Also, all that anyone could need to deal with screens and mains.

This Yamaha is a rough machine equipped for doing some voyaging being contained in a steel undercarriage. It is additionally intended to be rack mounted on the off chance that you decide to do as such.

This thus substantially more make this a ground-breaking blending console. What’s more, more than reasonable for live work or in a little studio. Decent spotless sound, incredible impacts and a great deal of alternatives.

It is durable, very much assembled and sensibly valued given the measure of movement that is incorporated. This makes it extraordinary incentive for cash from an organization that produces quality rigging.

  • Pros
    1. Rough steel development.
    2. Rack Mountable.
    3. Astounding SPX consequences for board.
  • Cons
    1. May be costly for a few.

Mackie PROFX8V2 8-Channel Compact Mixer

Our Top Pick: 3

Mackie is notable for delivering quality however reasonably valued account and home studio gear. They’re extraordinary at making multi-working bits of pack that are anything but difficult to work with. This 8-channel blender is a genuine model.

Mackie has consolidated huge numbers of the highlights you will discover on bigger consoles into this work area to give you a ton of command over the sound created.

You get four Mackie Vita preamps to help the sound for a mouthpiece, guitar, console and whatever else you extravagant getting through it. Preamps that are uncommonly intended to cook for the live show.

Every one of the 8 channels has a 100Hz low profile channel and its own 3-band EQ. There is a further 7-band realistic EQ that can be utilized for the fundamental yield or the helper.

Just as, these sound choices, Mackie has included some fascinating impacts. These give you an abundance of power over the general sound. Also, incorporate assortments of reverb, deferral, and ensemble.

What’s more, to guarantee a decent equalization 48-volt Phantom force is included for your condenser mouthpieces.

There are contributions for your mp3 or PC, incorporating a USB port in the event that you are utilizing remotely recorded sound. Different offices have additionally been included like the footswitch FX quiet. What’s more, there is a solitary earphone attachment with its own volume control.

There are such huge numbers of highlights remembered for this work area, that it’s difficult to experience them all here. It truly needs a more critical hope to look at all the choices.

While it will function admirably in a live domain, it will likewise be an incredible studio blender and will even be agreeable for meetings and other sound obligations.

Mackie has remembered a great deal of highlights for this work area. These make it a standout amongst other computerized blenders for live stable there is and in this manner a generally excellent choice for those searching for an eight channel blender.

  • Pros
    1. EQ on each channel.
    2. Extraordinary impacts.
    3. Effectively transportable.
  • Cons
    1. Just has eight channels, some may require more.

Best 7 Audio Mixers

Mackie 1604VLZ4 16 unpowered-audio-mixers

Our Best Pick: 1

A major machine from Mackie giving cutting edge ability, and improved capacities. This implies it could be viewed as outstanding amongst other live solid blenders around. However, right?

The one thing you can say about Mackie is they make incredible simple blending work areas, they pack them brimming with force and impacts, and construct them so that they endure being run over by a tank.

This 1604VLZ4 with work anyplace however it is set up to be taken out and about and utilized live on the off chance that it is required. The VLZ arrangement of blenders are intended to be strong and solid, and this is no exemption. Worked with a fold over steel packaging, it is probably going to endure most things.

It has 16 channels all of which have Onyx amplifier preamps with a 60Db increase run, and the channels have a three-band EQ. Furthermore, the ultra-low clamor execution gives you a fresh and clear solid.

A sharp thought has been to seal all the rotational controls. You never entirely realize what’s in store from any setting, however with fixed units, the work area is ensured against a portion of the most terrible that can happen.

It additionally works well in a studio situation and can be rack mounted in the event that you wish (mounting sold independently).

With the 16 channels however it is sufficiently large to deal with most info necessities and produce an amazing and clean solid multiplication. It is done in dark, yet the control handles are covered with high shading tops to aid obscured scenes.

This blender seems as though it implies business and it does. It conveys no insignificant extravagant accessories it just continues ahead with its activity and does it well indeed. It is estimated at the top end, however you get a ton for your money.

Mackie is a demonstrated name, and this blender adds to the organization’s notoriety.

  • Pros
    1. Extreme, tough form.
    2. Preamps on all channels.
    3. Fixed control units.
  • Cons
    1. The cost may put some off.


Our Best Pick: 2

Behringer has created what might be extraordinary compared to other computerized blenders around right now. It unquestionably has a cutting-edge feel about its plan with its modern looks.

They have planned it to work with your tablet, iPad or Android and even your cell phone. This takes connected correspondences in music to another level.

It probably won’t be the first run through this has been conceivable, yet it could be the first run through this innovation is so reasonable. However, at that point that is the thing that Behringer is about.

With this work area, you can connect your instruments and amplifiers and work on them from anyplace at the show, or in the studio by means of the free downloadable application.

This is certainly not a four-track wonder either. It has eighteen channel, twelve transport blender with sixteen programmable mouthpiece preamps by Midas. Installed is Behringer’s X32 studio quality impacts rack, and 18 x 18 USB interface and coordinated wifi.

Everything is readily available to have the option to blend and change sounds and parities from any place you are in the scene or studio.

You can even meander around a live show and hear what the crowd is got notification from different vantage focuses and roll out the improvements if essential.

It is even conceivable to let the artists and entertainers modify their own blends in the live circumstance through the ultranet association, however certain conditions apply to that choice.

This is without a doubt an exceptionally great blender. It looks great and performs similarly just as it looks giving you the opportunity to work in new manners.

No, It’s German planned, however worked under Behringer’s severe quality controls in the Far East, which implies it’s magnificent incentive for cash.

Positively, one for the how about we have a more intensive gander at this rundown.

  • Pros
    1. Extraordinarily adaptable and versatile advanced blending work area.
    2. Worked through tablets and telephones from anyplace.
    3. 18 Channels and 12 Subs.
  • Cons
    1. Some may lean toward a progressively fixed condition.

Peavey PVi 6500 All In One Powered Mixer

Our Best Pick: 3

Peavey makes some quality apparatus and has done as such for a long time. They do will in general make things that are truly sturdy and make some great clamor, and this is a genuine model.

This is an incredible 400 watt 5 channel blender intended for use in a live situation.

It has six mix XLR, and 1⁄4″ inputs and each channel utilizes Peavey’s incredible Silencer preamp making it perfect for blending different vocal tracks. It likewise has Phantom force, yet just for amplifiers.

There is a criticism distinguishing framework that recognizes potential over-burden and with the 8-band realistic equalizer can expel it. Illuminating a LED at the principal indications of input permits you to address the issue early.

Peavey has protected its Kosmos-C sound upgrade module to permit you to carry life to your sound. Both low and high controls modify the recurrence extents to give you the sound you are searching for.

Locally available are 24-piece computerized impacts that include further authority over the sounds. An assortment of reverbs and deferrals are likewise accessible. These can be worked by a footswitch.

It will work utilizing various outside sources including Bluetooth, SD card and USB mp3 player.

One thing that should be said for this blender is that in the days of yore it would presumably have been known as a ‘Dad Amp.’ It is structured essentially to deal with vocals in spite of the fact that obviously, it will take guitars and consoles.

It is thusly prepared for that procedure and performs well overall.

The impacts might be not exactly different blenders have locally available, however they are satisfactory for creating a straightforward, clear stable.

It is extreme and tough and is worked to travel and take a couple of thumps, and is set at a sensible cost.

  • Pros
    1. Enough impacts to deal with fundamental sound creation.
    2. Very much made and solid for movement.
    3. Essential yet worked to be that way.
  • Cons
    1. Best for live work as it were.

Zoom LiveTrak L-12 Digital Mixer

Our Best Pick: 4

On the off chance that you are searching for a blender that will permit you a great deal of extra alternatives, at that point this is positively worth investigating. It truly performs above what you should seriously think about is over its punching weight.

In the event that what you are truly needing to do is to blend and record your show or practice then this is perhaps the best sound blender for you.

Recording and stirring up to twelve channels one after another the conceivable outcomes this work area gives for an effectively transportable machine are unending. Particularly as you can utilize the locally available studio-quality impacts it offers.

You can really complete the entire thing utilizing the L-12 or on the off chance that you like or send the outcomes to your DAW for altering and blending.

Each channel has a three-band EQ with the sixteen impacts gave. Sources of info are both XLR and 1⁄4″ jacks. Also, mic preamps and blowers are incorporated for each channel.

An extraordinary office has been incorporated for guitar and bass with channels 1 and 2 contribution hello there Z inputs. These take into account the best conceivable sign to go into the work area on the off chance that you associate a guitar or bass straightforwardly into it.

Consoles and different gadgets can be gotten through channels 9 to 12 which have TRS and RCA associations.

Almost. Making custom earphone blends for up to five clients is additionally an extraordinary office.

We truly could wax expressive about this bit of pack and what it offers however there isn’t space here, and it would truly be simpler to list what it doesn’t do, which isn’t a lot!

Apparition power, metronome, USB associations – all included. It just continues endlessly… And, we haven’t took a gander at the specialized stuff that truly makes this work area significantly better than its restriction.

Not in the slightest degree for what you are getting. You will be hard pushed to locate a superior work area than this, with all the office it accommodates less. Could this make it the best sound blender in this overview? Hold up till the conclusion to discover…

  • Pros
    1. Has all that you have to blend and record a live show.
    2. Loads of locally available impacts and highlights.
    3. Effectively transportable and all around made.
  • Cons
    1. None truly.

Mackie PROFX12v2 Pro 12 Channel Compact Mixer

Our Best Pick: 5

This Mackie work area is principally intended for the littler live show and furnishes you with a large group of highlights to empower you to get the best stable from your blender. It offers various highlights that typically just exist on bigger work areas that cost much more.

To begin with there is a three-band EQ and low profile channel on each channel and a seven-band realistic EQ can be utilized for calibrating the sound to the PA.

Similarly as with all things Mackie produce, everything is incorporated to cause the sound on a par with it to can get and they incorporate some incredible highlights.

The Vita preamp was planned explicitly in view of the live presentation, and six channels have this preamp for amplifiers which include support where essential and life to the sound.

It likewise flaunts a ReadyFX impacts motor that incorporates 16 impacts including the typical postponements and reverbs. They likewise incorporated a chorale alternative for guitar whenever required.

Some littler blenders don’t offer such top notch alternatives. Be that as it may, they are totally remembered for this work area, including a hey Z contribution for guitar or other instrument info and Phantom force.

A USB is incorporated for contribution from a PC or mp3 player which will permit you to stream backing tracks or different sounds from a PC or Mac. Furthermore, there is an earphone yield that has its own volume control to permit direct observing from the stage.

With a load of only nine pounds and a size of fourteen square inches, it is conservative and entirely compact. The way that the size is so unobtrusive shouldn’t degrade the quantity of impacts and quality blending choices that exist on this work area.

It is a quality bit of unit for the littler exhibition at a superb cost.

  • Pros
    1. Smaller and simple to ship.
    2. Pressed with sound and blending choices.
    3. Great incentive for cash.
  • Cons
    1. Some may require a greater work area.

Yamaha AG03 3-Channel Mixer

Our Best Pick: 6

Once in a while you go over something that is new and creative. An item that has gotten a handle on the prerequisites of the cutting edge universe of music and broadcasting and has any kind of effect. This could be one of those items – a little Yamaha blender with USB.

It really stretches out a long ways past unadulterated music creation and can incorporate gaming and webcasting just as being an answer for performers moving.

It works basically as a 24bit three-channel blender and a two-track recording and sound interface. It conveys studio type impacts with EQ, Reverb and even pressure. Furthermore, each is customizable to suit nature in which you are working and work.

Not an issue by means of a loopback work that will join every one of your tracks for recording to your spilling programming. It will even fitting into your iPad ( second era and later) and is class consistent.

You can connect a vocal, guitar or console and in the event that you utilize a condenser mouthpiece, there is an installed preamp.

As a bit of pack, it is very amazing what amount has been placed into this little machine. The sound is fresh and clear, and the impacts are incredible.

On the off chance that you are searching for a little blender/interface, at that point this is definitely justified even despite a visit.

We were searching for something it didn’t do, and the main thing we discovered was that it didn’t make the tea.

A phenomenal bit of pack for those needing a multi-reason little blender/interface.

  • Pros
    1. Superb chronicle and loopback alternatives.
    2. Multi-use.
    3. Worked in sound interface.
  • Cons
    1. Not especially modest for its size.

PreSonus StudioLive 24.4.2AI Active Integration Digital Mixer

Our Best Pick: 7

PreSonus, notable for assembling superb computerized sound blenders, have delivered with this item something that is excellent that will work in numerous situations.

Twenty-four to four to two, an exemplary arrangement on a blending work area. This conveys weight and force yet then much more.

There won’t be sufficient space here to portray in detail all the offices pressed into this work area so we will feature the significant ones.

Twenty-four channels all accompany XMAX preamps for receivers which will give any lift important for live or studio accounts. Increasingly about those soon. Four subgroups and ten helper transports give you a lot of control

There are in excess of ninety sign processors. Blowers, limiters, and expanders – a high pass channel and four band EQ are accessible on all channels. Also, LED screens, permit you to perceive what’s happening constantly.

Channels can be preset as beginning focuses for instruments and voice and can be called up when required. Furthermore, there is an Auto store office sparing current settings in the event of breakdown.

Such a significant number of capacities, that there are beyond any reasonable amount to portray. Maybe the most basic however, and what separates this work area from others are the preamps.

Twenty four channels all with a studio quality preamp will give you twenty-four incredible sounding channels.

Regardless of what you go through them be they vocals, guitars, drums, consoles or pretty much whatever else you can envision. You have the control to deliver an incredible adjusted sound.

With that many, you can put a receiver on anything that moves and even stuff that doesn’t.

We won’t go into the sound libraries or the Virtual StudioLive programming that can be downloaded or controlled from a Mac or PC.

This work area is pushing the limits of what has gotten conceivable. It isn’t modest, however it is for what you are getting.

  • Pros
    1. Extraordinary locally available offices and impacts.
    2. Preamp on every one of the 24 channels.
    3. Spare and review settings.
  • Cons
    1. Some may think that its costly.