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Casio PX-780 Privia Digital Piano Review (Updated)

Casio PX-780: Casio has figured out how to defeat their past by making a line of really amazing models while as yet holding the expense down.

They have completed an amazing activity of making digital pianos that are reasonable for each financial plan and that address the issues of the beginner and the propelled player.

We investigated the Privia Line particularly the Casio PX780 to show signs of improvement feel for this piano thus that we could assist you with making an educated choice about which piano would best address your issues. The Casio PX780 is an extremely great model at its value point.

Casio lost some picture indicates in the mid 80’s the mid 90’s since they made a few socially awkward act and lost some validity by endeavoring to make instruments that were super moderate yet ended up being minimal more than toys.

They have truly gotten it together so you should allow them a second look in the event that you have not looked in a while. They are rapidly turning into a power to be figured with in the instrument business.

The Privia line is proof positive that Casio can remain consistent with their reasonable roots and still make extremely amazing instruments.

Try not to give the value a chance to label trick you. Because you can spare does not mean you will forfeit.

The Basics of Casio PX-780

This is an electronic piano that is a piece of the Privia line from Casio. The Privia line is really their top of the line. It accompanies a furniture review bureau that would supplement any stylistic theme. Our initial introduction of this keyboard was that it is shockingly well made.

The bureau was tolerable looking and the keyboard itself felt exceptionally strong.

  • Let us additionally pause for a moment to reveal to you what this isn’t:
  1. It’s anything but a versatile digital piano
  2. It isn’t generally appropriate for the stage
  3. It isn’t something you can take with you

Many individuals are searching for a digital piano that they can take with them out and about or to hone this isn’t it. It isn’t generally appropriate for the stage except if it will be stationary like for a congregation or even as a lasting installation in a theater.

This is more similar to an upright piano that you use in the home or the studio. It very well may be gotten off from its bureau however it is worked to be in the bureau to understand its full function.

On the off chance that you are searching for something compact this isn’t for you. We simply need to be completely forthright with you so you don’t sit idle finding out about this digital piano just to discover it isn’t what you are searching for.

  • Who is it ideal for?
  1. Anybody that needs an upright piano that is electronic
  2. Anybody that is short on space
  3. Anybody that needs a training apparatus
  4. Anybody that needs an upright yet does not have upright cash at this moment.

In the event that you are searching for a digital piano that can have a changeless space in your home than this would be extraordinary for you. In the event that your space is constrained or you live in a condo this would be an extraordinary answer for you.

In the event that you need a solid practice device this would be extraordinary for you also. On the off chance that you truly would love an upright piano or a child excellent yet don’t have the cash to contribute this is an extraordinary substitute.

Features of Casio PX-780

We will begin by furnishing you with every one of the determinations and how they influence your play. First thing we saw was the down to earth key movement with new and improved graduated weighted style for the keys.

On this model the keys all the more precisely diverted the vibe of an acoustic piano on account of the graduated weight structure on the keys like an acoustic piano.

It was a decent touch that we found truly assisted with our playing. Casio has put a considerable amount of work and structure into the keys on this model to give it an extremely genuine feel. It feels like an acoustic piano as well as it plays and seems like one too.

Casio has included the Tri-sensor dynamic response key action to offer an all the more piano stable compose reach and articulation.

This is an extremely strange find on a piano at this value moment that you contrast it with the Yamaha Arius which comes in at about a similar cost however that has left off this feature.

Each key has 3-key sensors which will have a noteworthy impact in “melodic shading” of sound and your ability to express your music on this keyboard.

This is a truly amazing feature at this value point that you truly don’t discover in different models inside this range. It truly addresses Casio’s duty to bring remarkable features at moderate value focuses.

The keyboard is decent and calm. You don’t get that clicking or fuss that you find on different models when the keys are being played. The keys are smooth to work as is the sound.

Another amazing reward on the keyboard is that the keys are made of designed ivory which is finished for extraordinary finger advancement.

It is the seemingly insignificant details that truly have any kind of effect. For the amateur that finished key feature can truly assist it shields the fingers from slipping and make moving around the keyboard much more profitable.

About the Keys

The keys are bounty to spout over on the grounds that honestly with numerous models the sound is there however so is the clicking and clamoring of ineffectively planned keys. We were inspired what would we be able to state. Allows simply push ahead and discuss the sound.

The Privia PX-780 contains one of the better strong systems found on the Privia line. Casio has upgraded their officially real winning sound structure by executing a more a la mode one, called the AiR sound source, or the Acoustic and Intelligent Resonator.

This sound structure uses more than triple the memory created by the past ages of models and gives a substantially more full strong sound, particularly when it is associated with yield speakers.

It offers an entire 128 of polyphone with extraordinary resonation. The two 20 watt speaker framework truly features every one of the features that this piano brings to the table pleasantly.

There are three pedals that additionally improve the sound and play of this digital ponder. This model offers more than 250 pleasant instrument sounds, 360 piano voices and a huge number of other melodic features that are effortlessly available for work on, recording and making.


The USB port enables this model to be a MIDI for all your PC, Ipod, or compact workstation. It offers an extensive variety of uses that are anything but difficult to utilize on account of the simple to utilize LCD display screen that is natural and simple to utilize.

You can without much of a stretch interface an intensifier, spare documents in the huge memory store and utilize the piano learning techniques that are incorporated.

Most tenderfoots have announced that they found that this digital piano has been an extremely accommodating learning apparatus.

While it offers some extremely propelled features Casio has completed a fine occupation of keeping them all simple to utilize so even the greenest of tenderfoots can rapidly figure out how to explore the piano and begin utilizing the propelled features.

4 Hands Play

You can without much of a stretch layer any two sounds in the meantime from wherever on the support. It additionally has an extraordinary 4 convenient play feature that is made for 2 individuals to play in the meantime.

This model is tied in with having a fabulous time and truly getting a charge out of the music. There is a board control bolt to guarantee that there is no coincidental eradications or blending messes.

There is a programmed stop for when the keyboard has been disregarded for two long which obviously spares vitality yet more critically connects with the programmed bolt to maintain a strategic distance from any incidents.

This model is extremely stuffed with top of the line features that we couldn’t in any way, shape or form name all hear.


  • We looked and hoped to discover something that we didn’t care for about this piano yet we just couldn’t appear to discover the major issue.
  • We couldn’t discover a reason not to prescribe this piano, it does everything that you can need a piano to do to say the very least.
  • It is the ideal digital piano for both the amateur and the accomplished player. It is an incredible incentive at any cost.


It is consummately evaluated and effectively give the opposition that charges a few times progressively a keep running for their cash.

On the off chance that you are in the market for another piano you would be out of order to not think about this piano. It is the ideal piano for your home.


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