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Best Roll Up Pianos Review (Updated)

Can’t manage the cost of a piano yet wish your youngster can learn music, at that point we recommend to go for the best roll up piano keyboards. As the name proposes, this is a convenient piano that is produced using environmentally well disposed silicone which arrives in a variation of 61 and 81 keys that radiate distinctive tones, sounds and rhythms. In the event that you look online, there are numerous organizations offering roll up keyboards with every one of the features of a genuine piano. Likewise additional attributes like chronicle music, replaying music, altering tones and transporting any music piece on the PC.

Wouldn’t you like to get one such adaptable piano keyboard for yourself? Indeed, to give you a more profound knowledge on this item, we have recorded down best roll up piano reviews dependent on their constructed, features and valuing.

3 Top Roll Up Pianos

Andoer 88 Key Electronic Piano Keyboard Silicon Flexible Roll Up Piano

Our Top Pick: 1

When you go for 88 key pianos, it constructs confidence in you that you go to the correct snapshot of your profession where you can play something is finished. The Andoer 88 Key Electronic Piano Keyboard accompanies a strong midi interface characterizing it as a dependable tenderfoot roll up piano.

The Andoer accompanies 100 sorts of mood and 23 demonstration songs. It additionally incorporates 128 sorts of tones you can generally consummate your playing style and make adjustable play designs. The 12-stage volume modification implies you have finish control over how and what you are playing.

There is a work in amplifier, which gives you the opportunity to extend easily to a bigger group of onlookers. Additionally, the earphone jack implies you can rather play quietly without exasperating the tranquility of your audience members.

You can likewise add outside speakers to it to additionally zest up your play style. Driven light display gives you the option to see your selections and adaptable settings. Also, obviously, rolling the Andoer up for capacity and for play resembles a breeze.

Roll up piano portable 88 key soft elastic electronic music keyboard piano

Our Top Pick: 2

Nothing thumps a full key roll piano that enables you to practice and ace the specialty of playing one of the world’s best instruments. The standard 88 key piano accompanies 140 astonishing sounds that exceed expectations in tone construction. 30 demo songs in addition to 128 rhythms are additionally included. The tone and mood selections empower the player to have first class execution and enhanced understanding.

Would you like to go anyplace? This roll up piano is anything but difficult to convey about. Simply roll it up and get it into your rucksack or bag and hit the street conveniently. It accompanies worked in 1000mAh batteries that revive quick and continue playing for the sufficient number of hours.

The reason why most apprentices incline toward this option is the strong battery, strength and institutionalized design that performs amazingly in a multi-functional job. You can likewise play with MIDI documents and MP3 players everything being equal. The innocuous review silicone keyboard material design stresses top wellbeing design– one in which the dark keys are higher than the white keys.

Eoncore 37 Keys Roll Up Portable Electronic Keyboard Piano

Our Top Pick: 3

Indeed. Your children can likewise figure out how to play the piano. The Eoncore makes it simple for children to ace the craft of playing the piano at such a beginning time. The Eonecore is a 37 enjoying piano, which means you won’t enjoy the benefit of learning and acing the chance of playing a full and finish estimate piano. This child can fit in pleasantly in your tote. It is so compact and speedy for roll up and convey about.

Supplementing the standard keys are 8 piano tones. This model accompanies challenging 100 rhythms which is a lot from such an amateur item.

There is an outside speaker yield that empowers you to pay your music to becoming aware of others (kids, obviously.) Earphone jack implies. in the event that you don’t have any desire to disappoint your relatives or companions, you can do that by simply connecting the earphone jack and your piano solid would turn into somewhat capable of being heard or very tranquil.

The roll up piano likewise has 100 timbre and 10 piano song for your training delight. The unit is controlled with 4AA batteries which you should get yourself. With 500mw of yield, we don’t see anything wrong with this roll-up keyboard.

12 Best Roll Up Pianos

1. S88 Portable 88 Keys Roll Up Soft Flexible Electronic Music Keyboard Piano

Estimating 13 x 8.8 x 3.7 crawls in dimensions, this roll up piano keyboard is a reduced size sort that conveys convenience to the player. It is a finished 88 key piano. With incredibly touchy keys that requires least contact to play. The piano is lightweight, bearing a load of 2.75 pounds.

The piano likewise features multi-interface functions with MIDI yield. You can connect to your PC and alter your music. You can likewise utilize it as power bank, in case of the crisis. It additionally bolsters MP3 players and other multifunctional bolster, for example, SD card, USB, headphone and outer speakers.

The piano uses the most up to date 24-bit microchip that gives it increasingly standard and smooth tone that surpasses the traditional 8-piece processor. The keyboard length is 50 pieces and it can likewise be utilized with a supported pedal. The digital LED display tube is multifunctional, and its operation is basic.

2. Sharper Image Musical Portable 37-Key Digital Roll Up Electronic Keyboard

The Sharpe Image is a 37-Key roll up piano designed to address the issues of kids who love to play the instrument. The roll-up piano accompanies 10 worked in demo tracks which will empower your kid to ace tone identification and selection.

Aside from the compact design, the Share Image Musical additionally features play and record ability that enables you to record and playback your music at a later date after your playing session. It features an outer speaker yield for boisterous playing and connection to outside sources.

The piano feature 37 keys, which not terrible at all for a learner and a kid figuring out how to play the instrument. 100 musicality and 100 timbre selections compliment fluctuating beats and sounds designed to give you the best in playability.

3. Aufitker Roll Up Piano

On the off chance that you are searching for something that is exceptionally conservative, this is simply it. The span of this keyboard estimates 27.75 x 5 x 1 crawls in dimensions and weighing just pounds. This implies you can without much of a stretch convey it about, even with one hand.

It is the kind of roll up piano that children ought to have. The piano accompanies worked in speakers, much the same as the vast majority of alternate brands in the market. In any case, it additionally underpins outside speaker sources like a headphone and other uproarious speakers.

Truly. MIDI documents are bolstered, and you can undoubtedly connect to your PC for account and altering of your music. It features vibrato, supports and harmony, and instructional exercise function. The size isn’t simply little, however you can likewise roll it up into a sack and off you go.

You can control the piano utilizing a USB string that comes included or use batteries to play anyplace or whenever. It has a worked in speaker with volume control. It likewise accompanies the record and playback features, just as reverberate and supports that runs well with the sound yield out and out.

4. As Seen On TV Roll-up Electric Piano

On the off chance that you are searching for a piano that you can without much of a stretch roll up for voyaging and for capacity, this is exactly what you are searching for. This roll up piano is the ideal decision for those hoping to figure out how to play the piano. It is the only piano in the market that comes, shabby and compact as well as with complete electric features that beats numerous in its value go.

The piano weighs simply 1.25 pounds, characterizing it as an incredible, smaller and compact student roll-up piano. You can take this piano to anyplace you need play and practice on it with no type of disillusionment. Regardless of being so little, the play quality that exudes from it is first rate. It is an electric piano with the full function like standard pianos.

It has 10 demo songs, which you can use for handy lessons. At that point it has 16 instrument sounds, 99 rhythms, and a volume control feature that empower you to modify your play. Make your very own tunes with an inbuilt speaker and an earphone jack for calm and outside playing background.

5. Roll up piano portable 61 key soft elastic electronic music keyboard piano

This is another extraordinary design, with 128 diverse piano sounds, 45 demos and 128 rhythms for your decision of playing style. The processor speed demonstrates that this model is an ongoing class of keyboard. The quality is great, and the piano is designed to deliver a decent stable. The Piano keys are anything but difficult to play. It is the incredible piano that youngsters can use for training.

The Roll-up Piano feature 61 keys, with a multi-functional interface. Your child can likewise connect to PC and smartphone or tablet to play MiDi documents and add more flavor to the beat and style of play. You can utilize the implicit speaker to play out your music. The design is incredible and delicate to touches. It has a stronger, dark and standard tone keys, higher than the top of the line and functional keyboard.

This is the time you can enjoy the best in piano playing activities. The inherent battery-powered lithium battery can last you a decent measure of playing time.

6. iWord 37 keys Roll Up Piano

Give your little princess a chance to take her piano classes to the following dimension. You currently have the chance to make sweet song and utilizing this wonderful roll up piano. The piano is made of non-lethal silicone material and it has an inconceivable 37 standard keys that convey on delicate touch.

There are 6 demo songs in the piano and 8 tones for your children to play. The piano is additionally appropriate for amateurs to play and enjoy the absolute best of the instrument at such beginning time. There is a work in speaker in addition to an earphone jack for playing wherever you need. You never again need to play with additional speakers.

The volume control enables you to turn the volume and play to the becoming aware of your family or companions. You can play your music furtively without pestering other individuals. You need to travel or be out and about? Simply roll it up and put in your bag or rucksack. Go to your most loved place or wherever, and with your AAA battery, nothing prevents you from playing ahead.

7. KMUSIC Roll Up Piano

The Kiker speaks to standard and transportability, and that is actually what learners and the kids need to rehearse and wind up flawless in what they play. The piano is a 61-key design. It is an outside pedal and an implicit microphone battery. The battery is battery-powered, which is normal for each roll-up piano.

This roll-up piano additionally meets the necessities of the transportability and convenience anticipated from such instrument. This is conceivable because of the light weight, which is 3.4 pounds, while the dimension estimates 10.8 x 9.4 x 3.4 inches.

The piano accompanies 3 digital displays which incorporate ace volume control, mode selection key and speed control key. It likewise has demo variety, single finger harmony, many finger harmonies, and that’s just the beginning. With 128 rhythms, 14 demo sounds, and 128 tones from which you can make your selections.

A continue pedal and record/playback functions total the nature of this wonderful design.

8. Piano Portable Roll up Piano Keyboard 61 Keys

Here is a rollable piano that you can easily carry to anywhere of choice. It is powered by 100mA lithium battery that can be recharge when the need arises. Built-in stereo speakers allow you to play to a listening audience.

Are you traveling and need to go with your music? This is the piano to take with you to your travels. Are you in the matching band in school? With is roll up piano, you display some skills and play to the gallery.

The piano features 3-way support for using MIDI files. That is, you can connect to your computer, MP3, microphone and chord functionality. That will give you the ability to play extra tones, edit files and other musical components loaded into your system. Your phone can also be connected to this system and the piano allows you to easily create music and also enjoy online music learning.

There are 128 rhymes and 128 tones available for you to choose and play according to your style of music. The sound in this 61-key piano restores the original standard and key design of the 440Hz frequency piano that plays more excellently.

9. S61 High Quality Portable 61 Keys Flexible Piano

This is the roll-up piano that has the most slender white control board. The body is profoundly exquisite and the features are extraordinary. The piano accompanies 100 rhythms, 129 tones, and 80 demos. It additionally features the most current MIDI chip innovation, which empowers you to record and play with MIDI documents from your PC, smartphone, tablet or such different remote gadgets.

The interface is rich, and you can consolidate your SD card, USB, and headphones for tranquil and loosening up playing. The piano is professionally designed for novices and kids. the piano is versatile, simple to roll up and store away conveniently.

It has the most up to date microchip including 24 bits that goes beyond the ability of the traditional processor. The implicit amplifier enables you to play your music to a wide group of onlookers. It additionally accompanies a foot pedal, a charger connector and a client manual for suitable use.

10. Flexzion Portable 61 keys Roll Up Piano

Flexzion portable roll up piano is a superb sort that features the best in MiDi interface. It is designed to help USB, continue pedal, support and vibrato functionality. There are 128 kinds of mood. It additionally has 45 demo songs and 128 tones to play with. The featured chronicle and playback and programmable design and functionality upgrade the quality and dependability of the instrument.

Like most other roll up pianos, the Flexzion additionally accompanies an implicit speaker that empowers the player to play boisterously without requiring the reinforcement of other outside speakers. The headphone jack offers you a fantastic methods for misusing the capacity to play in mystery, without aggravating others around you.

You can undoubtedly job it up and convey it to whichever put you need without having any type of challenges. It will fit pleasantly into your pack or conveying case, and is good with window Vista, XP, 7, 8, 10, OSC, and MAC. It additionally bolsters hot attachment and without drive.

11. Andoer Portable 88 Keys Silicone Flexible Roll Up Piano

Andoer come back with one more total arrangement of roll-up keyboard piano. This specific design goes beyond the playing restrictiveness of the children. Grown-up tenderfoots can depend on this roll-up piano keyboard to learn and play the piano in genuine shape. It accompanies 140 various types of tones. There are additionally 30 demos and 128 sorts of rhymes that you can use to flavor up your play and music design.

The Andoer accompanies a visual piano roll that empowers you to alter MIDI records. It has a digital display board that empowers you to see pertinent information identifying with tones and whatever selection you made. The piano likewise comes worked in speakers for uproarious play, and headphone connection on the off chance that you don’t have any desire to exasperate your neighbor.

Something else that characterizes the usefulness of this roll-up piano is the play and record function, together with the programmed toner modification functionality which gives you simple control over the piano and how you play. Weighing 3.92 pounds and a dimension estimating 11.2 x 9.1 x 3.7 inches, you can depend on this compact roll-up piano for your rehearsing.

12. JouerNow RUP002 88 Thickened-Keys Roll Up Piano

The design of this roll up piano is the thing that really separate it from a large group of others. The smooth completion guarantees satisfactory security design which features enemies of microscopic organisms silicon elastic that is non-lethal, innocuous, and bland. The piano offers total security and a brilliant design that is useful for children and other amateur clients.

You can without much of a stretch roll up the piano for capacity when not being used. The reduced size weighing simply 0.64 ounces and dimensions of 57 x 4.9 x 1.3 fits directly into any work area cabinet, portfolio or rucksack. The design enables the client to connect it to an AC outlet or just connect to the battery-powered 1000mA battery for power.

You can likewise utilize the battery to energize other littler electronics. The JouerNow is the sort of roll up piano that enables you to rehearse on the go. You don’t require much space to begin utilizing the piano. In the event that you have a craving for playing carefully so you aggravate others, the upheld outer headset feature can give you that. You need to play your most loved media documents on your smartphone, PC or such other gadget? Utilize the USB MIDI

The keys are designed all things considered that they looked like the exact tallness of the ordinary piano/keyboard. It accompanies 121 rhymes, 140 timbres, and 30 demo sounds.


With a bustling life to lead, it motivates hard to require out investment to learn music. Getting tuitions for piano learning is costly and that goes over board when you have to purchase a piano on your own. The roll up piano keyboard is anything but difficult to utilize, works like a genuine piano, stash agreeable and versatile. In the event that your child has a talent for music, inspire the best roll up piano to clean the learning capacities of your kid.