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Best MIDI Keyboard Controllers Reviews (Updated)

On account of the technological progression in the music business, artists simply need a PC, DAW and a MIDI console to make extraordinary music. With the best MIDI console, you can get for all intents and purposes unlimited decisions to make genuine music sounds notwithstanding when you don’t have a few instruments in your studio. The issue comes when you are searching for a MIDI console that meets your requirements.

There are a huge number of models out there with various highlights and determinations and simply detecting the correct one can be furious. To help you on this, we thought of a guide for picking the best MIDI console just as give the absolute best MIDI controllers surveys to make your picking considerably simpler. Before we get to that, nonetheless, let us initially comprehend what the MIDI consoles are.

Back in 1980s MIDI specification was made to enable the entertainer to control different hints of various synthesizers from a solitary keyboard. This concept turned into a triumph and today it has revolutionized the music business. Technically, MIDI keyboard is a gadget that just attaches to your PC to give a huge number of features to make real, excellent, and unique music.

The gadget has additional buttons that enable you to completely tweak the gadget and keys to a sound or some other feature on the keyboard. The greater part of the keyboard controllers have no ability of sound generation by their own, however practically any keyboard can act to control the parameters and hints of different gadgets.

Adaptability and convenientce are among a portion of the key points of interest of the keyboard controllers. They empower you to have control over the whole scope of present day music programming and equipment while being conservative enough to move effectively.

You can connect the controller to your PC and utilize preset to join or part gadgets utilizing button pushes. In the event that you are a DJ, for instance, you can utilize the handles to regulate the channel of circle arrangement.

Since we have a thought of what to search for in a keyboard, we are still left with the greatest question, what is the best midi keyboard? To enable you to get the best MIDI controller keyboard, we separated our rundown as indicated by their specifications notoriety and clients experience.

We understand that distinctive individuals have diverse necessities, subsequently, we attempt to exhibit a decent selection of MIDI keyboard reviews paying little respect to things like cost. All things considered, how about we hop directly in and see what we have on the table.

3 Top MIDI Keyboard Controllers

Roland A-49 Lightweight 49-Key MIDI Keyboard Controller

Our Top Pick: 1

This is a straightforward MIDI keyboard like the Midiplus AKM320 however with the nature of a Roland item and much more keys. The MIDI keyboard has 49 keys that spread 4 octaves giving you a decent range when playing. It additionally gives you a lot of buttons that are committed to exchanging here and there the octaves to give you a full range.

The keyboard isn’t perplexing in spite of the octave features and novices can without much of a stretch work with them. It only has two programmable keys and accompanies foot pedals that are ordinarily found in a piano. It is USB controlled yet can likewise be fueled utilizing a connector that keeps running from the divider outlet.

The A-49 is anything but difficult to move due to its enormous length and thickness that you can without much of a stretch oblige in your studio. Light and simple to move. Basic design, extraordinary for section level. Gives you four octaves range to play in. Has only two programmable keys

On the off chance that you are searching for the best MIDI keyboard under $200, that offers professional music-production features, the A-49 won’t disillusion.

Yamaha MX61 61-Key Music Production Synthesizer

Our Top Pick: 2

This is one more incredible offering from Yamaha and nearly the equivalent with the MX49 however with 61 keys rather than 49.

It covers five octaves, in this manner, you can play a decent scope of music without the need to hit buttons to switch the octaves. It accompanies full wavefront controls and 18 programmable buttons and the typical modulation controls.The MIDI keyboard needs a considerable amount of capacity to run this functionality, in this way, it utilizes a connector that is raced to an outlet to control it.

The keyboard is extraordinary for professional music production and regardless of it’s not effectively portable, you can utilize it for your studio.

Its 61 keys spread 5 octaves. It is of extraordinary quality. Has wavefront sound interface. Not effectively portable. It is perplexing to learn. Costly. It is the best 61 key MIDI keyboard and extraordinary for a top of the line recording gig or simply broad gigging.

Acorn Instruments Masterkey 49 USB MIDI Controller Keyboard

Our Top Pick: 3

The Masterkey 49 is one of the well disposed looking MIDI keyboard controllers with basic control buttons. Its keys are speed responsive, which means the harder you press the more intense the sound created.

It additionally has a volume control that is anything but difficult to slide here and there to set the privilege volume.The keyboard controller has pitch drinking spree, which helps in changing the notes; when you twist the wheel the note will go higher or lower contingent upon the direction.

It likewise has a modulation wheel which can change the sound tone to line up with the sound you are playing on your PC. One of its incredible features is its digital sound workstation that accompanies sound and modules that you utilize immediately with your MIDI Controller. It additionally accompanies a lot of four handles that helps in controlling the impact you select in the product.

Simple to control. Accompanies PreSonus Studio One Artist. Accompanies sound modules so you don’t need to purchase additional. Has light key action. Can now and again experience difficulty taking care of the correct speed.

At last, the keyboard ends up being one of the best MIDI keyboards for fledglings and unquestionably the best 49 key MIDI keyboard at the value extend.

15 Best MIDI Keyboard Controllers

1. Akai Professional MPK Mini MKII

This is one of the best-appraised MIDI keyboard controllers and has consistently gotten the most elevated number of recommendations from the clients. The keyboard controller is an improved version of its forerunner, the first Akai MPK Mini.

It is one of the best Akai MIDI keyboards and it accompanies a significant ideas for various artists where it gives well disposed sticker price and assortment of options. The Akai MPK Mini MKII keyboard keeps running on a USB control yet you can without much of a stretch get a connector to control it on at an outlet with less hustle. In spite of the fact that the 25 keyboard is little, you can without much of a stretch tweak and download sound bundles to make it produce any stable you need at any octave.

The keyboard accompanies eight programmable drum cushions that respond in like manner dependent on the struck power; the lighter you struck the cushions the milder the sound created and the harder the strike the more intense the sound.

Another one of a kind feature of this controller is its conveyability and size making it ideal for those with little studios. It tends to be effectively conveyed in your rucksack without having the stress of crushing your spirit. The keyboard controller is presumably the best for a gifted player and unquestionably the best 25 key MIDI keyboard.

Straightforward yet compelling design. Simple to introduce. Superb battery life. Portable. Restricted programming included. The keyboard can be little for clients.

This is the best decision you can put resources into on the off chance that you are searching for quality and cost. So, we can say that MPK Mini MKII is the best travel MIDI keyboard.

2. Roland JUNO-DS61 Lightweight 61-note Weighted-action Keyboard

We as a whole realize that Roland is one of the greatest names out there known in giving quality melodic instruments. JUNO-DS61 isn’t an exception in this, and it effectively advances toward be the best MIDI keyboard for Mac. It has digital sound waveform framework that makes it seem like different instruments when played over a PA framework.

This is an incredible apparatus particularly in the event that you need it to mirror a fantastic piano, organ or some other instrument. It is commonly found in an account studio due to its assorted variety in instrument sounds. The controller can be fueled by a battery or utilize a connector to control it to an outlet source.

It has 8 stage cushion buttons that you can without much of a stretch be customized to make the required sound. Its 61 keys give you an increasingly sensible scope of keys like those of a genuine piano. The JUNO-DS61 isn’t effectively portable, yet for a professional who is eager to spend enough money to purchase a professional evaluation MIDI keyboard, it wouldn’t be a major issue moving it.

Extraordinary battery life. Extraordinary digital waveform controls. Has 61 keys, subsequently, you don’t have to change octaves to imitate genuine piano. It’s expensive particularly in the event that you are searching for a passage level MIDI keyboard. The DS61, be that as it may, is somewhat expensive however in the event that you consider its quality and its capacity to make wonderful music, you should consider it.

3. Alesis V49 49-Key USB MIDI Keyboard & Drum Pad Controller

Alesis V49 offers a lot to performers with regards to options particularly in taking care of virtual examples and modules. The conveniently sorted out piano features make it simple to utilize; you can utilize your correct hand to utilize the mouse while the left-hand tickers the controls on the gadget.

The keyboard is accessible in 25, 49, and 61 key model that you can without much of a stretch change their affectability to change as indicated by your alluring elements. The V49 accompanies eight LED illuminated drum cushions that are responsive to weight and speed. It additionally has four assignable handles, pitch, buttons and modulation wheels.

Easy to use. Portable. Great battery life. Must be kept residue free for successful functionality.

With the features, we can conclude that the V49 is a decent MIDI keyboard controller for both experienced and novices. On the off chance that you are searching for the best MIDI keyboard with drum cushions, this model can be a decent begin.

4. Yamaha MX49 Music Production Synthesizer

One thing that has never stop to astonish me is the quality and the cost of Yamaha items. On the MIDI keyboards, the MX49 accompanies the full bundle offer from Yamaha. This music synthesizer with 49 keys brings the key scope of a customary piano so you won’t have to hit an octave switch routinely when playing.

It is the best keyboard for music production whereby it offers additional digital sound waveform interface that enables you to utilize it to imitate an assortment of instrument. It accompanies numerous buttons that you can without much of a stretch alter and furthermore have pitch modulation gadget that you can use for code twisting sounds.

The MIDI keyboard can be fueled utilizing a connector and it is connected to a PC utilizing a USB or to a PA framework. The keyboard is perfect for keeping in the studio and it isn’t so well disposed in the event that you are wanting to move all the time.

Waveform interface. 49 keys giving you a more noteworthy range. Accompanies additional bag. Complex and not for apprentices.

In the event that you are searching for the best esteem MIDI keyboard controller, at that point the MX49 is an ideal fit for you.

5. Midiplus AKM320 Keyboard Controller

This is a keyboard with 32 speeds medium-sized key, modulation wheel, pitch wheel, support pedal, volume slider, octaves and translation buttons and USB port for power input. The keyboard has a decent construct and a minimized design.

It can without much of a stretch be utilized as the principle keyboard controller however a great many people use it as second MIDI keyboard that you can convey along when you need to take the music somewhere else. With its predetermined number of keys, the Midiplus AKM320 has octaves buttons, which you can use to cover to higher or lower octave more range.

You can likewise change the keys as you play utilizing transpose buttons. With the top MIDI keyboards like this one, you can consequently guide to with any DAW whereby, when you plug it in, it naturally downloads and introduces drivers in around five minutes. One of its greatest hindrance of the AKM320 is the volume slider where it isn’t that exact.

Great implicit quality. Supports continue pedal. Simple to utilize. Fueled by a solitary USB link. The volume slider isn’t that exact. Constrained scope of keys. Notwithstanding it not being impeccable, you can get a ton for a low spending plan.

For the individuals who are not willing to spend a great deal for the best learner MIDI keyboard or simply requirement for a second keyboard to take out with your workstation, this is an ideal decision.

6. Akai Professional MPK249 49-Key USB MIDI Keyboard & Drum Pad Controller

Just by taking a gander at this keyboard, you see the conveniently sort out button format just as solid design. The MPK249 MIDI keyboard is a 49 key model with a bigger dimension yet at the same time, it can without much of a stretch fit your work area. The 49 keys are semi-weighted and furthermore features aftertouch for ideal control.

It has 16 RGB illuminated trigger cushions that correspond to various persecution presets. With the Controller, you can go through 4 distinctive cushion bank for a 64 unique sounds that fit even the most drum hungry performers. The keyboard is an ideal fit for individuals with assignable buttons where it has 24 assignable controls which incorporates 8 handles, faders, and switches.

The MPK49 stands out on account of its two arrangement creating modules, the note rehash that is controlled through the cushions and arpeggiator, which timekeepers from a MIDI or inward source. The MPK49 is a significant strong gadget and can stand out to its execution even following a couple of long periods of utilization.

Countless. Ergonomic and simple to utilize design. Perfect with Windows and Mac OS gadgets. Can be hard to understand to make sense of if it’s your first time. The Akai MPK249 is the best MIDI keyboard for ace devices.

Its sticker price, notwithstanding, isn’t that satisfying and you can get a MIDI keyboard controller with comparative features for less money.

7. M-Audio Keystation 49 II 49-Key USB MIDI Keyboard Controller

The Keystation 49 II functions admirably with both Mac, Windows and can fill in too with any digital sound workstation. It has 49 semi-weighted keys that are springy, light and simple to play making it perfect for fledglings. It weighs under five pounds and has a littler design, along these lines, it very well may be moved around effectively.

It accompanies a modulation wheel, pitch drinking spree, and octave buttons that enables you to scroll to 88 keys of a genuine piano. It has continue pedal that you can connect to help you your playing and attaches to your PC utilizing a USB.

Straightforward player control. The keys are speed touchy. It USB fueled. It offers less control features.

The drawback of this piano is it doesn’t have such a large number of features. In the event that you don’t think about the drum cushions, handles, and cushions and lean toward the smoothness and straightforwardness of a MIDI keyboard, the M-Audio keystation is a decent decision.

8. Novation Launchkey 61-Note MK2 Version 61 USB Keyboard Controller

It is one of the best MIDI keyboards for Ableton Live 9 compatibilities. The controller accompanies extraordinary features like 8 handles, 9 sliders, pitch twist and mod wheels, 16 speed drum cushions, transport controls for DAW, a ¼ jack for support pedal, and so forth considering its features, the controller is entirely practically identical to MIDI keyboards like M-sound and Akai.

Albeit diverse individuals have an alternate opinion of the structure nature of the controller, we don’t imagine this can be a major issue particularly on the off chance that you are getting it to remain put in your studio. The dispatch keys have full-shading RGB illuminated that light up a similar shading as your track in the Ableton.

The MIDI controller accompanies an astounding sticker price and despite the fact that the vibe, complete, and the fit isn’t the best, it a significant important penance to keep the value low.

Incredible visual input from the speed cushions. Works incredible in Ableton live 9 DAW. Keys are not weighted and are limited than the standard keyboard.

On the off chance that you are searching for the best MIDI keyboard for beat making, at that point the Novation Launchkey 61 MK2 is a decent spot to begin.

9. M-Audio Oxygen 49 MKIV 49-Key USB MIDI Keyboard & Drum Pad Controller

This is a development of the M-Audio Keystation controller with handles, cushions, and faders for a more DAW control. The M-Audio Oxygen isn’t made for a particular DAW similarity however clients can without much of a stretch guide with the best free MIDI keyboard programming.

The controller has entirely standard features contrasted with its rival where it gives you synth-action, speed delicate cushions, faders, transport controls, handles, and continue pedal. The keyboard has a smooth dark surprising body with strong structure quality. Its cost is shockingly low and comes close by with an amateur light version of Ableton.

Simple to introduce and utilize. Good with both Mac and windows. Superb inbuilt features for sound control.Long life battery. Must be without dust to function adequately.

This is a solid match for anyone particularly tenderfoots with practically zero understanding of the additional features.

10. Korg Taktile 25-Key Keyboard Controller

This keyboard controller accompanies two special functions: harmony scale that triggers harmonies as per the scale and key you picked, and touch scale that encourages you to produce the songs utilizing the touchpad. This function influences songwriters to be all the more snappy and natural. It likewise accompanies additional features like 8 faders, 8 cushions, 2 wheels (modulation, pitch twist), 1 ribbon and 1 XY cushion.

It has 25 keys that are semi-weighted, input pedals and DAW (Korg inheritance collection and Korg Control Editor). The keyboard controller is good with all significant DAW, accordingly, it is perfect notwithstanding for those with less or no learning about the Korg DAWs.

Smooth DAW integrations. X/Y touchpad has kaossilator – like playing mode. Entirely portable. Maintains well exemplary triton sounds. Only fueled through USB. No aftertouch.

The material 25 is effectively portable making it one of the best MIDI keyboards for live execution and it likewise fits well as a second MIDI keyboard.

11. Samson Carbon 61 USB MIDI Controller

Carbon 61 has a clean but functional design that offers genuine incentive to performers who need the best MIDI keyboard for iPad. Notwithstanding its size, the keyboard is lightweight and you can without much of a stretch bear it.

It offers to support pedal information MIDI yield and USB port for tablet connectivity. It is totally controlled by a USB port, thusly, you don’t require a connector for power. It accompanies weighted keys that are speed touchy and sufficiently strong to legitimize the cost.

Its controls are not many where it just features pitch wheels, octave, and transpose buttons, alter button and volume slider. The controls feel solids and are very exact when utilized. The keyboard functions admirably when combined with a tablet where it is designed to offer a flawless pocket that you can rest your tablet.

Portable. Agreeable to play. Tablet benevolent. Less additional features. Try not to have tablet charging features.

For anyone searching for the best MIDI keyboard controller with weighted keys and in the meantime a digital piano, Carbon 61 is a decent counterpart for you.

12. Roland A-800PRO-R 61-key MIDI Keyboard Controller

The A-800PRO controller has numerous whistles and chimes that you can ever require from a keyboard. It accompanies 61 keys, along these lines, it gives you great actives for simple access.

You can likewise achieve different octaves with the assistance of the buttons present on the keyboard if the 5 octaves are insufficient. The MIDI keyboard accompanies 45 assignable controls this including the 8 programmable drum cushions. This implies you can turn the keyboard to any instrument to make any solid that you might want. It tends to be fueled utilizing USB or through a connector to run it to a divider outlet.

The A-800PRO an extraordinary apparatus for your studio particularly when you consider its sound quality and assortment of decisions to playing distinctive instruments.

Professional quality 61 keys. 45 assignable controls. It’s somewhat costly (professional valuing). Not effectively portable. This MIDI keyboard gives you a flat out professionalism on your studio or while gigging.

It is presumably the best MIDI keyboard under $500.

13. Behringer U-Control UMX610 61-Key USB/MIDI Keyboard Controller

When searching for the best moderate MIDI keyboard, it tends to not be right on the off chance that we forget this amazing music gear. The MIDI keyboard offers more than 100 melodic instruments implying that you don’t have to preload sound preset for increasingly traditional sounds n your keyboard.

UMX610 has 61 semi-weighted keys that give a decent input when struck. Its controls go from the sound change buttons to the common pitch wheels where there are 8 rotating handles and 10 assignable switches that you can use in practically any DAW. What makes this keyboard stand out is its long-enduring battery life. The keyboard can last as long as 6 hours without the need to charge the batteries.

Incredible battery life. Portable. Simple to keep up. Produces abnormal sounds when you wrongly us the pitch wheels.

We can without much of a stretch say that the UMX610 is a solid match for piano playing and light blending and with its interface, you will have a simple time regardless of whether you are a learner.

14. M-Audio Keystation 88 II 88-Key USB MIDI Keyboard Controller

The M-Audio Keystation 88 II offers you an incredible playing knowledge whether you are a tenderfoot or experienced. As the brand is known to make quality items, the Keystation 88 II is the same.

It accompanies a moderate design that only incorporates the most significant parameters. Its thin impression makes the model ideal for a cabinet style keyboard. It accompanies semi-weighted keys that give players an encounter near that of a genuine piano. Its pitch wheels are on the left side, there are additionally play, respite and record buttons and the navigation buttons.

These features prove to be useful when you are exploring your way through different DAW programming. The keyboard accompanies the Ableton live light programming that you can use to alter a record or remix your work. The keyboard brings an equalization of straightforwardness and a vibe and sound that is ideal for the master piano player.

Simple to utilize. Basic however exact. Strong design. The sliders and wheels are somewhat shaky.

On the off chance that you are searching for the best USB MIDI keyboard, at that point this is an ideal decision for you.

15. CME Xkey Air 25-key Bluetooth MIDI Controller

This one resembles a toy however its route superior to that. It accompanies synth-key action and polyphonic aftertouch impact that includes a scope of expression in the wake of applying the diverse measure of weight or by sliding here and there the keys.

You can without much of a stretch apply audio effects utilizing its octave, pitch and modulation switches. The buttons are weight delicate yet you need to become acclimated to the buttons to swing them to an ideal measure of the impact.

Despite the fact that the Xkey does not have such a great amount to discuss, it’s very straightforward, moderate and shoddy settling on it the best decision on the off chance that you are searching for a keyboard that you can put in your rucksack and have with you whenever.

Portable. Has a perfect and moderate design. It is truly playable. Supports polyphonic aftertouch. The keys are not weighted. The modulation buttons are not exact.

It is the best scaled down MIDI keyboard for individuals needing a brisk and straightforward approach to enter tunes at a considerable cost.


Continuously check your need while choosing the best MIDI keyboard; regardless of whether your imaginative techniques require the additional features and the amount you need these features.

On the off chance that you get the right one, you will oversee real components of your product and equipment. Regularly, individuals generally utilize the keys to quantify the nature of the MIDI keyboard however it is smarter to consider different components as well.

In the above MIDI controller reviews, for instance, we have distinctive keyboards for clients; ideally, yours is there as well. In light of that, you will wind up going for that MIDI that meets your requirements impeccably. Keep in mind that the key reason for having the correct MIDI keyboard is to control the notes on the PC, hence, ensure you utilize this to quantify what is your best decision.

Additionally, a greater number of features than you require are dependably a bonus particularly on the off chance that you are keen on adapting progressively broad approaches to utilize the MIDI keyboard it’s smarter to run with the additional featured one. One last note is that in the event that you are going to buy a controller, ensure that your PC can deal with the base necessity of the controller in light of the fact that the MIDI takes up some preparing force.

In the event that your PC is excessively moderate and hangs regularly, you may discover that you are experiencing difficulty to play your music all the more precisely.