Yamaha Arius YDP-162 Digital Piano Review 2024

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Yamaha Arius YDP-162 Digital Piano Review (Updated)

Yamaha have had a long-standing foundation of giving quality acoustic instruments. 125 years in the music business has given them a notoriety of creating fantastic items. They might not have created the principal advanced instruments but rather their entrance into the computerized piano market has dependably been met with good surveys. By and by their keyboard ranges are part into the less expensive Arius go and the more costly Clavinova arrangement which by and large offers a more prominent scope of highlights. The Yamaha Arius YDP-162B is the mid-evaluated variant of their most recent contributions in the Arius run.

It is a snappy looking instrument that offers a couple of well-picked highlights and a great sound and feel. Yamaha have once more created a quality instrument with phenomenal sound proliferation. It surpasses the desires for clients comfortable with Yamaha’s as of now stringent quality controls and sets another standard in advanced sound and contact authenticity. The Arius gives an advanced piano answer for clients requiring a consistent with life sound and feel.

Features of Yamaha Arius YDP-162

While not offering a substantial scope of features, Yamaha have picked the more valuable features in digital instruments.

A relatively standard feature on numerous instruments nowadays – Yamaha has incorporated a variable setting for contact affectability. This enables one to set the instrument to react in a way that suits your playing style.

The reverb impact gives a scope of reverb impacts that offer some valuable alteration of the sound. It gives the instrument a scope of sounds that make it seem like it is being played in a considerably bigger scene.

Double and Layer works and also a keyboard split improve utilization of the different voices accessible and take into consideration some imaginative articulation.

There is additionally a record work for one tune that can suit two tracks and the instrument offers ten melodies on the demo. The ten tunes are allocated to every one of the distinctive tones of the instrument.

A metronome on board keeps rhythm however does not separate beats. There is additionally a transpose work. Two headphone attachments are accessible and a headphone rest is given.

Incorporated into the cost is a seat, music stand and music book with 50 top piano collection top picks.


Yamaha have utilized the testing of a CF3S show amazing, making the instrument sound reasonable and full. The CF3S is a best entertainer among show fantastic pianos and has a brilliant fresh quality to its sound.

There is an abnormal state of exactness in the sound generation over the scope of the keys. The 20W speakers for every channel additionally give a dynamic scope of volume and clearness to the sound, taking into account the full-bodied unique reaction of an excellent being played with life.

Yamaha have enhanced their testing innovation, to make the rich sound of a show great.

Nine other reasonable tones incorporate those of the harpsichord, electric piano and strings among others. These sounds are likewise luxuriously complex tones with practical reactions over the scope of the keyboard and offer a profoundly thunderous, clear tone.

The instrument offers a profoundly fulfilling sound while being played and effortlessly fills the space in a sensibly measured room. The instrument sound remained reasonably exact and complex over the scope of volume settings.


The instrument offers an evaluated mallet activity however adds to the validness with an engineered ivory covering on the keys. This gives an extraordinarily normal touch to the instrument and makes it feel like a really costly instrument.

The keys react well to the instrumentalist and though a little on the lighter side, as is so common of huge numbers of Yamaha’s advanced instruments, still makes for an extraordinarily balanced feel to the instrument and an outright joy to play on.

The lighter touch is particularly useful for more youthful musicians or the individuals who locate that heavier instruments cause them inconvenience when playing.

The keys react rapidly to being played and will meet the requests of even the most developed players. Keys are very much reviewed from the heavier bass notes to the lighter upper end of the treble range.

Together with the three pedals like that of a fabulous piano, Yamaha have made a look and feel that reacts precisely like that of a costly acoustic choice.

Half-accelerating is dynamic and precise and makes for fantastic reactions while playing propelled piano works.

Specifications of Yamaha Arius YDP-162B

  • Coordinating cushioned seat
  • 88 key Graded Hammer keyboard
  • Interior memory: 900KB
  • Variable touch affectability settings (hard, medium, delicate, settled)
  • Half damper, Sostenuto, Soft pedals
  • 128 note polyphony
  • 10 voices using Yamaha’s AWM Dynamic Stereo Sampling including Yamaha’s examined CFIIIS Piano Voice
  • Double/Layer work
  • High caliber on-board reverb impact
  • 10 demo tunes, 50 preset tunes with “50 Greats for the Piano” songbook
  • 1 tune, 2 track recorder
  • Rhythm extend: 5 – 280
  • Transpose: – 6 to 0, 0 to +6
  • 2 x 20W speakers
  • Sliding keyboard cover
  • Collapsible music rest
  • Metronome
  • 2 Headphone terminals
  • Measurements: 53.4″ x 16.6″ x 33.3″
  • Weight: 92.6 lb


  • Basically it is the sound and feel of this instrument separates it from comparative evaluated models.
  • For authorities of reasonable sound, the instrument offers an exceptionally satisfying piano stable that conveys fulfillment from the most minimal to the most astounding note.
  • The additional tones are a reward yet regardless of whether just the piano solid was accessible it would be worth purchasing.
  • The accelerating choices offers an awesome half pedal feel and the digitized pedal impact takes into account a scope of articulation not frequently made for digital instruments.
  • My most loved feature is the engineered ivory keys that vibe like bona fide piano keys and are certainly going to set another standard in practical touch for digital instruments.
  • For those with a material preventiveness to plastic keys, clients would be unable to differentiate between the keys of the YDP and genuine ivory covered keys.
  • Whatever remains of the instrument has an all around produced rosewood complete and shows an up-to-date instrument that adds class to any area.
  • The three-pedal framework offers awesome flexibility in accelerating choices and imitates a genuine fantastic precisely.
  • Accelerating of the most progressive works is effortlessly executed.
  • The instrument offers 128-note polyphony and all things considered the drop off of managed notes is negligible when one tone is utilized.
  • At the point when the layering capacity is being utilized the instrument can encounter some loss of managed notes if since quite a while ago supported sections are played or tremolo impacts are utilized.
  • The touch setting offers some customisation of the vibe of the keyboard, enabling clients to tailor the touch reaction of the keyboard for lighter to heavier playing styles.
  • Two headphone jacks offer a listening office to an instructor and understudy in the meantime, making it a helpful alternative in loud situations or where the clients may bother others while playing.
  • A sliding spread offers dust insurance and adds a quality look to the instrument when not being used.


  • There is next to no amiss with this instrument.
  • Some may locate the gentler touch excessively light for their taste and even the modification settings don’t have a colossal effect to the touch settings.
  • The predetermined number of tones and preset impacts may likewise be excessively restricting for a few clients who jump at the chance to set their instrument to settings that offer only the correct sound and feel.
  • The layering alternative doesn’t consider an individual setting of volume and thus it feels as though one instrument can overwhelm the other or the two instruments tend to need refinement if there sounds are comparative.
  • The mostly part of the keyboard into two indistinguishable keyboards appears a loss as just essential pieces can be utilized in a two part harmony circumstance and except if one is showing an extensive number of apprentices.
  • it’s a feature that honestly resists much down to earth use.
  • The cons are transcendently corrective and mirror the need to pick an elective instrument if more features and adjustments are required.
  • What this instrument guarantees to convey it does convey and while not offering every one of the fancy odds and ends, as a basic instrument it is a flawlessly bundled, great instrument.


At a sensible value, this is a quality instrument that conveys brilliant reactions and will give numerous long periods of fulfillment to clients. It is a joy to play on and sets a requesting standard for precise sound and contact authenticity.

It comes exceptionally prescribed to the individuals who are searching for genuineness in their decision of instrument and who need to convey an abnormal state of delicate articulation in their exhibitions.

The instrument makes for amazing home utilize and is sufficiently classy to order a conspicuous position in the home. Yamaha have put the expense of the instrument into the regions that issue an incredible touch and an awesome sound.

The additional items of a seat, music stand and music book do make the cost significantly more appealing. These things alone could cost $100.


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