Yamaha NP-31 Digital Piano Review 2024

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Yamaha NP-31 Digital Piano Review (Updated)

The Yamaha NP-31 review is a far reaching take a gander at this digital piano to furnish potential clients with the data that they have to settle on an educated choice about this brand and model.

The initial phase in picking a digital piano is guaranteeing that you are picking a brand that is dependable and trusted. The brand will disclose to you a ton about a digital piano.

Purchasing a digital piano from an unrecognized brand is a hazard. You must make sure of dependability before you make the buy.

Yamaha effortlessly meets the prerequisites for a confided in brand and also meeting the necessities of being a dependable brand. Yamaha has been giving great instruments since 1887 when it was built up.

This confided in melodic monster began as a little small time tasks making reed instruments obviously of the years it has developed into a multinational melodic instrument goliath.

There is one incredible favorable position of picking a digital piano from Yamaha you get the sound of a portion of the best acoustic pianos on the planet that are likewise worked by Yamaha.

Relatively few melodic instrument organizations can guarantee the protracted history that Yamaha can guarantee. Nor is there a considerable measure of melodic instrument organizations that can guarantee that they have the experience that Yamaha has with regards to advancement and item improvement.

Any digital piano that bears the Yamaha logo can be viewed as a confided in electronic instrument. The NP31 is a decent case of the time and exertion that Yamaha puts into every one of their digital pianos, even their entrance level models.

About the Yamaha NP-31

Since you realize that you can feel great picking an instrument from Yamaha now you have to comprehend what the Yamaha NP31 brings to the table you in method for features.

The Yamaha NP31 is a piece of the Piaggero line. Piaggero is a figure of speech consolidating “piano” and the Italian “leggero”.

The arrangement name should give you a clue regarding what’s in store. Yamaha composed the NP31 to be versatile and simple to transport so it is on the little side.

On the off chance that you are searching for a full measured digital piano with every one of the extravagant accessories this isn’t it, however this is something that even people that have full estimated models at home or in the studio might need to investigate.

The Yamaha NP-31 has the most needed features for starting understudies yet it doesn’t have a plenitude of features. It has everything that you requirement for an awesome practice session or notwithstanding for an execution. It would be an incredible practice instrument that can go anyplace.

This digital piano is a perfect model for apprentices and understudies since it is lightweight and simple to utilize. It is not as much as a large portion of the heaviness of comparative models.

It is truly light enough for a kid to convey! This can be a colossal advantage on the off chance that you are on the run a lot and need to take your digital piano with you.

All things considered a digital piano will weight around 35-40 pounds while the NP-31 tips the scales at 12 pounds. This is a tremendous preferred standpoint for anybody that needs to bear their digital piano.

As a gesture to its entire convenientce this is one of only a handful couple of digital pianos that has an independent battery framework with the goal that you can actually play anyplace.

On the drawback of this feature you should purchase an AC control connector independently on the grounds that it doesn’t accompany one. You can buy one independently for a sensible expense.

This is certifiably not a full size digital piano in the most genuine feeling of the word. The Yamaha NP-31 has 76 keys while ordinarily full size keyboards offer 88 keys which are more in accordance with acoustic pianos.

The keys are evaluated and touch responsive however there is no reviewed mallet activity. It isn’t intended for extensive exhibitions it is intended for training sessions and for getting comfortable with the digital piano.

The vibe of the keys is characteristic. The Yamaha NP-31 offers the AWM stereo examining that is found in most Yamaha digital pianos. It additionally has a worked in stereo speaker framework which is a decent option.

It offers preset melodies, 32 voices and 4 reverb choices. It offers a headphone jack and MIDI out jack. The controls are natural so they are simple for anybody to utilize. You can without much of a stretch make on this digital piano, truly anyplace.

It is fundamental yet it has everything that you require. The battery life is appraised for 6 hours so you have a lot of time to stick before the battery gives out.

Obviously the way that it is battery worked implies that you can play anyplace without stressing over attaching to a power supply.

This would be a decent alternative for outside settings where control supplies are restricted. It would likewise be perfect for anybody that does not have any desire to be frustrated in their innovativeness by being caught in entryways in light of the requirement for a power supply.

Cons of Yamaha NP-31

  • The only thing that Yamaha could do to improve this model is to include the AC cord.
  • Of course one can easily be purchased but it would be great if it was included with the purchase of the digital piano.
  • Of course at this bare bones price point it is understandable why Yamaha kept it out of the package.
  • This is meant to be a completely portable digital piano so it was built with that in mind.
  • The weight was kept way down and the battery operation was a focus point because not having to worry about toting around a power supply is part of the idea.
  • There is no real draw back with this digital piano.
  • The only user that would find issues is the user that expects more.
  • This is really an entry level beginner keyboard and if you are looking for anything more than that you will be disappointed.
  • The sound is great but it does not have all of the “upgraded” features that an advanced user would look for.
  • Of course if you are an advanced user and you know what you are buying when you buy it than you could absolutely make good use of this digital piano.
  • If you buy this digital piano for its intended, use than you will be happy with it but if you buy this digital piano with grand ideas you will be disappointed.

In general

This is an astounding spending alternative. On the off chance that you require a digital piano that can be transported effectively and that you need to hone with this model might be your most logical option.

There are clear advantages to picking a Yamaha digital piano over different brands. They utilize a similar awesome sounds on the majority of their models paying little respect to the cost which is incredible when you must be aware of your financial plan.

It is perfect for the learner that is maybe not certain that they are so dedicated to the digital piano. It is an extremely decent hopping off point for the novice.

It would likewise be awesome for the more experienced player that does not have any desire to take their more costly gear out and about. It would travel extraordinary. It would consume up less space than the bigger digital pianos and unquestionably would be more agreeable to convey.

With a completely charged battery you would have 6 hours of play time out and about. While others are hunting down a power source you would have the capacity to hone until the point that your hearts content!

Obviously Yamaha has the notoriety for giving imaginative instruments at all their value indicates so it is hard discover instruments that beat their great development at this value point.

You get an awesome guarantee with this model which will give you genuine feelings of serenity realizing that they remain behind their items. There are a lot of advantages to owning a Yamaha digital piano and the NP-31 presents to them all to the table.

Yamaha NP31 is anything but difficult to utilize which implies there is to a lesser extent an “expectation to absorb information” engaged with getting to the music. As a learner the exact opposite thing anybody needs is to need to invest energy taking in the specialized part of the digital piano.

It should be about the music and the stripped down NP-31 gives you a chance to get appropriate to the music. Being stripped down does not imply that you don’t get the required features it just implies that those “additional items” like 500 sound impacts that are not required are taken out.


Is Yamaha NP31 the best digital piano? For the cash it is. You would be unable to discover another brand at this value point that offers the quality and features that the Yamaha NP-31 brings to the table. Yamaha has put the work into the outline and it appears.

As a passage level and totally versatile alternative the Yamaha NP-31 is an extraordinary decision.


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