Yamaha P-155 Digital Piano Review 2024

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The Yamaha P155 is sufficiently flexible to use at home or in front of an audience as it features some of the best execution attributes and stylish points of interest.

For the practical sound and feel of a piano, the instrument gives evaluated pound activity and 4-layer piano examples.

Key-off and stereo manage tests with movable damper reverberation alongside its 128-note polyphony furnish an unmistakable authenticity alongside a sound of professional quality.

The digital piano has 17 voices with split and double modes and also a metronome and track recorder with playback.

Its headphone ports take into account practice and play without aggravating others. Tunes can be spared through USB and foreign as MIDI documents.

Features of  Yamaha P-155


Graded Hammer activity functions similarly on each of the 88 keys, adding to a vibe that is like that found on an acoustic piano.

The Graded Hammer innovation considers heavier feel in the lower keys with a lighter vibe in the high keys. There are slight degrees of reaction and weight as you move along every octave.

Professional show level piano players added to the P155’s advancement taking into consideration a prominent consistency and striking equalization.

This feature improves things greatly in creating and keeping up playing system for those piano players that in the end change to an acoustic amazing.


Dynamic Stereo Sampling, or DSS, innovation utilizes a scope of sound examples to take into account most extreme articulation. Contingent upon the power used to strike each key one of four sound chronicles reacts to give a novel nature of range and tonal articulation.


The sound innovation comes from Yamaha’s own show terrific CFIIIS demonstrate.

The flawlessly tuned instrument is submitted to Yamaha’s Pure CF Sampling innovation to catch all aspects of the CFIIIS sound correctly. To keep up its sonic honesty, recorded sounds utilized in the P155 are negligibly prepared in the wake of account.

This makes a bona fide amazing piano stable with a great bass, strong mid-range and clear high tones. The 4-layer sound examples are recorded with Yamaha’s celebrated digital quality flawless.

The genuine sound features half-pedal, manage and key-off features.

Awesome for Piano Instruction

The piano features double headphone jacks, a track recorder and a coordinated metronome to make educating and adapting substantially less demanding. Educators may pursue singular advancement without exasperating the act of different understudies or those close-by.


The P155 features an inward two-direct enhancer with implicit speakers giving the best in bona fide observation. Tracks might be spared through the USB port or foreign made as MIDI documents. Melodies would then be able to be exchanged by means of PC for sharing or individual records.

Upsides & Downsides

The Yamaha P155 is designed for stage execution yet is as yet sufficiently straightforward for amateurs to utilize. The sound and touch make the experience fundamentally the same as a real acoustic instrument.

The tasteful nature of the piano makes it simply more charming taking into consideration the gadget to be set up in any home condition without conflicting with the inside. Considerably more noteworthy, the digital piano requires little capacity to function.

A few clients report the heaviness of the keys and in addition the heaviness of the piano itself make utilizing it marginally more awkward.


  • The sound quality is amazingly like that of a standard piano.
  • The sound trustworthiness is kept up through speakers or with utilization of headphones.
  • The P155 is incredible for novices and those simply figuring out how to play in front of an audience.
  • It features 50 preset melodies to help with learning and 17 preset voices to offer backup.
  • Users commend the digital piano’s touch affectability and reaction.
  • The P155’s mahogany top-board gives it a vibe of class that can complement almost any encompassing stylistic layout.
  • The piano is anything but difficult to transport and requires little power to work.


  • Some clients report that the piano’s keys are too overwhelming when contrasted with a standard acoustic piano.
  • The weight might be excessive however the piano is as yet compact enough to bear.


The Yamaha P155 digital piano gives a fastidiously created instrument that is consistent with the experience of utilizing an acoustic piano.


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