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Best Piano Lamps or Grand Piano Lights Reviews (Updated)

As a piano player, at times it winds up testing perusing your music while playing the console. This is an issue common particularly on the off chance that you are utilizing a piano outside your home. Some have endeavored to enhance the lighting, yet now and again this enlightenment is only too far and inadequate to be depended upon. All in all, what happens when you are looked with this issue? (piano lights)

Most artists would simply ahead and put resources into some piano light they discovered on the web. Purchasing these lights is anyway not as simple as it might sound. We are aware of individuals who have burned through many dollars on piano lights, regardless they grumble of poor lighting, and that isn’t even the most exceedingly awful part. A few artists are so unfortunate and won’t just be not able perused their music yet will be left nursing eye issues. Poor lighting influences the eyes and as an artist that is the exact opposite thing you’d need.

Right off the bat, when you go looking for a piano light, you ought to abstain from getting a standard work area light. This is clearly on the grounds that the light will scatter light unevenly and henceforth your concern won’t be explained. Moreover, these kinds of lights are normally fitted with brilliant globules which have a tendency to daze. Another issue is that the light more often than not winds up being scattered into a great deal of undesirable regions. Subsequently, odds of diversions are high, and this therefore makes it to a great degree hard to center around your music sheet and play.

The above are a portion of the issues that you are probably going to confront when you buy the wrong light. The accompanying are three of the best-suggested lights that we accept will help make your piano execution easy. These are lights whose assembling has considered every single crucial angle to guarantee that artists get the correct quality and amount of light on their music sheets. The lights have additionally been intended to make their ease of use more helpful.

Top 3 Digital Piano Lights / Lamps

Boston Harbor Atb-8004 Piano Desk Lamp

Our Top Pick: 1

Boston Harbor ATB-8004 Piano Desk Lamp is one of the best-rated piano lamps in the market. A simple search on its reviews on Amazon alone shows a glimpse of just how liked this lamp is.

One of the reasons behind its popularity is its price. The lamp is available at a very affordable price, yet it has so much to offer.

Firstly, the moment you receive this lamp or get a glimpse of it you will realize just how stunning it looks. The ATB-8004 lamp is designed in sleek stainless steel with a nickel finishing which gives it an aesthetically pleasing appearance. This lamp will look gorgeous on your piano which should cheer you up. The lamp is also not a clip on light and hence can also be used as a desk lamp. It is, therefore, one of those lamps that you can move from your piano and comfortably use it at the study desk where you’ll probably be writing/studying more music.

The lamp also uses LED bulbs. These bulbs are energy efficient and very useful in reducing straining. As a musician, you shouldn’t be experiencing headaches after a performance just because your lamp is not providing sufficient lighting. The bulbs, unfortunately, don’t come with the lamp. They are instead sold separately. The lamp is designed in a manner that the illumination is focused in only the needed area. The lamp will therefore not end up illuminating the entire room when you are solely focused on playing your piano. The bending neck makes it easy to position the lamp which helps to focus the lighting in just one area. This further improves in conserving electricity.

A 5” long head provides the illumination of the lamp. This LED lighting has metal shed protecting the lighting. One problem common in many piano lamps is hotness coming from the light which then turns everything metallic nearby hot. This can go as far as making the surrounding a bit too hot for comfort which affects some people’s performance. This lamp from Boston Harbor is carefully made, and the manufacturers have successfully safeguarded it from this problem.

Many are times pianos end up being damaged or scratched due to moving lamps from one side to another. While it is very little we can do to avoid moving the lamp there is a significant step that can be taken to ensure that we don’t know scratch pianos with lamps. Boston Harbor was thoughtful enough to include a pad at the bottom of the lamp which protects both the piano and lamp from scratches and damages.

Features of Boston Harbor ATB-8004 Piano Desk Lamp

  • Dimensions: 18.3 by 15 by 12 
  • 12” tall
  • 3” in length
  • Padded bottom
  • Energy efficient LED lamp

The Boston Harbor ATB-8004 Piano Desk Lamp is a bit cheaper compared to the other two lamps. It is a decent option for musicians who are still on a tight budget but want a lamp good enough to make a brilliant performance.

Cocoweb 22″ Adjustable Energy Efficient Led Grand Piano Lamp

Our Top Pick: 2

On the off chance that you are very much educated about piano extras like lights then you most likely definitely think about Cocoweb. It is a prestigious organization with a magnificent notoriety for making frill, for example, lights. Cocoweb 22″ LED Grand Piano Lamp is one of their best items yet. This is clear from the fabulous audits the light has become online from artists that have officially utilized it.

This light offers you 22 creeps of enlightenments. This is more than adequate to light more than three pages of music sheets! It, in this way, makes the light perfect for a performer hoping to perform broad music pages and would prefer not to invest pointless energy changing the places of the light or flipping through music sheets.

This light is then fitted with LED globules which is something worth being thankful for in different ways. Most standard knobs are typically either excessively diminish or brilliant the two of which is disappointing for a performer. Driven lights give, especially the ones fitted in lights like Cocoweb 22″, the center ground required for satisfactory yet safe lighting. This wipes out both stressing and weariness which as a rule happens when there is excessively or too little brightening. Driven globules are additionally vitality productive which will help in sparing you from additional expenses particularly in the event that you are utilizing the light in your home. These globules expend next to no power contrasted with conventional knobs.

How regularly do you supplant the globules in your piano knot? Cocoweb LED knobs ensure more than 50, 000 long stretches of amazing execution! This implies you may never need to supplant the globules.

Modification of the piano light is significant. It causes you to advance the lighting of the light and to figure out which side of the piano gets the light. The Cocoweb 22″ LED Grand Piano light is effortlessly movable for ideal streamlining. The alterations of the light are additionally supported by the absence of a fueling harmony. This is on the grounds that the light works on an interior battery. The great battery offers numerous long periods of lighting which will require less charging recurrence particularly considering that the LED knobs are vitality proficient. The thing comes stuffed with a battery charger for when they run low.

Features of Cocoweb 22″ LED Grand Piano Lamp

  • Wide lighting (22″)
  • Durable LED knobs
  • Powered by an inward battery
  • Energy proficient
  • Bi-rotational

Cocoweb 22″ LED Grand Piano Lamp is somewhat exorbitant contrasted with a greater part of other piano lights in the market yet simply consider the amount it offers. With this light, you likely won’t need to continue changing its situation to enlighten new sheets of music because of its broad 22″ inclusion. At last, in this way, putting resources into this light will be advantageous.

Kootek Clip On Book Lights Music Light Stand 10

Our Top Pick: 3

How is the Kootek Clip-on Book Lights Music Light Stand10 novel from whatever is left of the lights in the market? Above all else, Kootek Clip-on Book Music Light is likely the most rich piano light available. It isn’t the sort of light that will make them scratch your head thinking about how you will fit it on your piano. It is thin with a smooth plan that impeccably fits and mixes with different piano outlines. This rich look will likewise add an additional touch to your whole piano set. The light will in this way truly help in guaranteeing that the inclination around the piano is changed into an epic execution.

Kootek Clip Music Light offers something other than the smooth looks. It is fitted with eye-accommodating lights. Say farewell to all your eye issues and disregard stressing to peruse your music sheet. The knobs offer only the correct nature of light which is fair enough for you to see without battling while likewise remaining as sheltered as conceivable to your eyes.

As though that isn’t sufficient, the producers have additionally included diverse light modes! There are four lighting modes that you can browse. Truly, four! This light can be controlled to Reading, Study, Sleep and Relax mode. With this light, you, along these lines, have an uncommon chance to pick your favored lighting relying upon the environment, group of onlookers, time or even your state of mind!

What number of piano lights out there enable you to control their brilliance?! Relatively few. Kootek Clip-on Book Music Light is among the not many where you have the chance to put the light on various dimmer levels. Different artists have distinctive tastes with respect to lighting and having a light that can be managed makes it advantageous for the light to be utilized by in excess of one artist. You can impart the light to different clients, and every one of you will have the capacity to helpfully control the splendor without meddling with one another’s settings.

In addition, the light comes stuffed with its very own LED lights. How is this vital? Many are times artists buy lights without the lighting globules and totally mess themselves by misunderstanding the sorts of knobs. This light is completely outfitted with the best and most secure sorts of LED lights to make the ideal piano light.

The light is additionally made with a versatile stand that takes accommodation to the following level. With this stand, you can move the light to your favored side, and that is not all. You can completely turn it to light up the side you need. The stand is additionally outlined in a way which you can twist it for more customary lighting. The producer clarifies that the light has four positions all of which offer one of a kind enlightenment making the light ideal for indoor utilizing.

This light is battery-powered through a USB port. It is likewise customized with a hour clock which consequently turns off the light. No all the more terrifying or scratching your head pondering whether you turned off the piano light or not.


  • Four lighting mind-sets
  • Five dimmer levels
  • Fully rotatable
  • Four remarkable situating
  • LED lights
  • Rechargeable through USBs
  • Available in white and dark

Kootek Clip-on Book Lights Music Light Stand is a sensibly evaluated piano light with phenomenal highlights, and maybe that is the reason it is so famous and exceptionally recommendable.

Best 7 Digital Piano Lamps / Lights

1. Cocoweb 19″ Adjustable Black with Brass Accents LED Clip-on Piano Lamp with Dimmer 

May come up short on the ornaments or sturdiness of the 22″ like the remote control yet covers all the fundamental features making the Cocoweb 19″ light a somewhat less expensive yet viable option.

Get the ideal direction with its completely flexible swivel neck and 19″ shade. The LED globules last up to 50,000 hours with one charge (a lot of time in the bank) and are flawlessly ok for the eyes as they don’t produce destructive beams.

Light can be controlled utilizing the dimmer and has a sufficiently long line for it to be put near you for simple alteration.

2. Lightess Clip On Music Stand Lights Rechargeable 14 LED Book Lights Adjustable Piano Lamp Portable USB Desk Lamp

The Lightness Lamp accompanies the eternity feeling as the LED’s are professed to last you a lifetime. The 2 dimensions of brilliance levels give perfect lighting conditions and can be effectively balanced utilizing the on/off switch itself.

Likewise, the LED lights can be focused on a specific spot utilizing the flexible gooseneck. Moreover, making it a flexible unit is its capacity to be utilized as both a clasp on or a standing unit.

Like most shabby lights, it comes up short on the strength and long battery life (which should be acquired independently) yet considering the ease, it’s a decent option in contrast to the higher evaluated models.

3. LUMIENS L9 – Music Stand Light Clip On Orchestra LED Lamp

The Lumiens L9 too features the optical review focal point that guarantees there’s equitably conveyed light all around with no glints. The brilliance can be balanced utilizing the 2 preset settings gave.

Secondly, helping you get the light positioning right is the flexible arm and 10″ gooseneck. That is correct, the 20 hours of battery life is less contrasted with alternate picks, it’s definitely enough for a decent day’s worth of effort and exertion.

Ultimately, the silicone cushion shields the body from scratches however we’d prescribe regardless you handle it with consideration.

4. TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp

For the financial backing buyer’s, the TaoTronics DL01 is a brilliant decision. It accompanies 5 splendor levels for ideal lighting conditions and besides, guaranteeing that, are the rotatable arm and base.

It additionally turns off consequently inside a hour whenever left on sparing you a couple of bucks on the power bills. It’s touch touchy and has a memory function which records past settings for on the go get to.

Despite the fact that better evaded for the longevity of your versatile, the charging port is a helpful addition amid crisis situations.

5. The Original Mighty Bright Encore Music Stand Light

Worked to last, the Mighty Bright’s 6 LED lights remain consistent with the brand’s name and last you for quite a long time to accompany an incredible run-time of 100,000 hours.

In spite of the fact that there are only 2 splendor settings, the choice optical focal point guarantees even distribution of light and averts glints for continuous play time.

The gooseneck causes you alter the light for the perfect direction and furthermore accompanies a movement sack for protected and simple conveying of the light to exhibitions.

6. Dimmable LED Desk Lamp

Exceptionally appraised on Amazon, the Vont Dimmable LED light is most likely one to keep an eye out for. It accompanies 4 inbuilt light modes for on the go settings. You can likewise browse any of the 5 splendor settings to guarantee there’s sufficient light while you play.

Not exclusively is the arm flexible so you can center the light at right spot but at the same time is foldable for simple stockpiling. Adding to the convenience is the auto-off feature which makes it the perfect light for the absent minded you.

It additionally features a charging port and keeping in mind that it’s helpful we’d recommend not utilizing it for charging again and again as it might harm your versatile. Additionally, while the LED lights are sturdy the body itself is prone to scratches or breakage and ought to be maneuvered carefully.

7. Antique Brass with Marble Piano Desk Lamp by Regency Hill

In the event that you have a desire for retro, this piano light by Regency Hill is exactly what you’re searching for. The light shade and arm are flexible so you get light at the exact spots.

Metal complete and metal construction give it an antique look as well as add to its sturdiness. In any case, remember, it’s one the heavier models as well.

It creates 40 Watt of light utilizing a T10 tube knob, enough light for you get the notes slam against however the globule itself will require customary supplanting dissimilar to the LED lights mentioned previously.


Piano lights are an imperative embellishment that you truly shouldn’t miss. These lights guarantee that you enough observe the keys and music sheets as you play. Numerous individuals for the most part feel that the room lighting alone is adequate, however it isn’t. The vast majority of the general population who depend on standard room lighting to play piano commonly wind up feeling staggeringly exhausted with cerebral pains and eye issues. All these are issues that you’ll rapidly settle with a not too bad piano light, for example, the ones examined previously. Simply ahead and get any of them and the change they’ll have on your piano execution will be justified, despite all the trouble.


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